Convention Impossible: MythiCon 2013 in Orlando, FL

Convention: MythiCon in Orlando, FL

Location: Double Tree by SeaWorld

Main Mission: Get autographs from voice actors and be a part of “Atop the Fourth Wall LIVE.”

Do you accept?

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Well, another convention has passed and it was a first year one and I have been talking about it lately, which is known as MythiCon!

MythiCon is a anime, comics, and video game convention that was held from august 23rd-25th at the Double Tree near SeaWorld, which is located by the Renaissance, where Anime Festival Orlando was held this year the previous weekend. As said before, my fiancé and I decided to skip AFO this year due to panel screw over and for the guests that were being invited and see if it’s a place for Blind EXP next year. So, let’s see what I experienced!

Location: The Double Tree is a nice resort and is pretty easy to get around! Like the International Palms, it had pretty easy traffic except there were two buildings where each part of the convention was held in, as in the main conference building for main events, dealer room, game and video room, dealers, and artists alley while the tower had special events, video rooms, and panels, and of course registration and convention information. Sounds easier than the Sheraton International where JACON was held at during 2005 and 2006, which everyone had to go to the ends of the hotel for all the panels, events, and of course signings. I still prefer the Double Tree and it was a nice location for a first year convention to be held at, knowing Mythic, they will grow probably in the second year like what Florida Anime Experience and KnightroKon did this year.
Were pretty easy to find. Unlike some conventions, they are harder to find than others, fiancé and it was a print from Supernabecause of the amount of artists being there and they had interesting items, I even bought something from one of them for mythic, it was Artists with their section outside the dealer room while the dealer room is just three steps or so away. We spent most of our time in artists alleyone good example, MegaCon felt as though you have to walk to another city to find artists since they are moved around every year for whatever position the dealer room takes on or spread them out in the vast dealers. With My
Dealers and Artists Alley: Reason why I am putting this together is because it would make sense since Artists Alleys at some conventions are in the dealers or sometimes the convention tend to put some artists in the dealer room while the rest in the actual section for them. Anyways, both dealer room and artists alley were easy to travel from one area to the next since they were so close to each other but let a lot of foot traffic come and go. I did find some stands that were great, especially one I heard about on the Metro board and that was known as Grandma Thunderpants. I wanted to find them at Metro, since the artists area was so crowded on the second floor that it was hard to find until I found them at Myth and saw that their inventory is like what they had on their Etsie site, plus she did bring the new Evee charm just in time for X and Y, Sylveon. The dealer room, on the other hand, it was pretty small! I know they are a first year convention, couldn’t blame them for not getting many dealers for the first year. KnightroKon did go through the same thing when they first started last March except with limited space due to how much availability they got. With Mythic, I can see how they didn’t get many, especially with one dealer did turn them down and they were from Orlando. I did manage to find the girl who made the clip-on cat ears I loved, she recognized me since I did talk to her through e-mail, especially with a few requests for ears and one of them was for my Kyo Sohma cosplay, which were orange ears. I did get blue ones and the zombie ones to wear during my class on vampires, zombies, and mummies as a bit of fun. Trying to get a new bell since one of the bells don’t make the sound. If anyone is in Georgia for DragonCon, go to her! I highly recommend! Besides her stand, I did find a great stand from Melbourne that had a lot of items from Kingdom Hearts, Fairy Tail, Soul Eater, and so many other things but with a limited budget this time and from splurging during Metro, I only got the Fairy Tail phone case and right for my phone since it is a 4GS. I also did find the Japanese snacks guy and gave him business again since he carries items that Donga downtown doesn’t sell and found out he didn’t have the green tea Kit Kats I was hoping to try. He said he may have them for Holiday Matsuri but I did get some sour gummies and did buy more packets after finishing the first, then these Hawaiian chocolates which tasted weird on my tongue and probably won’t get again, I did get one item I hope he has again or will contact him for (which I asked for his contact in case I want to try items or see wif he will get something for conventions) and that they are green tea chocolates with biscuits. They are like those fancy chocolates you tend to find at Godiva or in fundraisers with chocolate catalogs where you see a cookie on a chocolate square, it is like that but it tastes more like Pocky in a way. I love these and may have to get them again since I love the green tea and I believe white chocolate combination since it’s popular in Japan and I did have green tea filled chocolates before and enjoyed it, but these biscuits add more flavor! I did pick up my fave addiction and that is Hi-Chew! I tried seeing if he had the Sour Lemon ones but he sold out during AFO the previous weekend! (Didn’t go to AFO due to MythiCon.) He did new ones I never got to try and they were Golden Kiwi, which tastes like a sweetened kiwi, cola ones that taste like Coke Cola, which you have the chewy part and there are crystals like the sour lemon ones and they taste like cola! Which puts a nice twist on the cola candies I tend to get at Donga. I did get another soda flavor and it is the ramune flavored Hi-Chew and it tastes like the ramune candies I get, even the ramune gummies I recently got at Donga, it is the same form as the cola ones where there is the chew and then the crystals but taste like the ramune soda you always find at conventions and Asian markets, and if you’re lucky, FYE. I also tried out a new drink and did keep me awake and that is known as Boss Coffee which is milk coffee. It tastes not strong like coffee candy but it is stronger than café con leche yoyu tend to find at Latin American restaurants. I may have to buy this again if I get in contact. Besides this stand, I did find the guy with a lot of old school stuff and he had a lot more stuff than Floirda Anime Experience, like old N64 games to an Atari and the Pokemon Movie 2000 lunchbox I got from him, which you ccan’t find anywhere! I am using the little Tupperware containers as holders for the Hi-Chew and sour gummies since those get stuck. I did forget to mention, I did get my fiance his favorite grape Hi-Chew. I even ran into a old classmate of mine who was running the Machete Kills 2 booth where he gave out free tees and shown movie trailers, which is always fun. So, yeah, the dealer room was small but at least they had some people selling items. I am hoping they get more next year since there are dealers in different parts of Florida, hell even try getting out of state dealers, such as one from Maryland as an example. Or even get a few comic book guys since there are small shops around Orlando and Sanford that exist and Mythic is a comic book convention. I will have to mention more in Needs for Improvement. Still, not bad for a first year!

Guests: This convention’s guest list caught our eyes and ears and had me and my fiance skip AFO for it, despite AFO getting the guys who played Bulk and Skull most of our childhoods. Who did they get? Sam Riegel, who has been in Gurren Lagan, Yu-Gi-Oh, and wrote for some Disney shows and one of the anime series we do love, Tiger and Bunny! Then there is one that got me to squee and that is Liam O’Brien! Orlando never got Liam until Mythic came around! I love him as Gaara from Naruto and Cain Highwind from Final Fantasy IV, it was great meeting him in person. What made me happy the most is Cheramie Leigh returning to Orlando since she hasn’t been back for a convention since MegaCon 2010. It was great meeting her again and she did remember us which was a bonus and had more items to sign for her and did come as her character from Fairy Tail, Lucy. I did wear the boots for our picture because they were hurting my feet when I tried wearing them in the dealer room and had flip flops when I want to be comfy, but at least I trooped through waiting in line in them and getting that pic. I knew I should’ve looked at new ones at Hot Topic, oh well there is always my Hot Cash! There was one guest that really got us and some of our friends excited and that was Linkara! We all know him from That Guy With the Glasses for his show, Atop the Fourth Wall where he reviews bad comics and sometimes burns them. I will give review in panels since it was fun seeing it and also meeting him and his title card artist, I was even lucky to meet Linkara before the convention even opened! Other guests that got our attention for this convention included Grant George (Disgaea) and of course, Little Kuriboh and his wife, Mary Anne Miller. (Surprised me to know they were married!) It was great meeting them all and now wishing that all the conventions, not only in Orlando but Tampa and other parts of Florida, should get guests like these. I did find out that Colleen Clinkenbeard was at ChaotiCon but she hasn’t been back to Orlando for a long time, which is a bummer, still at least Cheramie Leigh did make a return to Orlando after three years which made me happy, especially since she is in Fairy Tail. Plus, these guests brought in a pretty big crowd, especially on day one during the evening when Cheramie and Mary Anne had their signing, their lines were pretty long by what I witnessed, which is a pretty big thing for conventions when they get people from the anime industry to show up to meet their fans and ones they never met before or reunite with them if they met at other conventions they shown up at. Even getting internet celebrities is getting big since That Guy with the Glasses and The Escapists are getting pretty big when it comes to viewers and getting Linkara and Little Kuriboh even brought a big crowd, especially with what they brought, such as the new episode of Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged and of course doing a live version of Atop of the Fourth Wall for everyone to see and meet them one on one. I am hoping they bring more internet stars since it is fun being able to see them in the flesh and of course, surprise them as a blind person myself. MythiCon bring these people back or get other guests that never been or never returned to Orlando at the other conventions, I want to see more of them!

Panels: I spent the rest of the weekend, well Friday and Saturday since I had to do homework for school Sunday, seeing panels done by the guests. I did want to bring Blind EXP to Mythic but we decided to wait til next year and see how it is goes despite the convention looking for panels. They did get panelists but we only saw the guests on the first floor in special events in the tower. It is hard to choose which one I like the most because all the voice actors had very good panels where the ffans got to ask questions about them and how they record things! Liam did have to leave after his Saturday Meet panel since his flight had to leave that evening, but it was interesting and funny at the same time and I didn’t know he was Golem in The Hobbit but at least I know now since I can get my mom’s copy of the movie signed the next time if a convention in Florida gets him. I also enjoyed Cheramie’s Meet panel Saturday since she had a few ghost stories, one at a convention in Canada since hotels tend to get haunted and when she moved to Los Angeles. She even talked about an ice cream sundae she tried at Ghiradellis which I must try! Nyuu! And of course, Atop the Fourth Wall LIVE was the most fun panels of all because not only we got to see Linkara review a Godzilla comic but it was also taped to be put on the web. If anyone hasn’t been to a live session of the show, go if he is in town at your local convention because you get to be taped and also get a sneak peek at the next episode! Plus, a sing along is included. Another panel was both sessions of the Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged Q and A where Little Kuriboh gets asked questions and of course shown the next episode of Abridged. Great thing was by the Saturday edition, we went to both Friday and Saturday, the staff of the convention even came in to watch the episode since they are also fans of the show. Not only that, we even got to ask Mary Anne some questions since she was a part of the Saturday edition since she was at another panel or something during the Friday one. Still, awesome and fun with the internet guests, especially when the title card artist and Linkara decided to make a game out of Jeff Goldblum and Christopher Walken impressions, also great impersonations of both! This is what the major conventions need, something entertaining, especially when it is about evening and everyone needs something to do! Even though the Vault panel at AFO was fun last year, but being at Linkara’s panel, Little Kuriboh’s Abridged thing, and all of the Meet the Actors stuff was a lot more fun since the atmosphere was laid back and get to know things about everyone and get a laugh, I am guessing that I am missing the entertainment behind these types of panels? Yes! This is why MythiCon needs to keep going since I enjoyed what guests were doing and keep on bringing new people to the area so we can have these kinds of panels! But we will bring Blind EXP next year since Linkara did express interest, since I told him about it before the con started. As said, always next year!

Verdict? CONVENTION ACCOMPLISHED! Why? Even though it was going through its first year, MythiCon was a success! I don’t get why a lot of people were looking down on on it and thought it wouldn’t go so well due to how it was going to happen, as in the weekend after AFO, classes starting in Orange County, and DragonCon in Atlanta this weekend, but it seems like it still got in the people that would make it keep on going. I love the layout, from hotel to how it was set up, especially the brilliance of having a gaming room and video room in one, which our friends did play a video game and stopped to watch AMV Hell at one point, still it was brilliant since we don’t have to walk all over looking for the right video room for a specific show. Plus, they got pretty good guests, big names and small, and of course internet stars as well! It even brought local That Guy personalities, such as ERod since he is doing a crossover with Linkara according to the Title Card guy and Linkara’s Camera Girl, to Orlando to see the panel. It was great!

My message to any of the readers and dealers, and so on who looked down on this convention, please don’t! By what you read, this was a first year convention and it did pretty well for its first year and I give big props for the staff who worked hard getting people out to it, getting the guests, and tried getting panelists to join in, even people to audition for the show, still it was a great convention and I can see great things already from what I seen! Yes, I will get to improvements next, still great to know that these guys did something and did it well! Sorry to say, this is my new favorite con in Orlando, I know it used to be AFO but it hasn’t been fun until this one came to be! Way to MythiCon!

Needs for Improvement: I would have to say the dealer room needs to be improved the most because even though it was a first year but there should be more dealers to be not only reached to, even if it’s out of state, but there are comic shops besides Colliseum that exist in town, hell I even went to one in Sanford and it was near a Movie Stop across from Seminole Towne Center that is small but it would be great business for them. There’s even Acme Comics and my personal fave, Anime Pagoda. Still, there is always next year for them to come to this convention. Who knows, there would be more space opened up since there were floor spaces for two or three more. Still, at least they can get more if they can. Knightro kind of did it this year, who knows the next!

Timing: I am not ragging on this on MythiCon’s part but AFO’s. I seen a big turnout but it would be bigger if AFO wasn’t the weekend before this one, why? Well, it was because the Wyndham is being rebuilt and the convention had to move and moved to the Renaissance next door the weekend before. I am thinking it was due to location timing since it depends on how the convention has to work with what availability the hotel has but still, people thought MythiCon shouldn’t have happened due to how it was timed in between two conventions and the start of school. FYI, Omni Expo was the same way, it was a week or two before MetroCon was supposed to happen in Tampa and now they are doing it May of next year, which works, which MythiCon may take place in a different time next year or not, still AFO should have planned a bit better and let people experience Mythic the weekend after them a lot better, which is my opinion of course. As said, it is not the convention’s fault that the hotel had to give them bad timing, still it would have worked better and let people come to this, still it did bring a lot of people in the end despite its timing. It certainly brought us!

Video: One thing one of our friends brought up is how they kept on showing AMV Hell and Azumanga Daioh in the video area of the gaming room and how there should be more shows. I can kind of see why because I sat in on Azumanga despite me not liking it, it scared me the first time back in high school. I seen a lot of anime being shown at other cons, maybe Mythic should get into it or have a person MCing the videos time tto time and show three or four episodes of one show and then go on to the next. I know a lot of people may request other series before next year’s event but it would be nice to have a nice change for other things. There is always next year!

Well, that’s my review! If you guys want to check this convention out, please do! Also tell your friends! Even look out for the episode from Orlando of Atop the Fourth Wall LIVE and anyone out there, this convention is awesome and small cons like these should get a chance!

What is next on the Mission block? Holiday Matsuri! ::pats Edward Elric plushie:: Soon! Until next time!

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