Sunday Haul!

Hello everyone and welcome back yet again! As said before in the Convention Spotlight that I do have a haul post! Last Sunday, I went to a few places after my workout and during the evening hours since I did need a few things and also had to do some birthday shopping for a friend and was also on a bit of a Sanrio high! Let’s get started!


Sam Flax: So, the first location was to Sam Flax, which is an art store in Downtown Orlando, near the Asian Market Area of town and the reason why I went is that they were clearing out their Sanrio stuff and I have been on a high lately! I did get myself a Hello Kitty Japanese Princess plush of her in a pink and purple kimono all thanks to the Blockbuster Buster episode where EJoy was trying to cheer him up and had the plushie of her in a pink kimono with a fan. The seller I bought it from on EBay, which you can’t get these here in America so you have to go to Sanrio Japan’s site or to EBay, didn’t have anymore of the pink kimono so the choices were blue and brown kimono, a green kimono, and the one I chosen. Still adorable! I still had the high since I had a dream about going back to Sanrio and I found out on their site that Sam Flax had stuff and called and found out they were clearing out for 50% off! I did get a lot of stuff and I did get something for a friend who is having a birthday party this weekend, it is a little Kuromi keychain with the little chain instead of a key ring. I asked him which character he liked and one of them is one of my faves and it is Kuromi, he also like Pon Pon Ribbon and Choco Cat, but most of the stuff they had left was the other characters like My Melody, which they had a plush and almost got that but to me some of the plushies weren’t as great as the ones I have like the Hello Kitty ones I got at Sanrio and online, also at Hot Topic with the Chun Li Kitty, the Keroppi blinking, and my mini Kuromi that was a Toys R Us exclusive that someone sold. Anyways, I am giving him the little keychain since I also got a Kuromi plush pen and was looking for pens and got it, so keeping that! Other things I got was an old fashioned change purse with Hello Kitty on it! I loved old style change purses since I was little and I did have one from my aunt but not sure what happened to it, I think I lost it or sold it but was able to find this one! I love how the clasps are on top and you just open it up and place the coins inside. I also love how they are more spacious than the zip up ones since you can hold a lot more change than most coin purses! I am so glad I found that one! I also got a bigger pencil case to keep all my pens and 20/20 pens in since I kept some in my Keroppi pencil case and the others in Kuromi, so this one is the one that goes in the binder and very big! I also did get a Keroppi keychain where you can put other keychains and keys on, and I attached it with a little notebook on a keyring and attached it to the pencil case so in case if I have a memo to memorize, I can write it down, along with fan fiction ideas! I did get a few more pens like one plushie pen of Hello Kitty, a ball point one with her attached and dangling like a cellphone charm, and a pen with different inks in one! If you remembered those pens that have different colored inks and you push one down and you get one and then click another down then you get the other, I hadn’t had any of those since I was in elementary school and glad they sold them! If you live in town and want to get discounted Sanrio items, you should come here! I will go back to Sanrio if my family goes to Milennia anytime soon because I wanted to get a tote bag and never found any left! I carry my writing stuff in them and during cons I tend to use them for autograph items so it would be easier to take out and fit the bigger items since knowing with MythiCon, holy crap my pile is going to be huge for Eric Stuart!


Donga Corp: Well, since I couldn’t find much for my friend for his birthday at Sanrio, I decided the next best thing that he loves and that is Japanese snacks! I got him stuff from an Asian market across the street from school when they were around for Farmer’s Market Day but they don’t show up anymore and Farmer’s Market Day is Wednesdays now and hard to get there on Wednesday when I tend to have class around the same time as they do the market day thing. That is why I decided to drop by my fave market in town and that is Donga Supermarket! I love this place and haven’t been back there since December since I got my teas and the candy selection was okay, now it was better. Let me start with what I got for my friend and then me!




Tropical Pocky: I haven’t seen this before but I felt that he might like it since he loves pocky!


Chocolate Pocky: This is a staple for every anime fan and great way of starting loving Pocky! It is pretty much baby step pocky!


Strawberry Pocky: Another staple but the flavor is always okay! I love strawberries but I have a feeling he likes this flavor!


Cute Cube Candy: I gave him these since I didn’t like them much because they are really sweet! I think they are a combination of green tea and red bean according to him? I got him an actual pack of these this time since it looks like they are a fave for people!


Corn Milk Chewy Candy: I originally got these for myself since I heard about these from CharleinJapan on YouTube but they are the hard candies she talked about. I thought they were hard since my dad told me they were but they ended up chewy and tasted weird. So, I decided to give them to him so he might like these since apparently Japan is a corn lover and they put corn in anything according to Charle or Charla, sorry if I messed up your name, but I placed them in a zip lock and included some of the candies I got from the packs that he tried from my candy pouch, which I will mention below. I included the Hello Kitty melting candy, I may include some more for him since I have so much of it! I will see about more ramune or something. I will do it tomorrow since the party is not til Saturday! He always loves this stuff!


Now to my stuff…


Green Tea Pocky: I am so glad I finally found this again! As you know I love my green tea flavored sweets and I haven’t seen this in sooooooooooo long! Now Donga brought it back! I always loved green tea pocky ever since I started dating Gondras and he didn’t get me green tea pocky because they stopped carrying it before he got a chance to buy it for me, so he gets me the almond crush since he knows I love it! But I love green tea pocky a bit more and yet he finds me weird but he loves me anyways! So glad it’s back!


Fruit Yogurt Candy: I included these with my present to my friend because he tried these when I had them in my candy pouch and loved them! They are what they are, they are candy that are pretty much fruit flavored yogurt and are creamy like yogurt and they are soooo good! I think I still have some of the ones I got a year ago in the tin I have in the fridge outside but they are amazing and was glad to find these!


Hello Kitty Anniversary Candy Pack: I finally found them! I wanted to get these for months but they didn’t carry them in the fall like they were supposed to! Well, end of summer mostly, but it is the Hello Kitty Anniversary Candy pack! I love these candies like the fruit milk candies they used to make, not sure what happened to those, but glad to find these again! Also, a new change to the sticker! Instead of it being the whole card is the sticker, it is three mini stickers, so you have a mini sticker sheet! I am so glad that these returned so I can stick them onto my make up case! I might go back for more of these candies! They are so delicious!


Fruit Milk Candies: These are different from the Hello Kitty ones because they aren’t the Sanrio ones. These are a different kind which I was looking for milky candies, the hard ones I tend to love but couldn’t find the ones I tend to get, but found these instead! They also include corn flavor but at least these are hard milky candies!


I believe that is it!


Hot Topic:


So, went to Hot Topic for something completely different, well two items. I was hoping to get a Captain America shirt since Winter Soldier is coming out in April! Yay! Well, when I got there I found out that MegaCon attendees bought them out from Wednesday til the start of Mega, Friday! So, the only sizes they had left was small! So, I have to get an XL of the sield shirt ordered for me! That wasn’t a total loss since I also had a 15% off coupon on my account and realized I forgot to get a new chain for my torn pants to replace the chain that used to be on my Good Charlote wallet when I got the ball chain during the buy one get another half off sale and kind of kicked myself for it! I did get a short, silver chain for it since I was doing the black, silver with nautical stars, black, and then silver again to make it look unique for my Soul Eater version of my character, since I am doing .hack for Metro. Too bad they don’t have a lot of chains like they used to, I would love to match with the wig! Black and blue! Also the gloves, almost forgot! Still, not a total loss, have to wait for word about the shirt to be sent to the store! I haven’t heard when it got shipped, hoping I get contacted soon since the movie is coming out pretty much next Friday!




So, went to Wally World! Had to get new cottonballs! I know I should have went to Walgrens but WalMart had the really big bag of them and those lasted me from September I believe until now! Yeah, a lot of them! So, got big bag! Next, my dad had to get more hairspray! He thought my dry shampoo was hairspray but I said it was not since it does look like hairspray but it’s not. Keeps my hair clean while not washing it. And finally, got these all thanks to Grav3yard Girl and they are the Hot Designs Nail Art set! Not sure if you guys saw her video on testing these but these do work! They are that two in one, or shall I say four in one since there are four colors in each pen, which they give you six colors and they are packaged as one pen, which you twist the pen towards the ink cartridge of the pen and you get the nail polish and you uncap the very top and you get the pen and you squeeze for the design. It is easy to do and you don’t have to go to a salon to do it either, just at home! I got the one that comes with sparkling designing pens and nail polishes. I almost thought about the basic set but wanted to get the one that Grav3yard Girl has since it has silver in it I love my silvers! I may get the Basic Color set which has navy, black, red, green I think, and a few others! I will be having a polka dotted thing since you can make dots with these as well. It does come with a design guide if you want to go by that. It is $10 like in the infomercials and according to her they dry quickly! I will link the video down below so you can see how they worked out for her!


I do have news and it is from EBay! I did mention I would see about the Golden Horizons pallet on EBay and well, I found it but bought it froma different seller! She sold it pretty much close to what Ulta sells it for! It is pretty much golds, bronzes, browns, and even purples! What is interesting though, I was told that there was purple in Dusk Til Dawn, I think the girl that held Dusk for me got them mixed up, you can get purple in Golden Horizons and also Stormy Eyes, which I used today! I mostly used the smokier colors for the look I wore today! I will be wearing Golden on Saturday! I would say you should get these while they last at Ulta or just go on EBay since they are limited edition and they are a nice dupe for the Urban Decay Naked pallets and they are very pigmented and easy to use! And while I was at EBay, I did pick up a pair of white, kitty paw gloves for my Kitty Lolita cosplay for Metro since I am going to be wearing my bell collar I bought last year and my white kitty ears and paws with it!


So, that is it for now! Check out the video I post here! I am not sure what’s next since I have so many things to do for graduation in May! I will do the March and April faves before then! Til next time! And also, if you like the Hot Designs video, check out Grav3yard Girl’s channel on YouTube and click subscribe so you can be a part of the Swamp Family and give an alligator its wings! You can also check out her Facebook through YouTube and her other media sites! Her stuff is very entertaining and you may like the stuff she does! So tell her I sent you! See ya guys!

Convention Spotlight: MythiCon! Live the Legend Year 2!

MythiCon: Live the Legend!

Quickie: Ulta and Walgreens

Hello everyone and welcome back! Time for another quickie and it is a tiny haul again and this time it came from Walgreens and Ulta! In my Fairy Tail review I did last night, I mentioned I have been starting to shop at Ulta a bit more since they carry NYX cosmetics since I love their make up, especially the eye shadows! I already know that CVS is starting to carry NYX but depends on location and I don’t think the one that is down the road from me sells anything by NYX since I didn’t see anything when I was trying to find Physician’s Formula, which I didn’t like. Anyways, I recently ordered stuff from Ulta and this is what I got!




I got three eye shadow items, one pallet and two of the baked shadows since the Ulta over in Altamonte didn’t have the color I did want originally along with the pallet. Let me start with the pallet! I managed to get the Dream Catcher pallet I wanted out of the three and that is Stormy Eyes! As you know that I have Dusk Til Dawn since the location didn’t have it and I do love the browns and bronzes that come in it but I still wanted Stormy Eyes. I tried going back to NYX Surplus on EBay and they only have the display pallets, they were nice enough to see if I wanted the display one for Stormy but I was afraid if it was used or touched and so on since display pallets are usually the ones people play with in Ulta and not sure if they got their entire stock at their EBay store, may look since I am kind of considering getting Golden Horizons, the third pallet. Now I am happy with the two I got since I went on Ulta’s site and glad they still have it and same price as in the store and great thing is they take PayPal for anyone who uses it! If you’re wondering what is the difference between Dusk and this one is that this is more with the smokier colors such as the grays, blacks, even two silvers unless one of them is white for brow highlighting, still it is a nice and easy to use pallet! I was able to create a look with Dusk with the first and third colors in the top row and the first two in the bottom, which are very light brown, golden brown I believe, and mid and slightly dark brown. I can imagine what I can do with this one since you can do a lot! I can’t wait to use my new brush in this! Also, if you’re wondering, the applicator and other mirror is underneath the shadows like the Dusk pallet if you want to use it! I love how NYX is innovative with some of their pallets!


With the baked shadows, I only got two to try out since I was interested in one of them by Ms. Emily Noel on YouTube since she really got me into NYX along with Eleventh Gorgeous, but Emily had me find the One Night in Morocco pallet which I still have! The shadow she got me hunting for is called Chance and it is pretty new! It is a purpley brown almost taupe shadow! When I heard about this one, I must find it and have it! I tried to see if they had it when I got Dusk but they didn’t, which sucked and was glad to take a risk and find it on their site! I love the packaging! It is in a small cube and I was confused at first, I thought the opening was the hinge but was able to open both!They are travel size friendly! The other one I got is called Silverr Haze which is a dark silver! I had a hard time choosing what other ones I wanted since I don’t want too many in case if I didn’t like them since the color range is amazing to choose from and also wanted to branch out of purples and blues for a little, so I decided with this one! I might wear one of the baked shadows Monday or try out Stormy, still my choices arre pretty good and might go back for more!


I may also try out the NYX lip creams if I go back to the website since Grav3yard Girl talked about they got new ones and how she liked them and one she got was Transylvania from the newer colors and it is a black plum color! I will wear that with my Lolita dress during Metro since it will have purple trimming. I may go back for the Golden Horizons pallet. Just comment if you think Golden Horizons is good if you have it!




Well, had to stop at Walgreens recently since something happened Wednesday! Tuesday I finished up my bottle of my Clear Complexion Foundation and was about to use the new one until it fell off the counter and broke on the bathroom floor! We have ceramic tile that’s why it broke so easily and I haven’t opened it yet! I even have a cut from the shards when I threw the bottle away. So, I stopped by after class and got a new bottle in warm like my bottle that broke. So glad I got it! I did get a few more items and one of them is a new dual ended eye shadow brush, kind of like my small one I use for my crease and brow, this one is I use for lid and definer. The thing is I lost the one I got at Sally three years ago and don’t know what happened to it, I thought I left it at Gondras’ place but it wasn’t there and possibly lost it at school which sucked! So, got a new one, I had to go back to Walgreens since there was a mix up with one of the concealer and foundation brushes since those are also double ended! Now I have the right one! What I like about this one is that it has the big, wide brush end for the lid since I use that for my lid colors or primer color in my Revlon Primer pallets and then the other end is round which helps with getting into the part where the definer goes since I would use the smaller end for that. Not only that, it has a case to go with so I can place it when it is not used! I would say get this one since it is the same value as the Sally Beauty one I had before but this feels better!


And the last things are new Sinful Spring polishes! One is from the regular line and the other two are from their Gel Tech line! I got a Sea Foam Green polish called Innocent by what the girl who works there said and the two from the gel line are two different shades of blue, one a pastel and the other sky. Great thing is that Sinful lowered the price on their gel polishes, it used to be $2. 99 each bottle but now it’s the same price as a regular Sinful polish! I love Sinful for that! The girl thought they did it since no one wasn’t buying them but I still have the five I got when they first came out! I am waiting on a new Braille Labler since the one I have has dull blades and can’t cut. I need to contact my counselor about that since I need to label my new bottles!


Well, that’s my quickie! I know the NYX stuff was long but at least I got that out of the way first! I will be doing my MythiCon spotlight! Stay tuned for that!

Anime Review: Fairy Tail Season 2

Hello everyone and welcome back! Sorry for taking so long but I have been busy with school work since I am graduating in May and everything and projects for the final weeks have been announced, so that is why I have been a bit delayed. Now I am back to do my review on Fairy Tail Season 2 since I finished it during Spring Break! So glad I did since now the movie was released according to one of our friends, which we need to get our paws on thank you very much! So, let’s see what I thought about it!


Arcs and Story:


This season felt like it started a bit weak to me despite it starting where it left off from the Fairy Tail Battle Royale arc at the end of season 1. Like most series that have a long story this season started off with fillers but it did lead into the two arcs that took place. At least these fillers were in between arcs like Naruto, even though the first series did a long filler arc but they had to show the events leading to Naruto leaving Konoha, at least it didn’t turn into Bleach which had filler episodes in the middle of important arcs! No wonder that anime got cancelled before it went into the new manga timeskip. Anyways, the filler episode that started the season was how Lucy would get into Wizard Weekly and then go into another with Juvia trying to get Grey’s attention with a potion that had many other magical elements mixed in and hijinks ensue and then goes into the first arc, the Eracion Seis/Nirvana arc since it is the same type, and the filler and then the second major arc, Etalus!


I wished season 2 extended here into five or six parts versus the four like season 1 since there are a lot of episodes and knowing Japan, they get more in season 2 if they get the full box set since right after Etalus is supposed to be the S Rank Test on an island that the guild owns and introduces Grimwar Heart, a dark guild in their part, and gives Zereph a bigger role! But nope! We have to wait for Funimation to release part 9 since Japan put the series on hiatus for a while so the anime could catch up with the manga and don’t want to do what Kubo did to Bleach, which is a good idea! Still, I want to see more since I can see the anime in English. At least I can try and find the movie in the meantime.


Ravemaster Elements:


As you know that this series was created by the same creator as Groove Adventure Rave aka Ravemaster here, Hiro Mishima, and like the first arc, it includes elements from Ravemaster. I did forget to mention that in season 1 and some include Plu as a Celestial Spirit in the silver key line, which you see Lucy buy in episode 1, Natsu, Lucy, and Grey’s looks are based on Haru, Ellie, and Musica, even though Gajeel does have the eyebrow piercings for both brows like Musica, still the main three do look like their Ravemaster counterparts for the most part! Can’t wait to see that crossover here! So, what about Season 2?


Well, of course the Eracion Seis is an element from Ravemaster! If you watched the remaining episodes of Ravemaster, the last major arc they shown was the Eracion Seis arc and the first one here is dealing with this group and it goes with the same six member principle! This guild was formed by Brain, who has an alter ego locked inside him, gathered five kids who were slaves at the Tower of Heaven due to their strong magical abilities by the names of Cobra, Midnight, Angel, Racer, and Hoteye. What is interesting is that due to a deadline with the series, Nishima (sorry if I get it wrong again) came up with this name to meet the deadline since it is pretty much a nameless guild and on top of that, the name came from Spanish for Prayer Six in English, which each member says a prayer when they are defeated. I don’t think Angel got to say one since Lucy pretty much defeated her with everything she had!


New Characters:


Like the first season, this season introduced many new characters and the return of others! Two of them are Leon and Shelly from the Deliora arc from season 1 and brought in a new Dragon Slayer, Wendy Marvel, along with her Echseed, Carla! Yes! A kitty! Kitty! Kitty! Kitty! AHEM! And of course brings characters from one of the other guilds we met the guild master of, Blue Pegasus, Ichya and the Trimans, which include Hibiki Lates, Eve Tearme, and Ren Akatsuki. Even though there was one filler character in this season, but there is one character that Gondras really likes and I have a plushie of, Panther Lily, who was introduced in the Etalus arc! Yes, another kitty! Nyu!One other important character that shows up again is Lisana, sister to Mira Jane and Elfman, who is in Etalus due to the Etalus version of her died.




Like many anime, this series did bring back voice actors to fill in their respective roles, such as Tom McCollum to do Mistagin/Etalus Gelal and Jerry Jewel for Leon, but it did bring back one major familiar voice actor but for one of the Blue Pegasus guys and that is Aaron Dismuke for Hibiki Lates from Blue Pegasus. I was surprised when I heard that and then the voice and connected it! I still remembered how Aaron started back in Fruits Basket and FullMetal Alchemist with his high pitched voice since he was so young back then, around 10? Now his voice dropped since he grown so much! Hell, he is pretty tall if anyone met him at cons, which I did! Trust me, I had to get him to redo his autograph on the FullMetal Autograph back in 2010 I believe? Anyways, he did a pretty good job keeping his vocal range up for the age of his character, 20 according to Wikipedia, still he made it sound very natural!


But the major props would be for Brittney Karbowski for the voice of Wendy Marvell and Jad Saxton as Carla, which you can watch their commentary with the director on Part 7! Why give them props? Well, they did a really good job and were able to make the interactions between Wendy and Carla work well between each other despite recording at different times! I also thought Wendy sounded very cute when I first heard her back in Part 5, which we purchased after Metro since we had to see how much was left knowing the dealer room took a lot! Hoping this year it won’t be as bad! Still, glad we did get it afterwards and get it signed by Brittney this year at Metro since she is returning! And it does take me back to my interview with Brittney, if you read it, she did mention with how she had to sound very light and airy for Wendy and it works since she is a little younger than everyone else! Even though her version in Etalus is older and…well womanly and she had to use her natural voice for that and it worked naturally for both versions! While Carla, the director in the commentary put it best for words and that is “she sounds like a bitchy version of Mary Poppins” during a podcast when he got asked about the casting for Carla! After listening to Carla for the final eps of Etalus and thinking back to the first few eps of Season 2, I agreed that Carla sounded like what if Mary Poppins snapped! Great though in the commentary was that Jad does sing like Mary Poppins which was pretty awesome! Knowing my fingers during my Dresden Files and fairy Tail crossover they will hate me with the longest pop culture reference thing towards Carla after Harry meets her. (Yes, it is being written, thank Gondras for that!) Anyways, Jad is pretty new to me but shown up in anime such as Ghost Hunt, Bakano, and Sasami Magical Girls Club. Not bad! Still Carla is a great role!


Fave Episode and Arc:


For for fave episode, I would have to say “Celestial Skirmmish” from the Nirvana arc because not only I cosplay as Lucy but she has a very awesome fight against Angel, who is a Celestial Wizard as well! Plus, we get to find out where Aries, Scorpio, and Gemini end up after Karen Lilica died. I felt sorry for Aries since she had to fight Loke/Leo in the episode but I did like how she was personified as a female! I know Aries is supposed to be the mighty goat but doing Aries as a girl makes sense! And it is still funny to see how we found out that Aquarius was dating Scorpio all this time! Plus, this was the episode we used for the Blind Experience Holiday Matsuri edition!


Fave arc, it is Etalus of course! Despite Season 2 having only two arcs, seriously? Why not include the S Rank exam since Season 1 having four? Still, I liked the Etalus arc because you get to see Happy’s and Carla’s world and how they got to Earthland in the first place. Plus, you get to see the opposite personalities of our fave guild in this world! Such as Natsu is not car sick but cowardly without his car, Grey falling for Juvia and Juvia being indifferent towards him, and well….Lucy…she is a dominatrix in this! Yeah, go ahead and laugh! And of course….KITTIES! KITTTTTIIIIEEESSS! Sorry, I can’t help it! I will have the same reaction towards Lector and Frosch when the Grand Magic Games arc happens later! Anyways, this was a really good arc, it was longer in the manga according to Gondras, but still it is good and of course you get to see Lisana get reunited with Mira and Elfman towards the end of Season 2!


What’s Next?


Well, to find the movie! According to the commentaries, the time frame made it sound like they were still dubbing the movie but according to a friend we met at conventions and goes to the same school as me said that the movie came out already! He did find part 8 at Anime Miami two months ago as well. At least I got it after it released. So, now to find my own copy along with Eva 3.33 for Old Vs. New: Anime Edition!


So, that is it for this review! What is next? Another Quick Post since I got stuff from Walgreens and Ulta, yes, I am shopping from Ulta now. And my spotlight on MythiCon! Which they just released another guest a week ago and glad to announce it here! Til next time!

Voice Actor Interview: Kyle Hebert

Hello everyone and welcome back! As promised, I got my answers back from Kyle Hebert! As you know, he will be at Omni Expo this May and I was glad to ask him to do an e-mail interview! Below are the questions I sent him, that is why they are numbered, I had to copy and paste the last three, I think I lost count, still they were questions I forgot to ask and it was with his appearance on Anime Abandoned! Sorry about that!


For those who don’t know who Kyle is he has been in anime, cartoons, and video games such as Street Fighter as Ryu, and if you seen the beginning of Wreck It Ralph, he is also Ryu in that! He is also teenage Gohan and the announcer of Dragonball Z and Kamina in the manliest anime you will ever see, Gurren Lagan! You can catch him in the new game Bravely Default and the newest show to hit Cartoon Network, Tenkai Knights! Enjoy!


You’ve been at conventions iin Orlando back in 2012, KnightroKon when it first started and Anime Festival Orlando, how does it feel to return for Omni Expo?


KH:   Always love coming back to Orlando.  It’s a pretty cool town!



      With your convention appearances across the country and Canada (which I found out on the site you were there for one) what is your favorite thing about your convention experience?


KH:    I just love getting to travel to new places, meet fans, and it’s all thanks to the all the games and shows I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of.  Getting that face time with fans means a lot.  



  1. What was the craziest thing a fan has done at a convention? As in, giving you crazy gifts or funny experience, anything like that?

KH:I’ve had two people had me sign body parts, then a week later they email me pix of the signature done as tattoos!  



  1. You’ve been in video games, anime and cartoons, which one do you like to record more? Why?


KH:    Cartoons are the most fun because you get to record as a whole cast.  You can play off each other’s performance and see how others create their magic.  It’s always hilarious watching everybody cut up and blow takes.  



  1. Is there one role you’d like to play again?


KH:    I’m easy.  I’ll do anything again, or ever.  Hire me!  ;D



  1. What was the funniest thing that happened in the booth or has someone done while recording?


KH:   Trying to fart nonchalantly….but the mics are so sensitive, they can hear your food digest.  So there’s no getting past those things.  



  1. Are there any new projects in the future?


KH:   I have recurring roles in Tenkai Knights (Beag), Digimon Fusion (Ballistamon, Dorulumon) and Naruto:  Shippuden  (Kiba, Inoichi, Akatsuchi).  Some big game projects out soon.  Can’t mention names til they are released, though.  Darn those pesky non-disclosure agreements!


Here are the questions I had to send in e-mail number two since I forgot to add them in my original questions!


You were on an episode of Anime Abandoned with Bennet the Sage, how did you get asked for it and was it fun?


KH:   I’m actually not that familiar with Bennet as a web celeb, but met him through other convention guests and mutual friends.  I always love helping out friends.


Would you do anything with any of the That Guy With the Glasses Personalities again?


KH:   Oh sure!  He’s hilarious.  Every con I go to I get compliments about our infamous video together.  




And my last question, not sure if anyone had asked but are you a fan of anyone’s shows from That Guy With the Blasses? Which ones?


KH: I loved watching Doug dissect the Star Wars Holiday Special and Suburban Commando.


I sent Kyle a thanks for the interview and did recommend Linkara’s stuff in case he hasn’t checked him out yet, especially check out his Live panels! I am still waiting on word about press for Omni Expo, but I am still doing press for Metro this year! I am hoping for Omni since not only I get to get in and cover the convention, also get to meet some of the guests  they got besides Kyle, such as Chris Patton, Carrie Savage, and some of the guys from Team Four Star! Which I would love to interview!


What is next? Well, since I just finished it, Fairy Tail Season 2 review! I was hoping that there would be one more part but nope, it ended at part 8! So, I will give you my thoughts! And also my convention spotlight on MythiCon 2014! Til next time!



Quickie Post: New Limited Edition WNW Spring 2014

Hello and welcome back! I decided to do a quick post! This is not an actual haul, more like a nice little finding!So, went to Walgreens since I needed new toothpaste and more shaving gel in case my little can runs out in the next few days of my break, I wandered over to the make up area hoping to find new stuff by Sinful but didn’t find any, I did find a new display by Wet N Wild and it’s for spring and it is called The Style Award Goes To Collection! What makes me happy is that they finally brought limited edition items to the stores in my area and probably to the rest of Florida! I did tell my story on the Blogger version and so many times here in how I had a hard time finding the Be Jeweled nail polishes when they brought the chrome polishes over, which I only have one, and then later I had a hard time finding the Where’s The Party eye shadow pallets and I hated how they only brought out Wet N Wild’s Halloween collection when that’s limited edition, especially with the Pick Your Poison polishes! Now, finally it feels as though they heard my complaints and brought a limited edition line to my part of the states and that is the spring collection for this year! I had a feeling they didn’t bring Spring Forward last year and tried asking WNW to send me some but never answered, so gave up on that! So, basically this collection has two eight pan eye shadow pallets, six Mega Last (sorry if I get the line’s name wrong again in my faves post) polishes, and new brushes! I didn’t find the brushes but I did get the pallets and two nail polishes!


Mega Last Polishes: Out of the six I only got two! I got Candid Affair which is a light purple polish, which a lot of these come off as pastel colors and spring always has pastels, especially with most of my fave vloggers out there! So, decided to try these out! To me, this sounds like On a Trip from the permanent line but I will try it out to see how it goes. I also did get Silver Lining which is this light grey/silver and will use that next! It almost reminds me of Wet Cement from the permanent line, but can’t wait to use it after How I Met your Magenta falls off and need to redo my lovely nails! I am not sure how the consistency will be, will it be like the permanent line or how the Pick Your Poison ones glide on, I will see!


Eye Shadows: There were two pallets that came in this collection and they are known as Flirting at the After Party, which is a pallet of purples , an Walking on the Red Carpet, which contains golds and browns! When I opened these, I was surprised to see that they changed up the line up! In the old eight pans, they used to have brow, eye lid, crease, and definer carved in and I always started with the lid, then go onto definer, crease, and then brow like I’m supposed to but now it goes Brow, Crease, Definer, and Base! I think these were inspired by the design of the new five pans that were released back in January, as in with the base color at the bottom, which you get the bases on both sides! I am intrigued and excited about these, especially for use since now they are a lot easier to use! I wonder if the older Icon eight pans will go through the same change with their design, if not, I will still love them anyways! Way to go Wet N Wild, I give you props!


Well, that’s my quick post! If you see this display anywhere, pick the stuff up! I am not sure if I want to see about the brushes since I have enough brushes and now beauty blenders, so I am good!


And I decided for the next post to do my interview with Mr. Kyle Hebert! Reason is that I am fixing my E-Portfolio and decided to use his interview instead of Scott and Brittney, sorry, I thought it didn’t look okay when I wrote everything all thanks to the 3DS, especially when it stopped at parts during Scott’s interview. I will post the interview here at this Word Press and link it to my portfolio since it shows how I put the lesson on interviewing from one of my classes to practice! Anyways, stay tuned!

January and February Faves 2014

Hello and welcome back! February is over, well about to end, depending on when I post this but that means a favorites post! This is the first one of the year and there have been new products and some of their faves while some are not-so-faves. Let’s start with the not-so-faves!




Physicians Formula Liquid Foundation and Youth Concealer:  Okay, recently I had some skin problems and thought it was the new foundation I started using from Almay but it wasn’t, will mention that next, so I decided to try out Physicians Formula products since they are meant for sensitive skin like mine and tried out the liquid foundation in Natural Beige and the Youth Concealer in Light. I used it for a day and didn’t like it because I became itchy by my second class of the day. Normally I don’t feel any itch from my Almay stuff like this but this was bad, especially when I was out of the sun and felt the itchy sensation and what made it worse is that I felt a slight burning while using the stuff. Which is bad! Sorry Physicians Formula, I don’t like you! I did return the stuff to CVS and got my money back and used it to get the Clear Complexion Press Powder/concealer since I use it as concealer, since they only had that but not my foundation.



I know some of you may have use this company and might comment and ask why did I not like it and how it burned? My skin is way too sensitive for it. I think it depends on who can use it and who can’t and I am one of the ones who can’t. Sorry!


Wet N Wild Furgy PSetting Powder: This was the main reason why my skin went to crap! I dcided to try out a setting powder and this is a new product that Wet N Wild released for their Furgy line and it is not revealing, it’s invisible. It works, I use it with a brush I got with a make up set that will appear in the faves,  aafter my foundation and concealer, bit stays! The problem was that it screwed up my skin and broke me out!You saw it when I remove my make up, it was really bad, I even had to cover up for a workout. I stopped using it and my skin is not as bad it was since I also started using newer skin care items.


Nail Junkie by Sinful Colors:  I know I rarely put a nail polish that I don’t like since the Hannah Pinktana from Wet N Wild’s Quick Dry line sucked, but this one is not a not-so-fave by much! It is Nail Junkie, which is green cream polish with glitters in it! I love nail plishes with shimmer and this one ticks me off because it starts chipping the next day and goes through it quickly in the days right after painting, even with the top coat on! I don’t get why it would be like this, even when I reapplied, it still did the same thing. I am not sure if I want to give this away or try it out again, but this is a not-so-fave on my list. I do notice that it is still in stores despite saying “Hard to Find” from EBay sellers, which is not, they still sell it in Walgreens, which I keep spotting whenever I am in the Sinful section! Like with last time when I had to get the Quick Dry coat, it was there in the cash register display with all the green polishes.


Now onto the Faves!




Clear Complexion Liquid Make Up: Pretty much the foundation! I started using this a month ago and love it! I knew I had to start using foundation at some point and was glad that Almay made one for the Clear Complexion line I love to use so much! It does make my skin look very clear and has very good coverage and it blends very well! My color is Warm in this line and it goes with that concealer/press powder I always use in Light Medium! I bought another bottle on my last trip to Walgreens just in case if I run out, which is a good thing to do!


Sinful Colors:


Quick Dry Top Coat:  Since I mentioned above, I finally got a Quick Dry top coat for when I do my nails! I hate how it takes forever when my nails dry, especially when I put glitter or other things on top for extra niceness and don’t have a quick dry item to help, so got this! Since I use the base and top shine coat from Sinful, decided to get it from their company and pleased with it! It works! It dries my polishes with one coat of it and the brush feels like a mascara brush which is interesting but it does the job! For instance, when I did my nails for Valentine’s Day, I decided to use the coat to test it out on Everybody Loves Redmond, I know I don’t need it on WNW’s Fast Dry polishes but wanted to test it and bam! It was dry in one second! I would say get this! It works wonders!


Black Cherry: This nail polish was a hard to find and it is limited edition polish that they released with reprints of the Leather Lux polishes from last summer/fall for a set that Rite Aid only had. I was lucky to find this along with two of the limited colors from aa seller, which are Simply Silver, which I bought two of, and Taupe It Off, which was reviewed on Nouveau Cheap. This color is deep, vampy red and it gives off the leathery look after it dries, which is pretty fast! I would say three coats are good since Taupe comes off sheer, so did it in case this one did the same! Also, it gives off the leathery texture when you use the Top Shine on it afterwards.


Simple Cosmetics:


Sample Pack:  I did mention I started a new skin care regiment and it’s all thanks to that Simple Care Line that was advertised on the TV for months. I was kind of skeptical since my skin didn’t react well to the Celestial the first time I tried it way back when, but when the lady at CVS suggested this set to me, it works! It is a small box that comes with a small pack of wipes, which I use right after cleaning my make up when I still had them, but I am out since I went through them, a facial wash that remoisturizes the skin  and fights blemishes  which they are reducing, and a moisturizer which I use right afterwards. One warning, don’t use too much of the moisturizer, it will give you a burning sensation, if you feel that if you put too much, wipe your face with a hand towel, it will reduce the burn.Still, it works! I may have to make a run to CVS and get the full size on the wipes, but not sure about the moisturizer since I have issues in getting too much out, but still it works! If you’re planning to try these guys out and haven’t, I would suggest get the sample pack because it gives you a trial pack of their products so you don’t have to waist money on the full sizes. If you don’t like it, you can return the sample set.


Wet N Wild


Five Pan Eye Shadows: I love these things! As you guys know, Wet N Wild came out with new products and they came out with five pan eye shadow pallets and they are awesome! Even though they got mixed reviews from Emily Noel and Nouveau Cheap, but I didn’t have much trouble with these at all! I do wish the base colors are lighter since you have to blend the other shadows for the lid, brow, definer, and crease with this. My fave pallet out of this line would have to be Floral Values because I love using purple shadows and it is pretty easy to use with this one, especially with the Definer and Lid colors! I also have Tunnel Vision and I am His Breezy, I might go back for the Naked Truth since that has been a fave for everyone and I have been getting into neutrals lately.


Mega Rocks in Wild Cat:  Next is one of the new glitter polishes in Wild Cat! I like the new Mega Rocks since it has WNW branch into the chunky glitter polishes and a lot of people like chunky glitters! I used this polish on top of On a Trip from their Mega Shine polishes and it looks amazing! It does become hard to get on but it does give you a lot of glitter payoff, especially with three coats! I may go and get a few more since I had a hard time choosing what I wanted from these!


Balm Stain Line:  I do love their new Balm Stains and the one I prefer the most out of it is called Pinky Promise because I tend to get a lot of moisture out of it!


Color Icon Eye Liner Pencils:  Lately, I have been using a lot of the eye liner pencils and the ones I own are from WNW are purple, blue, turquoise, and silver from the shimmer ones! If you haven’t tried these, I recommend these since they are very pigmented and easy to use. One thing I don’t like is how they have some hard plastic when you start using them and need to sharpen, I would say cut it off or sharpen in whatever you have and pull out the pencil and resharpen to get the lead point you need. I will repurchase in the future. Another reason why I like using pencils is that I hated how when I used the gel liners I used to use get into my lashes like they were mascara and can’t remove it unless I removed the liner I worked so hard getting on and it is hard to get on for me as well, but with a pencil I just go through two or three times and get the line and there I go!




Tropical Frenzy from their Balm Stain Line: Remembered how I said I liked Revlon’s and WNW’s Lip Stain Balms? Well, I like Jordana’s as well! Even though this one was sticky but it glides on pretty smoothly. It also doesn’t budge and it moisturizes once it glides on!


Eye and Cheek Make Up Set:  Okay, I know you’re wondering, “What is that?” Well, it is a eye shadow pallet that comes with two blushes and you can’t find it anywhere! Well, except for a garage sale! My parents went to the Blockbuster Close Out sale for their last day of it thinking me and Gondras were there, which we were actually getting Ocarina of Time for the 3DS before he had to cover a shift that day and my parents went to a grage sale and found two sets of the Jordana Eye and Cheek pallet that comes with a blush brush, two applicators, and an extra brush for the eyes I believe. They got these for $5 for both of them when the lady wanted $10 for each I believe, but she took the $5 for both! The pallet has pretty good eye shadows, since I don’t use blush since I have a natural blush all the time, I used four colors for a neutral look and they glided on pretty well! This pallet is pretty neutral and I wish I could see about other ones but these aren’t around anymore. I am guessing they didn’t sell well or were discontinued, I don’t know but still I like these! I may try other Jordana eye products in the future since I liked these despite not being around anymore!




The new Dream Catcher Pallet in Dusk Til Dawn:  I finally found this pallet at Ulta! The thing was I heard about the Dream Catcher pallets from Eleventh Gorgeous, love you girls, when they did IMats LA and they went to the NYX party and got awesome items, such as a majority of the Butter Lipsticks (which I should’ve gotten during my visit, but didn’t want to spend too much) and these babies, the Dream Catcher pallets! They got all three of them and they are Golden Horizons, which was the other pallet my Ulta had, Dusk Til Dawn, and Stormy Eyes! These three are limited edition and thought Florida won’t get them, so I searched on EBay, nothing and did ask NYX Surplus, which is who I got my One Night in Morocco pallet and Wicked Dreams pallet from, said they are waiting on them, which not sure if they got them yet but will check back soon! At first, I wanted Stormy Eyes but Ulta didn’t have it, so went with Dusk Til Dawn which is a dupe for Naked by Urban Decay and I like it! It’s basically a ten pan shadow pallet and they are very pigmented! I did a quad look by using the first four shadows in the pallet which are on the left and it turned out pretty well! What I like is that this pallet like my One Night pallet is pretty innovative with the applicator, which you slide out and get the applicator and another mirror. I just used my brushes! Get these pallets if you can get them at Ulta since they are limited! I will see if NYX Surplus if they got them because I want Stormy Eyes!


One Night in Morocco:  I did mention that I got this pallet by the end of last year since Emily Noel mentioned it in her fave NYX products and had to find it and check it out for myself! NYX Surplus had it and glad to get it for like $10 I think, which is pretty cheap with shipping! I love this pallet, especially with the glosses are in a slideout drawer and then you have the shadows, which is an eight pan and base, on top and these are so pigmented! I am glad I got this! I did hear you can’t get this on the official NYX site anymore but I am so glad to find it on EBay. I like NYX eye shadows now!




Color Extensions from Hot Topic:  I know you read back in my Hot Cash haul that I started getting color extensions for my hair and well I am addicted! I love how they look and so easy to put in. I have all the colors besides blonde, which I didn’t get, that Hot Topic did release and I think I like wearing the red  and purple ones the most because they go with anything. I haven’t worn my icy blue ones yet since I got two sets of those and they were the last ones when I went for them. I might wear both or just one of them.




Brookside Chocolates:  Well, I finally broke down and bought them! If you saw commercials for these, they are the Brookside chocolates which are dark chocolate bites covering exotic fruits and have juices in them! They are addicting! I can’t stop eating them and have to make sure I put them away before I open them again and eat more! I had the Akai and Blueberry ones and the Goji and Raspberry ones, to me the Akai and Blueberries are very addicting. I wish they put the blueberry with the pomogranite instead because they taste awesome together! I may have to try the pomagranite ones after I am done with my lonely bag of Goji and Raspberry.





Demi Levato “Demi Album”: I have been going soft on my music taste since Gondras always puts on the pop station all thanks to Todd in the Shadows! I downloaded Demi LeVato’s album and I love it! I said “Heart Attack” was one of my fave songs but she has other great ones like “Neon Lights,” “In Case,” “Something We’re Not,” and she does her own rendition of that “I Don’t Care” song that one girl duo from the UK that has that song that goes “I don’t care I love it!” Which I prefer Demi’s version. If I were to make YouTube videos for this blog, I would use “Neon Lights” as the theme. I am such a nerd!


One Republic’s Albums:  Yes, another pop thing and that is OneRepublic’s albums, which I downloaded to my phone recently. I had their song “Counting Stars” in my head since Gondras always sings it to me. I know cavities! What is more teeth rotting is that I set the ringtone to him calling me, which I always loved him singing. Don’t worry, he has a nice voice! He can even hit Justin Timberlake’s high note in “Mirror.” Anyways, my fave songs from One Republic are “Good Life,” “Secrets,” which is my all time fave, “Can’t Stop,” and of course, “Counting Stars!” Nyuu!


“Battleborn” by Five Finger Death Punch:  I really love this song since it fits with the orchestraic sound I love when it comes to bands like Skillet, Avenged Sevenfold (their guitars give off the orchaestraic sound), but “Battleborn” is one of those you need to keep listening to.


“My Hands” by Leona Lewis: I know, why Mari Blue Cat?  Well, okay, since I talked about Lightning Returns, I had to hear the entire theme song they used for XIII and it happened to be by an upcoming singer at the time the game was coming out and released her album back then and I bet America wanted to use her song, “My Hands,” which is track 8 off of that album, for the game to promote her! It is like the Pokemon 2000 soundtrack with the band OTown who made two songs for that soundtrack, which helped the spread the word about them. I am not sure what happened to Leona’s career in the states, but it is a good song, yet it doesn’t fit with the game! Oy!


“Lonely Person” from Fairy Tail Part 7: Yes, another song from Fairy Tail and it is the seventh closing called “Lonely Person.” This song is very sad and I feel as though I want to cry, but can’t! I also write sappy scenes to this, so yeah, it is sad! Still, a fave!




Femme by Ed Hardy:  I got introduced to this perfume during a visit to the flea market a few weeks ago and it is called Femme by Ed Hardy. I never heard of this one but the woman who owns the stand told me that is a popular item and I can see why! I like the smell in the new and old edition, but I like the older one because it is more sweet and got it! The bottle they sold me is pretty big and that is what I like about the perfume sellers at the flea market is that they sell the big size for a lower price. This was $35 by what I remembered, still a fave!


Curve Wave by Curve: This was a perfume I’ve been trying to find since I love Curve! I know I they released Kiss and Appeal, which I still want to get but when this one lady a few stands over had Wave, I couldn’t pass it up! It is a very earthy scent, it kind of gives off a Cool Water scent but has more of a beachy tone to it. I am so glad I found it! I will get Kiss and Appeal at another point in time!


Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift:  Finally I got it! I got Wonderstruck! You guys know I love her Wonderstruck Enchanted perfume  and wanted to get Wonderstruck, so I got it! The difference is that Wonderstruck has more of a citrus scent while Enchanted has a sweeter scent! I was right about the bottle having charms, but the charms are different which is nice! I got the big bottle but not at the flea market since the girl who was the same one who sold me Curve Wave, which I had to take back, I got from a perfume stand in Altamonte and was glad I did because it was expensive at Perfume World! The bottles for big and small are different, the charms on the big bottle are attached to the bottle itself while the smaller bottles have them on the cap. I think after I finish with Enchanted, which I have the small bottle of, I may go and get the bigger bottle if I can find it at the same stand I got Wonderstruck from or go back to the same girl that sold Enchanted by mistake to me at the flea market.


Well, that’s it! I know it was long, but I am so glad I did this! My next post will be my spotlight on MythiCon because they just added a new guest and of course, will be reviewing Fairy Tail Season 2, which I just finished! And good news, I will be doing an interview with Kyle Hebert! I mentioned he will be at Omni Expo, which I am waiting on press info, but I will be sending him questions. Will get that done soon! So, til next time!