Interviews with Scott McNeil and Brittney Karbowski from MetroCon 2013

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! And Merry Christmas to all of you! Finally I got around to it and it is the interviews with Scott Mc Neil and Brittney Karbowski from MetroCon this year. Sorry for taking a long time with school, being sick, and many other things, so let’s get this started!

Brittney Karbowski

First is Brittney Karbowski, she has been working for ADV Films, which is now Sentai Works, and Funimation. She has done voices in anime such as Kiba, which was where I first heard her as my fave character, Roya, Angel Beats as Yuri, and one that everyone knows and loves Black Star in Soul Eater. I had fun interviewing her and this is what happened and a heads up…

M= me, Mari
B= Brittney
G= Gondras, my fiance since he asked a few.

Note: I am doing my best in seeing what they said since the 3DS audio is not great quality.

M: You’ve been at so many conventions, what is the best thing about the conventions you’ve been to?
B: The fans because without them it wouldn’t make experience possible.
G: Also don’t forget about the cool costumes, can’t help looking at those!
B: Of course, whenever I see them I am always like I know that one and get excited about it!
M: It’s because that you were in that work?
B: No, it’s because I just know about it.
G: Or that you are like “That’s my character!”
B: Exactly!
M: I know you did guys and girls, which gender do you like recording as the most?
B: Recording wise boys are fun like girls are fun to do.
M: Because of the different ranges you have to do?
B: It’s because doing a boy’s voice is dealing with my actual voice and it can be hard on the vocal chords.
M: Kind of like you had to do Black Star.
B: Black Star is my absolute favorite since I have to scream a lot!
G: Between screaming his name and and his intro.
M: Even with Wendy in Fairy Tail…
B: Wendy is very high pitched and airy, which the hard part about her is keeping the airy quality.
G: Any other projects you can tell us about?
B: Another is coming out.

(Another note: This was done in July, not sure if this work came out since we interviewed her then!)

G: Is that the title?
B: Yes, it’s a movie that is really, really good! Kill Me Baby is also coming out.
M: Oh man, we know that one…
G: The theme song got to us.
M: When you’re recording, do you some movements for your characters?
B: I do a little bit of movements, it’s acting and you can’t be higher than the mike, like “High! You’re high!”
M: Do you have any advice for anyone who wants to get into voice acting?
G: The aspiring voice actors…
B: Tons of advice! The most important thing is that the most operative word is that voice acting is acting. And a lot of people want to be a voice actor, it is another outlet of acting Which no matter how many things you see you can do, be able to do it.So, it’s the acting part. It has to do with travel and auditions, auditions,auditions, if you can do all that and put your time into it then be able to take constructive criticism and don’t be upset if you didn’t get the role you signed up for.
G: Another question, any projects you really want to get into? Kind of a dream role?
B: Um, I don’t know about the projects they get or the auditions for them. You don’t really know about them beforehand, just know about that character.
G: Any projects that you want to be really a part of?
B: Well, I am always happy with the ones that I’m a part of. You can’t really beat yourself over any parts you don’t get in this job.
G: A particular favorite among your body of work?
B: I have a lot of favorites, everytime it’s like you can’t choose between your kids. You created that character and it’s always going to be with you and I can’t choose between them. And what’s your favorite may not be someone else’s favorite! I can’t choose between Pride and Black Star, they are very different characters and how you make them to be.
G: Any project you have a funny story fro? Or interesting story?
Hmm…which one…uh …
G: Something like something funny really happened in the recording booth.
B: There was a lot of funny things happened like making fart sounds, not actual ones, just sounds like when two characters are blushing at each other and then someone makes the fart sound at that moment. It’s very ridiculous.

The rest of the interview ended with how we talked about some of the companies went down, Bandai’s American branch and ADV Films, and some of the projects they were doing were either picked up by some of the other companies, like Funimation re-releasing some of ADV’s projects as complete collections, or gone with the wind. We even agreed on some of the works that she already worked on before would be still released if they were anything with Bandai. Still, it was a great interview and fun. Now onto Scott’s!

Scott McNeil

Scott is one of those voices that everyone has grown up on! He has a very long list of roles, almost as long as Steven J. Blum’s when you look at it, I did read it when I did my research for this interview and it was an honor for me to do it since I remembered him as Rat Trap, Waspinator, Silver Bolt, and Dino Bot from Beat Wars which was a series I remembered watching when I was 9 before I had to head out the door. Interesting fact about Scott according to IMDB is that Beat Wars is the first series that he used his voice in different tones for each of his characters! If you never seen Beat Wars, well he was in Inu Yasha as Koga and Duo Maxwell in Gundam Wing and the movie for Gundam Wing, Endless Waltz.

S= Scott now and the other abbreviations stay the same!

Note: The 3DS audio is bad quality so I am getting the responses that I can hear like with Brittney’s interview. With next year, I will have my recorder. Also, the video kept cutting out and Gondras had to make new videos, so if I don’t get many answers, sorry about that!

M: Your bio says that you’re from Australia right?
S: I am actually from Canada but I grew up in Australia with the koalas and then moved back to Canada when I was a tiny tiker. (He was doing an Australian accent at some parts of his statement, which I will be mentioning that he was going into his various voices!)
M: Have been back there ever since?
S: That is a long trip, I will go back there unless they invent the teleporter then I will go back! I am still an Australian citizen and if I can handle the five hours, since it’s a long trip then I won’t be coming back.
G: Any projects you’ve been working on you can tell us about?
S: My Little Ponies. ::sings “Ponies on Parade” from that series::

We even talked about the new Equestria Girls movie for a bit since he played Slim and Slam in Friendship is Magic.

S: Also more work in League of Legends online, Dungeons and Dragons online, Johnny Test, going into Season 7 with that.
G: It is amazing that is going into Season 7 since it’s been on for so long.
M: How did Jim Cummings become your favorite voice actor?

(Note: Jim Cummings is another voice actor with a long list of roles like Winnie the Pooh, Swat Kats, etc.)

S: I never met Jim but I heard so much of the stuff he has done and I believe he is the most iconic actor out there. He can manipulate his abilities with his voice. Such as when they get someone to replace someone and gets someone who sounds right and I think his work is indistinguishable. My actual favorite voice actor is Maurice LaMarche ::goes and does his impersonation as Brain and sounds good::
M: Gotta love how it was on Animaniacs and then became its own thing.
G: What is the most interesting experience you have encountered in your line of work? Like a particularly funny story.

Scott was said a few things such as a wrid girl that licked his face at one point and I believe mentioned some sort of scream since he had to do it as Duo.

M: What is one character that you miss doing and want to record as again?
S: All of them, but honestly if there was a remount of Beast Wars because that show was fun to work on and has such a great cast.

S as Waspinator: Give me one last chance to fly!

As Rat Trap: Well you gotta move it there bug! I know I know shut up Rat Trap!

S as Dino Bot: Insulent Vermin! One track like that I will beat you brutely!

S as Silverbolt: Now calm down citizens…

I think that was about it, not sure what happened to the last video but at least we got to interview Scott! What made me sad though was that for the new Transforrmers Animated they got Tom Kenny as Waspinator instead of Scott but his characters were dubbed into the Transformers Hall of Fame. Still it was an honor to interview him and able to grow up hearing the voice, especially hearing his voices during the interview! If I would do it again, I would and ask him more stuff but this is what I have for now. Next year, with the “Old vs. New” theme, MetroCon will be getting Richard Epcar and will be asking to interview him since he has done not only voice work but directing as well! I will have to wait and see what else to come for next year!

That’s about it for this post! Hope you enjoy my experience from this with my interviews. What’s next? Of course, my Christmas stuff post, knowing there is one huge haul to do and of course, my Bests and Worsts of 2013 for the New Year! Now Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!

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