March and April Favorites!

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe again! So, March passed and April is closing soon and you know what that means! Time for another faves post! I have been using a lot of stuff and want to include them in this post, so here we go!


Clear Complexion Concealer Plus Treatment: I love this thing a lot! I know I mentioned how I had the Maybelline Dark Spot Corrector in Light Medium for a little while and it was on my last favorites for January and February, unfortunately I have to stop buying that because it was too dark and didn’t blend with my skin well, it is easy to put too much, and it didn’t really get rid of the dark spots and blemish marks as fast as it supposed to but this thing is better! For one thing it comes with a treatment gel and it accts like what if you put on ProActiv or Clearasil except it stays on your face and then you put the concealer on top in the places that will be treated by the gel. It works really well and of course, it is perfect for someone with sensitive skin like all Almay products are made for. Plus, the Light Medium is actually what the color is and it does blend very well, especially when I put my powder concealer on top. So, good work Almay!


Red Velvet from Cupcake Collection: I loved this one so much! It smells like red velvet cake and tastes like it! I even had to buy a sliced red velvet cake for myself from WalMart to help calm the craving! It also moisturizes as it is on my lips. I still have another of course since I bought the pouch with six cupcake flavors.

Thin Mints from Girl Scouts collection: Unfortunately I had to throw it out because it ended up being stuck when I checked to see how much was left after cutting it down due to it falling apart all the time, but this one is one of the best LipSmackers since it is based on my all time fave Girl Scouts cookie, Thin Mints! I like how the mint feels on my lips and seems to cool them down and does taste like them and smell them. Oh I can’t wait to buy boxes of these cookies again next year! At least I have two more of these in my collection.

Chocolate Buttercream from Easter Egg Trios: This is one of the best Easter flavors that have come out this year. Even though I miss my Purrfect Strawberry Cream but this one is equally excellent! It feels like you’re putting frosting on your lips but as a gloss balm form. I wish this was a permanent part of the entire line of LipSmackers because it is perfect and it tastes like cake frosting! I hope it returns next Easter!

Garnier Fructise

Sleek and Shine: I love this stuff! It was released a few months back and it keeps my hair soft and shiny! Not only that, it did help my breakage a little when I had longer hair and it works better than the John Frita spray I bought at Target at the end of last year. It still helps with my hair being so short now, oh yeah got it cut back to a bob cut! I had to buy another bottle recently because I ran out or close to it since it is such a small bottle but it squeezes too much all at once. Be careful of that.

Lush Cosmetics

Shine So Bright Split End Treatment: I had to use this while I had long hair. Problem was that I had split ends and had to get something for it. At first I tried getting a sample but lost it in the after Christmas crowds and then bought it off the site since I was too busy to go to the Florida Mall location and well, it is pretty cheap for a small container. Why so small? It is really concentrated according to the girl who helped me out and I can see why! I found it working pretty fast on my split ends, while I washed my hair when it was still long it didn’t look so broken! Now it’s cut, the ends aren’t splitting, but I will keep using it when the time comes! I am hoping it doesn’t gget discontinued since it works so much!


Aquamarine gel eyeliner: I like gel eyeliners now since I have been using the Master Drama one by Maybelline in Eggplant. I was trying to get the Navy Blue one but Walgreens sold out after a sale and CVS didn’t have any on stock, guessing people bought them out. I did look into L’Oreal’s section to see what they have and they did have a blue one but known as Aquamarine. It is a nice deep blue and it goes with the Indigo blue eyeliner I have from Wet N’ Wild I have. I know you are wondering what happened to the Milani pencil liner? Well, I hated it and tossed it out alongside the purple one since I can’t stand retractables and preferred felt tips. I found this one and liked how smooth it is. If only they made the bristles on the brush smaller so it would go on the eye much smoother. I had to use the brush with the Maybelline one since I lost the one that went with it. Not sure if I will get the black one, but I still like using the felt tips, so I will stick with gel liners for blue and purple since they are available in this form.


Flavored honey: So, I’ve been loving flavored honey, I know it sounds weird but it does exist! At school on Thursdays they have farmer’s market day and they tend to bring fruits, vegetables, even handmade popsicles and one of them is a lady from a bee farm that brings her own honey. She has flower honey but what draws me to it is the flavored ones. They make my tea smelling good and also very tasty with its sweetness. The flavors I have now are Chocolate Hazelnut, which made me want to buy in the first place, almost finishing a bottle of Blackberry, Blueberry, Ginger Peach, Raspberry, and just bought a new bottle of Mint on the last day before finals. I found out where the honey will be during the summer downtown at another farmer’s market and will go there for more of my fave honey when I finish them.

Chocolate Almond Cherry granola cubes: Another item I did get was a container of these granola cubes that contain chocolate, cherry, and almonds! I love the taste of these and these were also handmade by another person at the market and was trying to get some for a project showcase but didn’t show up. I did like the Fruit Medley one and heard they will be at another market during the summer I hope! I haven’t finished these yet but will sometime soon!

Mango Hi-Chew: As you know, I love Japanese snacks and well one of the other stands is an Asian stand and have a shop of their own across the street from the school. One of the many things I picked up was a pack of Hi-Chew, which is a candy like Starburst but chewier and softer and one flavor I got and love this past two months was mango! I never tried the flavor and found it really awesome! I was addicted and yet I had to hold my cravings back because with my taste buds as a blind person gets really bad with the after taste. I finished them and still have a pack of green apple and strawberry ones and two packs of mixed ones that I got on the last day. I will be good until fall by the looks of it when the market returns or go by the store time to time.

Fruit and Yogurt flavored jellies: Anotherr fave treat from the Asian market are these little jelly things. I remembered seeing these at Donga Supermarket downtown and never was curious until I saw these at the farmer’s market day. I tried the litchi ones and they were good but I bought the yogurt flavor ones to try them at home and they do taste like yogurt! Then a week later or so, they had little containers with more of these but fruity and one of the containers was a cat bento box! I got it of course! The jellies in this are good but a little more slippery but still good! This is one snack I will get more of in the future and probably share, not sure how my fiance will feel when he eats one. Still, tasty and I can see why jellies are a fave of the Japanese!

Well, that is it for this post! What is next? Cosplay advice for Naruto cosplayers! Until next time!

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