Shique Spotlight Newsflash: New Omni Expo News!

Hello everyone and welcome back! Time for a Spotlight Newsflash! Last month I brought you guys info on Omni Expo that is being held in May, here is more news for you!

Two Panel Rooms Open for Fan Panels:  Like many other conventions, Omni Expo also lets the fans take part in the panel hosting experience! You can submit your panel ideas to Omni Expo through My Cons Online by logging in and selecting Omni Expo from the 2014 list and fill out their form there and once it’s submitted, you will be contacted by the panel coordinator with an acceptance message through the site which will be sent to the e-mail registered to your account and you can select the time slot you want! If you don’t have a My Cons Online account, I suggest signing up since it is really easy to use and you get to meet people that are going to the same event you’re going to. Plus, you can submit toto advertise your panel, event, and artist exhibit booth on the atrium stage. You can still find more information through the Omni Expo site for the links in getting your panel  a slot for this year’s event!

In more news, there is a major time warp and it’s taking place at Omni by having your picture taken with the Tartus from Dr. Who and the Dolorian from Back to the Future on that Sunday! Omni Expo is happy to announce that they will be supporting Michael J. Fox’s team for Parkinson’s Disease research, Team Fox this year! So, if you want a picture with your fave, blue police box that so many doctors have driven or the speedy 1985 classic car that Doc Brown has made, buy your tickets today!

New Guests Have Been Added!

Oh yes, more have been added as promised! Who?

Kyle Hebert: Kamina in Gurren Lagan, Teen Gohan and the Announcer in DBZ, and of course had an appearance in in one convention episode of Anime Abandoned on my fave website, and of course, Santa Claus in DBZ Abridged: The Christmas Tree of Might!

Grant George: Gilgamesh in Fate Stay Night, Kira Uzuro in Bleach, and mine and Gondras’ personal fave roles, Vires, aka Midboss, the Prinis, and Axel from the Disgaea series, both games and anime by the way! (If I go to this, I am so wearing the Prini Rights shirt!)

Jessica G-George: Digiko in Digi Charat, Zhu Ron in Dynasty Warriors

Robert Axelrod: Lord Zed in Mighty Morphen Power Rangers…oh the nostalgia!Ryan Frie: actor, musician, and cosplayer with a group that helps kids called Costumers with a Cause!

Those are some more of the guests, you can read more by visiting the Omni Expo website!

If you’re more into contests, the contests page has gotten an update and more to come, plus there is something for everyone who are interested in entering!

Whew, that is a lot of information for this newsflash! So, get your passes before tthey go to the next tier  in March, for tickets, hotel, guests, contests, etc. visit and

Stay tuned for the next convention spotlight on MetroCon!

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