Bests and Worsts of 2013 Forgot to Mentions!

Hey guys and welcome back! I forgot to mention a few things during my Bests and Worsts of 2013! Sorry about that!


Best Piece of Technology I bought: The I-Phone 4S! I know what you are thinking, why didn’t I get the 5S? Well, I got my 4s before the 5s even came out! The thing was I was using a Razor from back in 2006 until the start of this year, which was a really long time and I knew I had to get a phone with voice since I have really bad vision now and can’t read my texts, I had to have people read them out to me and I had to count my texting with each key, I know it’s impressive of me to do it since I’m visually impaired. I bet you’re wondering about my make up application and nail painting, it is hard but I do manage! Anyways, I was glad to pick up this little baby since I have Siri and of course it has the latest IOS system so I don’t have to upgrade to the 5S like most people did. I text a lot more easily, have them read out to me, I can download apps, music, so on, since I got training in how to use it at the Lighthouse a month ago and glad I did since I can navigate better. I even can just listen to music on my phone without taking my IPod with me all the time when I am on road trips with my parents, also I like how I can talk on my phone with my ear buds in! I never got that with my Razor! An interesting fact is that IPhones are better choices for the blind because they are more user friendly unlike the Androids which take a lot of tinkering to do and the IPhone has blind friendly apps! I even have a site on mine that tells me about different apps that tell me what new apps are out there for me. Not only that, the training at the lighthouse recommends IPhones since how much work the Android needs in order to work where IPhones is just more faster and less tinkering! I am so glad I didn’t go with the Galaxy S3 that T-Mobile was going to offer me. Maybe I should place that story here!

Runner Up: The Nintendo 3DS XL X and Y Edition! As you guys know I love Pokemon and the thing is I missed out on the limited edition Pikachu 3DS XL because I was saving up for the conventions we were planning to go to during the summer, especially MetroCon and our hotel payment there, but I did made up for the loss by getting one of the X and Y DS’s in blue which featured one of the legendaries from X and Y, I believe it’s Xarnius, the elk looking legendary! I wish they released the really nice ones that Japan has, which are in blue and gold since we already have the red DS’s why not have the gold? According to GameStop, they are the nicest and well since Pokemon did come from Japan they do get the nicer items! Hey, at least I have an XL with X and Y all over it!


Best Movie: Pacific Rim! Yes, it’s hands down Pacific Rim! You will see why my runner up is the runner up on here this movie was awesome and one of those I needed to add to my collection and already my live-action Eva movie. Lol! Plus, it had great effects, cast, and story and you can’t beat that! Thank you Deltoro!

Runner Up: Iron Man 3! I know last year’s best movie category when I posted 2012’s Bests and Worsts on Blogger went to The Avengers but Pacific Rim beat Iron Man 3 despite how Marvel Studios cleaned up the movie after 2! How so? If you haven’t read my review on this one, I thought it was better than the second since it followed the Iron Man story better than how 2 did since it shown how Tony was going through a bit of a mid-life crisis, which I wish they saved it for a different movie! Still, this one does take place after the events with Tony being with the Avengers and does show the relationship with Pepper Pots more. I am hoping Avengers 2 will have Robert Downey Jr keep his role as Tony since there are rumors that he won’t be doing him anymore. Let’s see what happens in 2015!


Most Shocking Movie Decision: Ben Affleck as Batman for Man of Steel 2! I know this is pretty much the most shocking decision but I like it! No, it’s not due to him being a fave actor of mine but it’s because I think he will be better than Christian Bale as Batman since Ben is a Batman fan since he was a kid and know how Batman is supposed to act and he has done a superhero before as Daredevil! I know that movie sucked all due to most of it being cut out, still he did a good job as the character and with his attitude and threatening attitude in the hero suit he will be great at it I’m sure! I am hoping he won’t growl like Christian Bale if the studio doesn’t tell him to.


Stupidest Move with Movies: Pushing the Justice League Movie for Man of Steel 2! As you guys may know Justice League has been pushed back from 2015 to a different year, which is the year when Avengers 2  is supposed to come out and Star Wars Episode 7 as well. This would’ve been an interesting fight between Marvel and DC Studios since Marvel is a top studio right now and with the last Avengers movie blowing up so many theaters and getting the Best Movie award at MTV’s Movie Awards it would be hard to beat and instead we get another Man of Steel in its place. I seen Nostalgia Critic’s review on Man of Steel and I can see why it wasn’t that good. I am not sure if Gondras and I will be seeing Man of Steel 2 but it would have been great to see how the box offices would go crazy if that DC did Justice League the movie at the same time. Now we have to wait until 2017.


Worst Deal By a Company: T-Mobile with the Galaxy S3! I had to mention this since I was a T-Mobile customer for a long time until now! As you know I did mention in the Best Tech Item how T-Mobile was offering me a deal it was to keep me as a customer and not have me switch to ATT&T. They were offering me a Galaxy S3 with their basic data plan for the same price I would pay if I were to switch and get the IPhone 4S and went with it until they never sent me the phone and charged me for it. We had to call the company about it and we cancelled and I got the IPhone and then found a bill that was charging me even more for cancellation and they said I didn’t notify them that I was switching  and cancelling my old contract  but we did say were cancelling, it was a bad fight over the phone until I had to take it in my own hands and had the charges drop for what they did. I would say be careful in dealing with companies when it comes to these things and if you want to switch your plan, do it. I am so glad I didn’t stick with the Android idea since the IPhone is user friendly for the blind and now T-Mobile has it. Am I going back? No! I love ATT&T because I get better signal at my fiance’s place because when I was with T-Mobile I had to go outside and around to the front of his garage to get signal on my old Razor once. Yeah, it was that bad! Now, I can get the signal inside without doing the outside thing!


Best Thing a Guest Has Done at a Convention: Jason David Frank having a meet up after the Boston bombings! There is one thing you guys didn’t know is that I was born in Boston and when I heard about the marathon bombings I was devastated and in shock when I saw it on the news! I was even worried for my cousin who lived in that area but he’s okay since then! I did hear something and that was that Jason David Frank was supposed to be at a convention going on that weekend but it got cancelled due to what happened and since he felt bad, he had everyone meet up with him to sign autographs and take pictures with the fans at the convention location. It was the nicest thing that a Power Ranger has done to a city who was in utter shock and pain. Wait, I think the con was supposed to be the weekend after, forgot the timing, still it was awesome that he did that for his Boston fans.


Forgot to Mention Best Guest Panel Runner Up: Little Kuriboh’s Yu-Gi-Oh The Abridged Panels at MythiCon! I forgot to mention this as the runner up for the best guest panels and that is the Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged panels that Little Kuriboh had done during Mythic this year. As you know his abridged series is the starter of so many other abridged series that people had done over the years, he even was a part of DBZ Abridged by providing the voices of the announcer and Freeza, which of course were funny! His panel at Mythic was also funny and great that he shown the newest episode at the time which deals with the Marik and Kaiba fight during DuelistCity finals! It even did a joke from one of the British’s other comedic show, still it was an awesome episode. During the second panel that Saturday, the staff of MythiCon also shown up to the panel to watch the episode and that says something about a con, that they are fans of your abridged series! Seriously cons of Orlando, don’t you want this at your con? ::sigh:: I know they shown DBZ Abridged at AFO, it would’ve been better if Team Four Star was there doing the showing, so we can hear Napa commentary if Linimptor was there! Still, this panel was great! Hoping Little Kuriboh gets invited again!


Well, that is it! No more stuff! I hope you guys have a safe New Year and please drink responsibly out there since there are lunatics and the police are cracking down on drunk driving. So, please be safe, especially with fireworks! Happy New Year!

Bests and Worsts of 2013!

Hello everyone and welcome back! So, 2013 is about to end and you know what that means, it’s time for my Bests and Worsts of this year! So many things have happened and so many are bests and there are a few worsts, yeah not every year is perfect! Let’s get going!

First up is that this year is the first year I’ve been to more conventions than I ever gone to in one year! Normally I would go to two or three but this year ended up being five! And they are:

Florida Anime Experience: Since it started back in 2011, I never got to go to this one since you guys probably knew my story that I couldn’t go that year because my annual eye doctor appointment fell on that fateful weekend when Steven Blum came to Orlando! Second year, didn’t care much about the guests but the girl who played Sailor Moon bought one of my HP lanyards since it was one of the ones with a heart on it and that is a major epic thing! What got me going for one day this year is that the guest of honor happened to be Mahle Flannigan the voice of Naruto Uzumaki for the American dub! I tried finding people to go in my place but was unlucky, so I went and got her autograph for me and my fiance since he had a test that day I went. I was glad to meet her and also Michael McConnohie and got my X Completed Box Set signed by him! It was a pretty fun con, still they need a better dealer room since I heard the year before’s dealers were better, I like the idea of having handmade items but the DVD vendors mostly missing since there was only one this year. I don’t get why conventions can’t get more or at least one or two like what Metro did. Still, at least it wasn’t that bad and I got to meet the girl who sells some of the best kitty ears you can find!
KnightroKon: UCF did it again and this year with two days! Plus, it was the start of the summer by then and it was great to see more people there and an interesting dealer room design, as in two halves separated by main events! Never see that a major convention. Plus, they finally got a major name in anime to show up to Orlando and that happens to be Crispin Freeman! Metro usually gets him but this year Knightro got him as guest of honor and boy it was great meeting him! I will probably mention more below!
MetroCon: This was a major change of environment when it came to conventions for us! We road tripped all the way to Tampa for this thing since w wanted to go for years until we were finally convinced and sold! Metro was the first time I got press passes and you can read my review and interviews with Scott McNeil and Brittney Karbowski on here in the past posts section! Plus we had bigger panel crowds at this one.
MythiCon: The first year convention that ended up the weekend after Anime Festival Orlando, which we missed to go to this one. Why? Because they had a really good guest list for their first year. Yeah, I did miss out on meeting Bulk and Skull, alongside Bryce Pappenbrook, Stephanie Sheh, and three of the Mass Effect cast but this one was worth it because of they got guests that haven’t been to Orlando like Sam Riegel, Grant George, Liam O’Brien, and they brought back a guest who only came once and I mentioned her in my last post, Cheramie Leigh. On top of that, you had two internet personalities which were Little Kuriboh from Team 4Star and Yu-Gi-Oh the Abridged and of course Louis Lovehog, aka Linkara, from That Guy with the Glasses! We couldn’t miss them for the world, that is why we missed AFO! What was bad about the con was of course how the dealer room was like and I did have a conversation with one of the dealers during Holiday Matsuri who was at MythiCon that was due to AFO being placed the weekend before this one and what the Renaissance had to give them in timing, so I wouldn’t blame it on MythiCon’s part since most of the dealers went to AFO to sell their stuff. On top of that, most first year conventions don’t have a stellar dealer room, KnightroKon was the same way when it started last March since a lot of the dealers were at MegaCon two or three weeks before it. All in all, it was still a very good convention and it was the only one I went to the guest panels and had fun with them!
Holiday Matsuri: We finally got to go this year but for one day, hey we only went to Mythic for two days so we don’t feel so bad! The place they held it in was huge! It is in somewhat middle of nowhere but it is the biggest place you will spot in the southern part of Lake Buena Vista! We got to host the Blind Experience again and got a better turn out and changed it up a bit! Also, they finally gave us a slot we wanted and it was the Saturday evening slot, which worked out better! Plus we got to reunite with Chris Sabat and met J Michael Tatum! What made me happy was so many people finally recognized me as Lucy unlike Metro and Mythic, even one guy from That Guy With the Glasses thought I was a Sailor Moon character! What? I did tell him check out Fairy Tail! The dealer room was nice but still it’s missing DVD dealers, yeah getting cosplay and kimonos are nice but conventions, DVD people! Get FYE if you can like Funimation does when they go to MegaCon! Anyways, there was one sad part and that was I almost lost the FullMetal Autograph that weekend! Anyone who don’t know, this is an autographed Edward Elric plushie I had since 2006 signed by a major portion of the original cast and the Brotherhood cast! Good news was that it was found and our friend who was with us did get J’s signature and he did remember us telling him about it and said “Glad that it was found!” We are making sure it doesn’t leave our sights! Anyone who was there, thanks for keeping an eye out!

Now onto the categories!

Best Cosplay Design: Rusty from my Pokemon fics! Last year it was my original character Ike but this year it is Rusty, who is a Pokemon Ranger who has forgotten his past of being on Team Aqua! Even though it is 90% done but it still needs the ranger symbol which I am planning to have on the back of the vest as patch vs the pins since it would show people what the rangers are. It is like how I thought of doing the energy symbols somewhere on the gym leaders I would cosplay as, which I am planning to do Jasmine from Johto and Roxy from Unova (she shows in Black and White 2 as the final gym leader and the anime to verse Ash for the Poison Badge at the end), I even did it for my gym leader character Ike as well with the electric energies on his jacket! This costume also still needs the scarf like the rangers wear! How did I do the design? Well, I had help with the costume descriptions of the rangers and they seem to take on more of pilot costumes, as in goggles, scarves, jumpers, jackets, and then later they have more of the shorts, pants, even vests, and according to Gondras at one point going with Indiana Jones’ design with the fedoras and leather jackets and pants! What I did since it is an original character is that I found a vest at Salvation Army, picked up a red shirt and black bandana since Rusty wears one, wore a pair of shorts, used my Ginji Amano gloves, and bought goggles! I also wore a dark, golden blonde wig to go with it since I did make him a dark blonde guy while Ike was lighter on the scale! I even worn flip flops since he does come from Hoen and they are beach people but he ends up in Sinnoh due to what happened in the story! What is most impressive is….

Best Cosplay Prop: An Actual Sized Raichu Plushie! As in an actual two foot tall Raichu plushie! I know it sounds impressive to hear that but it was possible! When I tried looking for Raichu plushies, all I found was the tiny ones you can get at Disney on Ebay and not sure if the 12 inche ones are the same size as my Mewtwo plushie, but if I have to get one for an event, I will get it but now I will stick to what a friend actually made. Someone on our Facebook doubted that I would find someone who would make it and I did and it was a friend we know during school and she did do it within the short time to spare due to work, I did have my dad fix the head, still it worked! I even had to use it to get Little Kuriboh’s attention during his abridged panel that Saturday at Mythic! Even people asked about the thing! Still impressive!
Runner Up: Lucy’s keys! Reason why it’s runner up is because I do like the keys I ended up with for my Lucy cosplay and even though they are awesome but they’re not handmade, still some awesome keys I ended up with! These were the first items I got for the costume when I started gathering the parts for it back in January, which I bought the entire set from a Hong Kong seller, little did I know that Lucy only had fifteen keys and didn’t have Pisces, Libra, didn’t have the slave Virgo key since Virgo decided to go with Lucy back in season 1, and the metal snake that shows up at the Grand Magic Games! Not sure how the set was constructed, somehow the maker didn’t pay attention to the manga or anime for which keys she had in both silver and gold, plus the Pisces and Libra keys were misprinted! If you guys got these sets for your costumes, remember Libra and Pisces aren’t her keys because they weren’t abused spirits by the wizard who wielded them, the original wizard wanted to give Lucy both the keys due to the loss and didn’t take them, but she has out of the zodiac Scorpio, Aquarius, Sagitarius, Virgo, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Aries, Gemini, and one key that I am the only one with thus far, Capricorn, which I bought separately from a different Ebay seller who had all the keys but the actual size and the actual printed ones, which I did get Libra and Pisces from them as well since I do have them misprinted! I have all fifteen of the keys and it was funny that Chris Sabat did try to take them like everyone does in the series! Still, an awesome prop I own!

Most Hardest to Complete Cosplay: Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail: Oh yeah! It was that hard! Even though the other Lucy cosplayers had an easier time getting the tank tops they worn alongside the skirts etc. But I was doing the default outfit that was based on Elly’s outfit from RaveMaster! Even though I had a friend make the outfit portion for me out of spandex, getting the rest of the parts was hard enough! As in, finding the boots which would fit me and those were a fail until my mom got me the ones for Christmas early, the belt was hard as well since sellers on Ebay were selling belts with the Fairy Tail logo but Lucy’s belt is just a standard belt and finding one in brown was not easy since everywhere sells black and tan leathered belts! I was able to find a temporary one until I found the one at Metro that I am using now, I had to wait til after Metro to get the key pouch, even the wig was hard to tame after getting it! All in all, it was still a really good costume and one of my best thus far! I will probably do one of her other outfits in the future

Best McGuyvered Cosplay: Gondras’ Reiji Cosplay from Project Crossz Zone! Oh yeah! I needed to mention this since it is something that Yaya Han won’t see and that is my fiance’s Reiji cosplay from Project Cross Zone! How it was McGuyvered? Well, try making your gauntlets and bracers out of red and black duct tape, taping red on my Ginji glove top plates, and of course getting a white wig and spray painting with the black hair spray in one half of it! Now you can see why the Myth Busters did that special with duct tape and the deserted island, duct tape can be used for anything and Gondras took it to the next level and did some of it within one night and finished it in the morning the next day. Yeah, he needs to do the actual armor making skills but this was beyond what most of the Heroes of Cosplay can do. I give my fiance major props for this one!

Best Fan Panel: R. I. P. Final Fantasy at KnightroKon! Now into the panels! As convention goers we do get the option to host panels and we got to go to a few this year but there is one that happened to be the best and that is Rest in Peace Final Fantasy because it takes a look at the Final Fantasy series of of the past and how it was better than what we see with XIII and XIII-2, even XII and XVI of course. What is great about it is that the ones hosting this did their research in each game to present their material game by game and it did bring tears of nostalgia to my eyes when VIII came up since it was the first game that got me into the series. A friend asked me if I am looking forward to Lightning Returns, nope! Because I played the old games and watched Spoony crack at XIII thus far!
Runner Up: An Hour of Pokemon with PikaBellChu! I finally got to see who PikaBellChu is since I heard of her through MetroCon’s site and how she is a major Pokemon fan! We did see her Pikachu display at Metro this past year! I did manage to go to one of her panels during Matsuri and it was right after our panel that night! It was fun, especially with Pokemon Cherades, which people got to pose as Pokemon, but until Porygon came up someone fell to the floor and acted like they were seizing since that episode gave people seizures in Japan. The only trivia question that stumped people was “Which cereal brand first featured Pokemon?” and it was Life cereal! I thought it was either Cap N Crunch or kellogs since PopTarts featured Pokemon in one of their flavors but it was Life, even the hint stumped people! I forgot the hint but I did get two of the questions right and one of them I did remember which happened to be how Pikachu was found in the manga, The Electric Tale of Pikachu. I may go to another one of these and take my 3DS next time for street passes and friend codes!
2nd Runner Up: The Modoka Magica Panel at Florida Anime Experience! I am a fan of this series and was glad that a group was going to do a panel and they were actually dressed up as the girls and one guy did do a human version of Kubei for it! It was very fun and entertaining, especially when they did the Time Warp Dance from Rocky Horror Picture Show to do a time lapse with Homura!

Worst Fan Panel: THE FAIRY TAIL PANEL! I know I talked about it so many times, especially with the panel tips and my Metro review but this was the worst panel based on an anime series made by a fan I’ve ever seen! It was so bad that even people got bored and talked behind me and people left, I even left all thanks to Gondras getting me out of there when he did! One of the Erza cosplayers I know, she was with a different group, I got in contact again agreed that it wasn’t a great panel. Plus some of the cosplays were off on some people and the guy being Freed wasn’t doing the costume, it was interesting that their Locksas did have shocked looks with what they said. If you want a detailed idea, you can read my Metro review and my panel hosting tips in the past posts section, also if you read the Metro Review you get to read the guy who didn’t do the Freed cosplay’s comment there and my response to him. If I would, I would do a panel that would entertain the Fairy Tail fans rather than this group.

Best Guest Panel: Both Atop the Fourth Wall Live and Crispin’s Mythology panel! It was a toss up between these two and they were two of the best guest panels we ever attended at a convention. First Crispin’s mythology panel which he brought to KnightroKon. He tends to bring this panel to any of the conventions he is a guest at, he even had it at Metro and this year he brought it to Knightro and gave it a nice spin by talking about heroines in mythology! We all hear about women in mythology in class but Crispin took it steps further by mentioning the idea of the Disney princesses from the early years, the mid years, and today! He even put the Utena Movie in a better meaning for me and everyone else since that movie confused the crap out of me, even the ending of the anime confused me more when I saw it On Demand, according to him it’s one big metaphor and if you see this panel in your town I suggest going to it since it feels like I am back in Mythology class with Crispin teaching it instead! The other panel is of course Atop the Fourth Wall Live, which is Linkara’s panel at all the cons he goes to! We wanted to see him for the longest time at conventions, I even tried suggesting him to AFO a year ago since he does History of the Power Rangers and has a green ranger costume and AFO does get Jason David Frank as a guest, why wouldn’t they invite Linkara? They didn’t since last year they didn’t take any fan suggestions like the year before when I suggested Johnny Yong Bosch and got him! Anyways, this year MythiCon got him and it was awesome! Especially with singing the theme and premiering the next episode at the convention, he even reviewed a Godzilla comic for his show here in Orlando. This was the major reason why I told people to go to MythiCon instead since you get to be a part of the panel and it gets posted online! I hope he gets invited again and also other guys from That Guy With the Glasses like Nostalgia Critic or even Bennet the Sage since he reviews anime series! Or even get both Nostalgia Critic and Spoony with Linkara so they could do another review together, like they did with the movie Alone in the Dark. That would be gweat!

Best Guest Moment: My interviews with Brittney and Scott at MetroCon! I had the greatest honor to interview Brittney Karbowski and Scott McNeil, Scott especially, since not only Scott is a voice I grew up with but Brittney is also up in coming in series! I am glad I got to meet her finally since I didn’t get to during Florida Anime Experience back in 2011, she did recognize my fiance since he got me her autographs when he went. I had fun during these interviews and learned our lessons in not using the 3DS recording hardware anymore! I would just use my recorder since I tried bringing it out since that thing has amazing recording range! Always next time! You can still read the interviews on here and did use them for my minor portfolio since one of my classes did talk about how to interview people. It’s still was fun and want to do it again!
Runner Up: Cheramie Leigh signing a dozen cards for us! Yeah, this actually happened at Mythic which when we were meeting with Cheramie Leigh again after three or four years of cons not getting her back to Orlando, which she remembered us both from MegaCon the year she appeared! We did have her sign Soul Eater Part 3 since it featured Team Kid and she played Patti, along with Patti plushie, all the parts of Fairy Tail we owned, 1-5 at the time, and Dragonnaut which surprised her since I am guessing no one brought her it. And the other thing she did sign was that she had a few cards and she asked which one we wanted and Gondras went “A couple dozen!” and she went and did that! I think we had 12 or something, not sure, but we did give a few away, I think we have one still where she congratulated us on being engaged!

Best Guest Encounter: Meeting Linkara before MythiCon opened! BEST ENCOUNTER EVER! How did it happen you may ask? Well, my dad had to drop me off at the Double Tree near SeaWorld and the convention didn’t open yet, so I was sitting while my dad was making sure about opening times somewhere else and then I heard Linkara’s voice off in the distance and I was like “Linkara?” He saw me and said “Yes!” And came over and we talked briefly and kind of talked about my disability and how me and Gondras are fans of his show, since Gondras did get me into the show! Our buddy who was there with us was surprised I got to talk to him first, which was very lucky!
Runner Up: Sitting behind Sam Riegel and Liam O’Brien during opening ceremonies! We didn’t know it was happening until we saw the guests going onstage from the row in front of us but our seats were lined up behind Sam and Liam! We even talked to them after the ceremonies were over! Awesome!

Best Cosplay Moment: Cheramie Leigh liking my Lucy costume! Oh yeah! Take that Fake Freed! Sorry, had to put this in there because not only I did show up as Itachi at Crispin’s autograph session which is going to be mentioned later, but this moment is the best since it happened at the Meet the Actors panel at MythiCon! I was sitting in the front with our friend…I will refer to him as Mr. Nerdy Shirts! What? He was wearing a Sherlock shirt that day, still we sat in the front of the panel where the guests were doing their Meet the Actors thing and I asked a question to Cheramie or was it when she looked around and talked about cosplays and saw me as Lucy and said, “I like your costume!” What was even better that at her signing that night that she asked about the keys and I told her I got all of the ones Lucy gets and did mention I almost brought Happy with me but was carrying too much and wore the Happy bracelet instead, which I still wear! I have a pic and you can kind of see the pain on my face from the boots, which whenever I meet up with her again I will have the new ones! Still, she likes the cosplay!

Favorite Guest Autograph Session: Meeting Crispin Freeman! Oh yes! I finally got to meet him in the flesh! Even though I had to go around a second time to get the rest of my Slayers stuff signed and had help from Mr. Nerdy Shirts and two girls behind us to get our items signed due to “Two Items Per Person!” rule they placed on us. But what made him happy to see is that we had all five seasons of Slayers including the original boxes for the first and third seasons, the Funimation releases of 2 and 3, along with Revolution and Evolution R as part of it. I won’t ever sell these because you can’t get the original boxes from Central Park Media ever again and I still need to get Lisa Ortiz’s autograph on them so it would suck if I sold them before then, plus I don’t want to since I waited so long to meet Crispin ever since I first heard him as Zelgadus in the anime. And was even awesome to have him do “Rah Tilt!”
Runner Up: Mahle Flannigan! Florida Anime Experience was another situation where they had the two items only thing but what was great was that she was nice enough to sign all our things since she didn’t want anyone to go back in the line knowing there are a lot of con goers to meet her. She even misses saying “Believe It!” since I asked her to write it for us.

Best Guest Recommended Food: Midnight Revery from Ghiradelli by Cheramie Leigh! Oh yes! Had to put this on here! I did mention in the last post that this was one of our faves but it was the best thing a convention guest ever recommended to her fans and we know why! It was so good and made with 80% cacao dark chocolate and worth the $10! Yes, it costs $10 at Ghiradelli, but worth the money and should try it if you’re in the Orlando area, especially the Disney Village side of Downtown Disney!

Huge Haul of the Year: The MetroCon Haul! Now onto hauls because it should be on here! I would say the hugest haul we ever had was from MetroCon! It was our first year at Metro and man we spent a lot in the dealer room! It was the best dealer room we have been in and it does have stuff we can’t find at the Orlando cons because they get anime vendors from all over the state not just Tampa! AFO was impressive for getting the Maryland vendor but this dealer room had people from all over, including Anime Pagoda, Anime Pavilion, even a vendor from Fort Myers! I think the Orlando cons should take more pages out of Metro’s book for vendors because we found great items, like the Zeta Gundam series, finally got my hands on a Death the Kid wallscroll, even better Evee plushies! I can’t wait to see if any of the vendors from this past year will be back next year, I am hoping so, because I missed out on a tea cup of a kitty! Nyu!
Runner Up: Christmas Haul 2013! Yes, I got so many items for Christmas, before, during, and after, I don’t know where to begin! The best and luckiest items would have to be the Lush shower gels I ended up with, which were four medium bottles of Snow Fairy and four large bottles of Ponche! I am good for shower gel until the next year and half until Lush has their sale again next year! I was happy to go into Sanrio and got the big Hello Kitty plushie! Yay!

Hardest to Find Product: ELF Disney Villains Books in Malifasent and Evil Queen! Yeah, these were hard to find the most because since they were limited edition and by the time I wanted these two, they were on sale for half off! You could imagine so many people jumped on that! I did find them which made me happy! ELF can you make the princess ones next?
Runner Up: Left overs of the Almay Clear Complexion Plus Treatment Stick! Oh yeah, had to mention this one! The thing is that I got into this product after going through my Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Spot Corrector, which didn’t work on me, it was hard to blend with my concealer and it was so blotchy, so I found this item when seeing if Almay made something similar and they did! I picked it up and loved it! It has a treatment gel on one side and then the concealer stick on the other and it blends better with my powder concelaer! What sucked though is that they discontinued a few weeks after I first started using it! I had a hard time finding it, even my dad had a hard time finding it but did get me four of the remaining Light Mediums he could find and sad that it is no longer being made. Why Almay? I am hoping I find something similar and works well with my concealer powder!

Most Annoying Wait for Something to Come Out: The Next Book for the Dresden Files! Reason why I need to mention this is because all year we have been waiting for the next book of the Dresden Files and it hasn’t come out yet nor a release date has been mentioned! I have been to Barnes and Noble to see if it did come out on the last day of finals which I was told but the guy who gave me the date had it wrong, but I did get the newest graphic novel Ghoul Goblin for Gondras for his birthday, still we are waiting for Skin Game since I watched a video interview with Jim Butcher about it and how Nicodimus is coming back! Can’t wait! I guess in the meantime we have still have the other books and the graphic novels, even the newest short story he did in George R. R. Martin’s newest anthology Dangerous Women which takes place during Changes and Ghost Story like “Aftermath” did. Still anticipating for book 15! Hoping soon in the new year and knowing it will be in our collection!

Runner Up: The wait for Fairy Tail part 5! Yes, this is added due to how we had to wait a year for the start of season 2 of Fairy Tail to be released in the States! The wait between 6 and 7 was a little annoying since it was four months in between but it was worth it, but I am hoping once 8 gets released it won’t take long for the start of season 3, or if they will do 9 and 10 as a part of season 2 due to the Etalus arc is the longest arc within the entire series! Come to think of it, it did take a part and a half to finish Tower of Heaven and Fairy Tail Battle Royale to get done, so with this arc it will take three parts to do by the looks of it! Let’s see how Funimation releases the last few parts of season 2! And hoping it won’t take another year for season 3!

Worst Make Up Item Flops: Nail Polish Strips by Kiss! Yeah, these weren’t the best nail items I had! I was introduced to nail strips all thanks to my fiance’s mom and I knew I should’ve stuck with the Sally Hansen ones after how much these failed! How so? Well, they kept peeling off really badly and they did get folded at points due to how my nails are like, but these peeled worse than the high end polish my mom got me at Alta, which chipped the second day! I even tried to glue them back down with the Double Duty and didn’t work, so I had to clean it off! I think I will stick to Sally Hansen if I want the nail polish strips again!
Runner Up: Sally Hansen Double Duty and Ultimate Shield Top and Bases! I have a love hate relationship with these so much that I am buying my base and top coats separately for now on! Problem is that these things dry halfway through the bottle, especially when they become thicker! My growth coat is not so bad since it is not a base and top combo like these and I am already halfway through the bottle and it is lasting a lot better! I am using Sinful’s base and shiny top coats and they are making my manicure last pretty well, even my Ice Dream lasted better than the polish I had on before this! As said before, won’t get these anymore!
2nd Runner Up: Maybelline’s Age Rewind Dark Spot Corrector! I hated how this one was really blotchy! I did hear you’re supposed to blend with a beauty blender later on but the problem is that it is not the exact shade it is supposed to be! I am in Light Medium in Almay’s stuff and when they say Light Medium they mean it, but with Maybelline it was darker and people asked what happened to your face? I heard one person on YouTube during their November Faves video that they didn’t like how they have to go one shade lighter than their actual shade on these since they are darker than they’re supposed to. So, that is one regretful purchase!

Best Cosplay Nail Polish: Stroke of Midnight by L’Oreal for Itachi! I love this nail polish and it was the right one for my Itachi cosplay since his nails are supposed to be a very dark gray almost black on the nails and this one is just it! I have four more bottles in case they discontinue it and glad I did get more of it. I may wear it time to time but I recommend it as Itachi’s nail color!
Runner Up: Saved By the Blue by Wet N Wild for Lucy: I always wear this polish for the default outfit, except for the nail look I mentioned in my favorites for Holiday Matsuri, still this polish is a very nice, shimmery cobalt blue that matches the blue stripes, bow, and skirt in the outfit!
2nd Runner Up: Buffy the Violet Slayer by WNW with Pumpkin Spice by Sinful for Blair from Soul Eater! Blair was another new cosplay I attempted this year but for Halloween since we had classes that day! I spent all of September and most of October gathering the parts for her with getting the wig, the witch gown, the broach, and tights, but of course already had the hat since Metro since it was one of the items I bought back then. With my nails, I did something nice! I used Buffy the Violet Slayer by WNW since Blair is known for having black and purple, especially with her hair and topped it with Sinful’s Pumpkin Spice glitter coat, which is for Halloween this year and it’s gorgeous! It has a nice golden glitter and on top of Buffy, it causes the orange sheen in the polish to come more alive. I may have to hunt more bottles of Pumpkin Spice if they come back, there is always EBay!

Well that’s about it for everything! I know this was very long, but it was worth it! What is next for 2014? Not sure if I will be doing the same convention line up as I mentioned above but I may go to Florida Anime Experience again since the guest of honor this coming year is Mary Elizabeth McGlynn which I need her to sign my .hack games since she plays Helba and speaking of that character, that is my next cosplay to attempt as characters go since me and Gondras are going to be a part of the .hack vs. Sword Art Online group for Metro next year! Oh yeah, we’re going back and aiming for press and panels again, if we do get press again, will try and interview Richard Epcar! I am also going to try and attempt Lolita, which I never done before, this will be interesting. Also, I am graduating from college, well university so I will probably start doing the career thing if I am lucky by the summer! What else? I am not sure if I will do Deidara from Naruto Shippuden since I have a good portion of the costume except the headband, wig, and the bandages Gondras use for Kakashi. Let’s see what happens! I guess that’s it! Happy New Year guys! Be safe celebrating and see you next year!

November and December Favorites

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Well, it’s close to the end of December and that means it is time for another favorites post! I tried a lot of new things when it comes to nails and a few other things you never expected! Let’s get started!

Clean and Clear:

Face Wash for Sensistive Skin: Wait! I am using Clean and Clear finally? Yes I am! I was using a different facial wash before this one and don’t know the name but it was meant for combination skin and was told by a WalMart girl that it was best for senstive skin but it wasn’t working out towards the end and it had a weird smell to it. So, went back to WalMart and while trying to find that same face wash I found this one instead and it works a lot better since it is made for my skin type! I heard so many good things abouyt this brand and I can see why since it is clearing up my skin . So far, most of my left cheek has cleared up, now trying to get most of my right since I had my zit-that-wound’t-go away popped and trying to get rid of its scab form. At least this stuff is working!

Black Heart:

Teal glitter liner: I just worn this a day ago and love it! It is still the same consistency as the other glitter liners I own from the Black Heart line! I will try and use the smoky shadow pallet if I can.


Butter Lip Glosses: A first to appear on the list and that is the NYX cosmetics since I finally got around to trying them! I never tried NYX until so many people on YouTube talk about NYX products and how great they are and I finally got to see why and that is their Butter Lip Glosses! I heard so many things about these, especially through Dulce Candy’s Alta Haul a month ago and Color Swept Beauty back in June and decided to get these. I went on EBay and picked up the two gift sets which feature chibi size versions of them and I thought it would be best to introduce myself to them this way in case I don’t like a color or do like one and it will help me know what to repurchase when the time comes for that Alta visit. I tried two so far which happened to be Apple Streudel and Cherry Pie, which Apple Streudel is a coral color while Cherry Pie is a red and I rarely wear reds and this felt good. One thing I don’t like about these is that they are a bit sticky while applying even with a lip balm, but their staying power is amazing especially when I drink water or other beverages. I am so glad I tried these out, which got me to get another NYX product on EBay and that is the One Night in Morrocco pallet which features eight shadows that are smoky mattes and lip products, also a base which I have to see what that is when it comes to me, which I should shout out to the host of Beauty Broadcast for suggesting this pallet even if it’s on clearance on EBay with some sellers, but I want to see how the eye shadows feel before I go and get some at Alta when I get more NYX products! I may also try out their Butter Balms which I heard they are also pretty good, so let’s see what happens! I will be using the other four lip glosses I got in these sets to see how I feel more about them!

Wet N Wild

Turquoise eye liner: I am so glad I found this and glad I don’t have to get the Emotional Brilliance liner in this color because it is pretty pricey but I still am happy that I found its dupe! It is pigmented like the rest of the liners I have, which are the black, blue, and purple ones. I am going to see if Hot Topic has a teal pencil so I could use on my upper line since I have to use this for both top and bottom for now and I do pair it with the teal glitter liner, which looks awesome!


Color Sensational Plums in Plum Perfect: I love this lipstick since I always wanted to try out some of their newer stuff for a while and this was it. This color almost sold out by the time I got it at Target but it is what it says and it is the perfect plum shade. I may go back and get the Plum Paradise one.

Color Tattoo in Point It Purple: I finally started liking the color tattoos since I picked up Electric Blue a few months back and saw why a lot of beauty gurus love them! They do stay on and they are very creamy, when they dry they feel like powder and melt in to the skin. The one I like the best is Point or was it Paint It Purple which is the purple from the first run! I do like Silver Streak and Electric Blue from the metallic line but I love this one the best since it goes with the love of purple shadows I love and it glides on well, especially as an eyeliner which I go back and use it as one when I wear these now! I even suggest this as a must have product if anyone does Kankuro from Naruto since it won’t glide off like regular costume make up! Plus, I will be using this if I do Lolita at some point.

Lime Crime

Airborne Unicorn: I know I don’t normally get high end items when it comes to make up, even though I do buy from Lush but it’s mostly with their shower, bath, and skin items, but this is something that my kitty curiosity was killing me with and it’s all thanks to Nicole Garriaro (sorry if I butchered your last name if you’re reading this Nicole), which I love her videos and subscribed to them and she is a Florida girl like I am! She always mentions these lipsticks in favorite videos and even recently did a Love It or Leave It and talked about how great they are and very opaque and so on. So, went EBay searching since I like to get good deals, especially with higher end stuff, I did pay close to what the official Lime Crime site and Urban Outfitters sell these for which was about $18 for one but the one I got was a dollar more plus $2 in shipping and that is a purple one called Airborne Unicorn! I was trying to find Nicole’s fave, Cosmo Pop, but no one had it! They had the others, including a few discontinued ones but they were Australian and Canadian sellers but didn’t want to wait for so long to have this since the crazy holiday shipping season was upon everyone, I didn’t get my gift from my brother yet which is really bad and still waiting! Anyways, I like how the packaging looked, it came in the little box you tend to get with some products, which I kept to know which item in my lip case it is instead of marking it with a sticker like I always do! I liked how the stick itself looks like a black light and it has a unicorn. I even like the scent and it was smooth to put on with a lip balm underneath! I can see why Nicole love these and I might go back to get another in the future or just stick with this one, since she did mention with their website you have to stalk since some of the colors do get bought out, especially with Cosmo Pop and Big Pink Planet. One good thing is the reason behind they are pricey is that they are cruelty free and US made which is very good! Thank you Nicole!


Top and Base Coats: Don’t worry they are separate items! As you read in my Target, Walgreens, WalMart, and Farmer’s Market haul I wanted to wait until Wet N Wild to release their top and base coats but couldn’t wait anymore since the latest bottle of Ultimate Shield was about to dry out again! I did complain to Sally Hansen about it and I did sign up and reviewed about it and warned any viewers about the drying effect, so decided to finally buy my tops and bases separately and went with Sinful’s base and their shiny top coat! These two were supposed to be used with the Leather Lux collection since the top coat is supposed to give the shiny, leather look to your nails but they can be used for all your polishes! I started using these with my Stroke of Midnight polish since I had to do a quick manicure for my Itachi cosplay for a cosplay event a week back and it worked out! I have to wait until my polish dries before using the top but it works great! Except for the high end polish my mom got me at Alta that same weekend, which chipped the day after I applied it! Still, it works great with other polishes, so may be a repurchase or might get Wet N Wild’s stuff after this batch, let’s see what happens!

Ice Dream: The replacement and remake of a beloved polish from years ago and that was Ice Touch! This one is very different and was happy it came back but as a new color and it looks like Ice Touch but with shimmer. Plus, the formulation is very smooth and it glides on better than before! I am so glad they reprinted it but under a new name!

Favorite nail look of the holidays:

Icy Splash by Pure Ice with Liquid Crystal by China Glaze: Now onto my favorite Holiday Nails and this year I have been playing around with glitters, especially with the China Glaze Prismatic polishes I have been owning since last year. I only used one polish and that was Ray-Diant with a cobalt chrome that WNW released and this year I have been using them more! I only used Full Spectrum and Polarized which was on my nails for Christmas with that high end polish I mentioned above, along with one more and it was when I did it for Lucy for Holiday Matsuri! I didn’t know what to do at first and then decided to do a holiday look with an ice blue polish I haven’t used and that is Icy Splash from Pure Ice which is a chrome, light blue and got it with my Icy Mellot polish a year ago and then added shimmer with Liquid Crystal from Prismatics. It was a very nice nail look and it gives off the illusion of ice with the glitters! I may have to do this look again in the future if I go back to Holiday Matsuri or any other Holiay event when I am Lucy.


New Lucy Boots: I don’t have the brand off the top of my head but my fave footwear is my new boots for Lucy and I got them from Macy’s, well my mom really got them for my Christmas present early since I was doing the cosplay for Matsuri. It was better than wearing the two-inch heeled boots from the summer and have to walk back and forth between the Embassy, the car, and Burger King with them. As you could tell, I was tired of them until I got these since they are comfy, I didn’t have to take them off at any time, even suggested Macy’s to a fellow Lucy cosplayer since she had a hard time finding the right boot when she saw mine! They are pricey but worth it, if I were to go back and see these again, I think the price have dropped dramatically. Get them while you can!


Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate Mint Bark: OMG! I went a bit chocolate crazy this year, especially with some of the next few snacks I will be mentioning but I got the peppermint bark again since the tv at Gondras’ house shown commercials with the bark again and this was when finals was on us and I sometimes need chocolate for comfort so found the bark at his nearby Publix and was happy to find the dark chocolate version since I thought the milk version was okay, but I love the dark chocolate one more since dark goes better with mint in my opinion. I may have to get this again if it comes back next year during Christmas since I have so much stuff to finish! They also gave samples of the milk chocolate counterpart when we went to the Ghiradelli chocolate shop at Disney Village side of Downtown Disney on Gondras’ birthday but I prefer this!

Midnight Revery by Ghiradelli’s Ice Cream Shoppe: OMG! This was heaven and yet a bit of a regret since we are trying to watch our health, especially after our days of being ill after Matsuri but it was worth it, especially when Cheramie Leigh tells you to try it! Yes, she was the one who recommended this during MythiCon since she went to Downtown Disney during one of the nights when she was here and she described it to the point of me wanting to have it and it is dark chocolate ice cream with brownies, dark chocolate fudge, and best part is always the chocolate square they topped it off with and this thing is made with the 80% coacao dark chocolate which you can buy on the shop side. I can see why Cheramie loves this and so do we!

Green Tea and Pumpkin Kit Kats: After a long time of waiting I finally tried the Japanese obsession with Kit Kat bars! I don’t get why they do it but make different flavors of Kit Kat bars and the ones I got are both the green tea flavored and pumpkin flavored ones that the snacks guy was carrying at Matsuri. He held me two bags of the green tea ones as promised and then I bought two of the pumpkin ones that day as well, which I tried one of the pumpkin before going back and they are so good! The green tea ones weren’t as bitter as the green tea Melty Kiss Gondras got me since it had the wafers, but still so good! While the pumpkin ones tasted like pumpkin fudge you can get from the Candy Cauldron at Downtown Disney around November and also a pumpkin pie, but more like the fudge due to the chocolate that was use! The taste in both is not really strong but more semi-sweet due to the wafers being used and I do eat the sticks two at a time like always for the full effect. I know I am weird, it’s my tongue that prefers it!

Cupcake Bites from Sanrio: These are good, they are like cookie dough bites you find at a candy store but with cake mix instead and they taste like cupcakes from a bakery!


“My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark” by Fall Out Boy: I know this is a bit of an old one but of course Fall Out Boy returned after Pete Whence left Ashlee Simpson and came out with this song. I had to download it because I had it as a ringtone and there are times when it gets into my head and doesn’t want to leave! So, had to download it and love it! It brings a new sound to Fall Out Boy and not sure how the entire album is like but if I were to download it, I hope it is better than the last, I thought it was good but got bored with it. Still, I love this song!

“Heart Attack” by Demi Levatto: I know, normally I listen to alternative, metal, local bands, and Japanese music, but this is a guilty love for me! Ever since I heard this song earlier in the year, I kept humming it and then stopped until recently while getting Gondras his birthday present at Barnes and Noble it played and wouldn’t leave. I had to download! I confess about Demi, it is sad that she went bipolar and had to leave, which cancelled Sonny With a Chance but it was good for her to leave and pursue her own thing since she is on X-Factor and doing her own music and nott Disney. Even though I did love her movie with Salena Gomez Princess Protection Program which they should still show since it is so good along with other movies Disney did in the past, I still love Go Figure and Motocrossed. Still, I prefer Demi’s breakout more than Miley Cyrus since she has gone slutty and Salena Gomez’s sound since it is okay to me not to I love it. To me Demi is the better Disney breakout in my opinion since she can still hit it! I still listen to the song time to time, so now I am glad to say it’s a fave!


Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck Enchanted: I know I am not a Taylor Swift fan but I am a fan of her perfume! This is the second edition of her Wonderstruck perfume and it is very sweet and vanillay and I love it! I even love how it smells like a marshmallow towards the end of the day when it feels more toasty! I want to get Wonderstruck to see how different it is from the enchanted version since it is also on my master perfume list!

Ponche from Lush: What? A perfume for Ponche? Yes! As you know that every year towards the end Lush has limited edition perfumes for the holiday season and this year they did a chat party as well and the ones for this year happened to be Snow Fairy, Snowcake, Rose Jam, Ponche, and Collacus. I almost didn’t get one since I thought when they had free shipping it would be for every price range but it wasn’t, it was only when you spend $100 but then broke down since the Ponche smell might come back since with some scents every year they don’t come back. I am glad that Glog shower gel and Jilted Elf Shower Jelly didn’t make their return because they smelled awful but I wish they don’t kick out the nicer smells, like Vanilla Fountain and I got to use it only once since it came in my Quality Treats tin. Anyways, I decided on Ponche since I still had the Snow Fairy solid perfumes that my fiance’s mom gave me and Snowcake was already in my collection and I still have my bottle I got as a replacement since it leaked when it arrived. So, Ponche it was and it does smell like the shower gel! Nice and earthy and I love it! What is interesting is that the smell even stays if you use anything else on your hands or whever you spray, which when I tried it out after getting the box I sprayed on my hands and then used my Twisted Peppermint hand sanitizer and forgot I sprayed my hands with it and after rubbing the smell was still there! It felt like I gave a bit of Smell of Weather Turning! Still, a great item! I am hoping they bring Weather Turning to the stateside stores!

Well, that’s it for my faves for this November and December! Stay tuned for my Bests and Worsts of 2013!

Christmas Haul 2013

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I hope everyone enjoyed the interviews. I will see if I could do more as said before but will have to see. Anyways, so Christmas is here, then will be over. That would mean Christmas haul! I got my gifts from my mom and dad, well my mom is a early gift and a late one, which is still being worked on. And my fiance’s mom and then my fiance with after Christmas! Let’s start with parents!

From the parents:

My parents was different this year because I got bit of an early gift and I should start with that and got a new pair of boots for my Lucy cosplay and got to wear them at Holiday Matsuri! As you guys know I had a pair of boots that hurt my feet like hell and got worse, especially during the Propeller Anniversary Halloween party where I had to send my fiance back to the car for my flip flops and decided I need better boots and with winter coming up, the lightbulb clicked and decided to ask my mom for a pair of boots that are standard boot heel, knee high, and in 11 or 12, since theones I had before were 12. At first she got some at Shoe Carnival and the problem was that they didn’t close up around my leg with the zipper and the toe on my right foot went to the tip of the toe which doesn’t feel right to me. So, the first week of December, which was the week before Matsuri, went to Macy’s since we were at Florida Mall and tried looking around in Hot Topic, they only sold the boots online and didn’t want to test my luck, tried Journey’s but they only go up to 10 which sucked, went to Skecher’s and nothing, but Macy’s was where I found the perfect pair! I was even sitting in front of the display they were on! They were exactly like what Lucy wears and they fit perfectly in 11 and they were so roomy, roomier than the ones from Shoe Carnival! I wore them all day at Holiday Matsuri since we were there for only one day and the only pain I had was my ankles at the end of the day, I didn’t take them off at all like the last pair. I even told a girl who couldn’t find the right kind of boots for her Lucy outfit to go to Macy’s because Macy’s has big sizes and they tend to get the right styles as well. Anyone want to cosplay as Lucy Heartfilia, I would suggest going to Macy’s as a last resort since they do run a little over a hundred but it’s worth it for someone that has big feet like I do. Plus, the sizes are what they are in these boots. I would say try the after Christmas sales if you decide on this costume. The late gift on the other hand is going to be new jeans since I took a look around and found out that brands are doing that slimming their actual sizes to what they are not supposed to be and since I have been muscular in the bottom half of my body, especially my legs, now I have to wait til after Christmas for new jeans.
The stuff I got from my dad was stuff I kind of had before and one is a re-purchasing, and new items that came out. I had a hard time with knowing what I want this year because I ended up getting Iron Man 3 when it came out with the Ultimate Edition that came with the 3D version, the Blue Ray, the DVD and extra stuff to go with it, so I was out of ideas until I almost thought a new 3DS but then got the Pokemon 3DS XL with Xarnius on it I believe, I know it is the blue one and it has one of the legendaries.So, after finding out when Fairy Tail part 7 was coming out and made a list of perfumes, I knew what I wanted.

First perfumes and they are Curve Crush and Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck Enchanted! Curve Crush is the repurchase of the bottle I have. I love this perfume and so far it is close to the end since not only I wear it but tend to use it as an air refresher. I like the fresh smell from the new bottle since the one my dad got me from the Flea Market seems to smell off to me and the fresher one has bit of a spicy scent to it and like it that way bit more and trying to finish it off before I use the new bottle. With Wonderstruck Enchanted, OMG I love it! I am not a Taylor Swift fan when it comes to her music but there are times when I do get celebrity perfumes like Nicole Richey’s last year and did get Celine Dion’s perfume as a Christmas gift one year and like them both and decided why not add both of Taylor’s since I was kind of curious of hers. So, got Wonderstruck Enchanted for Christmas since it was on my Christmas list this year and my master perfume list to find them and I love the scent! It is very sweet with vanilla and as the day goes on, which I am wearing right now, it turns into a marshmallow scent, kind of like the Marshmallow Kiss hand sanitizers from Bath and Body that come out every Christmas. I am thinking of getting Wonderstruck since I love this one and the bottle is very pretty, I like the charms on the cap. I am hoping Wonderstruck smells as nice as the Enchanted one! And see how the bottle looks if it has the little charms on it as well.

Next is DVDs, as said all thanks to finding out about Fairy Tail part 7 coming out on the last day of finals, it ended up on my list and did get it! Me and my fiance have been waiting to see the next part of season 2 especially with the Etalus arc, which this part is the start of it since the flip cover as Happy and Carla and I did switch the cover to that! I can’t help it, they are kitties! Hoping the next part doesn’t take the same amount of time like between 6 and 7 came out, which 6 came out a month after 5 and four months later 7. Oh well, at least we get to see more of Fairy Tail until then! Next is Vampire Knight Guilty, which is the second season to Vampire Knight. I know it’s been a year since I got season 1 but with the release of Fairy Tail and getting other anime seasons at Metro, I forgot about it until I got my discount card to FYE. Decided to wait til Christmas Listing time and got it! I like the series and like the idea of a class of vampires in order to keep the order between day and night beings in balance and I want to see what happens after what happened to Zero since the first season shown how he got infected by vampirism. I wish they picked someone else for Zero’s brother rather than having Vic Mignogna doing his voice as well, I will have to see how this season goes. And finally, Pacific Rim since I already got Iron Man 3 I had to get another movie that I did like during the summer and of course is the better version of Eva 3.33! I know Eva 3.33 was licensed and might be still being worked on at Funimation and might be released in the new year, hopefully since I want to hear the English track since the casting changes for some of the characters and for the newer ones are good. At least with Pacific Rim, they did what Eva 3.33 didn’t and that was explain what was going on and it took mecha vs monsters to a new level! Yeah Eva did do the underwater battle and inside the volcano fight but with Pacific Rim it is all underwater! And of course, can’t help with the effects that they used with the yagar and Kaiju fights, even with one of the character’s backstories. I would say get it, especially with the DVD and Blue Ray combo since you get the holographic cover with a kaiju switches to Gypsy Danger. I would suggest after Christmas buy item if you haven’t gotten it for christmas!

Finally make up! I went ELF crazy this year all thanks to getting into their line last year, I had to get more items, especially when they had these for the Holiday. Well, I need to confess is that for I went to Walgreens with my dad when Ihe got the first ELF items which got me to wanting more. First is the ELF nail cube which contains 12 nail polishes in one box! When I heard that ELF made nail polish I knew I had to get some and was glad to find this thing since it contains 2 more polishes than the Spoiled Nail Buckets by Wet N Wild, but minus the nail file and toe separaters which I don’t use separators since my toes do it on their own. I haven’t tried any yet since I still have a nail look for the holiday and will be using Ice Dream from Sinful next, but these are small polishes and the colors in the cube I got do have a lot of nude colors, even one named Nude, but there are other shades like two purples called Purple Dream which is a blue/purple and the other Purple Pleasures which is a light one. There is a red, a teal I believe, a gold, a cream, and so many others I can’t name them all but this is awesome that ELF released nail polishes and should release them and actually get better sections at Target and at least be in Wlgreens as a hint since they carry the holiday pallets. Which The holiday pallets are different this year because not only they have the regular books but also have the Disney Villain books as well, which I have three of them. At first I was getting Cruella’s book, which the books are Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmations, Ursula from Little Mermaid due to the re-release of the movie this year, Malifacent from Sleeping Beauty, and Evil Queen from Snow White, which the book was Cruella I was getting first from my dad and he kept it til Christmas Eve but I did go back and get Evil Queen and Malifacent since I figured their eye shadow pallets would be different and feature smoky eye pallets which are a six pan pallet that come in these books, along with a liquid liner, a pencil one, a mascara, which I don’t use since I wore my Cruella shadow today, for a neutral look, a brush applicator, and a lip stick that is liquid or lip gloss and a lip shimmer to put on top of the liquid lip stick (will call it that since it feels more like a lipstick rather a gloss) and it was hard to find the other two I wanted since they were on sale when I went back for them, was lucky to find them. I also got a small pallet in the look books, similar to the shimmer eyes one I still have and trying to finish up but with nine shadows rather than the twelve, it also came with a pencil liner and applicator like my shimmer eyes one. A great thing this time is that the applicator had both sides because the one I had in the pallet from last year is that it was broken. I also like how they put magnets in the books this time rather than the ropes since those got outstretched a lot.. Final make up items are the holiday Lip Smackers! These weren’t any of the ones I saw on the site, which I had to get the cookie lover set on Ebay but the ones my dad got me happened to be the tube sets like last year but they changed! Two of them are reprints of the cupcake and vintage sodas ones and that actually made me happy since I got more cupcake flavors and more of the vintage sodas, which contain the Cherry Soda, Root Beer Float, and Vanilla Malt Soda, then ended up with the classic Holiday whichcontained the cotton candy flavored one that was released every year.

From Fiance’s Mom

So, went over to stay with my fiance since we had to go to the Lush After Holiday sale since my fiance gets me something from Lush every year and I did get something from his mom of course! This year was better than last year in my opinion since it deals with some stuff I like and she knows some of the companies I do like. First are two limited edition nail polish sets from Wet N Wild. One of them is a set of limited Mega Shine polishes, which I never seen this set before until now. I didn’t know it existed since I heard about the Spoiled nail buckets, but knowing my CVS locations don’t carry them and almost thought about buying online on EBay but I heard how the brushes kind of suck and now the Mega Shine line is making their own versions of some of the Spoiled polishes by what I heard. I know some of these polishes will be awesome since I do have some of the Mega Shines like I Red It in a Book, I need a Refreshmint, my personal fave, Disturbia, Wet Cement, On a Trip, and five of the Pick Your Poisons, I hope the set is pretty good. Another set is the Furgy gift set with four polishes from the Furgy collection. I know I am not big on the Furgy stuff except for two polishes I almost got until I found the Pick Your Poisons I was looking for a year ago, at least with this set comes with five polishes and one of them is the one with the star glitters, which I was thinking of getting before. Another thing she got me is a lotion from Bath and Body Works in a scent I loved forever and it is in Japanese Cherry Blossom, which has been a long time since I had it from when I had a hand santizer my mom handed me once. So glad I have the lotion again since a few years back my fiance got me a gift set in a Cherry Blossom bag that came with the lotion, shower gel, and I think the body spritzer. And then she got me a few bars of Yardly soaps which I used for a while, because of how Irish Spring seems to clog up when it gets down to the tiny bits, so Yardly doesn’t do that as badly and they make scents that I like and she got scents in Aloe and Cucumbber, Pomagranite Rose, and a new one called Jasmine Pearl which smells like jasmine flowers and I love jasmine scents!

After Christmas:

Went a bit crazy with after Christmas since Lush was doing their sale for their Christmas stuff and I had to get some items that I needed, aalso went to Hot Topic and Best Buy!


This year I ended up with four medium bottles of Snow Fairy and four large bottles of Ponche from my fiance . I had some bottles left of Snow Fairy left over from last year and was hoping to get large bottles but when we got to the store they were sold out! So, the medium bottles will hold me over like the years before since it takes like a month and a half to two months to finish one and of course it is hard to store the big ones sometimes, which I will have a field day with the bottles of Ponche since they still had large bottles still and those will be lasting a really long time since the large ones do last like three months if I remembered from my bottles of Twilight when I had a large one last year and the large Snow Fairy. I thought they would have Twilight again but I found out they only had it online this year and it made me sad since I love that scent! I still have my bottles of it from last year so I need to make those last if they don’t come back, which I should request it to be back in stores since it was really convenient last year in stores! With my tab, I had to repurchase some things I needed, I know the gifts were tempting but the needed items were more important but I did repurchase the Magic Wand bubble wand which I got one free when I bought one which made me happy since I love the Snow Fairy scent and it’s really fun to use! . I did have to get more shampoo and conditioner and this time not only I got a big bottle of Fair Trade Honey, which I decided big bottles since I am not sure when I will drop by with my final semester right around the corner and will be busy with that and conventions to think about, so big bottle of Fair Trade Honey, and switched the conditioner to something I missed and that is American Cream. I loved American Cream and haven’t used it since I dyed my hair blue a few years back and this will help me out to keep my hair soft. Plus, it is a nice change from Happy Happy Joy Joy until I run out of this big bottle! I did have to get another container of my Celestial moisturizer since I feel like I might be running low on it and it would be best to get another while I was at it instead of ordering it online or wait for my next Lush visit when I am out. and this is the only moisturizer I can find that is not a tint and works best on my skin since it is made for the ones with sensitive skin. I was sad that they sold out on the Santa lip scrub though, which I wanted mmore even if I hadn’t started using it, but after trying I loved it! Oh well, at least the Popcorn one is permanent.

Next Hot Topic:

We were there for their buy one get one half off sale which was happening all month, which I do love! I did get a text from them while beging on the phone with Lush in the morning. I did pretty good stuff and they were t-shirts which were a shirt with the new starters of Pokemon X and Y. Even though I haven’t been playing Y lately but I do still like Froaky from the starters and I love frogs, so got this shirt. At least nowadays I won’t be made fun of for wearing my Pokemon shirts since I am in college unlike back in middle and high school when it was considered too nerdy or for little kids. There are adults that still like Pokemon. Anyways, I did get a Dr. Who shirt of the David Tennant doctor standing next to the Tartarus They had a few others, but I like this one since he looked like his smartass self in the pic. Knowing so many people, they may ask me where I got it. I did get sad when they didn’t have a girls’ shirt of Tom Hiddleston Loki and another of Harley Quin in my size of XXL since they are so petite! I can try to find it online since I have Hot Cash again! Oh yeah., Hot Topic is doing it again! Go and get your Hot Cash! And I did get one thing more before I got a Stitch button to round it off and it’s a bottle of purple hair dye. Why? Well…you know how you have dreams that won’t shut up? Grav3Yard Girl has gone through her tattoo dreams and those were signs to her and well…with me it’s dying my hair which is weird! I dyed my hair blue for my cat girl but I guess after years of not dying these dreams pop up randomly! I either have pink hair or purple, or even did one half pink and the other purple like how Molly had her hair when Harry reunited with her in Proven Guilty, even the last one was I was impressing my old rival, well she mostly picked on me and didn’t know why, by having my hair purple with pink streaks and her hair was crappy since she dyed it so much and haven’t seen her since Freshman year of high school when she went with blue hair. Anyways, I was like that’s it I need to shut my dreams up and picked up a bottle of the shade called Purple Haze which is a deep purple. With my hair it will probably be darker than the bottle, maybe like a midnight purple since it would like nice back when I had more of Midnight Blue hair. Let’s see what happens! I think I needed this before I graduate from school this spring. .

Now onto Best Buy! My fiance had to pick up his one year membership card, which he tried asking for it from me if I coulddn’t get him anything, which I did get him a a new Deadpool Shirt that one of the vendors from MythiCon still had it at Matsuri and we kind of tried to see who would get it, so got it for him! I had a gift certificate for $20 to Best Buy and needed to use it, which Best Buy bothered me to no end about it still, since I just used it. I got the entire series of Firefly on Blue Ray! I almost got Wreck It Ralph and Legend of Kora but realized I can get Wreck It Ralph during any point with my gift certificates if I get a new one, Legend of Korra I can also get the season on another visit or as a gift, or even watch on Net Flix. since it was on sale which I haven’t seen much of it when Scy Fy shown it and since I do like Nathan Filian since I like Castle, I decided to see his character in this series and according to Gondras, he is a pretty badass guy! I also had to get a can of pringles so the system would let me use it. Which I don’t get why since the tax brought it over $20 when it was on sale for $19.99. Gotta love the system they have in place.

Well, that is it for my Christmas haul! Wait! I did get a few things before Christmas…

Before Christmas items included:

The Smoky eye book from Hot Topic since it’s been a while I got eye shadow from them and thought it would be nice to get one of their books. I also got their teal glitter liner since it would go well with my turquoise liner from Wet N Wild. I also got Vanilla Bean Noel and Marshmallow hand sanitizers from Bath and Body, but had to go back the week after for the Twisted Peppermint ones since the girl put back the only one I got so my mom would meet the thirty dollar mark on one coupon. Grr! I did get five of them this time! I also got their lotion and shower gels for both Vanilla Bean Noel and Twisted Peppermint which makes me happy and will give a lot of shower stuff for a long time! (Yeah, I am good on shower gels for the next year and a half!) I also went to Sanrio while and got a new Hello Kitty plushie that is a big one, the girl who worked there said it was part of a promotion, not sure what but it is a big one of HK with a polka dotted dress and bow. I also got an ornament of Keroppi in a milk bottle plush and it is so cute! I am hanging him on my doorknob all year round. I will go back for the plushies for him though since I am trying to get the Street Fighter version of him. I also got two candy things, one of a lollipop of Hello Kitty which tasted very sweet to me and a roll of tape that the girl gave me! I also got a box of these cupcake bites, think of cookie dough bites but with cupcake mix instead. They are sooo gooood! And I think that is it besides the two other Disney Villain books!

That is it for the Christmas Haul. What is next? Well, my November and December favorites and then Bests and Worsts of 2013! Til next time!

Interviews with Scott McNeil and Brittney Karbowski from MetroCon 2013

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! And Merry Christmas to all of you! Finally I got around to it and it is the interviews with Scott Mc Neil and Brittney Karbowski from MetroCon this year. Sorry for taking a long time with school, being sick, and many other things, so let’s get this started!

Brittney Karbowski

First is Brittney Karbowski, she has been working for ADV Films, which is now Sentai Works, and Funimation. She has done voices in anime such as Kiba, which was where I first heard her as my fave character, Roya, Angel Beats as Yuri, and one that everyone knows and loves Black Star in Soul Eater. I had fun interviewing her and this is what happened and a heads up…

M= me, Mari
B= Brittney
G= Gondras, my fiance since he asked a few.

Note: I am doing my best in seeing what they said since the 3DS audio is not great quality.

M: You’ve been at so many conventions, what is the best thing about the conventions you’ve been to?
B: The fans because without them it wouldn’t make experience possible.
G: Also don’t forget about the cool costumes, can’t help looking at those!
B: Of course, whenever I see them I am always like I know that one and get excited about it!
M: It’s because that you were in that work?
B: No, it’s because I just know about it.
G: Or that you are like “That’s my character!”
B: Exactly!
M: I know you did guys and girls, which gender do you like recording as the most?
B: Recording wise boys are fun like girls are fun to do.
M: Because of the different ranges you have to do?
B: It’s because doing a boy’s voice is dealing with my actual voice and it can be hard on the vocal chords.
M: Kind of like you had to do Black Star.
B: Black Star is my absolute favorite since I have to scream a lot!
G: Between screaming his name and and his intro.
M: Even with Wendy in Fairy Tail…
B: Wendy is very high pitched and airy, which the hard part about her is keeping the airy quality.
G: Any other projects you can tell us about?
B: Another is coming out.

(Another note: This was done in July, not sure if this work came out since we interviewed her then!)

G: Is that the title?
B: Yes, it’s a movie that is really, really good! Kill Me Baby is also coming out.
M: Oh man, we know that one…
G: The theme song got to us.
M: When you’re recording, do you some movements for your characters?
B: I do a little bit of movements, it’s acting and you can’t be higher than the mike, like “High! You’re high!”
M: Do you have any advice for anyone who wants to get into voice acting?
G: The aspiring voice actors…
B: Tons of advice! The most important thing is that the most operative word is that voice acting is acting. And a lot of people want to be a voice actor, it is another outlet of acting Which no matter how many things you see you can do, be able to do it.So, it’s the acting part. It has to do with travel and auditions, auditions,auditions, if you can do all that and put your time into it then be able to take constructive criticism and don’t be upset if you didn’t get the role you signed up for.
G: Another question, any projects you really want to get into? Kind of a dream role?
B: Um, I don’t know about the projects they get or the auditions for them. You don’t really know about them beforehand, just know about that character.
G: Any projects that you want to be really a part of?
B: Well, I am always happy with the ones that I’m a part of. You can’t really beat yourself over any parts you don’t get in this job.
G: A particular favorite among your body of work?
B: I have a lot of favorites, everytime it’s like you can’t choose between your kids. You created that character and it’s always going to be with you and I can’t choose between them. And what’s your favorite may not be someone else’s favorite! I can’t choose between Pride and Black Star, they are very different characters and how you make them to be.
G: Any project you have a funny story fro? Or interesting story?
Hmm…which one…uh …
G: Something like something funny really happened in the recording booth.
B: There was a lot of funny things happened like making fart sounds, not actual ones, just sounds like when two characters are blushing at each other and then someone makes the fart sound at that moment. It’s very ridiculous.

The rest of the interview ended with how we talked about some of the companies went down, Bandai’s American branch and ADV Films, and some of the projects they were doing were either picked up by some of the other companies, like Funimation re-releasing some of ADV’s projects as complete collections, or gone with the wind. We even agreed on some of the works that she already worked on before would be still released if they were anything with Bandai. Still, it was a great interview and fun. Now onto Scott’s!

Scott McNeil

Scott is one of those voices that everyone has grown up on! He has a very long list of roles, almost as long as Steven J. Blum’s when you look at it, I did read it when I did my research for this interview and it was an honor for me to do it since I remembered him as Rat Trap, Waspinator, Silver Bolt, and Dino Bot from Beat Wars which was a series I remembered watching when I was 9 before I had to head out the door. Interesting fact about Scott according to IMDB is that Beat Wars is the first series that he used his voice in different tones for each of his characters! If you never seen Beat Wars, well he was in Inu Yasha as Koga and Duo Maxwell in Gundam Wing and the movie for Gundam Wing, Endless Waltz.

S= Scott now and the other abbreviations stay the same!

Note: The 3DS audio is bad quality so I am getting the responses that I can hear like with Brittney’s interview. With next year, I will have my recorder. Also, the video kept cutting out and Gondras had to make new videos, so if I don’t get many answers, sorry about that!

M: Your bio says that you’re from Australia right?
S: I am actually from Canada but I grew up in Australia with the koalas and then moved back to Canada when I was a tiny tiker. (He was doing an Australian accent at some parts of his statement, which I will be mentioning that he was going into his various voices!)
M: Have been back there ever since?
S: That is a long trip, I will go back there unless they invent the teleporter then I will go back! I am still an Australian citizen and if I can handle the five hours, since it’s a long trip then I won’t be coming back.
G: Any projects you’ve been working on you can tell us about?
S: My Little Ponies. ::sings “Ponies on Parade” from that series::

We even talked about the new Equestria Girls movie for a bit since he played Slim and Slam in Friendship is Magic.

S: Also more work in League of Legends online, Dungeons and Dragons online, Johnny Test, going into Season 7 with that.
G: It is amazing that is going into Season 7 since it’s been on for so long.
M: How did Jim Cummings become your favorite voice actor?

(Note: Jim Cummings is another voice actor with a long list of roles like Winnie the Pooh, Swat Kats, etc.)

S: I never met Jim but I heard so much of the stuff he has done and I believe he is the most iconic actor out there. He can manipulate his abilities with his voice. Such as when they get someone to replace someone and gets someone who sounds right and I think his work is indistinguishable. My actual favorite voice actor is Maurice LaMarche ::goes and does his impersonation as Brain and sounds good::
M: Gotta love how it was on Animaniacs and then became its own thing.
G: What is the most interesting experience you have encountered in your line of work? Like a particularly funny story.

Scott was said a few things such as a wrid girl that licked his face at one point and I believe mentioned some sort of scream since he had to do it as Duo.

M: What is one character that you miss doing and want to record as again?
S: All of them, but honestly if there was a remount of Beast Wars because that show was fun to work on and has such a great cast.

S as Waspinator: Give me one last chance to fly!

As Rat Trap: Well you gotta move it there bug! I know I know shut up Rat Trap!

S as Dino Bot: Insulent Vermin! One track like that I will beat you brutely!

S as Silverbolt: Now calm down citizens…

I think that was about it, not sure what happened to the last video but at least we got to interview Scott! What made me sad though was that for the new Transforrmers Animated they got Tom Kenny as Waspinator instead of Scott but his characters were dubbed into the Transformers Hall of Fame. Still it was an honor to interview him and able to grow up hearing the voice, especially hearing his voices during the interview! If I would do it again, I would and ask him more stuff but this is what I have for now. Next year, with the “Old vs. New” theme, MetroCon will be getting Richard Epcar and will be asking to interview him since he has done not only voice work but directing as well! I will have to wait and see what else to come for next year!

That’s about it for this post! Hope you enjoy my experience from this with my interviews. What’s next? Of course, my Christmas stuff post, knowing there is one huge haul to do and of course, my Bests and Worsts of 2013 for the New Year! Now Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!

Collective Haul: Walmart, Walgreens, Target, and Farmer’s Market

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Yet again I have another haul for you guys! I have been going to WalMart, Walgreens, I even went to Target for some items that I didn’t get to mention yet! And also got make up on EBay and went to the Farmer’s Market so will share that! Let’s get started!

Target: I went to Target two or three weeks ago! Not sure but my brain’s a bit fried since I have been working on a paper and studying for one of my classes as a jump start for finals and did go to Target for stuff. At first I thought I was going to get some OPI polishes that were in the dollar section according to Nouveau Cheap but the Target near me didn’t have them and they only had the Nicole line! I knew I should’ve went to Super Target but didn’t feel like going all the way to Waterford so I did get some items and one of them is another bottle of the Ultimate Shield Top and Base from Sally Hansen since the bottle I owned was about to thicken up and dry out, which I decided once the New Year comes around and Wet N Wild comes out with their Wild Shine Matte Top and Base coats I am getting my base and top separately since it sucks to have something you like thicken and dry out! I didn’t get any new nail polish since I am still trying to use some
of the polishes I rarely use and never got to use yet, which during that weekend was perfect timing I got the new bottle of the top and base since I tried out Rainforest from Revlon finally! I did get some new Maybelline stuff and one of them is the new Color Sensational Plums in Plum Perfect! I love wearing purples and pinks, even though I branched out a bit during the summer by getting Kiss Me Coral from Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lip Gloss line, but purple is my all time color to turn to and I tend to go down the vampy route with make up. This lipstick line was all over the tv commercial slots whenever I watched tv anytime I get the chance and I was a curious, little kitten and finally got to find it at Target! I almost got Plum Paradise but wanted to go with Plum Perfect since it is a all around plum lipstick, but may go back for Plum Paradise soon! I did pick up two more of the Color Tattoos and they are in Silver Streak, which was the silver one I wanted ever since I had Electric Blue from the metallics collection, which would go great as an eyeliner with my Don’t Steel My Thunder pallet from Wet N Wild since it has metallic grays and silver with it. I also got one of the originals in Paint It Purple, which will look nice with a Lolita dress I am planning to get made for Metro next year and it will have purple trimming and will be perfect to wear in that hot, humid Tampa weather since they stay for a long time and melt in the skin when they dry! Of course, I will use it as a liner! I also had to gget new star stickers for marking my make up since thee old ones I had keep peeling off and don’t look right when I put scotch tape over it, so I could actually feel these!

WalMart: I went to WalMart a week ago and had to get a few things from there! Well, I thought I was going to get two items but got more! First, I ended up getting a new carrying case for my make up that I take with me! I noticed that a lot of make up bags were pretty small and I almost was handed a big one but it was too big until I found a cute, little Caboodle with stripes! I love Caboodles and wanted one for the longest time when I was a kid when they used to be only plastic and now I own three, one for my perfumes and important jewelry, another for extra nail polishes, and this one for my carrying my make up around! It is not like the Lancome bags I used before, it can fit in my purse but I may just put my lip items in there when I travel with purse only instead of lugging this thing, but I do carry it in my backpack! Plus, I can have it in the bathroom during conventions when we have to stay in hotels. It does fit everything if you’re wondering, that is why I got it since I can’t fit everything in my old bag, especially with the brushes and color tattoos since I use them as eyeliners sometimes. I did get a few LipSmackers trios and one of them is I never found until now in the LipSmackers section and it is the Sour Grapes trio, which features Sour Grape, Orange Sherbet, and Pina Colada! I also got another trio that I thought it would be the Starburst one but not really, it did have three fruit flavores like Cherry Kiwi and two others. I also got another item I I was aiming to get and that is Kashi Humus Crisps! I have been on a hummus craze for days and I heard about these on the TV and wanted to find them and the flavor they had was sun dried tomato, basil, and feta! I loved these and hope I can find the other flavor! I did also get barbecue Pringles in case the Hummus crisps didn’t taste good and need to clean the pallet with! The final item was something I found in the check-out line, well my dad did, and it is this little double thing that had Nutilla and pretzel sticks, it is like the Japanese snack where you have a little pocket of frosting you dip in and have cookie sticks to dip in, I got that and wanted to try when I get to! That is WalMart!

Walgreens: I had two trips to Walgreens and the first trip was to get more of my Sensodine toothpaste and more deodorant, which they were doing a special on Dove deodorants which you buy one and get the other for half off and I did get two by taking advantage of the special! I didn’t find my fave Cucumber and Green Tea scent but I did get the Plum and Sakura Blossom and Pomgranite and Lemon Peel or something ones to try out for a change, which I sometimes I change out scents. I also went by the Wet N Wild section since I found out from Eleventh Gorgeous that Walgreens was doing their buy one get the other half off on WNW products which I loved from last year and wondered if it was happening again and it was! I got two nail polishes in Gray’s Anatomy and another bottle of Saved by the Blue, I was originally going to get two Saved By the Blue but when I found Gray’s Anatomy I had to get it and try it out! I did get two lipsticks in It’s a Girl and another one which I forgot the name off the top of my head but I think it is pink. Then I got two liquid eyeliners, one in black, which I feel my black liner is running out and I love using the liquid liners from WNW and I found something I have been looking for a while! Last year when Lush first introduced Emotional Brilliance, they had a mermaid colored eyeliner that was great for me, it was turquoise, well deep green blue, and I was trying to find dupes since the make up ran a bit pricey for me despite getting Bubbly from the line, which is the same color as Snow Fairy, liquid lipstick and haven’t used it again by the way since I know I would run out if I kept using it. Anyways, I found a dupe in Wet N Wild and it is dark turquoise and perfect! Also the half off makes it better! I did get two of the trio shadows in Cloud Nine and I’m Feeling Retro since I love using their shadows and heard good things about the Retro pallet since it has purple, blue, and white, while Cloud Nine is a nice switch since it has blue, brown, and gray. My second visit was today and didn’t get much and that was to get another one of my Clean and Clear for Sensitive Skin facial wash! This morning I ended up having the pump broken while I was showering and I took the pump off the new bottle and put it on the old so I can use up the old bottle since it is my first time using the product and can use the new one after I run out! I did get two new Revlon lip items, one is a repurchase of the Cupcake Lip Butter which I was running low since Metro and will be using again when I do Lucy for Holiday Matsuri and a new lip balm stain in Beloved! I wanted to get Midnight from the Just Bitten line but it looks like it got discontinued or something, comment so I would know if it was, for years and never gotten it until I found this one! I am going to be using it with my Hot Topic purple gloss, which matches perfectly! I know I should use the gloss with the lipstick but I like the Black Heart lipsticks on their own so the gloss will be used with this one!

Farmer’s Market: So, this morning I finally got to go to the Farmer’s Market downtown since I have been missing the honey I tend to get during the smester at the Farmer’s Market on campus and finished my bottle of Pumpkin Spice and was glad to get it again along with a bottle of Wildflower and Clover, which is another fave honey of ours, as in me and my fiance, since we sampled from a friend’s and I wanted to get it since I tried it. It has a nice sweet and spice and the bees the owner of the honey has said they do keep clover flowers near the hives for the bees to pollenate and it has a great flavor, especially in its own honey, it is also used in Pumpkin Spice to add more spice to it and it balances the flavor. So, that will be used in my tea! All thanks to this honey, I can’t use store bought honey since it is said that in some areas they get Chinese honey and we need to be careful, but at least this is local honey here in Florida and it came from actual beekeepers! On top of that, I did get a few more things, I got a bracelet that the person made with coconut shells for the beads, it is in the shape of half and crescent moons and it’s so comfortable to wear and not clunky! It was only $5 at this guy’s table when in surf stores it may cost more, especially near the coast, but this was cheap! I also got handmade soaps that brought me into the market on first whiff! They are local as well, I believe from my area since the guy recognized my high school on my shirt, which I was wearing for my workout, anyways, soaps smelled amazing and they are like Lush Butter Cream soaps but cheaper! They are $8 for one bar but he gave a deal where you buy 3 for $20 for me and I got the Filthy Unicorn, which smells amazing, it has berries as its smell and I did get suckered by the mint and chocolate soaps that the guy was selling since I love minty scents, especially Dirty shower gel and perfume from Lush, also Ice Blue soap, but I got it as a whole bar, along with the chocolate one! Great thing is that these are good for the environment since they don’t contain any parabins and has actual oils and made with actual ingredients and these last for a month for each bar! Good deal and they are also pretty big! I can’t wait to use these! I also have their card so I could tell my fiance’s mom about these, I know I love Lush and Yardly soaps but I think these will be better and not like Lush, hoping not, won’t melt as quickly. I will have to review one of these when I use it.

EBay: I have been shopping online lately so my Paypal has been racking up and my card. ::sighs:: Anyways, the only two make up products I am going to talk about are a rare LipSmackers eight pack that I found 702 Must Haves was carrying in her store! As you know I go crazy for holiday themed LipSmackers, especially Easter since I have the most of and still have a lot of and these are an eight pack of Christmas related flavors for instance one is a vanilla sprinkle one, another is chocolate and mint, and an interesting one deals with a jelly flavor which I never seen before! I was sold and I knew that the stores here, especially Kmart where they would carry the Christmas ones (I don’t get why Kmart gets the Christmas ones only and Target only gets Easter in my area) and decided to buy! When I got the package, it was very interesting in the design of the lip balms, how so? Well, normally with these special edition ones there would be a topper thing sold separately but each cap is a clip topper so you could give these away as gifts, which I won’t since I love using these little lip balms, but you can try and find these as “Very Cute Limited Edition LipSmackers Clip On and Tag” which this pack came with little gift tags to give to whoever, which is cute! Another thing I got and knowing it will ship tomorrow is these gift sets of the NYX Butter Lip Glosses! I know I have been going lip crazy this year but I heard about these all over YouTube and how great they feel, so I went and searched and found some and found the two holiday sets, which have three of the glosses, and one seller sold them separately while the one I got it from sold both for one price and free shipping, so I was like why not? Plus, I don’t know when I will ever go to Alta since I want to go there for months and never get the chance since I found one in Altamonte and another in Sanford! Also, my fiance has been to the Waterford location and I really want to go! (Don’t worry, his mom sent him for an OPI polish) So, I decided to get these two sets since I heard so many good things about them and I never tried NYX products before! I almost got an eye shadow pallet which had other extra stuff like a bronzer and blush page and some lip stuff in it, but didn’t want to get it since I didn’t hear good things about itso settled with ELF on EBay. Anyways, the sets are known as Simply Sweet and Enchanted Kiss and they come with three and I forgot what Enchanted Kiss had but I do know the other had Éclair, Cherry Pie, and Apple Streudel which Apple Streudel is a really popular color along with Crem Broulle and I think the other one has Crem, but not sure, will have to see! I can’t wait to try these when they arrive and may have to review in what I think of them and see if I like them! I know I will get comments from people saying “You haven’t tried NYX?” Or “You will love these!” Time will tell! Can’t wait!

Well, that is my haul! I will get the interviews as promised, which I found out recently that Nintendo’s video recording system on the 3DS is not good because of the audio is hard to hear and when I contacted them about that they told me that they didn’t add audio adjustments to the video recording equipment. I thought it didn’t make sense and told them that and suggested it should be fixed and did push my screen reader idea again (which I found out it wasn’t forwarded until I contacted them again) but still, Nintendo, you are into new innovations with gaming on the Wii, Wii-U, the 3DS and its XL counterpart, why not just add audio to your video recording equipment since you did add cameras to your handhelds in the first place! ::sigh:: So, I will be listening and getting the transcript from both interviews! Also, put them in my portfolio for my minor to show that I can do interviews! So, for now on, we agreed that we will use something else because for Metro next year if we do get press again I want to interview Richard Epcar! Well, stay tuned! So much for December as well, as in Christmas stuff under the tree, Holiday Matsuri despite going for a day, The Hobbit 2, may review that since I didn’t review the first, sorry because of food poisoning last year! Of course, Lush shopping after Christmas and my Bests and Worsts of the Year! Stay tuned for all of that!