Collective Haul: Walmart, Walgreens, Target, and Farmer’s Market

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Yet again I have another haul for you guys! I have been going to WalMart, Walgreens, I even went to Target for some items that I didn’t get to mention yet! And also got make up on EBay and went to the Farmer’s Market so will share that! Let’s get started!

Target: I went to Target two or three weeks ago! Not sure but my brain’s a bit fried since I have been working on a paper and studying for one of my classes as a jump start for finals and did go to Target for stuff. At first I thought I was going to get some OPI polishes that were in the dollar section according to Nouveau Cheap but the Target near me didn’t have them and they only had the Nicole line! I knew I should’ve went to Super Target but didn’t feel like going all the way to Waterford so I did get some items and one of them is another bottle of the Ultimate Shield Top and Base from Sally Hansen since the bottle I owned was about to thicken up and dry out, which I decided once the New Year comes around and Wet N Wild comes out with their Wild Shine Matte Top and Base coats I am getting my base and top separately since it sucks to have something you like thicken and dry out! I didn’t get any new nail polish since I am still trying to use some
of the polishes I rarely use and never got to use yet, which during that weekend was perfect timing I got the new bottle of the top and base since I tried out Rainforest from Revlon finally! I did get some new Maybelline stuff and one of them is the new Color Sensational Plums in Plum Perfect! I love wearing purples and pinks, even though I branched out a bit during the summer by getting Kiss Me Coral from Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lip Gloss line, but purple is my all time color to turn to and I tend to go down the vampy route with make up. This lipstick line was all over the tv commercial slots whenever I watched tv anytime I get the chance and I was a curious, little kitten and finally got to find it at Target! I almost got Plum Paradise but wanted to go with Plum Perfect since it is a all around plum lipstick, but may go back for Plum Paradise soon! I did pick up two more of the Color Tattoos and they are in Silver Streak, which was the silver one I wanted ever since I had Electric Blue from the metallics collection, which would go great as an eyeliner with my Don’t Steel My Thunder pallet from Wet N Wild since it has metallic grays and silver with it. I also got one of the originals in Paint It Purple, which will look nice with a Lolita dress I am planning to get made for Metro next year and it will have purple trimming and will be perfect to wear in that hot, humid Tampa weather since they stay for a long time and melt in the skin when they dry! Of course, I will use it as a liner! I also had to gget new star stickers for marking my make up since thee old ones I had keep peeling off and don’t look right when I put scotch tape over it, so I could actually feel these!

WalMart: I went to WalMart a week ago and had to get a few things from there! Well, I thought I was going to get two items but got more! First, I ended up getting a new carrying case for my make up that I take with me! I noticed that a lot of make up bags were pretty small and I almost was handed a big one but it was too big until I found a cute, little Caboodle with stripes! I love Caboodles and wanted one for the longest time when I was a kid when they used to be only plastic and now I own three, one for my perfumes and important jewelry, another for extra nail polishes, and this one for my carrying my make up around! It is not like the Lancome bags I used before, it can fit in my purse but I may just put my lip items in there when I travel with purse only instead of lugging this thing, but I do carry it in my backpack! Plus, I can have it in the bathroom during conventions when we have to stay in hotels. It does fit everything if you’re wondering, that is why I got it since I can’t fit everything in my old bag, especially with the brushes and color tattoos since I use them as eyeliners sometimes. I did get a few LipSmackers trios and one of them is I never found until now in the LipSmackers section and it is the Sour Grapes trio, which features Sour Grape, Orange Sherbet, and Pina Colada! I also got another trio that I thought it would be the Starburst one but not really, it did have three fruit flavores like Cherry Kiwi and two others. I also got another item I I was aiming to get and that is Kashi Humus Crisps! I have been on a hummus craze for days and I heard about these on the TV and wanted to find them and the flavor they had was sun dried tomato, basil, and feta! I loved these and hope I can find the other flavor! I did also get barbecue Pringles in case the Hummus crisps didn’t taste good and need to clean the pallet with! The final item was something I found in the check-out line, well my dad did, and it is this little double thing that had Nutilla and pretzel sticks, it is like the Japanese snack where you have a little pocket of frosting you dip in and have cookie sticks to dip in, I got that and wanted to try when I get to! That is WalMart!

Walgreens: I had two trips to Walgreens and the first trip was to get more of my Sensodine toothpaste and more deodorant, which they were doing a special on Dove deodorants which you buy one and get the other for half off and I did get two by taking advantage of the special! I didn’t find my fave Cucumber and Green Tea scent but I did get the Plum and Sakura Blossom and Pomgranite and Lemon Peel or something ones to try out for a change, which I sometimes I change out scents. I also went by the Wet N Wild section since I found out from Eleventh Gorgeous that Walgreens was doing their buy one get the other half off on WNW products which I loved from last year and wondered if it was happening again and it was! I got two nail polishes in Gray’s Anatomy and another bottle of Saved by the Blue, I was originally going to get two Saved By the Blue but when I found Gray’s Anatomy I had to get it and try it out! I did get two lipsticks in It’s a Girl and another one which I forgot the name off the top of my head but I think it is pink. Then I got two liquid eyeliners, one in black, which I feel my black liner is running out and I love using the liquid liners from WNW and I found something I have been looking for a while! Last year when Lush first introduced Emotional Brilliance, they had a mermaid colored eyeliner that was great for me, it was turquoise, well deep green blue, and I was trying to find dupes since the make up ran a bit pricey for me despite getting Bubbly from the line, which is the same color as Snow Fairy, liquid lipstick and haven’t used it again by the way since I know I would run out if I kept using it. Anyways, I found a dupe in Wet N Wild and it is dark turquoise and perfect! Also the half off makes it better! I did get two of the trio shadows in Cloud Nine and I’m Feeling Retro since I love using their shadows and heard good things about the Retro pallet since it has purple, blue, and white, while Cloud Nine is a nice switch since it has blue, brown, and gray. My second visit was today and didn’t get much and that was to get another one of my Clean and Clear for Sensitive Skin facial wash! This morning I ended up having the pump broken while I was showering and I took the pump off the new bottle and put it on the old so I can use up the old bottle since it is my first time using the product and can use the new one after I run out! I did get two new Revlon lip items, one is a repurchase of the Cupcake Lip Butter which I was running low since Metro and will be using again when I do Lucy for Holiday Matsuri and a new lip balm stain in Beloved! I wanted to get Midnight from the Just Bitten line but it looks like it got discontinued or something, comment so I would know if it was, for years and never gotten it until I found this one! I am going to be using it with my Hot Topic purple gloss, which matches perfectly! I know I should use the gloss with the lipstick but I like the Black Heart lipsticks on their own so the gloss will be used with this one!

Farmer’s Market: So, this morning I finally got to go to the Farmer’s Market downtown since I have been missing the honey I tend to get during the smester at the Farmer’s Market on campus and finished my bottle of Pumpkin Spice and was glad to get it again along with a bottle of Wildflower and Clover, which is another fave honey of ours, as in me and my fiance, since we sampled from a friend’s and I wanted to get it since I tried it. It has a nice sweet and spice and the bees the owner of the honey has said they do keep clover flowers near the hives for the bees to pollenate and it has a great flavor, especially in its own honey, it is also used in Pumpkin Spice to add more spice to it and it balances the flavor. So, that will be used in my tea! All thanks to this honey, I can’t use store bought honey since it is said that in some areas they get Chinese honey and we need to be careful, but at least this is local honey here in Florida and it came from actual beekeepers! On top of that, I did get a few more things, I got a bracelet that the person made with coconut shells for the beads, it is in the shape of half and crescent moons and it’s so comfortable to wear and not clunky! It was only $5 at this guy’s table when in surf stores it may cost more, especially near the coast, but this was cheap! I also got handmade soaps that brought me into the market on first whiff! They are local as well, I believe from my area since the guy recognized my high school on my shirt, which I was wearing for my workout, anyways, soaps smelled amazing and they are like Lush Butter Cream soaps but cheaper! They are $8 for one bar but he gave a deal where you buy 3 for $20 for me and I got the Filthy Unicorn, which smells amazing, it has berries as its smell and I did get suckered by the mint and chocolate soaps that the guy was selling since I love minty scents, especially Dirty shower gel and perfume from Lush, also Ice Blue soap, but I got it as a whole bar, along with the chocolate one! Great thing is that these are good for the environment since they don’t contain any parabins and has actual oils and made with actual ingredients and these last for a month for each bar! Good deal and they are also pretty big! I can’t wait to use these! I also have their card so I could tell my fiance’s mom about these, I know I love Lush and Yardly soaps but I think these will be better and not like Lush, hoping not, won’t melt as quickly. I will have to review one of these when I use it.

EBay: I have been shopping online lately so my Paypal has been racking up and my card. ::sighs:: Anyways, the only two make up products I am going to talk about are a rare LipSmackers eight pack that I found 702 Must Haves was carrying in her store! As you know I go crazy for holiday themed LipSmackers, especially Easter since I have the most of and still have a lot of and these are an eight pack of Christmas related flavors for instance one is a vanilla sprinkle one, another is chocolate and mint, and an interesting one deals with a jelly flavor which I never seen before! I was sold and I knew that the stores here, especially Kmart where they would carry the Christmas ones (I don’t get why Kmart gets the Christmas ones only and Target only gets Easter in my area) and decided to buy! When I got the package, it was very interesting in the design of the lip balms, how so? Well, normally with these special edition ones there would be a topper thing sold separately but each cap is a clip topper so you could give these away as gifts, which I won’t since I love using these little lip balms, but you can try and find these as “Very Cute Limited Edition LipSmackers Clip On and Tag” which this pack came with little gift tags to give to whoever, which is cute! Another thing I got and knowing it will ship tomorrow is these gift sets of the NYX Butter Lip Glosses! I know I have been going lip crazy this year but I heard about these all over YouTube and how great they feel, so I went and searched and found some and found the two holiday sets, which have three of the glosses, and one seller sold them separately while the one I got it from sold both for one price and free shipping, so I was like why not? Plus, I don’t know when I will ever go to Alta since I want to go there for months and never get the chance since I found one in Altamonte and another in Sanford! Also, my fiance has been to the Waterford location and I really want to go! (Don’t worry, his mom sent him for an OPI polish) So, I decided to get these two sets since I heard so many good things about them and I never tried NYX products before! I almost got an eye shadow pallet which had other extra stuff like a bronzer and blush page and some lip stuff in it, but didn’t want to get it since I didn’t hear good things about itso settled with ELF on EBay. Anyways, the sets are known as Simply Sweet and Enchanted Kiss and they come with three and I forgot what Enchanted Kiss had but I do know the other had Éclair, Cherry Pie, and Apple Streudel which Apple Streudel is a really popular color along with Crem Broulle and I think the other one has Crem, but not sure, will have to see! I can’t wait to try these when they arrive and may have to review in what I think of them and see if I like them! I know I will get comments from people saying “You haven’t tried NYX?” Or “You will love these!” Time will tell! Can’t wait!

Well, that is my haul! I will get the interviews as promised, which I found out recently that Nintendo’s video recording system on the 3DS is not good because of the audio is hard to hear and when I contacted them about that they told me that they didn’t add audio adjustments to the video recording equipment. I thought it didn’t make sense and told them that and suggested it should be fixed and did push my screen reader idea again (which I found out it wasn’t forwarded until I contacted them again) but still, Nintendo, you are into new innovations with gaming on the Wii, Wii-U, the 3DS and its XL counterpart, why not just add audio to your video recording equipment since you did add cameras to your handhelds in the first place! ::sigh:: So, I will be listening and getting the transcript from both interviews! Also, put them in my portfolio for my minor to show that I can do interviews! So, for now on, we agreed that we will use something else because for Metro next year if we do get press again I want to interview Richard Epcar! Well, stay tuned! So much for December as well, as in Christmas stuff under the tree, Holiday Matsuri despite going for a day, The Hobbit 2, may review that since I didn’t review the first, sorry because of food poisoning last year! Of course, Lush shopping after Christmas and my Bests and Worsts of the Year! Stay tuned for all of that!

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