Birthday and Collective Haul

    Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Well, my birthday has passed and time for another birthday haul and I also have other things I did get before my birthday. What about the interviews you may ask? Well, my fiance will be getting the transcripts from them since they were recorded on the DS, I will see if he did it when he comes by. So, now onto the haul.

    First Target and Walgreens! I had a lot of things picked up for a little while and didn’t get any time to mention it since I had other stuff going on such as MetroCon and of course class back then, but dropped it due to issues of tests, so here goes!

    Target: I got a few stuff from Target and one of them happened to be Hello Kitty stickers since I was starting to run out on the sheets that I had from a Walgreens location and I do mention I use these stickers to mark my make up to show what is what in my bag. I even wrote a blog post about this for Lighthouse Central Florida since being blind is not easy and you can’t fit Braille labels on everything such as lipstick and other things make up related, I use stickers! So, went to the party favors section for these. Target does have an aisle full of stickers and I do get some of those but if I want more mainstream or other types I go to the party favor aisle and the Hello Kitty ones were in that aisle. Next I did go to the make up area and got a few cosmetic items and one of them was a bottle of Mermaid’s Tail from Sally Hansen. At first I wanted to get Pacific Blue but the Target I went to didn’t have it, but this one was really pretty since it was blue with green gold glitters in it. I also got the Double Duty during a visit before I got the Mermaid’s Tail, since I was halfway through the bottle before and glad I have it. I did have to get the Dr. Scholl’s in-steps for women for 11-13 during that visit, along with the Dove Go Sleeveless deodorant since I was doing Lucy and don’t want my deodorant stain the costume top, and did get more baby wipes. During the second visit, I did get lip products and man my patience was great with this one! I finally got my hands on the Berry Twist lip gloss balm from Cover Girl’s Biggie Lip Balm stains and finally they restocked by the time I checked. I wanted this before and they didn’t have it, loved my Plum Twist and wanted to know if they had the Berry and they did. Then went to Revlon and went a little Revlon crazy again since I love their lip products and one of them was the lip butters in Red Velvet. I don’t wear red lip products normally but decided to get out of my comfort zone by getting this after a YouTuber talked about it and wanted to give it a try. It is very pigmented and very red. Can’t wait to wear it! Then had to get a Lustrous LipStick in Fuschia Flash I believe? It is one of the pinks and it is pretty pigmented when I swatched. I wanted to get Iced Mocha since it sounded nice but wasn’t sure at first since it was a brown but realized I tend to use Double Choc with the Chocolate Mint Splash and the Latte lip tint with a mocha gloss, so sent my dad on an errand to get Iced Mocha. That is it for Target.

    Walgreens: I realized I forgot to get pocket tissues and had to get some since I use pocket tissues in my make up bag when I need them and got a pack. And of course nail polishes! With the tissues! One is Miss Pixie by L’Oreal. Recently L’Oreal released their own gel polish line and it seems that I am getting into them more lately and this one came up in a haul video and it’s a nice royal blue with glitter, which the video person said that there were bad reviews about it on blogs and the L’Oreal site, so I decided to research and found someone review it. They said they just got it as it released and they tried it out and it lost color by the next day and then chipped the day after. Someone did leave a good comment and said they never got what the blogger experienced. I got a bottle and painted my nails in it and it lasted a week! I think it’s due to using the Double Duty along with the Growth coat I use on top when I apply the base, plus I waited a while for this unlike most beauty bloggers they tend to get it on the first release, I think that is what happened and the batch they got was first batch and decided to go to crap on them. It lasted a week on me. Then got two more of the Sinful gel polishes in Aspresso and Spitfire. I did go to Walgreens again and had to restock on my Wet N Wild eyeliner in Plum and then another Maybelline Master Drama gel in Eggplant and then another vial of their shine gloss in Pink Shock I believe. Which Maybelline was doing buy one and get the other half off. Which was nice.

    Now onto birthday! I only went to Lush and Hot Topic again.

    Hot Topic: I did get my annual coupon and found out that Hot Topic was doing a lot of specials as in 2 for $49 on their denim and buy one get one half off on everything. I got more of the Black Heart make up in the pink lipstick I was using and about to run out, then I got the sparkling pink which is nice! Got a sparkling purple eye liner, which I was meaning to try out! I will use this if I am feeling a sparkle on the lower lashline during the night or day! My fiance thought I was getting two liners but one of them happened to be the purple lip gloss! I finally have a purple gloss since I couldn’t find it at the Altamonte location, Florida Mall had it! Yay! I also got a Naruto shirt after so long and it is of that SD show that they do in Japan where everyone is a chibi and the shirt has chibi Naruto and Sasuke! I had to get XL since it was a girl’s shirt. I tried getting the Harley Quin one but it was way tiny and couldn’t fit on me, I could only get my head and one arm in which was sad. I did buy the Naruto one. I almost thought about getting the Pacific Rim one but I could get it with my Hot Cash next month, until my fiance shown me something made squee and that is a Hello Kitty plush dressed as Chun Li! It is so adorable! Apparently Sanrio and Capcom decided to band together to do a Street Fighter Cross Sanrio thing where the Sanrio characters dress as Street Fighter guys and Hello Kitty is Chun Li. I found out that Kerroppi is Blanca, I will get him next time since I love him so much! But couldn’t pass up the Hello Kitty as Chun Li! Besides my items, my fiance did get me something that made me happy and make up for something he did that made him late, well it was sleeping in the tub and that is get me a Iron Man hoodie which is of the Mark 42 suit from the third movie! Hot Topic did those limited edition hoodies like my Captain America one and I loved the Iron Man one since they also had Iron Patriot and Cap again but the movie version. So, my fiance got me the one of Iron Man since not only limited edition but made up for what happened that morning. It is in XXL because he wants to wear it as well, especially when Avengers 2 comes out in 2015!

    Lush: This was for hair remedy this year! As you know I was using the Honey I’m Strong shampoo and conditioner duo for six months and well, it is doing the damaging thing as it always does with everything else and decided I should get shampoo and conditioner from Lush this time around since their hair stuff works on me, especially when I found my mom’s bottle of Rehab and it worked! I almost got Rehab but told the girl about how my shampoo and conditioner was doing the damage and of course kept my hair up everyday and she told me and I di get these and they are the Fair Trade Honey shampoo and Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioner! Both smell awesome and will work great with my hair according to the girl. Fair Trade Honey is made with actual honey and the stuff is great since it is natural and organic and can’t wait to use! Happy Happy Joy Joy on the other hand is made in the same formula as shine So Bright, which is the split end treatment I use, and nice thing is that the girl’s mother has the same kind of curls as I do and uses this conditioner herself and the curls are more defined and best to use this conditioner with! I will have to use it and see why it is so great! Funny thing is that this name is due to the creator of Lush’s wife hated Ren & Stimpy so much, they decided to name the conditioner after the song “Happy Happy Joy Joy” despite the formulation being a fave of the wife’s. I think it fits when I try it! I did have to restock on R&B since I will be going to the bottom soon by the looks of it! I went with the medium bottles like I do with shower gel since I know the large bottles cost, plus not sure how they will work until I use up my shampoo and conditioner! I also got one more thing that is not a cosmetic but something for charity! It is their water bottle. I know, “Whaaattt?” I know I can get a regular water bottle anywhere but this one is for their Take Back the Tap campaign that has been going on for a while now. The thing is we always see everyone have water bottles on them but did you know that all this plastic we use ends up on beaches? Hell, people leave their trash while on the beach! The girl who helped us went to the beach with her husband on an island off the coast and they spent TWO HOURS cleaning the trash in the spot they were in! So it is true aboutthat. Not only that, this plastic tends to end up in animal intestines and they tend to get tangled in it. That is why they say snip those soda rings when tossing. Anyways, this bottle is metal and costs $12. 95 and $5 goes to one of three charities you choose, one of them to clean local waterways, another to keep water clean near people, which I donated to since UCF has toxic waters (there was a news story about that last year), and to keep oceans clean for turtles. I would say get one of these since this will help clean water and keep plastic out! Especially for areas that tend to be near chemical plants, which I read a newsstory about one part of Texas having arsenic in their groundwater. So, head to your local Lush and get one of these while it’s still going on, you can choose silver, white, and blue, I got blue, and donate to a charity like I did. My free item by the way for my birthday from the store was a Dragon’s Egg bath bomb since a few months back when I bought Shine So Bright, I almost go another one but got two Fluffy Eggs instead in case they won’t come back, so got a new Dragon’s Egg since I missed it so much! My fiance almost had me get a bar of Icy Blue which is his fave soap but he did get a small slice or shall I say chunk of it, which we got to win on both ends!

    Oh crap! Forgot my online findings!

    After Metro, I did mention I couldn’t find the Lucy belt pouch she uses for her keys and well managed to find it online from the seller that I got the right Pisces and Libra keys and Capricorn for the ring and waiting for it to come in since it is coming from Hong Kong! I hope it gets here in time for MythiCon since I am doing Lucy for that con as well! Then I found these! Recently Wet N Wild did another Limited Edition line and since it has those words, Florida would either carry them or not carry them! What is it? It is called the Pop Art Craze line which features eye shadow pallets and nail polishes themed after the time of Andy Warhol and other pop artists! I read G’s post about the shadows and well, the colors were way too out there for me! I know I tend to step out of the comfort recommendations in blue and purple and go for greens, golds, and I do have that ELF pallet with the shimmery browns , but these were way out there! So, I decided to stick to the nail polishes and found a set of all six from a seller on Ebay! They feature two blues, one teal and the other just blue, a purple, a lime green, an orange, and white! They are the gel formula and I think it would be the right move to do it that way since the pop artists used acrylic paints and tempra at some points, so gel polishes it is. I think there should have been a red since red was used, but one of the eye shadow pallets featured red, I guess the polishes should feature the orange instead. I may use these at some point, especially with the OPI shatter polishes I own and the Hot Topic shatter from Black Heart since it will look great with white. Let’s see how that goes! And finally, just got this today. It is a ELF pallet with 32 eye shadows, some lip colors, a bronze, blush, and high lighter and it was $14. 99. I know my card hates me but the e-mail from Ebay was like “Still looking for ELF pallets?” And decided to see if the seller still had the pallet I looked at but wasn’t there anymore, so got this instead. Not bad of a price since it might be around $30 on the site and maybe more in stores but couldn’t pass up and it’s been a while since I got eye shadows and I do like ELF’s eye shadows a lot since they are so pigmented and easy to swipe depending on what color pallet you have. When I put the browns from my Christmas pallet for a neutral eye for Florida anime Experience since it would look nice with my cat ears, the lid color didn’t register as much as it did before, so I had to do two swipes. I guess it’s because I haven’t used it in a while and need to use it more often. Maybe I should do it tomorrow or something. Still, can’t wait what this pallet will give me. I will keep away from Ebay and my card for until I get alerted about my Hot Cash. Which you guys should get still! Go to Hot Topic and spend $30 or more so you can get $15 off next month! (Good deal, I had it last year!)

    Well, that is my entire haul! I will make sure I get those interviews and by the looks of it do another favorites post for July and August and talk about MythiCon!

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