Mega Collective Haul

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Yet again with another haul! So, been going to WalMart, Walgreens, CVS after so long, one item from Target, normally I get more than one but I will explain later! I also have Two anime convention haul too in this post! Let’s get started!

Walgreens: I would like to start off with Walgreens! So, I had to get a new tube of the Sensodine toothpaste I love as always! I did pick up a few products from Wet N Wild recently and they are the liquid eyeliner in Blackest Black, as you know I love Wet N Wild eye liners and I got the liquid one in indigo blue and plum and since Rimmel doesn’t have the one I tend to use and I do have the precision tupped liner, even though I love that one but I decided to get the WNW one for a change! I ddo have the black pen liner myself and will be using that one next and had it on me as a spare for my Itachi cosplay this past weekend (as I write this is after KnightroKon) since these liners tend to go on nicely. I did get more of the Steel My Thunder pallets, which I got two! Wet N Wild a special on their shadows and it was get one for $2. 99 and get one for $1.99 and got two since I did go to the pan in my Brow color after three uses or four uses and I love using this one because it is really neutral and goes with anything I wear! I use my black eye liners to go with them. I might get the silver Eye Tattoo for eyelining with this but still use the black liners with this pallet. Another product is something everyone that has been raving about and it is the new Revlon Lip Butters and the color that I hear all over is Wild Watermelon! I had to get it! It is a reddish pink lip color and it is gorgeous sounding and had to pick it up! They do have others in Pink Lemonade, Sorbet, and Peachy Keen or was it Peachy, forgot what it was but not into those much until I heard Wild Watermelon! I marked it with a heart sticker since I do mark my make up due to being blind. I forgot to mention another WNW item but not using anymore and that is the Nail Protector, which is a clear top coat. Not sure if it has to be used as a base coat but used it as a top coat when I wore the Saved by the Blue polish finally and it still pealed! I have something better and will mention that when I get to WalMart! I did have to get more of the Frost mints I love so much and did get M&Ms one time since I was seeing Iron Man 3 earlier this month and brought them with me, I know they say no outside food but tend to have them in my bag!

Target: The only item I got was the Hello Kitty nail polishes! While looking for the Paul Frank Party Pack Lip Smackers, I found these and never got them and sent my dad out to try and get another Almay Clear Complexion stick with the treatment at the bottom, which they don’t have it due to being discontinued! I will mention CVS in a moment, but did ask for these! They are cute little bottles and they come with little heart charms in the package and I use them as keychains. The package I got, there were two different ones apparently, this one I got included pink, purple, red, silver, and aqua or teal how you want to see it as, I put “aqua” on my Braille label for it. I was so tempted to wear one but had to leave my nails breathing before doing Itachi again.

WalMart: I did go a little make up crazy here but had to get non-make up products and they include the V8 Splash juices I love so much! Got Cherry Pomagranite, Peach Mango, and Fruit Medley! I also decided to get the Orville Reddenbacher’s Kettle Corn microwaveable popcorn! I love kettle corn a lot because it’s sweet and a friend had the microwaveable version and it tasted so good! It took me a few years to get it because my nephews always ate buttered popcorn and had to finish that and it’s been years since I got microwaveable popcorn and got this version! Let’s see, had to get morepony beads and alphabet beads because I had to make more video game health and magic lanyards but made Dot Hack themed ones because my buddy was selling asked for more for KnightroKon and since Crispin Freeman and DC Douglas shown up in both the original and GU universes of the games, I diecided to do the HP and AP ones in blue and gold and green and silver, had to get more alphabet beads to use the letters I needed. Not sure how they sold. Anyways, I did get more nail polish but for Itachi since I needed one close to black and got Shine of Midnight from L’Oreal! I am still wearing it and it looks amazing! It is so iridescent! Then I stopped by my fave Hard Candy cosmetics, I wanted to find my Pipsy gloss but found out it was named “Tipsy” not “Pipsy” later on but will try and find it when I have to drop by WalMart again, but I did get a clear gloss in Vanilla to try out since I am a sucker for vanilla!

I had to go back to WalMart two days later and I did pick up those V8 juices I mentioned above, also did get another lip gloss, forgot what it was! It is a somewhat dupe of my fave Bonne Bell lip gloss in Cream Pop but will have to get it on Ebay or at Alta at some point. It is not bad for a lip gloss though. I did get more lip balms again! It is like Lip Smackers but they are those Charms company based ones in Fun Dip, Rainbow Nerds and other candy. I realized these are the knock offs that I don’t like much. I may use them up and not get them again but if they don’t break after two or three days, I may reconsider! I did have to get more Listerine and cotton balls because we were running out!

The third visit was something I did with my fiance’s mom! She shown me the nail polish strips by Sally Hansen. I never used these before and heard so many good things and we went to the WalMart across the street from their neighborhood and I found the tye dye ones by Kissy nails and they looked amazing but didn’t stay much on my nails. Even though I have a better top coat now! Which is the Sally Hansen Double Duty base and top coat! This thing is my holy grail! I will mention in my favorites as well, anyways, I tried keeping the strips on but I think it was because how my nails were shaped and there were folds in them and weren’t shaped right after that. Man I had to get them off before going to Miami. They still look nice. I still have more for another manicure but I may go with Sally Hansen’s next if I decide to go with them next. They don’t cost much as the drugstore charges them which is around $7 and they may last two weeks if I am not too rough which I tend to be with manicures. Still, may get the Kissy ones again or not or just stick to Sally Hansen’s, I might go with the zebra ones and the tattoo ones they had which sounded cool.

CVS: I went Revlon crazy! Not only that…managed to get more of the Clear Complexion Plus Treatment sticks I use since they were discontinuing. As said, sent my dad on an errand to find these, he found one near his job in my shade, Light Medium and decided to get more just in case if it was going out and it is true, you guys should get them before many other people get them. We couldn’t find them at the one down the road but I did get Revlon items! I got two eye shadow pallets, one that is a quad, don’t know the name but they had a sale of if you spend $15 you get $7 back and spent over that. Got this quad and I got the newer Primer pallets in Bohemian, which features blues and beiges. It is basically a five pan which I was skeptical at first but I used it and loved it so far! It has the primer in a shadow since I heard so many people using shadow primers from ELF, Urban Decay, and other companies, but I don’t use primer since I just wear the shadow and let it fade as the day goes on or just wear the long wearing ones! Anyways, it goes bottom left is your primer and then you go up and have the lid color then the crease above that and then brow at the very top left, which is your lightest, and then bottom right is your sparkly top coat! I use a little bit it since I was doing day, if you put more just a tiny more you will have a nice evening look! I may go back and get the gray one, Metropolitan, which I tend to go smoky a lot! I will try out the quad next! I won’t be returning the primer pallet! I think the primer pallet will be a nice masquerade look. Anyways, then found the Super Lusterous lip glosses! I heard good things about these in fave videos and had to try these! I got these in the coral color, not sure what it is but wanted to have something different from my pink range and speaking of pink, I do have the Pink Pop! I can’t wait to try these out in my weekly routine. I have to try and use my lip stash up since my supply bag is full! And I did get a new polish and it is new I believe, not sure what line it was but it was light green, I am getting into greens a lot lately, don’t know why again. I also got more nail polish remover since the bottle my mom has from Sally Beauty is running low, so got the nail strengthening one to try out since my left index finger seems to have some weird thing going on, I may see how it goes.

And about the Clear Complexion sticks, my dad had to get birthday cards for some people and found three! Yes, three at two other CVS locations! I am so glad since this product is going bye bye! I am sad because I started using it not too long ago and it worked wonders on my skin! I hope Almay replies back with something similar that may help with future breakouts!

Hot Topic: Since I was looking for Itachi polishes, I decided to go to Hot Topic to see what they carry and they had a gray polish but a nice shade, I guess a regular shade and no sparkles nor metallics, but still nice. It was great that they also did their buy 2 and get one free on make up, so decided to ask if they have any of the newer lip sticks and glosses for Black Heart Beauty since I did get the gray polish from that line and love it so! I did get the purple lipstick, which was a new addition and I know I griped about the packaging since my pink one can’t stay shut but it changed to keep it close! Yay! I guess they read my complaint about that! The purple doesn’t look so bad since I tend to go for purples in lip items for a vampy look! Gotta love the vamp side! And then got the only pink gloss! It reminds of Sweet Heart from War Paint since I bought their last tubes of that one last year and they changed their packaging to the vial form. What I like about this is that it’s bigger than a standard lip gloss you tend to get at drugstores and will last you! It also has a nice smell of mint! You never get this smell in anything, you get the candy smell in Hard Candy, the fruitiness with Maybelline, and the floral with Flower, but this is minty! I love mint! I will have to use this next! I love it! I hope they keep this beauty sale running for my birthday! I would be buying more of these glosses and probably my pink lipstick whenever I run out. Well, it looks destroyed and used up a little. Knew I should’ve gotten more while I was at it, but wanted to try out the purple one. They do have an orange and blue but didn’t want to go crazy. Also, earlier in the month, I did get myself an Iron Man shirt with the arc reactor! I love that shirt! I will see if they have the movie ones when I get my birthday coupon!

Now for conventions!

Florida Anime Experience: This year was my first time I went. This is the replacement con for JACON, which ended back in 2009 and everyone remembered that year because so many things happened, especially the mace attack which the girl got arrested for during AFO when she tried striking again. Anyways, this convention all about anime! Not American cartoons, which the head said that most of the cons are falling to that since Adventure Time, Teen Titans is getting a comeback, and of course, Friendship is Magic has so much popularity, but this is all about anime and I like it! The first year, 2011, didn’t go because my annual eye appointment in Miami happened that year and the first year’s guest of honor was Steven Jay Blum! I had my fiance and our friend, Tobi, get my stuff I had for him to sign, as in my Cowboy Bebop Movie cover, since I had Wendee Lee sign it months later, My Dot Hack game covers, and a few other things and of course, Brittany Karbowski was there! I had to get Kiba and Soul Eater signed by her! Second year, didn’t go either despite it was the voice of Sailor Moon, well one of them. But this year, guest of honor was Mahle Flannigan, voice of Naruto! I have been a Naruto fan since high school and had to meet her and was trying to find people to get my items signed at first because I planned not to go due to Knightro, Metro, and MythiCon! But couldn’t find anyone, but luckily went for a day! Had my dad drop me off! Let me tell you this first, International Palms is beautiful! I would love to have my wedding there! The lobby is extravagant! Plus, great thing is that the convention is not separated amongst different buildings. JACOn was separated by buildings at whatever hotel it was at, first at the Sheraton International, you had to go to a building in the back where the guests and viewing rooms were! Then the Ramada near Old Town it was dealer room and registration in one building and then you walk under a bridge overhang to the hall where main events and panels were, and upstairs for gaming rooms! The second year JACON was there it rained! It rained all weekend and made it worse! International Palms, all in one hall and all the tourists and convention goers were separated in the hotel, which is good! Anyways, did get stuff signed for me and my fiance by Mahle Flannigan, she was pretty cool. I made her a lanyard and bought a Naruto keychain for it and did get my X anime box signed by Michael McConnohie which he is in that. I found it amazing that his Bobobobo announcer voice is his actual voice! The items I bought included a Lucy Heartfilia keychain from Fairy Tail, a Meytwo plushie, which they just rereleased. A Burst Angel shirt which you can NEVER find again! A pair of kitty ears with green and black bows with green glittery bells, they were supposed to be for zombie ears but they give more of a Wizard of Oz look to me. I am going to try and find the person who made these again, which I will have my fiance or dad read her card because I want to get the zombie ears and see if she has blue ones, because of Mari Blue Cat, that’s me! I did get the Fair Tail key with my zodiac sign, Leo, as a necklace, but it is not as impressive as my Plu key. I may try and find the official Funimation version of the Leo key at Metro and MythiCon since no one had it at Knightro. I also did get a Squirtle plush which you can’t find again, and a pillow pet of Happy! Yes, you heard me! I wanted a pillow pet ever since I heard they released pink leopard ones and my mom asked “Aren’t those for kids!?” Of course, I go with the entire there is no limit to the “ages 3 and up” on certain things, hell I still like Pokemon! Anyways, I love kitties and Happy from Fairy Tail is a kitty and boy I love this pillow pet! It is also comfy! Easy to change between! Too cute too pass up! I did run into the Japanese snacks guy again, I mentioned him in my old AFO post from Blogger. I came to this guy twice, once on my own and the second time when my dad found me. I ended up buying two items first and they were Panda Pocky and Konpeto! Konpeto is a sugar candy made from pure cane sugar! It is like rock candy but they look like confetti candies from Kingdom Hearts. Oh man! They are so good and looked all over for them! Why? A friend got me into them and got hooked! I did get another bag since I love them a lot! Almost done with one bag. The Panda Pocky, on the other hand, according to some places on the net, this is a limited edition item that became popular apparently! It is cookies and cream pocky, where the stick is chocolate, then the cream of the cookie and the oreo bits all over! Think of it as a creamier version of the chocolate crush pocky that I miss! These are so good! I ate the entire box while waiting for Mahle Flannigan and the rest during a Japanese panel. Then my second time at his stand, along with Konpeto bag number 2, got grape Hi Chew since I love these candies and still have my box of them. But I do have the small packs since I travel a lot and very convenient and may have to do that with my Hello Kitty pouch with the other ones because I have the tropical flavors with them. And got another flavor that was new and it is sour lemon, which I wasn’t sure at first since I tend not like sour stuff, even though I used to like Warheads the candy, but got these to see how I feel. I love them! They don’t taste super sour! They do have the sour crystals but not to overpower the taste buds! It tastes like lemonade actually! I wonder if my brother can also send me some after the con season.

KnightroKon: Now the recent convention! This past weekend was the second year of KnightroCon at UCF! This year was better than the last and it was interesting with the dealer room! How so? Well, you have one side to it and the second side on the other ballroom and the middle room is main events! I like it since you have so many artists dealing and a few shops also selling. I did get to meet DC Douglas for one second but we get to see him at Metro this year next month and of course, got to meet Crispin Freeman! Ever since Tobi couldn’t go last year due to lack of funds, I was determined to meet him and did! Knightro invited him and boy did I bring a huge load of items to sign! As in all of my Slayers stuff, Dot Hack, X, and my Itachi plushie and Naruto manga. I also cosplayed as Itachi on top of that since Crispin plays the voice. I do Abridged version since I can do the impersonation pretty well. Trust me, after meeting Crispin, I was starstruck and happy! So, what did I buy? Well, when I thought there was only one part, which a friend told me that there are two parts, I did get an Ampoleon plush since I love penguins and did start with a Piplup when I played Diamond before I traded it in to pay off Black and White. I also got a monocle on a stick! Why? Because in Naruto Abridged, there was a joke where the sharingan gets called “Monocle Attack” or “Monocle Eye” in the episode for a spaghetti western thing. We did go to dealer room part 2 after hosting the Blind Experience though! Great thing was that snacks guy was at the con! What did I buy this time? Well, got the Panda Pocky again and the Sour Lemon Hi-Chew since I loved it so much! Hoping he has it for Metro if he appears there! My fiance did get some stuff, he got this and so did I, we love Oreos and he had a pack of White Chocolate Oreo bars! They are like candy bars with crushed oreo cookies and white chocolate, I tried one and loved it and got a box myself! I did get one of these that I never got to get at FAE, it is a fish cracker with milk chocolate! He had cheesecake and strawberry ones but those sold out! I did get the chocolate one to try out. I was so close to get myself green tea Kit Kats but he sold out, told him to get more and I will buy them from him! My fiance did get ramune and some poke chocolate, I wanted to ask him to see if they are what I had before, but forgot because I passed out last night and did get chocolate chip cookies before passing out. Anyways, we did find a vendor that I love buying from at the other cons and they were Anime Pagoda! These guys have a lot of great stuff! I bought my FLCL mug from them even! This was the time I only spent over a hundred bucks at! Seriouysly, I did! What did I buy? Well…I bought the Team Kid plushies, as in Liz, Patti, and Kid, which were the American release plushies. Then got Excalibur as a plushie! Yes, there was a plushie of the annoying thing, but my fave Japanese Seyu did his voice! Anyways, also got three pin sets, one of Sasuke and Sakura from Naruto, also Anbu Itachi with his Sharingan as PVC pins, and a Sailor Jupiter and Mars pin set. A Ryohki plushie bag, because I can’t sleep with plushies with bells on them but I did want the bag! If I go to HOB shows, I can carry my lip gloss, money, and phone! A grunty plushie from Dot Hack which you can’t find anywhere anymore! They brought them because of Crispin and my fiance did the whole “Get it and if you don’t, you won’t find it again!” So, I did! I also got a new bracelet for my Kyo Sohma costume since I didn’t get my old one back. Plus, this one is actual size! I almost got the Sailor Moon and Madoka Magica mugs but I will ask them tomorrow if they will have them at Metro since they will be there this year! Boy, I gave them so much business this year! I tried not spending so much like I did with that stand from Maryland but at least it was lower than that amount. And I did get two dice bags to use as money pouches. Why? Because my money screwed up my zipper on my pouch my mom and dad got from Puerto Rico last year. Got two in case one of them gets lost and I can split my MythiCon money from my refund when I get it. Plus it does work! Well, that is it!

So, that was my entire haul! What’s next? My Soul Eater cosplay advice. Stay tuned! Until next time!

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