Bests and Worsts of 2013!

Hello everyone and welcome back! So, 2013 is about to end and you know what that means, it’s time for my Bests and Worsts of this year! So many things have happened and so many are bests and there are a few worsts, yeah not every year is perfect! Let’s get going!

First up is that this year is the first year I’ve been to more conventions than I ever gone to in one year! Normally I would go to two or three but this year ended up being five! And they are:

Florida Anime Experience: Since it started back in 2011, I never got to go to this one since you guys probably knew my story that I couldn’t go that year because my annual eye doctor appointment fell on that fateful weekend when Steven Blum came to Orlando! Second year, didn’t care much about the guests but the girl who played Sailor Moon bought one of my HP lanyards since it was one of the ones with a heart on it and that is a major epic thing! What got me going for one day this year is that the guest of honor happened to be Mahle Flannigan the voice of Naruto Uzumaki for the American dub! I tried finding people to go in my place but was unlucky, so I went and got her autograph for me and my fiance since he had a test that day I went. I was glad to meet her and also Michael McConnohie and got my X Completed Box Set signed by him! It was a pretty fun con, still they need a better dealer room since I heard the year before’s dealers were better, I like the idea of having handmade items but the DVD vendors mostly missing since there was only one this year. I don’t get why conventions can’t get more or at least one or two like what Metro did. Still, at least it wasn’t that bad and I got to meet the girl who sells some of the best kitty ears you can find!
KnightroKon: UCF did it again and this year with two days! Plus, it was the start of the summer by then and it was great to see more people there and an interesting dealer room design, as in two halves separated by main events! Never see that a major convention. Plus, they finally got a major name in anime to show up to Orlando and that happens to be Crispin Freeman! Metro usually gets him but this year Knightro got him as guest of honor and boy it was great meeting him! I will probably mention more below!
MetroCon: This was a major change of environment when it came to conventions for us! We road tripped all the way to Tampa for this thing since w wanted to go for years until we were finally convinced and sold! Metro was the first time I got press passes and you can read my review and interviews with Scott McNeil and Brittney Karbowski on here in the past posts section! Plus we had bigger panel crowds at this one.
MythiCon: The first year convention that ended up the weekend after Anime Festival Orlando, which we missed to go to this one. Why? Because they had a really good guest list for their first year. Yeah, I did miss out on meeting Bulk and Skull, alongside Bryce Pappenbrook, Stephanie Sheh, and three of the Mass Effect cast but this one was worth it because of they got guests that haven’t been to Orlando like Sam Riegel, Grant George, Liam O’Brien, and they brought back a guest who only came once and I mentioned her in my last post, Cheramie Leigh. On top of that, you had two internet personalities which were Little Kuriboh from Team 4Star and Yu-Gi-Oh the Abridged and of course Louis Lovehog, aka Linkara, from That Guy with the Glasses! We couldn’t miss them for the world, that is why we missed AFO! What was bad about the con was of course how the dealer room was like and I did have a conversation with one of the dealers during Holiday Matsuri who was at MythiCon that was due to AFO being placed the weekend before this one and what the Renaissance had to give them in timing, so I wouldn’t blame it on MythiCon’s part since most of the dealers went to AFO to sell their stuff. On top of that, most first year conventions don’t have a stellar dealer room, KnightroKon was the same way when it started last March since a lot of the dealers were at MegaCon two or three weeks before it. All in all, it was still a very good convention and it was the only one I went to the guest panels and had fun with them!
Holiday Matsuri: We finally got to go this year but for one day, hey we only went to Mythic for two days so we don’t feel so bad! The place they held it in was huge! It is in somewhat middle of nowhere but it is the biggest place you will spot in the southern part of Lake Buena Vista! We got to host the Blind Experience again and got a better turn out and changed it up a bit! Also, they finally gave us a slot we wanted and it was the Saturday evening slot, which worked out better! Plus we got to reunite with Chris Sabat and met J Michael Tatum! What made me happy was so many people finally recognized me as Lucy unlike Metro and Mythic, even one guy from That Guy With the Glasses thought I was a Sailor Moon character! What? I did tell him check out Fairy Tail! The dealer room was nice but still it’s missing DVD dealers, yeah getting cosplay and kimonos are nice but conventions, DVD people! Get FYE if you can like Funimation does when they go to MegaCon! Anyways, there was one sad part and that was I almost lost the FullMetal Autograph that weekend! Anyone who don’t know, this is an autographed Edward Elric plushie I had since 2006 signed by a major portion of the original cast and the Brotherhood cast! Good news was that it was found and our friend who was with us did get J’s signature and he did remember us telling him about it and said “Glad that it was found!” We are making sure it doesn’t leave our sights! Anyone who was there, thanks for keeping an eye out!

Now onto the categories!

Best Cosplay Design: Rusty from my Pokemon fics! Last year it was my original character Ike but this year it is Rusty, who is a Pokemon Ranger who has forgotten his past of being on Team Aqua! Even though it is 90% done but it still needs the ranger symbol which I am planning to have on the back of the vest as patch vs the pins since it would show people what the rangers are. It is like how I thought of doing the energy symbols somewhere on the gym leaders I would cosplay as, which I am planning to do Jasmine from Johto and Roxy from Unova (she shows in Black and White 2 as the final gym leader and the anime to verse Ash for the Poison Badge at the end), I even did it for my gym leader character Ike as well with the electric energies on his jacket! This costume also still needs the scarf like the rangers wear! How did I do the design? Well, I had help with the costume descriptions of the rangers and they seem to take on more of pilot costumes, as in goggles, scarves, jumpers, jackets, and then later they have more of the shorts, pants, even vests, and according to Gondras at one point going with Indiana Jones’ design with the fedoras and leather jackets and pants! What I did since it is an original character is that I found a vest at Salvation Army, picked up a red shirt and black bandana since Rusty wears one, wore a pair of shorts, used my Ginji Amano gloves, and bought goggles! I also wore a dark, golden blonde wig to go with it since I did make him a dark blonde guy while Ike was lighter on the scale! I even worn flip flops since he does come from Hoen and they are beach people but he ends up in Sinnoh due to what happened in the story! What is most impressive is….

Best Cosplay Prop: An Actual Sized Raichu Plushie! As in an actual two foot tall Raichu plushie! I know it sounds impressive to hear that but it was possible! When I tried looking for Raichu plushies, all I found was the tiny ones you can get at Disney on Ebay and not sure if the 12 inche ones are the same size as my Mewtwo plushie, but if I have to get one for an event, I will get it but now I will stick to what a friend actually made. Someone on our Facebook doubted that I would find someone who would make it and I did and it was a friend we know during school and she did do it within the short time to spare due to work, I did have my dad fix the head, still it worked! I even had to use it to get Little Kuriboh’s attention during his abridged panel that Saturday at Mythic! Even people asked about the thing! Still impressive!
Runner Up: Lucy’s keys! Reason why it’s runner up is because I do like the keys I ended up with for my Lucy cosplay and even though they are awesome but they’re not handmade, still some awesome keys I ended up with! These were the first items I got for the costume when I started gathering the parts for it back in January, which I bought the entire set from a Hong Kong seller, little did I know that Lucy only had fifteen keys and didn’t have Pisces, Libra, didn’t have the slave Virgo key since Virgo decided to go with Lucy back in season 1, and the metal snake that shows up at the Grand Magic Games! Not sure how the set was constructed, somehow the maker didn’t pay attention to the manga or anime for which keys she had in both silver and gold, plus the Pisces and Libra keys were misprinted! If you guys got these sets for your costumes, remember Libra and Pisces aren’t her keys because they weren’t abused spirits by the wizard who wielded them, the original wizard wanted to give Lucy both the keys due to the loss and didn’t take them, but she has out of the zodiac Scorpio, Aquarius, Sagitarius, Virgo, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Aries, Gemini, and one key that I am the only one with thus far, Capricorn, which I bought separately from a different Ebay seller who had all the keys but the actual size and the actual printed ones, which I did get Libra and Pisces from them as well since I do have them misprinted! I have all fifteen of the keys and it was funny that Chris Sabat did try to take them like everyone does in the series! Still, an awesome prop I own!

Most Hardest to Complete Cosplay: Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail: Oh yeah! It was that hard! Even though the other Lucy cosplayers had an easier time getting the tank tops they worn alongside the skirts etc. But I was doing the default outfit that was based on Elly’s outfit from RaveMaster! Even though I had a friend make the outfit portion for me out of spandex, getting the rest of the parts was hard enough! As in, finding the boots which would fit me and those were a fail until my mom got me the ones for Christmas early, the belt was hard as well since sellers on Ebay were selling belts with the Fairy Tail logo but Lucy’s belt is just a standard belt and finding one in brown was not easy since everywhere sells black and tan leathered belts! I was able to find a temporary one until I found the one at Metro that I am using now, I had to wait til after Metro to get the key pouch, even the wig was hard to tame after getting it! All in all, it was still a really good costume and one of my best thus far! I will probably do one of her other outfits in the future

Best McGuyvered Cosplay: Gondras’ Reiji Cosplay from Project Crossz Zone! Oh yeah! I needed to mention this since it is something that Yaya Han won’t see and that is my fiance’s Reiji cosplay from Project Cross Zone! How it was McGuyvered? Well, try making your gauntlets and bracers out of red and black duct tape, taping red on my Ginji glove top plates, and of course getting a white wig and spray painting with the black hair spray in one half of it! Now you can see why the Myth Busters did that special with duct tape and the deserted island, duct tape can be used for anything and Gondras took it to the next level and did some of it within one night and finished it in the morning the next day. Yeah, he needs to do the actual armor making skills but this was beyond what most of the Heroes of Cosplay can do. I give my fiance major props for this one!

Best Fan Panel: R. I. P. Final Fantasy at KnightroKon! Now into the panels! As convention goers we do get the option to host panels and we got to go to a few this year but there is one that happened to be the best and that is Rest in Peace Final Fantasy because it takes a look at the Final Fantasy series of of the past and how it was better than what we see with XIII and XIII-2, even XII and XVI of course. What is great about it is that the ones hosting this did their research in each game to present their material game by game and it did bring tears of nostalgia to my eyes when VIII came up since it was the first game that got me into the series. A friend asked me if I am looking forward to Lightning Returns, nope! Because I played the old games and watched Spoony crack at XIII thus far!
Runner Up: An Hour of Pokemon with PikaBellChu! I finally got to see who PikaBellChu is since I heard of her through MetroCon’s site and how she is a major Pokemon fan! We did see her Pikachu display at Metro this past year! I did manage to go to one of her panels during Matsuri and it was right after our panel that night! It was fun, especially with Pokemon Cherades, which people got to pose as Pokemon, but until Porygon came up someone fell to the floor and acted like they were seizing since that episode gave people seizures in Japan. The only trivia question that stumped people was “Which cereal brand first featured Pokemon?” and it was Life cereal! I thought it was either Cap N Crunch or kellogs since PopTarts featured Pokemon in one of their flavors but it was Life, even the hint stumped people! I forgot the hint but I did get two of the questions right and one of them I did remember which happened to be how Pikachu was found in the manga, The Electric Tale of Pikachu. I may go to another one of these and take my 3DS next time for street passes and friend codes!
2nd Runner Up: The Modoka Magica Panel at Florida Anime Experience! I am a fan of this series and was glad that a group was going to do a panel and they were actually dressed up as the girls and one guy did do a human version of Kubei for it! It was very fun and entertaining, especially when they did the Time Warp Dance from Rocky Horror Picture Show to do a time lapse with Homura!

Worst Fan Panel: THE FAIRY TAIL PANEL! I know I talked about it so many times, especially with the panel tips and my Metro review but this was the worst panel based on an anime series made by a fan I’ve ever seen! It was so bad that even people got bored and talked behind me and people left, I even left all thanks to Gondras getting me out of there when he did! One of the Erza cosplayers I know, she was with a different group, I got in contact again agreed that it wasn’t a great panel. Plus some of the cosplays were off on some people and the guy being Freed wasn’t doing the costume, it was interesting that their Locksas did have shocked looks with what they said. If you want a detailed idea, you can read my Metro review and my panel hosting tips in the past posts section, also if you read the Metro Review you get to read the guy who didn’t do the Freed cosplay’s comment there and my response to him. If I would, I would do a panel that would entertain the Fairy Tail fans rather than this group.

Best Guest Panel: Both Atop the Fourth Wall Live and Crispin’s Mythology panel! It was a toss up between these two and they were two of the best guest panels we ever attended at a convention. First Crispin’s mythology panel which he brought to KnightroKon. He tends to bring this panel to any of the conventions he is a guest at, he even had it at Metro and this year he brought it to Knightro and gave it a nice spin by talking about heroines in mythology! We all hear about women in mythology in class but Crispin took it steps further by mentioning the idea of the Disney princesses from the early years, the mid years, and today! He even put the Utena Movie in a better meaning for me and everyone else since that movie confused the crap out of me, even the ending of the anime confused me more when I saw it On Demand, according to him it’s one big metaphor and if you see this panel in your town I suggest going to it since it feels like I am back in Mythology class with Crispin teaching it instead! The other panel is of course Atop the Fourth Wall Live, which is Linkara’s panel at all the cons he goes to! We wanted to see him for the longest time at conventions, I even tried suggesting him to AFO a year ago since he does History of the Power Rangers and has a green ranger costume and AFO does get Jason David Frank as a guest, why wouldn’t they invite Linkara? They didn’t since last year they didn’t take any fan suggestions like the year before when I suggested Johnny Yong Bosch and got him! Anyways, this year MythiCon got him and it was awesome! Especially with singing the theme and premiering the next episode at the convention, he even reviewed a Godzilla comic for his show here in Orlando. This was the major reason why I told people to go to MythiCon instead since you get to be a part of the panel and it gets posted online! I hope he gets invited again and also other guys from That Guy With the Glasses like Nostalgia Critic or even Bennet the Sage since he reviews anime series! Or even get both Nostalgia Critic and Spoony with Linkara so they could do another review together, like they did with the movie Alone in the Dark. That would be gweat!

Best Guest Moment: My interviews with Brittney and Scott at MetroCon! I had the greatest honor to interview Brittney Karbowski and Scott McNeil, Scott especially, since not only Scott is a voice I grew up with but Brittney is also up in coming in series! I am glad I got to meet her finally since I didn’t get to during Florida Anime Experience back in 2011, she did recognize my fiance since he got me her autographs when he went. I had fun during these interviews and learned our lessons in not using the 3DS recording hardware anymore! I would just use my recorder since I tried bringing it out since that thing has amazing recording range! Always next time! You can still read the interviews on here and did use them for my minor portfolio since one of my classes did talk about how to interview people. It’s still was fun and want to do it again!
Runner Up: Cheramie Leigh signing a dozen cards for us! Yeah, this actually happened at Mythic which when we were meeting with Cheramie Leigh again after three or four years of cons not getting her back to Orlando, which she remembered us both from MegaCon the year she appeared! We did have her sign Soul Eater Part 3 since it featured Team Kid and she played Patti, along with Patti plushie, all the parts of Fairy Tail we owned, 1-5 at the time, and Dragonnaut which surprised her since I am guessing no one brought her it. And the other thing she did sign was that she had a few cards and she asked which one we wanted and Gondras went “A couple dozen!” and she went and did that! I think we had 12 or something, not sure, but we did give a few away, I think we have one still where she congratulated us on being engaged!

Best Guest Encounter: Meeting Linkara before MythiCon opened! BEST ENCOUNTER EVER! How did it happen you may ask? Well, my dad had to drop me off at the Double Tree near SeaWorld and the convention didn’t open yet, so I was sitting while my dad was making sure about opening times somewhere else and then I heard Linkara’s voice off in the distance and I was like “Linkara?” He saw me and said “Yes!” And came over and we talked briefly and kind of talked about my disability and how me and Gondras are fans of his show, since Gondras did get me into the show! Our buddy who was there with us was surprised I got to talk to him first, which was very lucky!
Runner Up: Sitting behind Sam Riegel and Liam O’Brien during opening ceremonies! We didn’t know it was happening until we saw the guests going onstage from the row in front of us but our seats were lined up behind Sam and Liam! We even talked to them after the ceremonies were over! Awesome!

Best Cosplay Moment: Cheramie Leigh liking my Lucy costume! Oh yeah! Take that Fake Freed! Sorry, had to put this in there because not only I did show up as Itachi at Crispin’s autograph session which is going to be mentioned later, but this moment is the best since it happened at the Meet the Actors panel at MythiCon! I was sitting in the front with our friend…I will refer to him as Mr. Nerdy Shirts! What? He was wearing a Sherlock shirt that day, still we sat in the front of the panel where the guests were doing their Meet the Actors thing and I asked a question to Cheramie or was it when she looked around and talked about cosplays and saw me as Lucy and said, “I like your costume!” What was even better that at her signing that night that she asked about the keys and I told her I got all of the ones Lucy gets and did mention I almost brought Happy with me but was carrying too much and wore the Happy bracelet instead, which I still wear! I have a pic and you can kind of see the pain on my face from the boots, which whenever I meet up with her again I will have the new ones! Still, she likes the cosplay!

Favorite Guest Autograph Session: Meeting Crispin Freeman! Oh yes! I finally got to meet him in the flesh! Even though I had to go around a second time to get the rest of my Slayers stuff signed and had help from Mr. Nerdy Shirts and two girls behind us to get our items signed due to “Two Items Per Person!” rule they placed on us. But what made him happy to see is that we had all five seasons of Slayers including the original boxes for the first and third seasons, the Funimation releases of 2 and 3, along with Revolution and Evolution R as part of it. I won’t ever sell these because you can’t get the original boxes from Central Park Media ever again and I still need to get Lisa Ortiz’s autograph on them so it would suck if I sold them before then, plus I don’t want to since I waited so long to meet Crispin ever since I first heard him as Zelgadus in the anime. And was even awesome to have him do “Rah Tilt!”
Runner Up: Mahle Flannigan! Florida Anime Experience was another situation where they had the two items only thing but what was great was that she was nice enough to sign all our things since she didn’t want anyone to go back in the line knowing there are a lot of con goers to meet her. She even misses saying “Believe It!” since I asked her to write it for us.

Best Guest Recommended Food: Midnight Revery from Ghiradelli by Cheramie Leigh! Oh yes! Had to put this on here! I did mention in the last post that this was one of our faves but it was the best thing a convention guest ever recommended to her fans and we know why! It was so good and made with 80% cacao dark chocolate and worth the $10! Yes, it costs $10 at Ghiradelli, but worth the money and should try it if you’re in the Orlando area, especially the Disney Village side of Downtown Disney!

Huge Haul of the Year: The MetroCon Haul! Now onto hauls because it should be on here! I would say the hugest haul we ever had was from MetroCon! It was our first year at Metro and man we spent a lot in the dealer room! It was the best dealer room we have been in and it does have stuff we can’t find at the Orlando cons because they get anime vendors from all over the state not just Tampa! AFO was impressive for getting the Maryland vendor but this dealer room had people from all over, including Anime Pagoda, Anime Pavilion, even a vendor from Fort Myers! I think the Orlando cons should take more pages out of Metro’s book for vendors because we found great items, like the Zeta Gundam series, finally got my hands on a Death the Kid wallscroll, even better Evee plushies! I can’t wait to see if any of the vendors from this past year will be back next year, I am hoping so, because I missed out on a tea cup of a kitty! Nyu!
Runner Up: Christmas Haul 2013! Yes, I got so many items for Christmas, before, during, and after, I don’t know where to begin! The best and luckiest items would have to be the Lush shower gels I ended up with, which were four medium bottles of Snow Fairy and four large bottles of Ponche! I am good for shower gel until the next year and half until Lush has their sale again next year! I was happy to go into Sanrio and got the big Hello Kitty plushie! Yay!

Hardest to Find Product: ELF Disney Villains Books in Malifasent and Evil Queen! Yeah, these were hard to find the most because since they were limited edition and by the time I wanted these two, they were on sale for half off! You could imagine so many people jumped on that! I did find them which made me happy! ELF can you make the princess ones next?
Runner Up: Left overs of the Almay Clear Complexion Plus Treatment Stick! Oh yeah, had to mention this one! The thing is that I got into this product after going through my Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Spot Corrector, which didn’t work on me, it was hard to blend with my concealer and it was so blotchy, so I found this item when seeing if Almay made something similar and they did! I picked it up and loved it! It has a treatment gel on one side and then the concealer stick on the other and it blends better with my powder concelaer! What sucked though is that they discontinued a few weeks after I first started using it! I had a hard time finding it, even my dad had a hard time finding it but did get me four of the remaining Light Mediums he could find and sad that it is no longer being made. Why Almay? I am hoping I find something similar and works well with my concealer powder!

Most Annoying Wait for Something to Come Out: The Next Book for the Dresden Files! Reason why I need to mention this is because all year we have been waiting for the next book of the Dresden Files and it hasn’t come out yet nor a release date has been mentioned! I have been to Barnes and Noble to see if it did come out on the last day of finals which I was told but the guy who gave me the date had it wrong, but I did get the newest graphic novel Ghoul Goblin for Gondras for his birthday, still we are waiting for Skin Game since I watched a video interview with Jim Butcher about it and how Nicodimus is coming back! Can’t wait! I guess in the meantime we have still have the other books and the graphic novels, even the newest short story he did in George R. R. Martin’s newest anthology Dangerous Women which takes place during Changes and Ghost Story like “Aftermath” did. Still anticipating for book 15! Hoping soon in the new year and knowing it will be in our collection!

Runner Up: The wait for Fairy Tail part 5! Yes, this is added due to how we had to wait a year for the start of season 2 of Fairy Tail to be released in the States! The wait between 6 and 7 was a little annoying since it was four months in between but it was worth it, but I am hoping once 8 gets released it won’t take long for the start of season 3, or if they will do 9 and 10 as a part of season 2 due to the Etalus arc is the longest arc within the entire series! Come to think of it, it did take a part and a half to finish Tower of Heaven and Fairy Tail Battle Royale to get done, so with this arc it will take three parts to do by the looks of it! Let’s see how Funimation releases the last few parts of season 2! And hoping it won’t take another year for season 3!

Worst Make Up Item Flops: Nail Polish Strips by Kiss! Yeah, these weren’t the best nail items I had! I was introduced to nail strips all thanks to my fiance’s mom and I knew I should’ve stuck with the Sally Hansen ones after how much these failed! How so? Well, they kept peeling off really badly and they did get folded at points due to how my nails are like, but these peeled worse than the high end polish my mom got me at Alta, which chipped the second day! I even tried to glue them back down with the Double Duty and didn’t work, so I had to clean it off! I think I will stick to Sally Hansen if I want the nail polish strips again!
Runner Up: Sally Hansen Double Duty and Ultimate Shield Top and Bases! I have a love hate relationship with these so much that I am buying my base and top coats separately for now on! Problem is that these things dry halfway through the bottle, especially when they become thicker! My growth coat is not so bad since it is not a base and top combo like these and I am already halfway through the bottle and it is lasting a lot better! I am using Sinful’s base and shiny top coats and they are making my manicure last pretty well, even my Ice Dream lasted better than the polish I had on before this! As said before, won’t get these anymore!
2nd Runner Up: Maybelline’s Age Rewind Dark Spot Corrector! I hated how this one was really blotchy! I did hear you’re supposed to blend with a beauty blender later on but the problem is that it is not the exact shade it is supposed to be! I am in Light Medium in Almay’s stuff and when they say Light Medium they mean it, but with Maybelline it was darker and people asked what happened to your face? I heard one person on YouTube during their November Faves video that they didn’t like how they have to go one shade lighter than their actual shade on these since they are darker than they’re supposed to. So, that is one regretful purchase!

Best Cosplay Nail Polish: Stroke of Midnight by L’Oreal for Itachi! I love this nail polish and it was the right one for my Itachi cosplay since his nails are supposed to be a very dark gray almost black on the nails and this one is just it! I have four more bottles in case they discontinue it and glad I did get more of it. I may wear it time to time but I recommend it as Itachi’s nail color!
Runner Up: Saved By the Blue by Wet N Wild for Lucy: I always wear this polish for the default outfit, except for the nail look I mentioned in my favorites for Holiday Matsuri, still this polish is a very nice, shimmery cobalt blue that matches the blue stripes, bow, and skirt in the outfit!
2nd Runner Up: Buffy the Violet Slayer by WNW with Pumpkin Spice by Sinful for Blair from Soul Eater! Blair was another new cosplay I attempted this year but for Halloween since we had classes that day! I spent all of September and most of October gathering the parts for her with getting the wig, the witch gown, the broach, and tights, but of course already had the hat since Metro since it was one of the items I bought back then. With my nails, I did something nice! I used Buffy the Violet Slayer by WNW since Blair is known for having black and purple, especially with her hair and topped it with Sinful’s Pumpkin Spice glitter coat, which is for Halloween this year and it’s gorgeous! It has a nice golden glitter and on top of Buffy, it causes the orange sheen in the polish to come more alive. I may have to hunt more bottles of Pumpkin Spice if they come back, there is always EBay!

Well that’s about it for everything! I know this was very long, but it was worth it! What is next for 2014? Not sure if I will be doing the same convention line up as I mentioned above but I may go to Florida Anime Experience again since the guest of honor this coming year is Mary Elizabeth McGlynn which I need her to sign my .hack games since she plays Helba and speaking of that character, that is my next cosplay to attempt as characters go since me and Gondras are going to be a part of the .hack vs. Sword Art Online group for Metro next year! Oh yeah, we’re going back and aiming for press and panels again, if we do get press again, will try and interview Richard Epcar! I am also going to try and attempt Lolita, which I never done before, this will be interesting. Also, I am graduating from college, well university so I will probably start doing the career thing if I am lucky by the summer! What else? I am not sure if I will do Deidara from Naruto Shippuden since I have a good portion of the costume except the headband, wig, and the bandages Gondras use for Kakashi. Let’s see what happens! I guess that’s it! Happy New Year guys! Be safe celebrating and see you next year!

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