Christmas Haul 2013

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I hope everyone enjoyed the interviews. I will see if I could do more as said before but will have to see. Anyways, so Christmas is here, then will be over. That would mean Christmas haul! I got my gifts from my mom and dad, well my mom is a early gift and a late one, which is still being worked on. And my fiance’s mom and then my fiance with after Christmas! Let’s start with parents!

From the parents:

My parents was different this year because I got bit of an early gift and I should start with that and got a new pair of boots for my Lucy cosplay and got to wear them at Holiday Matsuri! As you guys know I had a pair of boots that hurt my feet like hell and got worse, especially during the Propeller Anniversary Halloween party where I had to send my fiance back to the car for my flip flops and decided I need better boots and with winter coming up, the lightbulb clicked and decided to ask my mom for a pair of boots that are standard boot heel, knee high, and in 11 or 12, since theones I had before were 12. At first she got some at Shoe Carnival and the problem was that they didn’t close up around my leg with the zipper and the toe on my right foot went to the tip of the toe which doesn’t feel right to me. So, the first week of December, which was the week before Matsuri, went to Macy’s since we were at Florida Mall and tried looking around in Hot Topic, they only sold the boots online and didn’t want to test my luck, tried Journey’s but they only go up to 10 which sucked, went to Skecher’s and nothing, but Macy’s was where I found the perfect pair! I was even sitting in front of the display they were on! They were exactly like what Lucy wears and they fit perfectly in 11 and they were so roomy, roomier than the ones from Shoe Carnival! I wore them all day at Holiday Matsuri since we were there for only one day and the only pain I had was my ankles at the end of the day, I didn’t take them off at all like the last pair. I even told a girl who couldn’t find the right kind of boots for her Lucy outfit to go to Macy’s because Macy’s has big sizes and they tend to get the right styles as well. Anyone want to cosplay as Lucy Heartfilia, I would suggest going to Macy’s as a last resort since they do run a little over a hundred but it’s worth it for someone that has big feet like I do. Plus, the sizes are what they are in these boots. I would say try the after Christmas sales if you decide on this costume. The late gift on the other hand is going to be new jeans since I took a look around and found out that brands are doing that slimming their actual sizes to what they are not supposed to be and since I have been muscular in the bottom half of my body, especially my legs, now I have to wait til after Christmas for new jeans.
The stuff I got from my dad was stuff I kind of had before and one is a re-purchasing, and new items that came out. I had a hard time with knowing what I want this year because I ended up getting Iron Man 3 when it came out with the Ultimate Edition that came with the 3D version, the Blue Ray, the DVD and extra stuff to go with it, so I was out of ideas until I almost thought a new 3DS but then got the Pokemon 3DS XL with Xarnius on it I believe, I know it is the blue one and it has one of the legendaries.So, after finding out when Fairy Tail part 7 was coming out and made a list of perfumes, I knew what I wanted.

First perfumes and they are Curve Crush and Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck Enchanted! Curve Crush is the repurchase of the bottle I have. I love this perfume and so far it is close to the end since not only I wear it but tend to use it as an air refresher. I like the fresh smell from the new bottle since the one my dad got me from the Flea Market seems to smell off to me and the fresher one has bit of a spicy scent to it and like it that way bit more and trying to finish it off before I use the new bottle. With Wonderstruck Enchanted, OMG I love it! I am not a Taylor Swift fan when it comes to her music but there are times when I do get celebrity perfumes like Nicole Richey’s last year and did get Celine Dion’s perfume as a Christmas gift one year and like them both and decided why not add both of Taylor’s since I was kind of curious of hers. So, got Wonderstruck Enchanted for Christmas since it was on my Christmas list this year and my master perfume list to find them and I love the scent! It is very sweet with vanilla and as the day goes on, which I am wearing right now, it turns into a marshmallow scent, kind of like the Marshmallow Kiss hand sanitizers from Bath and Body that come out every Christmas. I am thinking of getting Wonderstruck since I love this one and the bottle is very pretty, I like the charms on the cap. I am hoping Wonderstruck smells as nice as the Enchanted one! And see how the bottle looks if it has the little charms on it as well.

Next is DVDs, as said all thanks to finding out about Fairy Tail part 7 coming out on the last day of finals, it ended up on my list and did get it! Me and my fiance have been waiting to see the next part of season 2 especially with the Etalus arc, which this part is the start of it since the flip cover as Happy and Carla and I did switch the cover to that! I can’t help it, they are kitties! Hoping the next part doesn’t take the same amount of time like between 6 and 7 came out, which 6 came out a month after 5 and four months later 7. Oh well, at least we get to see more of Fairy Tail until then! Next is Vampire Knight Guilty, which is the second season to Vampire Knight. I know it’s been a year since I got season 1 but with the release of Fairy Tail and getting other anime seasons at Metro, I forgot about it until I got my discount card to FYE. Decided to wait til Christmas Listing time and got it! I like the series and like the idea of a class of vampires in order to keep the order between day and night beings in balance and I want to see what happens after what happened to Zero since the first season shown how he got infected by vampirism. I wish they picked someone else for Zero’s brother rather than having Vic Mignogna doing his voice as well, I will have to see how this season goes. And finally, Pacific Rim since I already got Iron Man 3 I had to get another movie that I did like during the summer and of course is the better version of Eva 3.33! I know Eva 3.33 was licensed and might be still being worked on at Funimation and might be released in the new year, hopefully since I want to hear the English track since the casting changes for some of the characters and for the newer ones are good. At least with Pacific Rim, they did what Eva 3.33 didn’t and that was explain what was going on and it took mecha vs monsters to a new level! Yeah Eva did do the underwater battle and inside the volcano fight but with Pacific Rim it is all underwater! And of course, can’t help with the effects that they used with the yagar and Kaiju fights, even with one of the character’s backstories. I would say get it, especially with the DVD and Blue Ray combo since you get the holographic cover with a kaiju switches to Gypsy Danger. I would suggest after Christmas buy item if you haven’t gotten it for christmas!

Finally make up! I went ELF crazy this year all thanks to getting into their line last year, I had to get more items, especially when they had these for the Holiday. Well, I need to confess is that for I went to Walgreens with my dad when Ihe got the first ELF items which got me to wanting more. First is the ELF nail cube which contains 12 nail polishes in one box! When I heard that ELF made nail polish I knew I had to get some and was glad to find this thing since it contains 2 more polishes than the Spoiled Nail Buckets by Wet N Wild, but minus the nail file and toe separaters which I don’t use separators since my toes do it on their own. I haven’t tried any yet since I still have a nail look for the holiday and will be using Ice Dream from Sinful next, but these are small polishes and the colors in the cube I got do have a lot of nude colors, even one named Nude, but there are other shades like two purples called Purple Dream which is a blue/purple and the other Purple Pleasures which is a light one. There is a red, a teal I believe, a gold, a cream, and so many others I can’t name them all but this is awesome that ELF released nail polishes and should release them and actually get better sections at Target and at least be in Wlgreens as a hint since they carry the holiday pallets. Which The holiday pallets are different this year because not only they have the regular books but also have the Disney Villain books as well, which I have three of them. At first I was getting Cruella’s book, which the books are Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmations, Ursula from Little Mermaid due to the re-release of the movie this year, Malifacent from Sleeping Beauty, and Evil Queen from Snow White, which the book was Cruella I was getting first from my dad and he kept it til Christmas Eve but I did go back and get Evil Queen and Malifacent since I figured their eye shadow pallets would be different and feature smoky eye pallets which are a six pan pallet that come in these books, along with a liquid liner, a pencil one, a mascara, which I don’t use since I wore my Cruella shadow today, for a neutral look, a brush applicator, and a lip stick that is liquid or lip gloss and a lip shimmer to put on top of the liquid lip stick (will call it that since it feels more like a lipstick rather a gloss) and it was hard to find the other two I wanted since they were on sale when I went back for them, was lucky to find them. I also got a small pallet in the look books, similar to the shimmer eyes one I still have and trying to finish up but with nine shadows rather than the twelve, it also came with a pencil liner and applicator like my shimmer eyes one. A great thing this time is that the applicator had both sides because the one I had in the pallet from last year is that it was broken. I also like how they put magnets in the books this time rather than the ropes since those got outstretched a lot.. Final make up items are the holiday Lip Smackers! These weren’t any of the ones I saw on the site, which I had to get the cookie lover set on Ebay but the ones my dad got me happened to be the tube sets like last year but they changed! Two of them are reprints of the cupcake and vintage sodas ones and that actually made me happy since I got more cupcake flavors and more of the vintage sodas, which contain the Cherry Soda, Root Beer Float, and Vanilla Malt Soda, then ended up with the classic Holiday whichcontained the cotton candy flavored one that was released every year.

From Fiance’s Mom

So, went over to stay with my fiance since we had to go to the Lush After Holiday sale since my fiance gets me something from Lush every year and I did get something from his mom of course! This year was better than last year in my opinion since it deals with some stuff I like and she knows some of the companies I do like. First are two limited edition nail polish sets from Wet N Wild. One of them is a set of limited Mega Shine polishes, which I never seen this set before until now. I didn’t know it existed since I heard about the Spoiled nail buckets, but knowing my CVS locations don’t carry them and almost thought about buying online on EBay but I heard how the brushes kind of suck and now the Mega Shine line is making their own versions of some of the Spoiled polishes by what I heard. I know some of these polishes will be awesome since I do have some of the Mega Shines like I Red It in a Book, I need a Refreshmint, my personal fave, Disturbia, Wet Cement, On a Trip, and five of the Pick Your Poisons, I hope the set is pretty good. Another set is the Furgy gift set with four polishes from the Furgy collection. I know I am not big on the Furgy stuff except for two polishes I almost got until I found the Pick Your Poisons I was looking for a year ago, at least with this set comes with five polishes and one of them is the one with the star glitters, which I was thinking of getting before. Another thing she got me is a lotion from Bath and Body Works in a scent I loved forever and it is in Japanese Cherry Blossom, which has been a long time since I had it from when I had a hand santizer my mom handed me once. So glad I have the lotion again since a few years back my fiance got me a gift set in a Cherry Blossom bag that came with the lotion, shower gel, and I think the body spritzer. And then she got me a few bars of Yardly soaps which I used for a while, because of how Irish Spring seems to clog up when it gets down to the tiny bits, so Yardly doesn’t do that as badly and they make scents that I like and she got scents in Aloe and Cucumbber, Pomagranite Rose, and a new one called Jasmine Pearl which smells like jasmine flowers and I love jasmine scents!

After Christmas:

Went a bit crazy with after Christmas since Lush was doing their sale for their Christmas stuff and I had to get some items that I needed, aalso went to Hot Topic and Best Buy!


This year I ended up with four medium bottles of Snow Fairy and four large bottles of Ponche from my fiance . I had some bottles left of Snow Fairy left over from last year and was hoping to get large bottles but when we got to the store they were sold out! So, the medium bottles will hold me over like the years before since it takes like a month and a half to two months to finish one and of course it is hard to store the big ones sometimes, which I will have a field day with the bottles of Ponche since they still had large bottles still and those will be lasting a really long time since the large ones do last like three months if I remembered from my bottles of Twilight when I had a large one last year and the large Snow Fairy. I thought they would have Twilight again but I found out they only had it online this year and it made me sad since I love that scent! I still have my bottles of it from last year so I need to make those last if they don’t come back, which I should request it to be back in stores since it was really convenient last year in stores! With my tab, I had to repurchase some things I needed, I know the gifts were tempting but the needed items were more important but I did repurchase the Magic Wand bubble wand which I got one free when I bought one which made me happy since I love the Snow Fairy scent and it’s really fun to use! . I did have to get more shampoo and conditioner and this time not only I got a big bottle of Fair Trade Honey, which I decided big bottles since I am not sure when I will drop by with my final semester right around the corner and will be busy with that and conventions to think about, so big bottle of Fair Trade Honey, and switched the conditioner to something I missed and that is American Cream. I loved American Cream and haven’t used it since I dyed my hair blue a few years back and this will help me out to keep my hair soft. Plus, it is a nice change from Happy Happy Joy Joy until I run out of this big bottle! I did have to get another container of my Celestial moisturizer since I feel like I might be running low on it and it would be best to get another while I was at it instead of ordering it online or wait for my next Lush visit when I am out. and this is the only moisturizer I can find that is not a tint and works best on my skin since it is made for the ones with sensitive skin. I was sad that they sold out on the Santa lip scrub though, which I wanted mmore even if I hadn’t started using it, but after trying I loved it! Oh well, at least the Popcorn one is permanent.

Next Hot Topic:

We were there for their buy one get one half off sale which was happening all month, which I do love! I did get a text from them while beging on the phone with Lush in the morning. I did pretty good stuff and they were t-shirts which were a shirt with the new starters of Pokemon X and Y. Even though I haven’t been playing Y lately but I do still like Froaky from the starters and I love frogs, so got this shirt. At least nowadays I won’t be made fun of for wearing my Pokemon shirts since I am in college unlike back in middle and high school when it was considered too nerdy or for little kids. There are adults that still like Pokemon. Anyways, I did get a Dr. Who shirt of the David Tennant doctor standing next to the Tartarus They had a few others, but I like this one since he looked like his smartass self in the pic. Knowing so many people, they may ask me where I got it. I did get sad when they didn’t have a girls’ shirt of Tom Hiddleston Loki and another of Harley Quin in my size of XXL since they are so petite! I can try to find it online since I have Hot Cash again! Oh yeah., Hot Topic is doing it again! Go and get your Hot Cash! And I did get one thing more before I got a Stitch button to round it off and it’s a bottle of purple hair dye. Why? Well…you know how you have dreams that won’t shut up? Grav3Yard Girl has gone through her tattoo dreams and those were signs to her and well…with me it’s dying my hair which is weird! I dyed my hair blue for my cat girl but I guess after years of not dying these dreams pop up randomly! I either have pink hair or purple, or even did one half pink and the other purple like how Molly had her hair when Harry reunited with her in Proven Guilty, even the last one was I was impressing my old rival, well she mostly picked on me and didn’t know why, by having my hair purple with pink streaks and her hair was crappy since she dyed it so much and haven’t seen her since Freshman year of high school when she went with blue hair. Anyways, I was like that’s it I need to shut my dreams up and picked up a bottle of the shade called Purple Haze which is a deep purple. With my hair it will probably be darker than the bottle, maybe like a midnight purple since it would like nice back when I had more of Midnight Blue hair. Let’s see what happens! I think I needed this before I graduate from school this spring. .

Now onto Best Buy! My fiance had to pick up his one year membership card, which he tried asking for it from me if I coulddn’t get him anything, which I did get him a a new Deadpool Shirt that one of the vendors from MythiCon still had it at Matsuri and we kind of tried to see who would get it, so got it for him! I had a gift certificate for $20 to Best Buy and needed to use it, which Best Buy bothered me to no end about it still, since I just used it. I got the entire series of Firefly on Blue Ray! I almost got Wreck It Ralph and Legend of Kora but realized I can get Wreck It Ralph during any point with my gift certificates if I get a new one, Legend of Korra I can also get the season on another visit or as a gift, or even watch on Net Flix. since it was on sale which I haven’t seen much of it when Scy Fy shown it and since I do like Nathan Filian since I like Castle, I decided to see his character in this series and according to Gondras, he is a pretty badass guy! I also had to get a can of pringles so the system would let me use it. Which I don’t get why since the tax brought it over $20 when it was on sale for $19.99. Gotta love the system they have in place.

Well, that is it for my Christmas haul! Wait! I did get a few things before Christmas…

Before Christmas items included:

The Smoky eye book from Hot Topic since it’s been a while I got eye shadow from them and thought it would be nice to get one of their books. I also got their teal glitter liner since it would go well with my turquoise liner from Wet N Wild. I also got Vanilla Bean Noel and Marshmallow hand sanitizers from Bath and Body, but had to go back the week after for the Twisted Peppermint ones since the girl put back the only one I got so my mom would meet the thirty dollar mark on one coupon. Grr! I did get five of them this time! I also got their lotion and shower gels for both Vanilla Bean Noel and Twisted Peppermint which makes me happy and will give a lot of shower stuff for a long time! (Yeah, I am good on shower gels for the next year and a half!) I also went to Sanrio while and got a new Hello Kitty plushie that is a big one, the girl who worked there said it was part of a promotion, not sure what but it is a big one of HK with a polka dotted dress and bow. I also got an ornament of Keroppi in a milk bottle plush and it is so cute! I am hanging him on my doorknob all year round. I will go back for the plushies for him though since I am trying to get the Street Fighter version of him. I also got two candy things, one of a lollipop of Hello Kitty which tasted very sweet to me and a roll of tape that the girl gave me! I also got a box of these cupcake bites, think of cookie dough bites but with cupcake mix instead. They are sooo gooood! And I think that is it besides the two other Disney Villain books!

That is it for the Christmas Haul. What is next? Well, my November and December favorites and then Bests and Worsts of 2013! Til next time!

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