Iron Man 3 Review

Hello and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Univerrse! I know I was supposed to do the Naruto cosplay advice post, but that has to wait. I know you all are asking why, because I saw Iron Man 3 opening night!

O! M! G! This movie was awesome! Better than the second! Anyways, the movie takes place after Tony returning from his work with the Avengers and this takes a look at how his mind reacted after the events of him going into the wormhole and destroying it. So, he doesn’t sleep despite having one of the hottest women and his love interest, Pepper Pots, played by Gwenyth Paltrow, waiting for him every night. With all the anxiety and sleepless nights, he does create new suits that work on their own and can call upon the Mark 42 on his own. Besides his anxiety, a new threat comes to town and that is the Mandarin. The Mandarin takes on the old classic Fu Man Chu villain aspect by showing images of his terrorist attempts around the world and even more things go bad with people showing up from thirteen years ago with something called the Extremis, a virus type of chemical, which I can kind of take, that is fueled by anger when a person is “infected” by it.

Why is it better than 2? Because it went back to the same model as the first, as in having more action being placed, more of the witty banter that you’ve seen back in the first, and of course, seeing more suit testing like it is supposed to since Tony is known for making new inventions. While 2, was pretty weak! The story was kind of all over the place and the villain, Whiplash, which is also Crimson Dynamo in 2, wasn’t seen much and didn’t what he was doing. I do like Mickey Rowyrk but it would be great if they shown him attacking Iron Man more in the second and not focus so much on Tony’s health crisis with the arc reactor in his chest. It would be better if they save the health/mid-life crisis story for another Iron Man film rather than putting it in too soon. They should’ve focused more on the villain and having SHIELD come in and try to recruit him lmore since the Avengers was supposed to take place after Captain America happened. Still, the third is better since it dealt more of the villains showing up and Tony trying to figure out what they are doing, kind of like how he figured out Loki going to Stark Tower for the final fight in the Avengers and that is how it should be in Marvel films, even if it took Disney a little while to take up their studio.

Best scene?

I would have to say it would be the escape from the mansion towards the middle because it shows how Tony made the mistake of giving his address out for the Mandarin finding him. It is actually a common flaw in most stories even in comics, because later on, he puts the helmet on to send a message to Pepper apologizing for what he did and putting her in danger at the mansion and showing that he did survive. Still, it is a common character flaw for leading the villain out to you and not knowing how to take them on, still it was great and Disney and Marvel did an excellent job with how they put the scene together. Trust me, I wanted to hear the surround sound going in the IMAX version of this scene.


We didn’t get to see all of them but we did come on time for the new Thor 2 trailer! I am hoping this movie is not as rushed as the first, that is the only thing I didn’t like about the first but by what it shown, Loki is back! I can’t help it, when he does the accent it is too sexy! And probably Chris Hensworth would forget kissing Kristen Stuart in Snow White and the Huntsmen when he probably meet up with Natalie Portman’s character in this, if she doesn’t, definitely show off his Thor moves. No wonder I made the Asgard Brothers for my Soul Eater/Dresden crossover! Anyways, we also caught the actual Man of Steel trailer, not sure if we want to see that yet but it does look faithful to the original Superman story and of course, Star Trek 2. As a semi-Trekkie, not sure if we may see this but most of the internet critics do make a point when it comes to Star Trek movies that the even numbered ones are the best and I can test to that since I did catch the original ones marathoning during Christmas break. Even the first newer one was okay, but it did make me happy that the original Spock did make an appearance, as in Leonard Nimoy and the only way of him acting like his old self is of course in Star Trek. Michael Bay, you weren’t supposed to have Nimoy do Spock as Sentinel Prime! Anyways, I think this sequel may be good if it keeps up with the even numbered ones being good or Abrams screwed it up and he should tone down lense flare.

In conclusion, Iron Man 3 met the expectations of a lot reviewers! I don’t want to spoil too much since a lot of people wanted to wait until they get a chance to see it or get it when it is released on DVD and Blue Ray but this movie is worth the ticket price! I even can say that the movie times keep on selling out as people tried getting tickets, even the line was long after I bought them for me and my fiance. Still, worth going to the theaters, Disney and Marvel did their excellent job and returned to the format that we loved in 1 and of course, stay for the after credits scene, it is funny! I can’t wait what the next Thor movie has in store for us, same with Captain America and even some of the other great heroes of Marvel since there is supposed to be a Neymore film and one for Guardians of the Galaxy since mmost people do use Rocket Raccoon in UMVC 3!

Definitely next is my cosplay advice post on Naruto! I also decided to redo the one for Soul Eater since the one on Blogger looked awful and decided to add a few more things! Until next time!

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