Cosplay Advice: Soul Eater

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Sorry for the wait and time for another cosplay tips thing but re-doing an old one! Why? Because Blogger screwed it up when I typed it in there, that is why I do the writing in Word thing first and then copy and paste it over. Anyways, now to what I am re-doing. Since I mentioned Soul Eater as a all-time-fave, I think it would be right to do another and add a few more things. Plus, doing Soul Eater versions of Dresden Files characters since I am writing the sequel to that fic, I know I was behind but school got in the way and trying to find time finishing it up since I am on the final arc of it! Let’s hop to it!

Spirit’s Tie: Decided to start off with an old bite of the old post and it deals with Spirit’s tie! Reason why I mention this is because my fiance tends to have a hard time keeping the tie together and maybe other Spirit cosplayers are the same way. What do I suggest? First, it is hard putting a tie on, especially when you have to deal with one with a cross attachment. My solution is that there are self-knotted ties at Wal-Mart nowadays. I have one of these ffor my Pokemon character, Ike, and it works out well! It is pretty easy and well, make sure you have the right neck size, unless you need to get a regular tie for the costume. What about the cross attachment? I suggest getting a pretty strong fabric or put cardboard pieces and sew it to the tie, taping can be possible but sewing works more because you are going to be in a hot convention center and the tape tends to unstuck. If you use duct tape, the residue will get on it, so I keep on saying sew it! Even if it deals with felt.

Dr. Stein himself: Oh yeah, one of the most complicated looking cosplays and that is Dr. Stein! From bolt to stitches all over, this is one cosplay to pull off that can be hard and I do feel happy for anyone who can get it done. Even Chuck Huber has his own! Anyways, Cosplay Magic does sell their own costumes for Stein but it is pretty pricey, so what can you do on a budget? You can find doctor’s coats at school bookstores and even at uniform stores since they sell doctor’s coats. Pants and shirt are no problem since you can go to Michael’s and Thrift Stores for these things and you need someone with major sewing skills because these clothing will have stitch patterns all over them! Of course fabric from Jo Ann’s and WalMarts will do you nicely. What about the rest? The glasses you may get off of an online store, Etsie may be your safest bet since you will be luckier with handmade items and possibly the bolt for the wig. Not sure if they have premade wigs out there with the bolt, you may have to check around Ebay and Cosplay Magic, if not, just get a wig and then have someone make the bolt themselves. There is always PVC piping since you can find some with the screw looking edges and put a cap on top! Make up on the other hand will be easy! Of course you can find the costume make up at Party Stores for the skin color and of course get pencil brushes for the black to draw stitches on the face. Or use the pen liners I use from drugstores if you are a little sensitive with stitches drawn on your skin.

Maka rag doll: As you guys know, throughout Soul Eater Spirit tends to go into an emo corner and has a rag doll out while he is in that corner of his daughter, Maka. If you know someone in the plushie making business then this is one thing that every Spirit cosplay needs. A good way of observing this item is by watching closely in the anime and look closely at the manga shots when he brings it out. In order to get the shape, think of it as a beanie baby but more limp and taking on a Raggedy Anne effect. Of course the doll will have Maka’s outfit and instead of the eyes , it would have buttons where they should be and sitches for the mouth. As said, a lot of study. Once it’s made, your Spirit cosplayer will go into his emo corner moments when he sees Maka cosplayers turn him down! What materials besides buttons? Forgot about that, I would say use plushie fabric and felt would be the best!

Medusa’s nails: Now time for another interesting cosmetic design and it deals with nail polish effects! Medusa has the most interesting nail patterns since she has snake back patterns, as in arrows in the middle of the nails. As most girls would cosplay as this snakey character, getting that effect is hard! We did run into a cosplayer who got it but it would be interesting with my take! I would say to use blood red nail polish and a precision tip polish or nail art pen because drawing the arrows on need a precision tip to get it on. You may have to get some of the Milani precision tip polishes they have on the net, I would say go through or Ebay since a lot of sellers buy in bulk and sell them. But of course some other companies do sell their precision tip nail art pens such as Sally Hansen and Revlon released new double sided nail art polishes, like the Moon Candy line, there is one polish on one end that is your base color and then you flip over to use the pen tip brush to draw your design and since this is an arrow, got to draw from the cuticle and go up and color in. With the Milani, I would say do thick stroking by do the top of the arrow first and then the stem so it would be easier. I think Revlon sells the red and black for the nail art, but look around. Another piece of advice for the colors, you can also go to the beauty supply store since they tend to carry more items. And to keep the manicure last the entire weekend, a top and base coat will seal it in, use Sally Hansen’s Double Duty base and coat, China Glaze also has a good one by what I hear.

Kid’s Tie clip: Another item that needs to be made by hand is Kid’s tie clip. Like the Spirit tie, I would suggest getting one of those pre-knotted ties since they are so much easier but of course got to make the clip. You may find the tie clip made by cosplay makers or even on Etsie, but there are times when you can make it and it is a simple pattern. The clip is the same skull logo as Lord Death’s head and there are two ways of doing it. Sculpy clay is one way. Knowing it might be a little heavy but making a flat skull shape would be really easy and it will take a couple of hours to make. Plus, you can put a safety pin behind it and clip it on as a pin, to me it is just there on the tie, without a clip sticking out. Another thing is that you can use felt and sew it on instead since the plushies have felt versions, it would be easy to do it that way because not everyone is skilled in pottery and it can be difficult when you have to find the pattern. I would say felt would be easier.

Weapon props: Besides the meisters, we also have the weapons in their weapon form! Some of the items you can make by hand or pick up already made and through the toystore or toy section of your dollar store or Target or WalMart. Which weapons can you find in toy form? You can find guns and paint them over for Kid’s guns and of course if you have someone who wants to put on the make up for zombie Cid, there is always daggers for Kniges since he uses her when he fights. During Halloween, there are times when you can get the scythes and transform them into Soul and Tsubaki. What about handles since they might be long? PVC piping! I do have an axe prop from my fan fiction and used PVC piping since it is really easy to work with. Plus, for Spirit’s form, it would be easier to use a coupling for the middle of the handle so it would be easier to travel with by collapsing it. My idea when someone had a Nagi from Negima staff and it went the length of my fiance’s old Pathfinder and thought that it would be more convenient to have a collapsible handle since there are a lot of sizes of this extension. Plus, it is easy to spray paint. What about blades if you can’t find the right toy weapon? Foam is your best bet since it’s easy to find and it does provide a solid base and then duct tape wrapped around it will add the metallic edge. For the symbols that it needs to be drawn, sharpies are the greatest thing since you can draw on duct tape very easily. It will also keep from running in case if you have a bit of rain!

Now for a special cosplay I did mention in my Blogger version:

Harry Dresden: I wrote and still working on its sequel, a crossover with Soul Eater and the Dresden Files! It fit because of the pop culture references that are mentioned in both. How do we get the famous wizard turned Winter Knight? Here we go!

The Duster: Of course, this is always the signature look that Harry wears! Besides the jeans and shirts, which you can find at thrift stores and retail stores, and the boots, both cowboy and hiking, the duster will be your hardest item to find especially in warm climates! I would say try a thrift store that has a big selection, especially in the coat department. There is also Burlington but you got to look pretty hard. Hot Topic only brings their jackets and dusters during October, if you want to wait until then you may want to do this during winter conventions, since the holiday ones are becoming popular. If you want to do the cosplay for a summer convention…Ebay is your safest bet and good luck on paying! If I want to do my other twin, I may have to wait for Hot Topic to have studded dusters.

The hair: I hear so many different descriptions of Harry’s hair, especially how my fiance described it from the covers of the books and the tv series (which I have on DVD), it is always wavy! Even though Thomas has more of curly hair due to the mother, Margaret LeFay, has curly, I did read that Harry’s father has more of the waves from what I read in Dead Beat where his ghost appears. Then there are the different lengths, it is sometimes short, mid length, and long by Cold Days since he was in the NeverNever, which I did a different telling of the Winter Knight thing. Anyways, I would say go for the default short ‘do he normally has and it is easy to find! Black, wavy wigs? Easy! I would suggest Cosplay DNA of course! They always carry a lot of curly and wavy wigs so you can also have a Thomas if you want since they do carry long, curly wigs. But go for the short one.

Weapons: In my fan fiction, Harry is a revolver meister because during the books he keeps a revolver because his powers won’t let him have anything more modern. By the second, he dual weilds with Inari Wraithe alongside Thomas in the other hand. It is easy to find a revolver toy somewhere but if you can’t, there is the net for someone who can make weapon props or make it yourself. You need to know the designs of Liz and Patti to at least get a base of design for Thomas or both Thomas and Inari. With designs, paint will still be the best or sharpies. I would say silver because it will show better against black. If you want to go the next level and holster the gun props, if you have someone skilled in wood making, make his blasting rod! You would have an awesome Harry cosplay!

Well, that’s about it! If you have another series you want me to give cosplay advice for! Just comment below! What is next? My May and June favorites and if I don’t post until Metro, then you will get my first convention press coverage! Until next time!

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