Convention Spotlight: Omni Expo

Hello everyone and welcome back! Since 2014 has started you know what that means! A new convention season and a start of convention spotlights and today’s spotlight is shining down on one that I mentioned a teeny bit in my MythiCon review and that is Omni Expo!


What Is It? Omni Expo is a convention that brings media, conventions, gaming, and guests under one massive roof for one weekend in May! This year, it will be taking place May 23rd through the 25th in Orlando, Fl at the MarriotWordCenter. You can still buy tickets for this event through the website and if you haven’t signed up for the site, do so and it will give you the conventions of 2014 and select Omni Expo and it will take you from there.


Exhibitors and Dealers: Like many other conventions, there are the usual exhibits and dealers and this convention has a lot in store from what I can see from the site. Some of the exhibitors include A&A Artistry, who mini top hats that match any cosplay or if you can’t find something there is always a commission and they tend to make it on the spot! Abby Jame Illustrations is all about doing creepy art and does sell prints, and even custom items! Dragon Alley Jewelry is known for all kinds of jewelry, even with dragons! If you’re not into the fantasy jewelry, Dragon Spice specializes in the lilita, anime fashions for that inner fan! Some other vendors include Best Buy, Iron Raven Tattoo Company, and Panda Plus. If you want more information and where you can find their sites, check out the Exhibitors page on!


Guests:  And of course, conventions can’t be complete without a list of guests! This convention reaches to guests from many types of media and the guests they will be getting for 2014 are and who they play:


Steve Downes known for Master Chief from Halo

Jen Taylor, Katana from Halo and Princess Peach from Nintendo

Carrie Savage: Black and White Mokonas from Tsubasa and XXXHolic, Miyu from Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

Michael Coleman: Happy in Once Upon Time

Amrita Acharia: Irri from Game of Thrones

Chris Patton: Greed from FullMetal Alchemist, Sesame from Pretear, and Ikki from Air Gear

Ellen MCLain: Glados in Portal and Gypsy Danger AI in Pacific Rim

Darrel Gullbeau: Mikado in Dura Rara and Viewtiful Joe in Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

John LoWrie: Sniper in Team Fortress 2

Christopher Sabat: Piccolo in the Funimation Dubs of DBZ, Elfman in Fairy Tail, Armstrong in FullMetal Alchemist, Ayame in Fruits Basket, and Kurogane in Tsubasa

Kara Edwards: Goten in DBZ

Team Four Star: KaiserNeko, Lanimpator, and Takahata 101; DBZ Abridged

Toni Darling: Cosplay


That is a lot of guests, they will be getting more, so stay tuned!


Events:  The site has updated their website and added…


Power On Ultimate Gamer Tournament: Which is a 32 contestant tournament that tests gamers on fighting games that are placed randomly into a ppool and picked out out of the 25 that are placed and played and what makes it more interesting is the characters that each player plays in the game gets selected randomly for them to play as. There is a fee and it costs $22 and can be paid through the tickets section for this convention on MyConsOnline and this tourney is limited to 32 contestants, so pre-register now if you want to participate!


The Director’s Showcase:  This is where different directors get to exhibit their projects and they just extended the deadline for anyone who wants to sign up for February 1st! YThere are going to be 12 shows for this showcase and it gives people a chance to show their talents when it comes to skits, acting, and so much forr other directors that are looking for new talent! If you don’t get picked, there is always 2015!


If you all want to see what else Omni Expo has in store, there are two ways of doing so: where you can get information on tickets, hotel, the events I talked about above, guests and their signings, and so on.


You can also connect on Facebook for updates at and click on “Like!” Tell them that I sent you from Nerdy Shique Universe!


I will do more posts about Omni Expo alongside  MetroCon and MythiCon this year! So, stay tuned for that! What’s up next? I may do something special! Stay tuned! Until next time!

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