Bests and Worsts of 2013 Forgot to Mentions!

Hey guys and welcome back! I forgot to mention a few things during my Bests and Worsts of 2013! Sorry about that!


Best Piece of Technology I bought: The I-Phone 4S! I know what you are thinking, why didn’t I get the 5S? Well, I got my 4s before the 5s even came out! The thing was I was using a Razor from back in 2006 until the start of this year, which was a really long time and I knew I had to get a phone with voice since I have really bad vision now and can’t read my texts, I had to have people read them out to me and I had to count my texting with each key, I know it’s impressive of me to do it since I’m visually impaired. I bet you’re wondering about my make up application and nail painting, it is hard but I do manage! Anyways, I was glad to pick up this little baby since I have Siri and of course it has the latest IOS system so I don’t have to upgrade to the 5S like most people did. I text a lot more easily, have them read out to me, I can download apps, music, so on, since I got training in how to use it at the Lighthouse a month ago and glad I did since I can navigate better. I even can just listen to music on my phone without taking my IPod with me all the time when I am on road trips with my parents, also I like how I can talk on my phone with my ear buds in! I never got that with my Razor! An interesting fact is that IPhones are better choices for the blind because they are more user friendly unlike the Androids which take a lot of tinkering to do and the IPhone has blind friendly apps! I even have a site on mine that tells me about different apps that tell me what new apps are out there for me. Not only that, the training at the lighthouse recommends IPhones since how much work the Android needs in order to work where IPhones is just more faster and less tinkering! I am so glad I didn’t go with the Galaxy S3 that T-Mobile was going to offer me. Maybe I should place that story here!

Runner Up: The Nintendo 3DS XL X and Y Edition! As you guys know I love Pokemon and the thing is I missed out on the limited edition Pikachu 3DS XL because I was saving up for the conventions we were planning to go to during the summer, especially MetroCon and our hotel payment there, but I did made up for the loss by getting one of the X and Y DS’s in blue which featured one of the legendaries from X and Y, I believe it’s Xarnius, the elk looking legendary! I wish they released the really nice ones that Japan has, which are in blue and gold since we already have the red DS’s why not have the gold? According to GameStop, they are the nicest and well since Pokemon did come from Japan they do get the nicer items! Hey, at least I have an XL with X and Y all over it!


Best Movie: Pacific Rim! Yes, it’s hands down Pacific Rim! You will see why my runner up is the runner up on here this movie was awesome and one of those I needed to add to my collection and already my live-action Eva movie. Lol! Plus, it had great effects, cast, and story and you can’t beat that! Thank you Deltoro!

Runner Up: Iron Man 3! I know last year’s best movie category when I posted 2012’s Bests and Worsts on Blogger went to The Avengers but Pacific Rim beat Iron Man 3 despite how Marvel Studios cleaned up the movie after 2! How so? If you haven’t read my review on this one, I thought it was better than the second since it followed the Iron Man story better than how 2 did since it shown how Tony was going through a bit of a mid-life crisis, which I wish they saved it for a different movie! Still, this one does take place after the events with Tony being with the Avengers and does show the relationship with Pepper Pots more. I am hoping Avengers 2 will have Robert Downey Jr keep his role as Tony since there are rumors that he won’t be doing him anymore. Let’s see what happens in 2015!


Most Shocking Movie Decision: Ben Affleck as Batman for Man of Steel 2! I know this is pretty much the most shocking decision but I like it! No, it’s not due to him being a fave actor of mine but it’s because I think he will be better than Christian Bale as Batman since Ben is a Batman fan since he was a kid and know how Batman is supposed to act and he has done a superhero before as Daredevil! I know that movie sucked all due to most of it being cut out, still he did a good job as the character and with his attitude and threatening attitude in the hero suit he will be great at it I’m sure! I am hoping he won’t growl like Christian Bale if the studio doesn’t tell him to.


Stupidest Move with Movies: Pushing the Justice League Movie for Man of Steel 2! As you guys may know Justice League has been pushed back from 2015 to a different year, which is the year when Avengers 2  is supposed to come out and Star Wars Episode 7 as well. This would’ve been an interesting fight between Marvel and DC Studios since Marvel is a top studio right now and with the last Avengers movie blowing up so many theaters and getting the Best Movie award at MTV’s Movie Awards it would be hard to beat and instead we get another Man of Steel in its place. I seen Nostalgia Critic’s review on Man of Steel and I can see why it wasn’t that good. I am not sure if Gondras and I will be seeing Man of Steel 2 but it would have been great to see how the box offices would go crazy if that DC did Justice League the movie at the same time. Now we have to wait until 2017.


Worst Deal By a Company: T-Mobile with the Galaxy S3! I had to mention this since I was a T-Mobile customer for a long time until now! As you know I did mention in the Best Tech Item how T-Mobile was offering me a deal it was to keep me as a customer and not have me switch to ATT&T. They were offering me a Galaxy S3 with their basic data plan for the same price I would pay if I were to switch and get the IPhone 4S and went with it until they never sent me the phone and charged me for it. We had to call the company about it and we cancelled and I got the IPhone and then found a bill that was charging me even more for cancellation and they said I didn’t notify them that I was switching  and cancelling my old contract  but we did say were cancelling, it was a bad fight over the phone until I had to take it in my own hands and had the charges drop for what they did. I would say be careful in dealing with companies when it comes to these things and if you want to switch your plan, do it. I am so glad I didn’t stick with the Android idea since the IPhone is user friendly for the blind and now T-Mobile has it. Am I going back? No! I love ATT&T because I get better signal at my fiance’s place because when I was with T-Mobile I had to go outside and around to the front of his garage to get signal on my old Razor once. Yeah, it was that bad! Now, I can get the signal inside without doing the outside thing!


Best Thing a Guest Has Done at a Convention: Jason David Frank having a meet up after the Boston bombings! There is one thing you guys didn’t know is that I was born in Boston and when I heard about the marathon bombings I was devastated and in shock when I saw it on the news! I was even worried for my cousin who lived in that area but he’s okay since then! I did hear something and that was that Jason David Frank was supposed to be at a convention going on that weekend but it got cancelled due to what happened and since he felt bad, he had everyone meet up with him to sign autographs and take pictures with the fans at the convention location. It was the nicest thing that a Power Ranger has done to a city who was in utter shock and pain. Wait, I think the con was supposed to be the weekend after, forgot the timing, still it was awesome that he did that for his Boston fans.


Forgot to Mention Best Guest Panel Runner Up: Little Kuriboh’s Yu-Gi-Oh The Abridged Panels at MythiCon! I forgot to mention this as the runner up for the best guest panels and that is the Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged panels that Little Kuriboh had done during Mythic this year. As you know his abridged series is the starter of so many other abridged series that people had done over the years, he even was a part of DBZ Abridged by providing the voices of the announcer and Freeza, which of course were funny! His panel at Mythic was also funny and great that he shown the newest episode at the time which deals with the Marik and Kaiba fight during DuelistCity finals! It even did a joke from one of the British’s other comedic show, still it was an awesome episode. During the second panel that Saturday, the staff of MythiCon also shown up to the panel to watch the episode and that says something about a con, that they are fans of your abridged series! Seriously cons of Orlando, don’t you want this at your con? ::sigh:: I know they shown DBZ Abridged at AFO, it would’ve been better if Team Four Star was there doing the showing, so we can hear Napa commentary if Linimptor was there! Still, this panel was great! Hoping Little Kuriboh gets invited again!


Well, that is it! No more stuff! I hope you guys have a safe New Year and please drink responsibly out there since there are lunatics and the police are cracking down on drunk driving. So, please be safe, especially with fireworks! Happy New Year!

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