Hot Cash, Target, and EBay Haul

Hello everyone and welcome back! Taking a break from reading to do this! So, I mentioned I am going to do something special for the next blog post in the last one until I got my Hot Cash items! So, will be doing a haul since I got those and picked up stuff on Target and Ebay, which I will mention what I got for the next post later. Let’s start with Hot Topic shall we?


Last week Hot Cash got activated for anyone who has received those little cards last month on their receipts through online orders or in store purchases of $30+ like I did, then use it now! It will be going on until the end of today until the next earnings start up later in the year again! This time around I went online since I have been busy with school since it just started not too long ago and didn’t have time to go to the store but at least I did go on the website! Plus, I had a gift card for $20 from my brother that arrived after Christmas, he asked if I still go to Hot Topic and I still do since they carry stuff I wear on a regular basis and can’t wait until they sell Captain America stuff in time for the new movie this summer, which I will be going to get a shirt since I did that with the last Iron Man. What did I get this time with the Hot Cash? Let’s see!


Sailor Moon Kiss Tee: As in a shirt of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask kissing! I found this at the Altamonte store while returning the hair dye, yes I took it back, I will explain in the next items. While we were there, Gondras pointed this tee out and he remembered I loved watching Sailor Moon and how I got a Sailor Saturn tee from my first Hot Cash buy and my mug of the scouts and Tuxedo Mask and of course, my Sailor Mars and Jupiter pins. Great thing about this tee is that it fits perfectly! I know most of us can’t fit in some of the sizes of girls’ tees at Hot Topic since they tend to make them small, but this one I got in XL actually fit me! I tried it on first at the store since the girl who helped  us in the past who still works at that location told us that they didn’t have XXL (that was the size I got my Kid shirt who takes on his dad’s looks)  and she let me try it on and it fits which was a miracle! And waiting for Hot Cash was worth it since I was able to get it online and this is a top seller according to the site. I forgot to see if they had the Tom Hiddleston Loki tee since when I went to Florida Mall’s location they only had it for girl’s large and didn’t want to test it out like my experience with their Harley Quin tee at the time of my birthday, but Gondras did say they may not have it in my biggest size. Why HT? Make a guys’ version of Tom Loki so I can buy it! You guys did get the guys’ version of the Gen 1 Starters and Pikachu shirt for guys! Yes, I love Tom Loki from the movies and wants a tee even if I still have the one of him versing Thor from the first movie. Anyways, moving on!


Blue and Hot Pink Hair extensions: Don’t worry, these are two separate items! As said before, I had to return the hair dye after trying to ask with help in dying my hair purple and my mom went ballistic and thought I was insane! Okay, I had blue hair due to a costume and why can’t I have a bit of a change. So, yeah, took it back and got the Power Rangers White Ranger ear buds as an exchange  since it was also clearance and it fit the amount of the dye. But I did get something better than dying hair and that is the purple extensions, which Mommy Gondras suggested to get. I loved wearing these, I didn’t wear them today since I was in a hurry to get to class this afternoon, but I tend to wear them everyday and I decided to get more! I got ones in hot pink and blue and these packs come with two pairs and they connect by combs in the hair. I almost got the glow ice blue ones but was skeptical when it comes to the glowing part despite my experiment with the glowing green cracked nails I had during Halloween time worked, but not sure if the extensions glow, but I did kind of kicked myself for not getting them. I may go to the store and see if they carry them. I did get a pair of hot ice blue ones on EBay and still waiting for those to arrive! What is great though, your hair won’t get damaged by chemicals and you can crimp, wave, and straighten these with your hair to whatever style you want, I prefer straight to give off a nice and unique hidden look with them! I do tend to straighten my hair and may try and do that if I grow my hair a little since it is bob length! Still, glad I got more of these!


Harley Quin IPhone 4S case: Last item I picked up with Hot Cash is a phone case with Harley Quin from Batman on it! This is her comic version, not sure if it’s the new one or the old but still I love her! After going around and seeing about stuff, I decided to see about Harley Quin items and since I still debated on getting a shirt with her, I wanted to see if I can find other items! I already got the Sailor Moon shirt and didn’t want to get another, so Gondras spotted this since I have an IPhone, this phone case was perfect! I may go and get a tee of her, but right now I am happy with the phone case since I am collecting them now due to my phone not having phone charm spaces like Gondras has on his Traq Phone, but hey I can use the charms for my 3DS XL!


Now onto EBay, since I mentioned I did get one item from there, there are three other items! First is two new bottles of Sinful Colors and they are from a collection known as Tough Love and well, reason why I turned to EBay is because Rite Aid only carried this collection and it is a repromote of the Leather Lux collection from last fall, which I love and they have three new colors to go with it, Taupe It Off, which is a shimmery taupe, Black Cherry, a very, vampy red almost black, and Simply Silver, that explains it all. I tried finding these polishes after Nouveau Cheap mentioned them and reviewed Taupe It Off, but none of the Walgreens around me carried them! Even though I did get Hot Spot, finally picked up Mint Apple, which was the last bottle the one down the road from me had, also finally got Fig, and one called Daddy’s Girl, but not these! I am hoping they do carry the new Mod collections that Nouveau Cheap mentioned, Mod In Bloom and Oh My Mod since there new colors and repromotes by what I read. Anyways, I did find a seller who had Taupe It Off and bought it from her, I did ask about a listing of Black Cherry and she listed it days later and I bought it! They did come in the mail and glad I got them! I am going to be using Black Cherry after I use my other Mega Rocks polish since I used On a Trip with WildCat last week and that is almost chipped off, will be using Joinsation and Disturbia together next. Still, I am happy I found these! I should ask the seller about the new Mod collections since I didn’t ask about the other Sinfuls she may have. As you can see, I am mad about Sinful every single time they come out with new ones and there are times I can’t find them.


Nother thing I got is something that would help me out so much and just got them! They are something I had when I was a kid but lost somewhere and they are those shoelaces that are like coils and they don’t tie! Why I got these on EBay? Well, being blind is hard especially when my shoelaces become untied and can’t see them! I tend to check them and and tying them is a pain and can be dangerous at school since there are cyclists, skateboarders, and golf carts all over the place, even people who text and don’t pay attention while walking, cycling, and maybe drive golf carts, am afraid of getting ran over. Plus, there are times where Gondras does untie them by accident or other times while walking very fast at school with him or at conventions  and can’t take that break to tie them, so these are the best for me since I can just tug them when there is too much pressure on my feet! Plus I would just slip into my shoes a lot easier! I did find a pack of six pairs, I am waiting for the seller to reply back and see what were the other colors again since I chose six of them when I bought two packs of them and chose navy, green, metallic red, pink, rainbow, and white with silver thus far and want to know about the other colors  to pick more for the other pack! Can’t wait to wear these again, not sure if Disney Boardwalk still sell these since I got my very first pair there!


Now, finally Target! I only bought five beauty items and one necessity and the necessity is AA batteries since I use a Victor Reader and since my charger broke years ago and have to use regular batteries, it is a major power sucker and I was on my last pair of batteries, so I got a pack of 20 batteries for $12, which is not bad! One of the beauty items I got is something I need to return and that is I thought I got a blue eye liner pencil but it ended up being one of those retractable pencils and I had bad experieinces with them, I don’t know but retractables always break on me, even when I sharpen them and the lining  when I use them doesn’t work out. So I am going to take it back and see about going to Walgreens and get the kind I do like from Wet N Wild since I like how it feels now. I did hear the ones from Jordana feel great. Not sure yet but will see how it goes! I did get other Revlon items and they are the Matte Balms and Lacquer Balms from the Color Burst line, reasong being is that I am going to do a post known as “Battle of the Balm Stains” and since a lot of the companies have been doing the balm stains a lot lately, I thought why not do something and compare the Revlon ones with Cover Girl, Wet N Wild, and Jordana, so stay tuned to that! The ones I got are Showy and Soultry in the Matte Balms and Flirtacious and Vivacious in the Lacquer Balms! I heard so many good things about these and will see how they go, especially for the next post! I find it funny that it all started when Revlon made the Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains and now these are made a few years later!


That is it for this haul! As said, stay tuned for the Battle of the Balm Stains! Til next time!

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