Pacific Rim Review

Warning: This Review May Contain Spoilers!

Hello and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I know I was going to wait until after Metro to post again on here but I just saw Pacific Rim! I know what you are thinking, that movie that has mechs and giant monsters that may be copying off Evangelion and the Kaiju legacy? Yes! And it was awesome! I know I like Eva but I found this film having a better explanation than the newest film, Eva 3.33 which Funimation just licensed but this Deltoro made it better. How so?

The Set Up: The film takes place in the Pacific where creatures known as Kaiju came from a crack in the tectonic plates to wreak havoc on the Earth and take out major cities along the Pacific Ocean coastlines. Yagers, the mechs that are made to defeat these monsters, are sent to take them out including the ones our hero, Rowley pilots and ends up losing his brother the co-pilot and keeps him from piloting again since he saw and felt his brother’s death since the Yagers are programmed through neurolinking through both pilots. Then five years after the brother’s death, he gets back after knowing that Yagar program is brought back to take out the newer Kaiju that are coming out of the ocean.

Thoughts? It is unique and it does show that Warner Brothers can have a great movie in their studios and they have Mr. Deltoro pulling the ropes in bringing us his signature monstrous thrillers and a bit of world’s end clock with this movie. Yeah it does have Evangelion 3.33 elements, I know I should say End of Evangelion but this has more of the newer film series with the third movie. Why? I seen the newer Eva and the problem was that they didn’t explain much, as in what happened 14 years between the second and third movies since the preview for the third was supposed to talk about what happens to Nerv after what Shinji did in the second but didn’t! While Pacific Rim, on the other hand did it right by explaining some of the things that are going on such as why the Kaiju were attacking and what the different types were there to do, the Yagars in their mechanics and why two people can pilot them, there were three for one of them but mostly two pilot them. Now that is good mech storytelling, especially with anything dealing with the apocalypse and done in the Ring of Fire of course! I don’t want to give too much away because you guys should see what I am talking about.

Characters: I know I should talk about cast but the characters would be better because they kind of the anime character archetype. I know they casted Ron Pearlman, Hellboy himself, as a guy who collected Kaiju parts and the guy who played Heimdal in the Thor movies because of the second one coming out as the commander, which I can say does have a bit of mirror effect of Commander Ikari from Eva as in the hardass guy who at least tells his son that he has daddy issues in the movie and of course has a Japanese girl, Mako, who acts like Rei Ayanami and has the same blue hair as her and very close to the Commander in Pacific Rim. Don’t worry, no crazy cloning involved! Then you have two scientists, one who is the mean British guy and the nerdy fanboy scientist, who reflects the nerdy buddy that Shinji has, but does go crazy towards the middle of the movie due to an experiment which kind of reminds me a little of Dragonnaut: The Resonance a little. I think Deltoro was watching a bit of anime to study some of the character architypes for this sci-fi mech storyline since we do have the hard commanders, the serious guy/girl pilot, the nerd or fanboy and so on in these storylines. Still, they do put the movie together pretty well.

2D or 3D? Like so many other movies nowadays at theaters there is the 2D and the 3D versions! I would say see this movie in 2D. I know I may be saying due to being blind and can’t see 3D since it deals with cameras for each eye but the effects in this movie doesn’t need the 3D to be enjoyed because they are great on screen as is! Plus, in some movies the 3D aren’t that great and shouldn’t waste money on effects that weren’t put in 3D when they are supposed to, so I suggest 2D!

What is my rating? 5 Paw Prints out of 5! Despite the similarities to Evangelion, as in the character architypes and how they take the two pilot concept and make it into their own, this movie makes it more interesting and explain everything that is supposed to be explained when 3.33 didn’t! This is one movie that needs to be nominated because it is unique and since the disappointment of Man of Steel (I even overheard two girls talking about it in the bathroom after the movie) this is one movie that should be seen instead and shows that storytelling in sci-fi should be a thrillride rather than weird stuff all over the place. I will still get 3.33 in English when it gets released since I have the first two and Funimation tends to do good jobs on their dubbing and with their replacements for Ritsuko, Gendou, Kaowru, and Kaji, it is not bad of a cast.

That is my review! Next will the MetroCon press coverage as promised! I won’t be interviewing PikaBelleChu due to getting that interview scheduled is different from doing it through the guest coordinator, I am still interviewing Scott McNeill and Brittney Karbowski. Great thing is that I will be cosplaying as my Soul Eater character when I go since Brittney is the voice of Black Star in Soul Eater and that is the day of the fan fiction panel (best to do an OC for it). Well, that’s it! Til next time!

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