Cosmetic Controversy: Toxic Sunscreens?

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from the vast nerd universe! I am back with another post that is kind of serious.

Disclaimer: THis post is based on research I looked at on my own. What I say is based on the info I found, I am not a dermatologist, a scientist, nor agree with the Environmental WOrking Group, please respect my thoughts, observations, and opinions I present in this post.

Sun Screen Toxic?

I know this seems a bit of a stretch but it is a good topic for the summer since I have been wearing more sunscreen on my face lately. I usually have some sensitivity but I found something I can wear without spending a lot of money either, which the Murad one is something I like but can only get during the 21 Days of Beauty from Ulta if I’m lucky! Reason for this is that I saw on MakeUp Awesomeness that someone was looking for a sunscreen that was not toxic. Me and other people posted our comments saying there is not a real definition of what’s toxic and non-toxic with sunscreen. Like the no real definition of clean beauty, it goes the same way with sunscreen because of how Dermatologists are the real ones people should be listening to rather than the Environmental WOrking Group.

I bet you’re wondering why not listen to EWG when they provide vital info? Some information from different places may be helpful but I have heard that they bring fearful information that can cause more harm than good and we have to watch out when it comes to it. As in, don’t always believe everything you see or hear. That is why I was skeptical of Gwenyth Paltrow after her video earlier this year talking about non-toxic skin care and how tos stay away from moisturizers with “antifreeze.” I may have to do a post on the truth about moisturizers since there is no real truth about it since there is a difference in ingredients but I am focusing on sunscreen here. Again, we can’t say that chemicals that are used are regulated since the Food & Drug Administration has put proposed rules for brands who have been making their sunscreens with Oxybenzone and a few other chemicals should have more studies towards them since they are seen as endocrine and hormone disruptors and coral reef bleaching agents. I will talk about the coral reef bleaching and the truth behind it later here, but the thing is that people should still put on sunscreen whether with these ingredients since they are known for absorbing UV Radiation but can cause irritation. The FDA also suggests using sunscreens containing Zinc Oxide and Titanium Oxide, which are in more mineral based sun screens. It’s hard to say which ones to avoid, however this past week, Johnson & Johnson did recall aerosol based sunscreens due to having Benzene which is said to cause Leukemia and other blood cancers. Now, that’s a scary thought! If I were anyone, I would stick with the mineral based since some ingredients still need to be looked at. I even researched into the FDA’s regulations for sunscreens and the last one I’ve seen was dated back in 2012 when we’re halfway through 2021 already.

What about coral reefs? EWG and some other sources have said that chemical sunscreens cause coral to bleach except it’s not the real cause. The real cause behind this is climate change. Yes people it’s real! As the earth warms up so do our oceans and in some areas it’s warmer than others which causes an uptick in the temperature. Also, the rising waters can be a factor with the stresses since I saw one video where they talked about how islands are sinking and talked about top five islands and one of them happened to have bleached coral reefs. I bet you’re wondering, what is the significance of coral? They protect land from hurricanes and rising sea waters that cause erosion and that’s a problem for us now since a lot of land is sinking. Not only that, human waste, also known as pollution, contributes to the problem of coral bleaching since there is so much of it happening where plastics and other trash is being tossed into the sea. There is even a floating island of trash from when I read one book a while back. I bet you’re wondering, The only way of reducing the coral reefs from bleaching is by reducing our pollution, including carbon pollution which could be catastrophic over the coming years even to the middle of the century. After a big bleaching event, it takes time for the coral to recover but if conditions improve then it would get better., I think that is it for this post. I feel that there is no real idea of a toxic sunscreen, it’s just the chemicals that we need to watch out for and glad that Johnson & Johnson is taking the first steps with one set of aerosol ones. If you guys are concerned, just go with a mineral one with Zinc and Titanium Oxide rather than a chemical one, and of course if you are still concerned, there are always the dermatologists out there that would help. I suggest watching Cassandra Bankson on YouTube and other skin related ones are the Style and Beauty Doctor and James Welsh since they have a lot of information about skin care and sometimes talk about sun screens. Also check out the resources I have below. I’m still waiting on my Glam Bag and GB Plus at the moment, I am going to do a post on things I don’t miss to lighten up mood!

Beauty Quadrant: Beauty Items Over MLM Items

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I’m back with a new post!

Drugstore Products Better Than MLM Ones

This feels a bit different with this post but I feel like doing this. I was inspired after being at a makeup panel during one of the online NFB State Conventions and it featured two people from two MLMs, as in Multi-Level Marketing companies. These companies are pyramid schemes that focus on creating up lines but also have some products. The products, from my experiences, aren’t great in quality and expensive, except one which had more drugstore pricing. As you can probably tell, I am anti-MLM since I haven’t been liking Avon and had bought a Mary Kay lip gloss before and was not that great either. As someone who has been buying items in both prestige and in drugstores, and also had beauty subscriptions on top of it, I have used better items. Let’s see what I feel in each category! I do have a disclaimer though!

Disclaimer: This post includes products I believe are better quality and can be purchased at a better price. Please, if you are in an MLM, don’t think I’m just bashing you as a person but understand that there are better products out there and I have seen the videos on the different brands in MLMs and heard how poor quality most items are but I am focusing on beauty.

Hair Products: I think I should start off with hair products. I know for one thing that a lot of us women and men pride on our hair. We do sometimes put it through so much, as in dying, priming, straightening, and sometimes people do have different conditions that cause fall out, which I do feel bad for them. I have heard that Monat, which is a brand that prides itself on hair products, such as their shampoo and conditioner, except people had lost their hair because of how they are made. Even though some reps say that the hair is the-toxin from all of the items that were used in the past. Um, hair doesn’t work like that. I remembered when Fox Kids did have facts and mentioned how hair tends to grow and I believe that and can grow fast depending on the person. RJ’s hair does grow faster than mine. When it comes to hair products being better than Monat, I do love some from Herbal Essences in the shampoo and conditioner department. Not only do they have the markings on the bottles but they smell really good! Plus, they help keep my hair moist. I do enjoy the mango shampoo and conditioner. While styling items are a mixture of prestige and drugstore and they include the Garnier Sleek & Shine Frizz Control Serum, sometimes if I get my paws on it, some items from Marc Anthony, R&B from Lush which I loved since it first came out, and do use items from Ipsy. I also sometimes get hair items in bundles with hair stuff in their offers section. With dry shampoo, I do love Dove’s dry shampoos and now love leave-in conditioner sprays. In the end, you have a lot of items to choose from. Plus, they don’t cost an arm and a leg since I hear the prices for Monat products are out there. One example is the Monat Renew Shampoo for $30 when you can get a bottle of shampoo from Lush for $24 or a bottle of Suave for$5. And of course your hair won’t fall out.

Face Masks: Next up is skin care but focusing more on face masks. I do enjoy a sheet mask sometimes since there are times where I love to pamper myself. One MLM I seem to run into when it comes to skin care is Mary Kay. Remembered when I mentioned the lip gloss above? Well, the day I got that gloss was when a rep was invited to my job to talk about makeup and had some people try a charcoal mask. I didn’t try it on my face since I had a doctor’s appointment and didn’t want to appear with a half face of makeup. I did try it on my hand though. One thing I did not like the feel because muy sensitive skin can’t handle concentrated charcoal and this mask was made of that and what miffed me was when the rep said that charcoal was good for all sensitive skin types, except my hand where the mask was patch tested on was tingling too much and had to ask for the wet rag to take it off. I will disprove the charcoal claim that this rep had made. I researched it and the snippet says that “Charcoal is best for oily skin and can remove excess oils.” I have sensitive skin and dry skin on top of it so I can’t use charcoal thank you very much but the sheet masks with it do feel good I felt that this representative didn’t do her research, from all the videos I’ve watched of people working at Sephora and Ulta, with all these videos and most of them talking about skin care is that they have to research to get to know about the ingredients. Heck, even employees at Lush have to research ingredients to make sure they match the products to customers, goes the same way with Ulta and also have to do the same thing. If they give the wrong item, then they would have an unhappy customer. One best thing if you’re a beginner is researching your skin type or see your dermatologist about what skin care is right for you and what skin type you have because it would help you with what you need to look for. When it comes to cheaper skin care items, I suggest Tony Moly since they’re a well-known K Beauty brand. You can also take a look into other K Beauty brands. HEMPZ is also another pretty good skin care brand since they have hemp seed oil in their skin care and hair care, which I could have mentioned but never tried with their shampoo or conditioner. Also Good Molecules are rising in popularity since you can find them through Ulta, trust me their Hyaluronic Acid Serum is pretty nice if you dry skin and they are great for all skin types!

Eye Shadow: I’ve only really tried Avon eye shadows in the past and was not a fan. Although they have drugstore prices, I’ve tried better to be honest. I even remembered having issues knowing the darker and lighter shadows apart in the duos I had my dad tell me which one was which and knew it may be an issue once I lived on my own. The lady at the flea market, which is where I went to purchase these alongside a trio and a blush, which I will get to later, chose based on what she thought would be best for my eye color. I do admit I liked nude shades and agreed that purples and blues fit well, I felt the shadows would be better. I did see reviews about Avon quads having reviews that they take more than one application to be visible. I did see one review on MakeUpAlley that someone who was very fair had issues with colors not fitting her skin tone. Another thing I had issue with besides the color match is how small the space is to fit your brush. The duos I picked up were hard to fit my favorite brushes into the space to grab the color. Even the trio had that same issue as well and I felt I hit the pan a bit too easy. Speaking of size, Mary Kay also has the same issue too. I will be hitting this in lip glosses but what you pay for is pretty small. I read people’s reviews on Amazon for the chrome shadows and they pay $13 for a shadow the size of a postage stamp. If you want something bigger that is worth your buck, the Colour Pop Super Shock Shadows fit that bill. I have enjoyed these a lot over time and they are very pigmented as well. Not only that, the single pans they sell which are $5 a piece also have decent sizing. I would suggest Coastal Scents but they recently went out of business. I still love their Hot Pots and they are pretty good for what you pay for when they are around. If you want a pallet that would be better for your budget, Urban Decay’s Naked 2 Basics alongside the Mini Naked Heat and the Mini Naked Honey also have decent sized pans you can fit your brush in. If you want singles, Mac also has really good shadows despite being in the range of $15 to $20 but you can fit your brush into the pot like Colour Pop.

Lip Gloss: Here we go! I love a good gloss like anyone and some of my favorite brands for lip glosses include NYX, MAC, Dose of Colours, and Jeffree Star. (I know the last one is not everyone’s favorite brand but I admit the glosses are good!) Like I said above, Mary Kay’s lip glosses are also small for what you pay for. Remembered when I mentioned that rep above? She was selling some items and there is one item I will mention later and that is more of a DIY item. I only bought the gloss since I did have to pay my copay for my doctor that afternoon and when I got the gloss I was surprised that it was small for $16. Even though MAC did have slightly smaller tubes back when I first got into them, they have improved and gave them better packaging. Plus, the Butter Glosses from NYX are $4 for the size I got the Mary Kay one, seriously it was the same size as a Butter Gloss. The formula was not my favorite either! It was too sticky! I hear people say that glosses tend to be pretty sticky depending on who you get it from. My tip is of course to use a tissue to dab off excess. This was beyond sticky even after the tissue and I just left it in my desk drawer at work because I’m not wearing it anymore. Plus, I’d rather have my lips comfortable with my favorite lip products, thank you very much!

Nail Strips: I rarely wear these but I feel like mentioning them since one of the reps that were invented during that panel came from Color Street. I felt throughout the panel they were pretty over hyped and ironically enough they were mentioned in one of the Illuminati’s videos the Monday after. I was surprised with what I found out about them, that the guy not only has two different nail strip companies in Ulta and WalMart but Color Street had issues with not sticking to fingers. I do notice how people say it’s easy to stick on but the claims of it staying on for two weeks can be a bit tricky. When you look at these they are made of actual nail polish and nail polish does chip. I just watched a video of someone who used to work as a rep and talked about how their nails chipped within a week and a half and she tends to do a lot with her hands, which I admit I tend to have that happen too and my nail polish does chip right away or not. I even remembered when I wore Kiss nail wraps in tye dye and they chipped pretty fast too. I am willing to give strips another chance but I am thinking of going with Dashing Diva since they have gotten a good review. I even have a set of blue ones I’m eyeing on!

Blush: Another item I feel like other stores have better items happen to be blushes. I have loved Mac’s blush line the most since they are very blendable and have a lot of colors to choose from. Heck, I got one based on a recommendation for my skin tone all thanks to And That’s Jacob. I do love Warm Soul the most out of Mac’s entire collection of blushes. I also do enjoy some of the Wet N Wild ones too since they are really pigmented and pretty. I wished the one I tried from Avon fit more with my skin tone, like I said with the shadows the lady at the flea market who was selling the items fit me with a very deep one and that is mauve. I do enjoy a rose toned blush but I felt that this mauve was way too deep for my skin tone and would stand out too much on my cheeks. I wished I asked for something lighter like a pink or a lighter rose tone but stayed with this one. I tossed it though since I felt it didn’t fit me nor my skin. I did forget to mention that E. L. F.’s Primer blushes also are really good along with Cover Girl and Milani. I would say check them out if you are curious about better formulations.

Brushes: Next up are brushes.  It’s hard to find any bad reviews on the Mary Kay brushes at all but I do have to say that there are many brush brands that are comparable to them. I even remembered commenting in the chat about other brands during the panel but it was ignored. As a makeup user who is visually impaired, I have used brushes from many brands and retailers over the years. I even get brushes through Ipsy and have found pretty good brands. I even found great brushes through QAmazon for the most part and before they went out of business, Coastal Scents was also big with their brushes. Most of my collection include Coastal Scents, rest in peace, SL Miss Glam, F. A. R. A. H., Complex Culture, I did just get one from NYX, and a few others. To me with brushes, if my makeup is able to blend well, even in the eye shadow department, then it’s a pretty good brush. Another important thing to note is after washing will it fray?I haven’t seen any complaints about Mary Kay brushes fraying while cleaning them but the biggest culprit in this department happens to be Morphe. I am not a fan of Morphe brushes, I still have my vegan set and one brush I got in Allure Beauty Box but I do believe the quality is okay, not my favorite and I’ve seen people talk about how their brushes fray while cleaning, especially a couple in the Jacqueline Hill set years ago.As long as you clean your brushes you will have them stay in good condition for a long time and after having all of my brushes for many years even from Ipsy and Coastal Scents they have stayed together pretty well and I still do reach for them. Will I run out for the Mary Kay ones though as a brush collector? The only thing I am worried about is that after using the small lip gloss will they also be small? I know one brush company that tends to print where the brush goes, I forgot which one it was, their eye brushes I got through BoxyCharm as a set was pretty small but I do use them for concealer and powder or even for the crease sometimes but looking at the price of the Mary Kay set for $55 I think they may be as small as their makeup products when I can get a set from Amazon for $20+ or under for a decent size. Plus, I remembered someone bought a foundation and it was pretty small which would not fit a brush possibly in that small container either. I would even imagine a powder pan too. Again, I’d rather go to my usual favorite places for brushes. If you are a beginner, I would say try out Ipsy for single brushes, it would help build your collection and if you subscribe to Glam Bag Plus or GB X then you could get a set that way or wait for it to show up in the Ipsy Offers area. If you don’t want to go that route, talking to workers who work at different stores like Mac, Ulta, and NYX would also help.

Empty Pallets: Final item is those magnetic pallets where people love to put makeup pans in. What got me interested in the Mary Kay thing from the start was that the rep was selling new empty pallets but seeing them in person made me say no to them. They were small and the pans they were selling with them were charged separately. Also, one had a small mascara included. I felt the pan and it felt small too. Like with the shadow pans above, I’ve seen bigger pans like with Coastal Scents when they were still around and Colour Pop has really decently sized pans for their shadows where your brush can fit easily. These magnetic pallets are not worth the $18 to $20 because I’ve seen better and bigger ones for that price range. Perfect example is the Ulta Z Palette in large is $20 and I can fit a plot of pans into something that big. I had to do that by replacing my magnetic palette from Coastal Scents by getting this one myself and they fit perfectly. I even got a small Z Palette from Amazon years back for $5 and was able to fit nine pans from Colour Pop. Again, better to go with these and just get the Colour Pop pans, also any other brands that offer shadow and blush pans for these magnetic pallets for less than what Mary Kay would offer. I also have gotten makeup pans from Ipsy where I attached included magnets to the back to place into these and gave it a convenient look. And with the mascaras, I love the idea of travel size ones to sample new ones that I got through Ipsy but the one that was going to be included felt small if it was full size, just saying.

Well, that is it for this post. I may have ticked off some MLM reps on here but I feel that there are better products and cheaper ones when we are in person. I rather use the brands I’ve known and loved over the years and if you have a favorite product that you trust and love you should keep using it. Plus, the eye shadow pallets and pans we see from Ulta or Sephora or even Mac have better sizes alongside the lip products. I can’t say much towards Color Street but nail polish does chip and of course press on nails do chip too or fall off.

What is next? Since we are going through summer, it is time for the talk about sunscreen!!!

Subscription Satelite: Glam Bag Plus June 2021

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe. I am back with my next Glam Bag!

Glam Bag Plus June 2021

I received my Glam Bag Plus this past week and it was a good one this month, especially with what I chose. This is the second tier in Ipsy where this costs $25 a month and you get full-size items in this one ranging from prestige to luxury. Let’s see what I got and chose!

SL Miss Glam Rainbow Luxe Brush Set: First up is an item from SL Miss Glam I love these brushes and have purchased sets from these guys in the Ipsy Offers area for a few years and even got big bundles that their brushes appeared in. This one is a newer set.  This is a $60 value brush set that contains five brushes. It is a glittery and useful brush set. It looks like they are eye brushes and one blush brush which I must try this set. Let’s see how this goes!

Kosas Lip Fuel Hyaluronic Lip Balm: Next up is an item that is a first for me and it’s from Kosas. This is a lip balm that contains hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E, Konjac Root, and Peppermint Oil. Okay, I love the idea to have hyaluronic acid but why the peppermint oil since that’s really drying? Not sure but I have to see how this goes since I did apply it to my lips just now. I have been getting into products with hyaluronic acid since it is used for hydration and my skin is very dry for years. I will have to see how this lip balm does.

Christof Robin Daily Hair Cream: Next is another first for me from Christof Robin. This is a product that helps with styling and frizz. When I read that I had to choose this since my hair does have frizz in some areas. I’ve been enjoying hair products to help with frizz and will be using this. Let’s see how it goes!

Thrive Cosmetics Eyelift 360 Degrees Eye Primer: Next up is a product from Thrive Cosmetics. I think I haven’t gotten an item from this brand in over a year. This is a product you can use on the lids and on the under eyes. It helps with fine lines and moisture around it. You can use it to put concealer on top and shadows on your lids. You just tap it on and let it set for 30 seconds. I must try this out and how well my shadows adhere to it.

We are Fluide Other Worldly Pallet: Final item is from another brand I never tried before and I never heard of until I saw this. It’s called We Are Fluide This brand creates colorful shadows for all ages, genders, and skin tones. This pallet is an eight-pan pallet with four different finishes. This has dark shades and metallic ones to create an out-of-this-world look. I must try this out and see how this goes since it is my first time trying this brand. I haven’t seen shadow pallets colorful in a while in a bag. Let’s see how it goes!

That is, it for this post! I can’t wait to try some of these items since I feel like this was better than the regular Glam Bag this month. I will see how next month’s bag will look like since GB X will be out in August. Next post will be interesting since I will be talking about products better than MLM products. Stay tuned!

\\Subscription Satelite: Ipsy June 2021

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with a new post!

Ipsy Glam Bag June 2021

I got my Glam Bag this past week and I do have to say it was kind of disappointing. I will tell you why with one of the products. This bag is $12 a month and you get deluxe sizes of items from drugstore through luxury brands. It can range from skin care to beauty tools. Let’s see what I got this month!

First Aid Beauty Fab Pharma Arnica Relief & Rescue Mask: That was a long name! I don’t get why brands do that! Anyways, first up is an item from a brand that is very sensitive skin friendly and happy about that and that is First Aid Beauty. I still enjoy the cleansing pads they make since I have containers left of those in my bathroom cabinet somewhere. This mask helps stressed out skin and has ingredients to help relieve the skin even while being irritated. I do have irritation sometimes but I do have some stresses with work and knowing that I am planning on heading back to school in the future I know my skin will be stressed. I will have to try this out It is just one of those masks where you put it on and it absorbs. I can’t wait to try this out!

Gow On 5th Rose Gau Sha: This is a tool that looks weird and that made this bag a little disappointing when I got it in my paws. I have been using a few beauty tools and this one look weird since it’s a rose petal shape. This is supposed to help with blood flow and circulation by draining the lymphatic system to lead to more radiant skin. I understand that but it would be nice if it were more of a bar type tool or a roller which I do use a jade roller to help make my skin care absorb better. I don’t think I will be using this but I don’t mind getting beauty tools in my bags since I did purchase a roller with some serum not too long ago. I can’t knock the idea down but this is just too weird!

Seraphine Botanicals Pink Guava + Primer Illuminating Primer: Next up is something from Seraphine. I think I lost this item in my room but I am getting it replaced now. This is an oil free primer that contains demasque rose, pink guava and ruamesque tea extract to help with plumping the skin and keeping long wearing makeup on. I do wear more of a dewy finish foundation but this could help since I also don’t have oily skin. When I saw the price at $42 for the full size, I might buy it if I do have some money saved. You never know if this does break me out then I won’t buy it. I am glad to try it out as a sample though! I will have to wait for the replacement though!

Shades By Shan Eye Shadow Duo in Tease and Self Made: Next up is a small eye shadow duo from a brand called Shades by Shan. This is a duo that contains a copper shade and a red brown shade that can be used all over the eye and can be used from day to night looks. This did catch my eye and that is why I chose it. I will see how pigmented these shadows are when it comes to application and how well primers hold onto it.

Skylar Body Lotion in Capri: Final item is a body lotion! This body lotion without a greasy formula due to it containing hyaluronic acid, coconut oil, rose hemp oil, and shea butter. I did use it on my hand! I will still use it on my hands!

This bag was okay! I felt like when I picked the shadow duo, they threw in whatever with the last item which is the Gua Sha. The other items are basically what I would use especially the primer since I am trying new moisturizing primers. I hope my Glam Bag won’t be like how BoxyCharm handled my boxes every month since I do enjoy this subscription. I can’t wait for my GB Plus because there is one item or two, I am looking forward to! Next up it may be that or a newer post since I have been enjoying more new products. Until next time, stay beautiful!

Convention Comet: RangerStop & Pop 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia

Hello all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with a new convention post! Yes, I know it’s been a long time and this is huge for us too! Let’s get into it!

RangerStop &Pop

Location: Weston Buckhead, Atlanta, Georgia

Dates: August 27-29, 2021

Yes! We have a new convention we’re doing press for a new convention! Well, not so new but we’re heading for an out of state convention! Since 2015, we wanted to do press for a convention outside of Florida since our first was in Tampa, which of course was MetroCon back in 2013 and 2014. Don’t worry, we still appreciate our work with the ones we’ve worked at in Orlando which one includes RangerStop and seeing the posters around announcing some of the guests RJ and I talked about it and got press for this year’s convention.

What About Covid? I know this question would come up since 2020 had been taken away and that caused a lot of events to cancel or move their dates to this year. RangerStop & Pop was one of these conventions. They were moved to March at first except the pandemic expanded and now it’s in August of this year. Unfortunately, we also must announce that we won’t be doing press for Omni Fandom Expo due to the new RangerStop Atlanta dates. I know it has been a big part of our convention press but there is always next year. If you guys are worried about the virus, please! PLEASE get vaccinated! This pandemic is slowing down because of the vaccinations and we’re trying to hit herd immunity here in the states. And if still worried, bring extra hand sanitizer, wear your mask, and of course wash your hands and follow any procedures conventions may have while attending. I know me and RJ will be doing that while we’re in Atlanta. Now onto the post!

Location: This convention will be located at the Weston Buckhead Due to how popular this convention is, rooms do sell out fast and we did reserve early enough. They also have an overflow block now which you can check their website for and again, this block will sell out so if you’re planning a convention trip then reserve now for this one.

The Weston does feature a lot of rooms with refrigerators, comfortable bedding, and, they do have cleaning procedures in place to make sure everything is sanitized. Also, they do give guests free sanitizer. They are surrounded by many attractions like Lego Land Discovery, the botanical gardens, and a few other places. I know we will be looking around since this is our first time in Atlanta. Heck, even try out a place that was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives!

Guests: Like any convention, the guest list did catch our eye. This convention not only features guests from many seasons of Power Rangers but also features guests from other parts of pop culture. I mean they even had Kel Mitchell as a guest one year. Also, what got me happy is of course this year marks the twentieth anniversary of Power Rangers Time Force! Which I did buy a copy of! Now let’s see who a guest is at this one:

  • Chris Sabat: My Hero Academia, Dragonball Z, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, and more!
  • Johnny Yong Bosch: Mighty Morphen Power Rangers, Wolf’s Rain, Devil May Cry 4 & 5
  • Paul Shrier: Mighty Morphen Power Rangers, In Space, Lost Galaxy
  • Jason Narvy: Mighty Morphen, In Space
  • Katherine Sutherland: Mighty Morphen, Zeo, Turbo
  • Nikia Burrise: Mighty Morphen
  • Karen Ashley: Zeo, Turbo
  • Elizabeth Maxwell: Attack on Titan, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  • Jason Faunt: Time Force, Resident Evil 6 (mo-cap)
  • Deborah Estelle Philips: Time Force
  • Austin St. John: Mighty Morphen

That’s going to be all the guests I will mention here for now! There will be more to come as the event gets closer! Trust me, I’m super excited about this year’s event! And of course, getting to film the panels for the Nerdy Shique Universe YouTube since we have a new video camera in time for this year’s event. I am looking into a new photo camera as well. Make sure you follow us on the Nerdy Shique Universe Twitter and follow our podcast, Nerdy Shique Transmissions, for more news to come since I do spread out any info whether it’s through Twitter or in the podcast universe!

Tickets: There are passes left by the looks of things on the official site. When you get to the main page, make sure you choose Atlanta since there is no word on Orlando now. Weekend passes are $65 and you can get different VIP packages, which are silver which cost $175, Gold, $250, and Platinum, $300. There are passes for kids for ages 4 through 12 and those are $20.

What Are We Looking Forward to? The travelling. Like I said before, 2020 was pretty much taken from everyone and I was looking forward to going to Omni last year except that didn’t take place at all. Plus, we rarely get to travel away from Orlando or shall I say Florida in general since we do work and I only travelled with my family on different things and that was different. Now doing it with RJ is a new experience with how long we’ve been with each other and we have gone to Tampa for MetroCon so far. I’m also looking forward to seeing what events they bring to this one, hoping they have Rangers After Dark which some ridiculous stuff can happen at this panel. Not only that, seeing about the pop culture aspects since we did have Samantha Newark and Wally Wingert at Orlando’s 2019 convention. And of course, getting new shirts designed since we did upgrade our link to a full-on website since I need to do that next month due to the time the shirts arrive. And of course, passing out our new business cards since they were found when we unpacked from our move last November. All in all, I’m looking forward to getting back out there and doing what we’re known best and that is bringing convention content.

So, that is it for this post! You can find out the rest of the information relating to RangerStop & Pop at the link below! I’m waiting on my Glam Bag now so hang tight!

Stratton Press Is A Scam!

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe. I have an important post and figure that my author nerds would appreciate this!

Stratton Press Is a Scam!

As some of you know, I have been an author for a little while now and have been publishing under Light Switch Press for a bit but I am looking elsewhere to re-publish Love Found in Cinders. Which this brings to my experience now.

Apparently, one day before my U. Mass crisis happened, a publishing company contacts me and it happens to be someone from Stratton Press. They told me that someone at the company gotten a hold of my book, Love Found in Cinders and loved it. I was surprised and glad for it but didn’t notice anything wrong. Time did go on without them getting in contact with me which I didn’t notice it being a red flag. What really started as red flags happened to be questions about my personal life for the most part. As in, my eye condition, do I believe in the paranormal (which I believe it does exist but at the same time can be justified in ways with how ghost hunting groups can ruin it) and even my political background, which it can be something where it can show how well my book can sell except this is a fiction book that is in the fantasy genre. We did focus on the book itself and my sequel but what was also a red flag was the repeated questions about when will the second book, Rose Thorns of Love be finished? I did explain I just started the book and not sure what will the ending entail until I let the story grow.

As a writer myself, a story must grow as the writer keeps it going. I have written Love Found in Cinders as a guy meets girl situation with some magical hijinks as well. Who wouldn’t want to read that? I noticed more red flags and thought back to the calls as well and Friday was no exception and glad Tobi saw through it by asking what does it pertain to the book? Even the guy talking to me couldn’t get George Floyd’s name out and I had to say it kind of made me think. And of course, as a blogger here I had to do what’s best for my protection since I’ve been scammed before by a so-called employee at a work at home situation. I lost my bank account and I did not want to lose my book that I re-did the story for and I like it and now looking at a different publisher.

Anyways, I did look around earlier today and found some things on Stratton that I was surprised and that was there were more complaints than good experiences and some of them dealt with money not being refunded when cancelling contracts. I also saw that people didn’t get their royalties and now thinking to one call this week where they were celebrating someone’s Netflix deal and I have a feeling that’s something that could be fake. I also read someone’s experience that was recent where they were called by someone at Stratton and went through a similar call like mine and was surprised that they were able to get around it. I did block the number as I read this post too which made me think this is the last straw! Even RJ told me to pull the plug since I told him about the stuff with Better Business Bureau and glad, he used it to relate to something.

Leverage did do an episode where they had an episode where Geri Ryan’s character dove headfirst into the fashion industry where it was selling her the dream. So, basically what the guys at Stratton were doing was basically the same thing and I was glad I did not fall for it. I almost did but glad it did not end up having me not being able to pay my bills this month and save for a convention in August. Like I said I was scammed years ago and promised myself not to fall for it and glad I didn’t. I did admit I did buy a book from their published authors and read the first few chapters and I felt that the characters were a bit wooden. I read better, that’s my opinion!

What Are My Tips? The blog Writer Beware has a good blog post on the different publishers that are scammers in the writing world. They even mention Stratton Press as one of them.

And of course, if you get one of these calls, like any good writer who is looking into their source material, even me for this blog I’ve been running for many years,,RESEARCH THE SHIT OUT OF EVERYTHING! That has been the number one rule about everything even in scams themselves people. Without researching, we will not be able to get the information we need to make the right decisions. Also, make sure you block the number that called you. I did that and now will be seeing how it goes from here.

And one more thing too, investigate publishing companies, even the self-publishing ones, that are top rated that people have worked with. You will be able to investigate their reviews and see who they have as consultants that tend to be authors as well.

Am I Okay?  I will be. It is a little disappointing to know that Stratton is a scamming company and glad to walk away from and saving myself in the process. Yes, I may not be able to work with them but it doesn’t make me investigate others as well. I may go back to Light Switch and see about putting in my better manuscript except I will investigate newer options. I will have to put Rose Thorns of Love on pause for the moment until I find someone new to work with.

Writer Beware®: The Blog: January 2018 ( is, it for this post. I am leaving a link to Writer Beware for all of you to look at so you guys won’t be falling into a scam if you want to be a writer yourself. Don’t worry that post on Ranger Stop Atlanta will be next!

Subscription Satelite: Ipsy May 2021

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds! I am back with another post!

Ipsy May 2021

I know I did not post my April bag which I am sorry about that. Due to what was going on with school and work I did not have time so I am posting my May bag instead. Do not worry, I will do next month’s GB and GB Plus! as always, this is $12 a month and you get five samples when it comes to drugstore luxury items. Let us see what I got!

Context Skin Nail Lacquer in Take It Off: First is a nail polish by Context Skin. As you know I love nail polish and getting to try new brands in these bags is amazing. This is a peachy nude nail polish which I am kind of getting into due to summer since I do have summer colors now that I picked up from Color Club and Lights Lacquer. This is a gel formula that is supposed to be chip resistant which is impossible for me since I do type at fifty words per minute. Also read braille on a regular basis. Trust me, after one day my right index finger chips all the way off. I will have to see how this polish goes. Retail value is $15.

Looks N Meii: Infinity Lip Sleep Mask: Next is a lip mask. It is good to get these because they do help the lips but I never heard of this brand before. This is a deluxe size product and this has oils and butters that help moisturize lips while you are sleeping with this on. I do have one from Seraphine which I do not know what had happened to it so I am glad to have this to try out now and need to have a habit of using these since I do wear a lot of lip products throughout the day.

Linette Lepore Luna: Next is a perfume! I love perfumes as something to get me going in the morning. Trust me, when I got my perfume container back into our bedroom after being in our dining alcove for months, I was happy! I never heard of Linette Lepore and glad to try them out this way. This is a light yet dark with a mysterious hint. This has a mix of rose jasmine, violet leaves, and blond woods. I will have to try this out since this sounds like something up my alley since I do enjoy jasmine scents.

Skin & Company Citrus Amaro Hand Cream: Next is another hand cream from Skin & Company. Since we are still washing our hands, hand creams are essential due to how hand soaps can be really drying even with how much alcohol it can contain. This is a deluxe size and This hand cream contains shea butter and sweet almond oil and a light citrus scent which is good for me since my skin is sensitive. I did try it out and it felt a little sticky but did dry down smooth. I will be taking this with me to work since I make sure my hands are washed after each time in the bathroom and this would help with dry hands.

Sugar Cosmetics Matte as Hell Lip Crayon in Miss Rosa: Final item is a return of Sugar Cosmetics and that is their Matte as Hell Lip Crayon. This a plum color matte crayon that stays puts all day even through eating and drinking. I think I had one of these and it did just that which makes it amazing. Plus, we are going into summer and having that perfect, long-lasting pout is important. I will use this in the coming months!

So, that is it for this bag! Glad to get it again this month since it is not the same to skip a month even with GB Plus, which will return for June. I will use all these products since they are ones, I will find handy. I will make it a habit to use the lip mask of course. So, next post will be a convention post! Yes! I know the pandemic is not gone but it is dying down so some conventions are happening or going to happen this year by the looks of it. So, stay tuned for what I have in store for you all and make sure you are following us on Twitter by the way for all the latest updates! Stay beautiful!

Subscription Satelite: Why I Left BoxyCharm

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am sorry for being away but I am back to talk about something you may be surprised with!

I Left BoxyCharm! Therefore!

Yes, the title says it all because I left BoxyCharm and I have not gotten it since last month.

Due to the craziness of school, I was not able to post my April BoxyCharm and well, I am announcing that I had to withdraw due to my grades were not that great this semester. I do not want to get into too much but I am eventually going to sign up for a different program that is more Assistive Technology focused which is what I want instead of going through eye issues, plus anatomy is not my strong suit either. Plus, I also noticed it kind of took me away from the blog which I am glad to get back to for now until I get back into a program, I will be happy with.

Back to BoxyCharm, as you know I did announce for a few posts I will be giving BoxyCharm a few chances before I cancelled due to how bored I was finding it was becoming. Ever since they started the choosing one item it felt it was not the same anymore. I remembered when I first joined at the end of 2014 going into 2015, they were giving out independent and a few luxury brands, even some I have heard of before kind of like with Ipsy and after being unsubscribed until around 2019 and after working for three months, I missed it. I loved getting the prestige to luxury items and how much it was a mystery, as in you did not have to choose something. Just when it started with the choices, that is when it started going downhill a bit. I noticed not only I got to choose items with skin care and some makeup, but there were also other items that I was mismatched or gave me that I did not mark on my survey. Which at first, they never done a survey for profiles until I got back to it and I thought they would match me a bit better than Ipsy, which I was wrong. There were items where they mismatched me with shades and you seen it in my posts on here like the Milk MakeUp Brow Gel, they gave me a brown that was lighter than my brows and you already know I get a brown that is around chocolate. My shade in anything NYX brow items is always going to be chocolate! Another item was the Purlisse CC Cream which they matched me with Medium when I am Light Medium and even my profile says I am Light Medium with my skin tone because of how my parents had two different skin tones and it was a mix. My mom has a light skin tone while my dad is deep tan and therefore, I am light medium which is a mix. I am Buff Bisque according to Wet N Wild’s foundations, Light Medium Neutral in Urban Decay’s Stay Naked because my undertone is neutral. Again, I was mismatched a little bit until I suggested to them if you are going to put these kinds of items, foundations, concealers, brow items, etc. you should consider having your Charmers choose their color. They took it into consideration and used it which made me happy, I even got my right shade in Dose of Colors when they gave out their concealer. What got me to leave the most is a pair of lashes they gave me.

You guys already know my thing against lashes and that they can also damage the natural lash. I am not going to re-hash it; please research it and you will see what I mean. Hell, I even yell at videos saying you do not need them. It is true, you do not! Not even magnetic lashes catch my eye. Anyways, the good thing is that with the survey they ask what products you enjoy the most and I ticked off everything EXCEPT lashes which means I do not want any! Even Ipsy gets the idea now I want different color eyeliners because I have marked that I wanted black liners sometimes and I think I put Just Okay towards the shade on one and I even chose the bronze liners now. If Ipsy saw I did not mark anything near lashes then they will not send me any which that makes me happier with Ipsy. Anyways, there was one time when they BoxyCharm sent me lashes and I emailed them and explained I did not mark lashes on my profile and not to send me them ever again and they apologized, gave me charms, and said they will not but they made me angry last month that caused me to do the unsubscribe for real. Mind you, I was also exhausted from a long day of work before I decided to set a bedtime for myself and of course school was getting harder even closer to finals and when I opened my box from BoxyCharm, I found the packaging with lashes and chewed them out in my apartment, not through email, just blowing off my major steam and even told RJ that I told them I did not want lashes. He even witnessed me unsubscribing from them at that moment. I do not know why or who put my box together but I did say in my email a while ago that I did not want lashes and they said they will not send me any lashes but they broke that promise. I was mad about it and unfortunately, they had to lose me as a customer. I even felt like that April may have been the last box since one of my products was the Glam Glow Banana Souffle cream. I did get other nice items in this box but could not take it anymore with how they disrespected my profile and gave me something that they said they will not give me anymore. I know I was being a little bit bitter but they needed to understand that what we mark on our profiles are things we like and what we do not are what we like. This is where customer satisfaction comes in when it comes to these subscriptions. Heck, that is why I also left No Make No Life because I was paying $45 a month for my box to be delayed due to how they changed their shipping, I was not happy with that and I would rather go with a different subscription. Goes the same with BoxyCharm.

I bet you are wondering; will I ever go back with BoxyCharm? I am not entirely sure at this point. I felt that if you are going to have your subscribers answer a survey, stick with that survey, and look and pay super close attention to each profile instead of skimming it or not reading them. Or at least keep record of each person who does not want a certain item. That would be handy. And I wished they did not allow the item choice because I feel like that spoils the fun now since it shows that you want to have the subscriber to be more in control. I hardly choose anything with my Glam Bag since I wanted it to be more of a surprise and I am happier that way. If you want to know something g, I almost considered going back to Allure because of the items were not too bad and they have been showing some nice items lately but I am still thinking about it in the meantime. If you know any subscriptions that may be good, just sound off in the comments.

I am waiting on my Glam Bag now, not sure when it will arrive but still waiting. So, until next time guys, stay beautiful!

Subscription Satelite: BoxyCharm March 2021

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe. I’m sorry again for not doing any of my usual posts. March has been really busy for me this year due to classes. I had to do a paper for an entire week so I am finally back to do this!

BoxyCharm March 2021

My BoxyCharm was the first again to arrive as usual and happy for it. Like always, this box is $25 a month and you get five items ranging from high end to luxury and get to choose one item. Let’s see what I got! Vise Art Neutral Matte Milieu Pallet: First up is a product from Vide Art. I heard of these guys through YouTube and they are a very popular brand from what I heard! Some of the pricing on their bigger pallets are in the Natasha Denona price ranges but this one is a smaller pallet. This is a twelve-pan pallet that came from the Neutral Mattes line that helps with making striking looks with shades like chiffon, cocoa and fuchsia pink. I do enjoy wearing a bold look any time of the year and this will be my first time trying this brand since I don’t spend over a hundred on one single pallet. So, this will be a nice first! This pallet retails for $20.

Glow Recipe Banana Souffle Moisturizer: I know I got the sample size of this in Ipsy but when I saw that there was a full-size version up for grabs, I grabbed it! I find it funny the sample lasted me a long while and this will last me even more. I did enjoy how good it felt on my skin since it is good for all skin types. I can’t wait to open this up for a good use. This item retails for $39.

Crown All Eyes on You Five Piece Brush Set: Next up is a brush set from Crown Brushes. It’s been so long again to see these guys in a subscription, which these guys are normally in Ipsy but this month in BoxyCharm. Glad they branched out a little bit. This features essential brushes to make that iconic eye look. I love getting small sets like these since I can just switch out my brushes and add these in for all of my makeup looks. I hope to see more of this brand as time goes on since they are the original company since Morphe did private label their brushes with these guys and glad they’re just their own company again. This set retails for $35.

Vise Art Seamless Eye Primer: Another item from Vise Art and this time it’s their eye primer. Loving the idea to get eye shadow primers and shadow pallets in the same box since can’t have too many primers even though I have so many in waiting to use. I can’t wait to try this product out alongside the eye shadow pallet. Let’s see how this goes! This item retails for $24.

Seraphine Botanical’s Apple Warm Glow Lip Mask: Final item is from Seraphine and this time it’s a lip mask! I love using lip masks when I get the time to remember putting one on before bed since that’s the time, they’re most potent. This includes apricot, shea butter, and other ingredients to help lips from being chapped. I will see how this item also goes! This retails for $29.

This box was really good! I did choose the Banana Souffle moisturizer since I did like it so far but getting two items at once from the same brand also helps since I can try two of the items they carry. I will see how Vise Art works out! I am also glad to see Crown show up in another box since it’s been a long while since I got brushes from them again and I do like their quality. Can’t wait to see what April brings since I didn’t choose anything. Next is Glam Bag Plus!

Television Quadrant: Wanda Vision

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with a review that is worth. Huh? Oh no! (Gets zapped out of the Nerd Satellite)

Wanda Vision

(Appears in a studio with instruments, now in an outfit with cat ears, a leopard onesie, jacket, tail, and a microphone) Where am I? Where’s my kitty minions?

(Sees Toxic Kitty in black and white color scheme)

Oh crap! I think I got zapped into the Josie & the Pussy Cats world! A bit fitting! Sorry for the wait guys, I’m here to review Wanda Vision! I know, it’s been a bit, but school and work has had me busy! I will try and get more posts out in the meantime since I have other deadlines to meet! Now onto the disclaimer!

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinions by the lead writer of this blog! Please respect her thoughts on this miniseries!

Wanda Vision is the first of many series taking place after Avengers: End Game where we catch up with Wanda and Vision? In a sitcom type life where they’re in a town called West View. Things are a little weird since they go through weird happenings and the scenarios we tend to see on early decades of television. Such as inviting the boss and his wife over for dinner to the community talent show and even having kids! But there is something going on behind the scenes and S. W. O. R. D. is trying to find out if Wanda is pulling the strings or is it someone else?

My thoughts on this series are that I liked the transition that they pulled through the decades. We got the start with a bit of I Love Lucy and then got into Bewitched and even Malcom in the Middle. It was revealed that Wanda grew up on watching sitcoms as a kid with her family so they could learn English which makes sense. Sometimes people learn languages by watching other shows, I think I remembered knowing someone who learned Spanish by watching Spanish dramas most of his life. Anyways, this weas a good follow-up to End Game since the last time we’ve seen Wanda was talking with Hawk Eye about losing Natasha and Vision and this shows what happens next. Also, we finally got to see S. W. O. R. D. because since Agents of S. H. I. E. L. D. we haven’t gotten to see this group yet since Disney wanted to just focus on S. H. I. E. L. D. and glad that they have brought the other half. I wonder if anyone named their Pokémon player characters after any S. H. I. E. L. D. characters, I was tempted but not doing it.

I do have to say is that it was great to see that they brought some of the characters back from other Marvel properties like Darcy from the Thor movies and of course getting to see Monica Rambo from Captain Marvel taking the stage since she did get blipped out of existence for five years during End Game. One thing Richard wished we had done was that there was one point where they brought someone back and don’t want to spoil it if you haven’t seen it. Even though how and why they were brought into it did kind…) rwind!) Huh? What was I saying? Oh yes! This was a good miniseries for Marvel to start with and since now we have Falcon & Winter Soldier now up and running, I want to see more of the Marvel filler series take part since who ken ows we will get back into a movie theater even though they have started opening them on the west coast. Which of course how this series ended will be the jumping point into the next Dr. Strange movie. And of course, some foreshadowing into the Captain Marvel sequel which of course we can’t wait for both of them!

Rating: 5 Shooting Star Paw Prints Out of 5! This was a really good miniseries and a nice start in seeing what had happened to the characters themselves after the five years of being dusted or blipped. We also get to see S. W. O. R. D. take action since their other counterpart has ended with their show and glad to see them in another property. I hope we get to see more of them like how Colson took part in the earlier Marvel movies and add more to the story since we’re supposed to be in the new phase of movies soon. I can’t wait to see what holds for Wanda in Dr. Strange 2 since of course we get to see how things continue due to how her powers manifested throughout this series. Oh yes, more magic action! If you haven’t seen this series yet, definitely check it out on Disney + and of course if you’re visually impaired like me, there is audio description available for this series.

There is one more thing though, I do have to give major props to Paul Betney for reprising his role as Vision. Of course, we get to see newer stuff in this and what Wanda did but I don’t want to give too much away. Still, he knows how to bring the Jarvis into all of his work!

And one more thing, a little tidbit that was interesting and that is since they did pull more of the Dick Van Dyke Show for episode one of this series, the actual Dick Van Dyke did show up and helped out pull off some of the things they did in that episode by help consulting it. Makes sense to have a legend help out with the series since you are basing it off of old television sitcoms.

Well, that is it for this review! I better get out of this set; I wonder where the satellite is! Moonbeam! Beam me up! (Nothing happened!) Great, we’re stuck! Next will be my BoxyCharm for this month!