November and December Favorites

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Well, it’s close to the end of December and that means it is time for another favorites post! I tried a lot of new things when it comes to nails and a few other things you never expected! Let’s get started!

Clean and Clear:

Face Wash for Sensistive Skin: Wait! I am using Clean and Clear finally? Yes I am! I was using a different facial wash before this one and don’t know the name but it was meant for combination skin and was told by a WalMart girl that it was best for senstive skin but it wasn’t working out towards the end and it had a weird smell to it. So, went back to WalMart and while trying to find that same face wash I found this one instead and it works a lot better since it is made for my skin type! I heard so many good things abouyt this brand and I can see why since it is clearing up my skin . So far, most of my left cheek has cleared up, now trying to get most of my right since I had my zit-that-wound’t-go away popped and trying to get rid of its scab form. At least this stuff is working!

Black Heart:

Teal glitter liner: I just worn this a day ago and love it! It is still the same consistency as the other glitter liners I own from the Black Heart line! I will try and use the smoky shadow pallet if I can.


Butter Lip Glosses: A first to appear on the list and that is the NYX cosmetics since I finally got around to trying them! I never tried NYX until so many people on YouTube talk about NYX products and how great they are and I finally got to see why and that is their Butter Lip Glosses! I heard so many things about these, especially through Dulce Candy’s Alta Haul a month ago and Color Swept Beauty back in June and decided to get these. I went on EBay and picked up the two gift sets which feature chibi size versions of them and I thought it would be best to introduce myself to them this way in case I don’t like a color or do like one and it will help me know what to repurchase when the time comes for that Alta visit. I tried two so far which happened to be Apple Streudel and Cherry Pie, which Apple Streudel is a coral color while Cherry Pie is a red and I rarely wear reds and this felt good. One thing I don’t like about these is that they are a bit sticky while applying even with a lip balm, but their staying power is amazing especially when I drink water or other beverages. I am so glad I tried these out, which got me to get another NYX product on EBay and that is the One Night in Morrocco pallet which features eight shadows that are smoky mattes and lip products, also a base which I have to see what that is when it comes to me, which I should shout out to the host of Beauty Broadcast for suggesting this pallet even if it’s on clearance on EBay with some sellers, but I want to see how the eye shadows feel before I go and get some at Alta when I get more NYX products! I may also try out their Butter Balms which I heard they are also pretty good, so let’s see what happens! I will be using the other four lip glosses I got in these sets to see how I feel more about them!

Wet N Wild

Turquoise eye liner: I am so glad I found this and glad I don’t have to get the Emotional Brilliance liner in this color because it is pretty pricey but I still am happy that I found its dupe! It is pigmented like the rest of the liners I have, which are the black, blue, and purple ones. I am going to see if Hot Topic has a teal pencil so I could use on my upper line since I have to use this for both top and bottom for now and I do pair it with the teal glitter liner, which looks awesome!


Color Sensational Plums in Plum Perfect: I love this lipstick since I always wanted to try out some of their newer stuff for a while and this was it. This color almost sold out by the time I got it at Target but it is what it says and it is the perfect plum shade. I may go back and get the Plum Paradise one.

Color Tattoo in Point It Purple: I finally started liking the color tattoos since I picked up Electric Blue a few months back and saw why a lot of beauty gurus love them! They do stay on and they are very creamy, when they dry they feel like powder and melt in to the skin. The one I like the best is Point or was it Paint It Purple which is the purple from the first run! I do like Silver Streak and Electric Blue from the metallic line but I love this one the best since it goes with the love of purple shadows I love and it glides on well, especially as an eyeliner which I go back and use it as one when I wear these now! I even suggest this as a must have product if anyone does Kankuro from Naruto since it won’t glide off like regular costume make up! Plus, I will be using this if I do Lolita at some point.

Lime Crime

Airborne Unicorn: I know I don’t normally get high end items when it comes to make up, even though I do buy from Lush but it’s mostly with their shower, bath, and skin items, but this is something that my kitty curiosity was killing me with and it’s all thanks to Nicole Garriaro (sorry if I butchered your last name if you’re reading this Nicole), which I love her videos and subscribed to them and she is a Florida girl like I am! She always mentions these lipsticks in favorite videos and even recently did a Love It or Leave It and talked about how great they are and very opaque and so on. So, went EBay searching since I like to get good deals, especially with higher end stuff, I did pay close to what the official Lime Crime site and Urban Outfitters sell these for which was about $18 for one but the one I got was a dollar more plus $2 in shipping and that is a purple one called Airborne Unicorn! I was trying to find Nicole’s fave, Cosmo Pop, but no one had it! They had the others, including a few discontinued ones but they were Australian and Canadian sellers but didn’t want to wait for so long to have this since the crazy holiday shipping season was upon everyone, I didn’t get my gift from my brother yet which is really bad and still waiting! Anyways, I like how the packaging looked, it came in the little box you tend to get with some products, which I kept to know which item in my lip case it is instead of marking it with a sticker like I always do! I liked how the stick itself looks like a black light and it has a unicorn. I even like the scent and it was smooth to put on with a lip balm underneath! I can see why Nicole love these and I might go back to get another in the future or just stick with this one, since she did mention with their website you have to stalk since some of the colors do get bought out, especially with Cosmo Pop and Big Pink Planet. One good thing is the reason behind they are pricey is that they are cruelty free and US made which is very good! Thank you Nicole!


Top and Base Coats: Don’t worry they are separate items! As you read in my Target, Walgreens, WalMart, and Farmer’s Market haul I wanted to wait until Wet N Wild to release their top and base coats but couldn’t wait anymore since the latest bottle of Ultimate Shield was about to dry out again! I did complain to Sally Hansen about it and I did sign up and reviewed about it and warned any viewers about the drying effect, so decided to finally buy my tops and bases separately and went with Sinful’s base and their shiny top coat! These two were supposed to be used with the Leather Lux collection since the top coat is supposed to give the shiny, leather look to your nails but they can be used for all your polishes! I started using these with my Stroke of Midnight polish since I had to do a quick manicure for my Itachi cosplay for a cosplay event a week back and it worked out! I have to wait until my polish dries before using the top but it works great! Except for the high end polish my mom got me at Alta that same weekend, which chipped the day after I applied it! Still, it works great with other polishes, so may be a repurchase or might get Wet N Wild’s stuff after this batch, let’s see what happens!

Ice Dream: The replacement and remake of a beloved polish from years ago and that was Ice Touch! This one is very different and was happy it came back but as a new color and it looks like Ice Touch but with shimmer. Plus, the formulation is very smooth and it glides on better than before! I am so glad they reprinted it but under a new name!

Favorite nail look of the holidays:

Icy Splash by Pure Ice with Liquid Crystal by China Glaze: Now onto my favorite Holiday Nails and this year I have been playing around with glitters, especially with the China Glaze Prismatic polishes I have been owning since last year. I only used one polish and that was Ray-Diant with a cobalt chrome that WNW released and this year I have been using them more! I only used Full Spectrum and Polarized which was on my nails for Christmas with that high end polish I mentioned above, along with one more and it was when I did it for Lucy for Holiday Matsuri! I didn’t know what to do at first and then decided to do a holiday look with an ice blue polish I haven’t used and that is Icy Splash from Pure Ice which is a chrome, light blue and got it with my Icy Mellot polish a year ago and then added shimmer with Liquid Crystal from Prismatics. It was a very nice nail look and it gives off the illusion of ice with the glitters! I may have to do this look again in the future if I go back to Holiday Matsuri or any other Holiay event when I am Lucy.


New Lucy Boots: I don’t have the brand off the top of my head but my fave footwear is my new boots for Lucy and I got them from Macy’s, well my mom really got them for my Christmas present early since I was doing the cosplay for Matsuri. It was better than wearing the two-inch heeled boots from the summer and have to walk back and forth between the Embassy, the car, and Burger King with them. As you could tell, I was tired of them until I got these since they are comfy, I didn’t have to take them off at any time, even suggested Macy’s to a fellow Lucy cosplayer since she had a hard time finding the right boot when she saw mine! They are pricey but worth it, if I were to go back and see these again, I think the price have dropped dramatically. Get them while you can!


Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate Mint Bark: OMG! I went a bit chocolate crazy this year, especially with some of the next few snacks I will be mentioning but I got the peppermint bark again since the tv at Gondras’ house shown commercials with the bark again and this was when finals was on us and I sometimes need chocolate for comfort so found the bark at his nearby Publix and was happy to find the dark chocolate version since I thought the milk version was okay, but I love the dark chocolate one more since dark goes better with mint in my opinion. I may have to get this again if it comes back next year during Christmas since I have so much stuff to finish! They also gave samples of the milk chocolate counterpart when we went to the Ghiradelli chocolate shop at Disney Village side of Downtown Disney on Gondras’ birthday but I prefer this!

Midnight Revery by Ghiradelli’s Ice Cream Shoppe: OMG! This was heaven and yet a bit of a regret since we are trying to watch our health, especially after our days of being ill after Matsuri but it was worth it, especially when Cheramie Leigh tells you to try it! Yes, she was the one who recommended this during MythiCon since she went to Downtown Disney during one of the nights when she was here and she described it to the point of me wanting to have it and it is dark chocolate ice cream with brownies, dark chocolate fudge, and best part is always the chocolate square they topped it off with and this thing is made with the 80% coacao dark chocolate which you can buy on the shop side. I can see why Cheramie loves this and so do we!

Green Tea and Pumpkin Kit Kats: After a long time of waiting I finally tried the Japanese obsession with Kit Kat bars! I don’t get why they do it but make different flavors of Kit Kat bars and the ones I got are both the green tea flavored and pumpkin flavored ones that the snacks guy was carrying at Matsuri. He held me two bags of the green tea ones as promised and then I bought two of the pumpkin ones that day as well, which I tried one of the pumpkin before going back and they are so good! The green tea ones weren’t as bitter as the green tea Melty Kiss Gondras got me since it had the wafers, but still so good! While the pumpkin ones tasted like pumpkin fudge you can get from the Candy Cauldron at Downtown Disney around November and also a pumpkin pie, but more like the fudge due to the chocolate that was use! The taste in both is not really strong but more semi-sweet due to the wafers being used and I do eat the sticks two at a time like always for the full effect. I know I am weird, it’s my tongue that prefers it!

Cupcake Bites from Sanrio: These are good, they are like cookie dough bites you find at a candy store but with cake mix instead and they taste like cupcakes from a bakery!


“My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark” by Fall Out Boy: I know this is a bit of an old one but of course Fall Out Boy returned after Pete Whence left Ashlee Simpson and came out with this song. I had to download it because I had it as a ringtone and there are times when it gets into my head and doesn’t want to leave! So, had to download it and love it! It brings a new sound to Fall Out Boy and not sure how the entire album is like but if I were to download it, I hope it is better than the last, I thought it was good but got bored with it. Still, I love this song!

“Heart Attack” by Demi Levatto: I know, normally I listen to alternative, metal, local bands, and Japanese music, but this is a guilty love for me! Ever since I heard this song earlier in the year, I kept humming it and then stopped until recently while getting Gondras his birthday present at Barnes and Noble it played and wouldn’t leave. I had to download! I confess about Demi, it is sad that she went bipolar and had to leave, which cancelled Sonny With a Chance but it was good for her to leave and pursue her own thing since she is on X-Factor and doing her own music and nott Disney. Even though I did love her movie with Salena Gomez Princess Protection Program which they should still show since it is so good along with other movies Disney did in the past, I still love Go Figure and Motocrossed. Still, I prefer Demi’s breakout more than Miley Cyrus since she has gone slutty and Salena Gomez’s sound since it is okay to me not to I love it. To me Demi is the better Disney breakout in my opinion since she can still hit it! I still listen to the song time to time, so now I am glad to say it’s a fave!


Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck Enchanted: I know I am not a Taylor Swift fan but I am a fan of her perfume! This is the second edition of her Wonderstruck perfume and it is very sweet and vanillay and I love it! I even love how it smells like a marshmallow towards the end of the day when it feels more toasty! I want to get Wonderstruck to see how different it is from the enchanted version since it is also on my master perfume list!

Ponche from Lush: What? A perfume for Ponche? Yes! As you know that every year towards the end Lush has limited edition perfumes for the holiday season and this year they did a chat party as well and the ones for this year happened to be Snow Fairy, Snowcake, Rose Jam, Ponche, and Collacus. I almost didn’t get one since I thought when they had free shipping it would be for every price range but it wasn’t, it was only when you spend $100 but then broke down since the Ponche smell might come back since with some scents every year they don’t come back. I am glad that Glog shower gel and Jilted Elf Shower Jelly didn’t make their return because they smelled awful but I wish they don’t kick out the nicer smells, like Vanilla Fountain and I got to use it only once since it came in my Quality Treats tin. Anyways, I decided on Ponche since I still had the Snow Fairy solid perfumes that my fiance’s mom gave me and Snowcake was already in my collection and I still have my bottle I got as a replacement since it leaked when it arrived. So, Ponche it was and it does smell like the shower gel! Nice and earthy and I love it! What is interesting is that the smell even stays if you use anything else on your hands or whever you spray, which when I tried it out after getting the box I sprayed on my hands and then used my Twisted Peppermint hand sanitizer and forgot I sprayed my hands with it and after rubbing the smell was still there! It felt like I gave a bit of Smell of Weather Turning! Still, a great item! I am hoping they bring Weather Turning to the stateside stores!

Well, that’s it for my faves for this November and December! Stay tuned for my Bests and Worsts of 2013!

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