Second Walgreens Haul

Hello everyone and welcome back! I am back with another haul and yet again it’s from Walgreens and got some items that I kind of missed and looked for and one item I kind of needed as a repurchase and it’s boring.


First is the boring item and it is rubbing alcohol which I tend to use when I have acne pop up. I know it dries out skin but I still use my Celestial moisturizer everyday now due to how cold it has been in Florida since Tuesday and now it’s warm again for who knows how long. I was running low on this stuff and we had the big bottle but this time went with a smaller one so it won’t take a long time even though I like big bottles to last me, still I would use Witch Hazel to clear up after my make up use during the week to clear out my skin and then use my moisturizer at night.


Next, went into make up and did get a few make up items and stopped by Wet N Wild again since I loved my Wet N Wild visit last time, I decided to get another item and that is a pencil liner to go with my turquoise liquid liner. I know I don’t usually use pencil liners, the crayon sticks from Milani and Rimmel, you know the really thin ones that look like pens and with the smudger at the end and you twist up to get more  was always a hassle since they broke with the slightest touch and didn’t like how they felt on my lines. I did like the pencil liner from my Disney Villains book that E. L. F. made when I used my Cruella book on Christmas and decided to give pencil liners a chance and was glad to find this liner in turquoise and it makes sense for Wet N Wild to make it since they made the liquid one after all. Not sure if it’s new or not since I went to a different Walgreens from the one near me, guessing they put all their stuff up into the display.


Speaking of pencil liners, like all beauty gurus I had to get a sharpener for my liners and I got the Revlon Universal Points Sharpner which, according to Alta (just took a look at it there), it sharpens any kind of cosmetic pencils like eyebrow pencils, lip ones, and of course for my use, eye liner pencils and great thing is that it has two parts to sharpen regular sized pencils and then a bigger part for bigger pencils. Let’s see how this baby goes. It is around $4 after tax since it is priced $3.99 for this baby and it’s not bad for the price.


Next is something I wanted to get for the longest time ever since last summer and that is the Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquers, a. k. a. the Apocalyps Lacquers in the UK! I know I am behind with these because I didn’t find them around the time they came out at the point the HD lip glosses did, which I still have the Candylicious one from that line and have been using it lately and still loving it, since Florida is sometimes behind on some releases or don’t get some at all and decided to try and find at a later date and I am glad I did, despite it being 2014 and they came out last year. I am so glad that I found them and finally get to see vloggers like Color Swept Beauty and Eleventh Gorgeous love these things and since I loved the HD lip gloss, I decided why not? The colors I got are in Celestial, which is this pinky color since I tend to try out pinks first, and Comet, which is this is more like a light brown, the same color as café con leche which I do like wearing some browns time to time. I almost got Star Gazer but Comet sounded more appealing when the color got described to me! I might go back for Star Gazer and see how I like these when I try both, I do hear good things about these and glad that I finally found them and picked them up! If you have these, suggest what other color I should try out!


Next is a Sinful Colors nail polish and it’s in Hot Spot! I wanted to try and find a new color that they were supposed to come out with and that is Black Cherry and I read a review on Nouveau Cheap about the collection it came from which is called the Tough Love Collection and since we don’t have Rite Aids, I decided to take a try and see if the Walgreens I was at would have them and they didn’t! I read the review about Top It Off and it is supposed to have the leather look like the Leather Lux nail polishes  and this collection does rerelease some of the Leather ones! I really want Black Cherry since it is supposed to be a very deep, vampy red! I can’t find it on Ebay, but I did find Top It Off! Anyone find it? I am glad I did find Hot Spot though since I never heard or seen this one until now and if I don’t have a Sinful Color in my fave ranges, I must have, which this is a very, deep blue and I do love my blue polishes, especially from Sinful!


Last item from Walgreens is the new Jordana Twist and Shine Lip Balm Stain in Tropical Frenzy! I heard Eleventh Gorgeous mention these in almost video I have seen through my YouTube subscription feed, they even mentioned it in their Top Fave Beauty Products of 2013 video and Emily Noel did say in her Wet N Wild review of the new 2014 products about how everyone is jumping on the band wagon of these kinds of lip products and Jordana was one of the companies she did mention and I knew I had to try and find these and glad I did! The packaging reminds me of the Wet N Wild ones I picked up last weekend and they are the same size since I compared them to each other, but they are a little longer than the Cover Girl ones since I just did that comparison with their packaging. At least the wrapper is easier to get off than the Wet N Wild ones since there is a pull tab you can find in the center of the wrapper and easy to just get the entire thing off! I like the smell, it smells like punch and it goes on smoothly and I feel the moisture of the balm. What it makes the difference from the Wet N Wild ones is that it doesn’t have the minty tingle. Will I get more? Not sure yet, I will have to see how they go for my extended wear of four days! Still, this is a nice product and Jordana is a great company when it comes to lip products!


So, that is my haul for now! I may need to see other new products out there but in the meantime will be loving the ones I do have! What is next? The start of my press release on Omni Expo 2014 within the coming week since they are going to be announcing a lot of more stuff, so stay tuned!

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