September and October Favorites Plus Collective Haul

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Finally got around to it despite it being a bit late due to doing the Panel Hosting Tips, which newsflash is going to be on a panel idea list because me, my fiance, and our friend Tobi, along with his girlfriend are thinking of going for three panels for Metro and I have been brainstorming ideas on our end and will see what Tobi and GF will think of on their end. Anyways, so, September and October passed and that means it’s time for favorites! I don’t have much and well I also have a collective haul, which this will be haul and faves yet again! Let’s start shall we?

Bath and Body Works

Vanilla Bean Noel shower gel: I know what you guys may say, “Isn’t that a Christmas item?” Yes it is! Why do I have this? Well, my future mommy-in-law gave me this along with the lotion and body spray for my birthday this past year since she bought the set after Christmas and saved it for me and man the shoer gel is loves! I remembered when the lotion was too strong to my mom and didn’t like it, so I used it and fell in love despite the strength but later on it did change to a lighter smell and oh man it smells exactly like vanilla frosting! I feel like I want to make cupcakes and put vanilla frosting on them after smelling this! Like the lip gloss and the various vanilla flavored LipSmackers glossy balms, this is one of many fave vanilly smells I will ever love! Along side the Vanillary perfume from Lush and Burberry Brit perfume. Still, love this scent and sad that I ran out and who knows if I will get another bottle for Christmas! I am hoping so since I get surprised by what my fiance’s mom gets me for my birthday and Christmas from Lush and Bath and Body! Let’s see what happens this year!

Black Heart Beauty

Blue and black sparkly eyliners: Yes, yet again Black Beauty has appeared on the faves list and it is two more of their sparkly eyeliners and they are in black and blue! I love these eyeliners because you can put them on top your regular eyeliner and give it a nice sparkly touch, which I put it on my lower eye line to give it a pop and I have hard times putting liner on the top but it looks better on the bottom anyways. I would recommend these liners and I am hoping they don’t get fazed out like the crackle polishes, which sucks and should come back! These are awesome liners, get them while you can!

Hot Topic

Death the Kid Tee: A fave from Hot Topic, like with the eyeliners, I got this with my Hot Cash when it was still available to be used at the time and used the first two coupons to get the eyeliners, this t-shirt, and one more fave since we had three of them (my fiance got me the Iron Man 3 hoodie for my birthday so he got two) and that is the Death the Kid tee where he takes on more of his dad’s appearance! It is in anime form as well, which I heard there will be OVAs of the story’s ending being made in the future since the anime kind of ended like how the original FMA series did but I am glad that there will be more Soul Eater and get to see what else happens in the manga since more stuff happens there! Moving on, as you know Kid is my fave character in Soul Eater and had a hard time finding items to get with Hot Cash until my fiance pointed this out with an Ouran High tee but the Oran High didn’t fit but we ordered the Kid shirt in an XXL since these are tiny tees and Hot Topic, like other places, expect us girls to be tiny and petite (stop that stores, you’re killing me) and I am not tiny! I remembered the days when I could fit in baby dolls and now that I am built with muscle, have to get big sizes for me to fit in! The verdict of the size was that it does fit and I love it! He is very symmetrical on me. For anyone built like an amazon like me, I would suggest going for the XXL or XXXL since they would fit us more than a regular size since it would help and if they don’t have it, they will order the item for you and get it sent to your place or at the store, best to get it sent to the store because it’s Free Shipping! If you can’t make it out to a Hot Topic near you, just have it shipped to you and the shipping rate is the same as the site. Still not bad of a find!

Hello Kitty

Sanrio X Street Fighter backpack: My fave backpack this month is a Sanrio X Street Fighter backpack that features all the Sanrio characters as Street Fightter characters and it shows the face of Hello Kitty and her ears and bow at the top. It is very cute! If you remembered I mentioned I got Hello Kitty as a plush as Chun Li, well, I tried finding Kerropi as Blanca since he is my fave character but they didn’t have him and the girl who helped me decide shown me this and got it! It is like a regular school bag but bigger! I love it and I even used it at the Japan Day Festival since after the last time I had to carry the souvenirs two years ago in my purse, it was very hard and the backpack was a lot easier! I may use it when I go see Thor this weekend! I was able to find the Blanca Kerropi plush online but they are selling it for $85 and it is the special edition Toonami one and don’t want to get it, I am hoping they get the regular one they sold in Hot Topic which is the 6 inch one I believe, but at least I got Chun Li Kitty and the backpack!

Halloween Nail Look:

I thought it would be best instead of fave nail polish to say what are my fave Halloween nail looks for this year since Halloween just passed and I went Sinful crazy along with getting two of the Halloween WNW sets, which I will mention below in the haul and my fave nail looks are two and they are my Blair the Witch nails and the glow in the dark nail polish with black crackle! Let me start with the glow nails! The thing was that during October, I read G’s post about the Tombstone polishes for this year and the new Wild Shine polishes for Halloween and since I got the Wild Shine polishes (which featured neon ones and they are Frank Is Mine, Vengeful Bride, Werewolf Vision, Jail House Shock, and two others which I forgot) and decided to get the Tombstone ones on Ebay like I did with the Wild Shine since here in Florida they rarely get any limited edition stuff, especially really nice items! So, the same person I got the Wild Shine ones from also sold the four newer ones and they are Glow With the Flow, which is the glowing one, Once Upon A Time, which is a re-release but it is silver this year instead of black with red, Ghouls Rush In, and Darkest Hour, then after getting these I came up with an idea and that is to paint my nails with the glow one and the black crackle polish on top by Sinful, which I used the OPI crackle on top of Jail House Shock and it looked okay, I guess it was how it looked and how the orange polish (Jail House Shock btw) looked together, but Glow With the Flow and Sinful Black Crackle looked amazing together! Even my nails glowed after painting them in the bathroom when I was in the dark! I would get the Tombstone polishes again since these are not only popular but they do have the same consistency as a Wet N Wild polish since they are from Fantasymakers by WNW.

Blair Nail Look: For my costume this year I did Blair the Witch from Soul Eater but with a traditional witch dress and tights, I did have the hat already and didn’t want it it to go to waste and picked up the wig and broach online and then the rest at Party City and WalMart. With the nails, thought it would make it look awesome and the look I went with was my new Sinful Pumpkin Spice nail polish, which is golden glitter top coat, that came out in their Halloween display this year with Buffy the Violet Slayer by Wet N Wild’s Quick Dry line. It worked! Somehow Sinful and WNW work hand in hand since the polishes have nice consistency and I did pair the silver polish from the Quick Dry line with the black crackle last year and it worked and so did this! According to my fiance when he helped out (since I am visually impaired, it is hard for me to paint my nails and he decided to help out when I was doing them) it worked because of the orange sheen that Buffy gave off in the light goes with the Pumpkin Spice glitter and with the top coat, it makes them even on the nails! Why the purple instead of the black? Since I was wearing black for the dress and tights and Blair does have purple hair and some on her hat, I thought it would give a nice change and pop and the Pumpkin Spice name does fit with her since she uses pumpkin spells! Go and get Pumpkin Spice if you can, you may have to go online since it is a nice nail polish!

Sally Hansen

Ultra Shield top and base: I did say I would change my top and base sometime soon and just did and had to say goodbye to Double Duty! I hated how Double Duty dried halfway through the entire bottle without using it up and I needed something new! I heard about the Ultra Shield one being good and so far so good I like it! It doesn’t go dry as fast as the Double Duty did and hoping it doesn’t since Sally Hansen is supposed to be a good company with their products and so it was time to change and doesn’t make sense it would dry halfway through. Anyways, good product and see how it goes from here.


“Hail to the King” by Avenged Sevenfold: Even though I missed them when they performed at the Amway last month but the new A7X song is amazing! As you know I like Avenged Sevenfold and have gotten their first two albums not too long ago and liked how the music sounds except for one song and that is on their “City of Evil” album because it kind of scares me but some of their other songs are big faves until this new one appeared on the radio around this time and it calls back to “Nightmare” and it does have that heavy sound you would expect from them like in “Afterlife” and “Bat Country” have and I could imagine how well the band performed it live downtown. Why didn’t I see them? School early morning the next day and it was going to be hard getting out of bed the next morning and my fiance had to work the night of the concert, but always next time! I will get my hands on their new album in the meantime when I find it!

Snacks and Candy

Ramune gummies: I had these since we had to go to MetroCon and bought them when we got Pocky for Scott McNeill and decided to try them and love them! As you know that Ramune is a big thing for me, especially when it comes to candy! I loved the gummies and hoping I get these again!

Soda flavored Hi-Chew: I mentioned these when I bought them at MythiCon and they are the cola flavored and Ramune flavored Hi-Chew since I love Hi-Chew, the snacks guy had these and they are awesome! They are like the sour lemon ones which they have crystals inside the chew and they are the flavor crystals and they are like what they are supposed to be! I mixed them in with the golden kiwi ones in my other Pokemon container that came with my Pokemon Movie 2000 lunchbox I found and they are still fresh from when I bought them, well Hi-Chew do stay long since they are chewy candies and better tasting than the chewy ones here in the states in my opinion.

Plum candy: Another pick up from the Asian store and finally got them and it was the plum candy by Kasugai! As you know Kasugai is a big company when it comes to candy, especially the gummie candies, and I found these! I meant to try these and was kind of skeptical since I had a few hits and misses and these weren’t a miss! They taste like Asian plum flavored green tea from Arizona when I used to buy cans of it when I was still at Valencia starting out and I loved the tea, but they didn’t sell it anymore which is a bummer. At least I found these and love the taste!

Well, that is it for my favorites and now onto my collective haul! I know I haven’t posted many hauls lately since school has been keeping me busy and I already mentioned what I did buy with Hot Cash coupons 1 and 2, but when I thought I lost my gauge backing on my blue star gauges we went back! I didget another pack of the blue ones and did get the red package ones as well since they did have their buy one for $20 and get one for $5 still, which was a steal! Then got my fiance his Captain America sheild finally! He wanted one last year ever since we got the hoodie and now he has it! So, yeah we had fun at a Halloween Party as Cap and Lucy, well Lucy from Fairy Tail of course!

Besides Hot Topic, I did get some things from the Asian market I always go to, Donga, since I was running out of bags of tea in the box that my fiance’s mom gave me and was able to get my usual green and white teas and decided to get peppermint this time and these teas have jasmine in them, which I like! I did get some snacks and candy and one of them was that plum candy I mentioned above and a few others! I got strawberry wafer cookies! These are by the same brand who did the cappuccino cream wafers that I got a year or so ago and I only used those to dip into cocoa since they were so strong and it gives an interesting mocha taste to the cocoa, so I decided to try something new from these guys and it was the strawberry wafers and they taste better than the American versions, which if you had those or remembered them like I do which those are very artificial and the strawberry flavor doesn’t come out so good and it is just sugar you taste but these you actually taste the strawberry flavor and the wafers aren’t too overbearing and goes very well! Another item I got was a pack of candies that are a mix soda candy pack, I think I got these before or not but they have flavors like coke, 7Up, and others but good! I got a gross raspberry candy that I didn’t like, I was hoping it would be like Kasugai’s candies but this was worse!! It even got worse towards the end! When I go through my bag and open one of these I will toss it. What made me happy about this trip in finding the candies was that I finally found green tea candy! I was looking all over and they finally restocked them and these were the ones I first tried and somehow after not having them for so long they taste better. I guess the formula changed not sure. I did get a box of Hello Kitty cookies, they taste like Teddy Grahams but sweeter and finally got these peanut butter and chocolate cluster cookies, which they taste pretty much like Reese’s and I enjoyed them!

Throughout September and October, I went through a major Sinful craze, especially with their 2 for $3 sale and this is what I got:

Tokyo Pearl: This is a re=release and so glad I found it because I used to have it when Sinful was in those old, cyndrical bottles and my mom asked me one day if I had a white polish and this was the only one since pearls are white and my mom didn’t like it after wearing it and don’t know why when she asked for white. She still held onto it to give it another try and tossed it after a while without me knowing until I asked a year ago about it. I am so glad I found a new bottle of it and it is in the newer ones and the same old color I loved. I know I don’t wear white polishes usually but this is an awesome color!
Black Magic: A replacement for an old Fingrs polish that was black and orange glitters, I found this one in the new Halloween display as well!
Pumpkin Spice: New Halloween one as well!
Opening Night
Out of This World
Gorgeous: I tried finding this when Walgreens ended their summer $.99 sale but it wasn’t there anymore and finally found it again!
Strapped, Whipped, Laced Up, and Cool Leather: These are from the newer Leather Lux collection which makes your nails look like leather when you put it on. I meant to put Cool Leather in my faves but I decided to mention it among the other leather lux polishes! I recommend these since they have an interesting texture! According to Ebay, there is a gray, brown, and a berry color in these and hoping I can find someone with an entire set of these because I don’t mind getting the entire set since I can’t find the gray and berry ones and don’t mind having the brown since it has sparkles!
Rich In Heart
Irish Sea: This was from their St. Patrick’s Day line!
Fasceted: This was from their holiday collection from last year that was released for Halloween.
Let Me Go
Blue By You
Endless Blue

I also got two of the returning Pick Your Poison polishes and they are Lethal Injection, which is a red violet in the entire set, and Poison Ivy, which is the deep green one, which I should wear if I ever do a Poison Ivy cosplay! I couldn’t find the sixth one since the two of the Walgreens I went to only had the first five: Root of All Evil, Venomous Vixen, Toxic Apple, Lethal Injection, and Poison Ivy, not sure what was the sixth and almost bought an entire set on Ebay, maybe next time!

And finally WalMart which was more of a restock and I did get discounted candy, which was the first items I got and they were a big bag of mixed Reese’s, as in cups and pieces, then got a popcorn ball, and of course, caramel candy corn! I love the caramel candy corn and hoping Brach’s bring them back next year, I know it’s weird for someone who doesn’t like candy corn likes this. To each their own! I did have to get new earbuds for home and school since the ones I have had one break, which sucked! And had to restock on my sock drawer with new ones since I kept losing partners like always! I also got more cashews to take to school to snack on and did have to get more facial wash and decided to go with the one by Clean and Clear for Sensitive Skin, which I have! I had to get more of my gel liner in blue, I thought Maybelline would have their Navy Blue one but nope! I did find one in Sapphire but it looked like someone got into it so I went to L’Oreal to get the Aquamarine one I used and liked before and did get a new infolluble shadow in Soltry Smokes since I tried finding it at CVS during their December sale but didn’t and don’t know why, but found it at WalMart since it looked like it was about to hit pan after my L cosplay make up tutorial back on blogger!

Well, that was it! I am going to get my fiance to send me the questions and answers from those interviews and add two more tips to my gift shopping post and re-post it here on Word Press! Til next time!

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