January and February Faves 2014

Hello and welcome back! February is over, well about to end, depending on when I post this but that means a favorites post! This is the first one of the year and there have been new products and some of their faves while some are not-so-faves. Let’s start with the not-so-faves!




Physicians Formula Liquid Foundation and Youth Concealer:  Okay, recently I had some skin problems and thought it was the new foundation I started using from Almay but it wasn’t, will mention that next, so I decided to try out Physicians Formula products since they are meant for sensitive skin like mine and tried out the liquid foundation in Natural Beige and the Youth Concealer in Light. I used it for a day and didn’t like it because I became itchy by my second class of the day. Normally I don’t feel any itch from my Almay stuff like this but this was bad, especially when I was out of the sun and felt the itchy sensation and what made it worse is that I felt a slight burning while using the stuff. Which is bad! Sorry Physicians Formula, I don’t like you! I did return the stuff to CVS and got my money back and used it to get the Clear Complexion Press Powder/concealer since I use it as concealer, since they only had that but not my foundation.



I know some of you may have use this company and might comment and ask why did I not like it and how it burned? My skin is way too sensitive for it. I think it depends on who can use it and who can’t and I am one of the ones who can’t. Sorry!


Wet N Wild Furgy PSetting Powder: This was the main reason why my skin went to crap! I dcided to try out a setting powder and this is a new product that Wet N Wild released for their Furgy line and it is not revealing, it’s invisible. It works, I use it with a brush I got with a make up set that will appear in the faves,  aafter my foundation and concealer, bit stays! The problem was that it screwed up my skin and broke me out!You saw it when I remove my make up, it was really bad, I even had to cover up for a workout. I stopped using it and my skin is not as bad it was since I also started using newer skin care items.


Nail Junkie by Sinful Colors:  I know I rarely put a nail polish that I don’t like since the Hannah Pinktana from Wet N Wild’s Quick Dry line sucked, but this one is not a not-so-fave by much! It is Nail Junkie, which is green cream polish with glitters in it! I love nail plishes with shimmer and this one ticks me off because it starts chipping the next day and goes through it quickly in the days right after painting, even with the top coat on! I don’t get why it would be like this, even when I reapplied, it still did the same thing. I am not sure if I want to give this away or try it out again, but this is a not-so-fave on my list. I do notice that it is still in stores despite saying “Hard to Find” from EBay sellers, which is not, they still sell it in Walgreens, which I keep spotting whenever I am in the Sinful section! Like with last time when I had to get the Quick Dry coat, it was there in the cash register display with all the green polishes.


Now onto the Faves!




Clear Complexion Liquid Make Up: Pretty much the foundation! I started using this a month ago and love it! I knew I had to start using foundation at some point and was glad that Almay made one for the Clear Complexion line I love to use so much! It does make my skin look very clear and has very good coverage and it blends very well! My color is Warm in this line and it goes with that concealer/press powder I always use in Light Medium! I bought another bottle on my last trip to Walgreens just in case if I run out, which is a good thing to do!


Sinful Colors:


Quick Dry Top Coat:  Since I mentioned above, I finally got a Quick Dry top coat for when I do my nails! I hate how it takes forever when my nails dry, especially when I put glitter or other things on top for extra niceness and don’t have a quick dry item to help, so got this! Since I use the base and top shine coat from Sinful, decided to get it from their company and pleased with it! It works! It dries my polishes with one coat of it and the brush feels like a mascara brush which is interesting but it does the job! For instance, when I did my nails for Valentine’s Day, I decided to use the coat to test it out on Everybody Loves Redmond, I know I don’t need it on WNW’s Fast Dry polishes but wanted to test it and bam! It was dry in one second! I would say get this! It works wonders!


Black Cherry: This nail polish was a hard to find and it is limited edition polish that they released with reprints of the Leather Lux polishes from last summer/fall for a set that Rite Aid only had. I was lucky to find this along with two of the limited colors from aa seller, which are Simply Silver, which I bought two of, and Taupe It Off, which was reviewed on Nouveau Cheap. This color is deep, vampy red and it gives off the leathery look after it dries, which is pretty fast! I would say three coats are good since Taupe comes off sheer, so did it in case this one did the same! Also, it gives off the leathery texture when you use the Top Shine on it afterwards.


Simple Cosmetics:


Sample Pack:  I did mention I started a new skin care regiment and it’s all thanks to that Simple Care Line that was advertised on the TV for months. I was kind of skeptical since my skin didn’t react well to the Celestial the first time I tried it way back when, but when the lady at CVS suggested this set to me, it works! It is a small box that comes with a small pack of wipes, which I use right after cleaning my make up when I still had them, but I am out since I went through them, a facial wash that remoisturizes the skin  and fights blemishes  which they are reducing, and a moisturizer which I use right afterwards. One warning, don’t use too much of the moisturizer, it will give you a burning sensation, if you feel that if you put too much, wipe your face with a hand towel, it will reduce the burn.Still, it works! I may have to make a run to CVS and get the full size on the wipes, but not sure about the moisturizer since I have issues in getting too much out, but still it works! If you’re planning to try these guys out and haven’t, I would suggest get the sample pack because it gives you a trial pack of their products so you don’t have to waist money on the full sizes. If you don’t like it, you can return the sample set.


Wet N Wild


Five Pan Eye Shadows: I love these things! As you guys know, Wet N Wild came out with new products and they came out with five pan eye shadow pallets and they are awesome! Even though they got mixed reviews from Emily Noel and Nouveau Cheap, but I didn’t have much trouble with these at all! I do wish the base colors are lighter since you have to blend the other shadows for the lid, brow, definer, and crease with this. My fave pallet out of this line would have to be Floral Values because I love using purple shadows and it is pretty easy to use with this one, especially with the Definer and Lid colors! I also have Tunnel Vision and I am His Breezy, I might go back for the Naked Truth since that has been a fave for everyone and I have been getting into neutrals lately.


Mega Rocks in Wild Cat:  Next is one of the new glitter polishes in Wild Cat! I like the new Mega Rocks since it has WNW branch into the chunky glitter polishes and a lot of people like chunky glitters! I used this polish on top of On a Trip from their Mega Shine polishes and it looks amazing! It does become hard to get on but it does give you a lot of glitter payoff, especially with three coats! I may go and get a few more since I had a hard time choosing what I wanted from these!


Balm Stain Line:  I do love their new Balm Stains and the one I prefer the most out of it is called Pinky Promise because I tend to get a lot of moisture out of it!


Color Icon Eye Liner Pencils:  Lately, I have been using a lot of the eye liner pencils and the ones I own are from WNW are purple, blue, turquoise, and silver from the shimmer ones! If you haven’t tried these, I recommend these since they are very pigmented and easy to use. One thing I don’t like is how they have some hard plastic when you start using them and need to sharpen, I would say cut it off or sharpen in whatever you have and pull out the pencil and resharpen to get the lead point you need. I will repurchase in the future. Another reason why I like using pencils is that I hated how when I used the gel liners I used to use get into my lashes like they were mascara and can’t remove it unless I removed the liner I worked so hard getting on and it is hard to get on for me as well, but with a pencil I just go through two or three times and get the line and there I go!




Tropical Frenzy from their Balm Stain Line: Remembered how I said I liked Revlon’s and WNW’s Lip Stain Balms? Well, I like Jordana’s as well! Even though this one was sticky but it glides on pretty smoothly. It also doesn’t budge and it moisturizes once it glides on!


Eye and Cheek Make Up Set:  Okay, I know you’re wondering, “What is that?” Well, it is a eye shadow pallet that comes with two blushes and you can’t find it anywhere! Well, except for a garage sale! My parents went to the Blockbuster Close Out sale for their last day of it thinking me and Gondras were there, which we were actually getting Ocarina of Time for the 3DS before he had to cover a shift that day and my parents went to a grage sale and found two sets of the Jordana Eye and Cheek pallet that comes with a blush brush, two applicators, and an extra brush for the eyes I believe. They got these for $5 for both of them when the lady wanted $10 for each I believe, but she took the $5 for both! The pallet has pretty good eye shadows, since I don’t use blush since I have a natural blush all the time, I used four colors for a neutral look and they glided on pretty well! This pallet is pretty neutral and I wish I could see about other ones but these aren’t around anymore. I am guessing they didn’t sell well or were discontinued, I don’t know but still I like these! I may try other Jordana eye products in the future since I liked these despite not being around anymore!




The new Dream Catcher Pallet in Dusk Til Dawn:  I finally found this pallet at Ulta! The thing was I heard about the Dream Catcher pallets from Eleventh Gorgeous, love you girls, when they did IMats LA and they went to the NYX party and got awesome items, such as a majority of the Butter Lipsticks (which I should’ve gotten during my visit, but didn’t want to spend too much) and these babies, the Dream Catcher pallets! They got all three of them and they are Golden Horizons, which was the other pallet my Ulta had, Dusk Til Dawn, and Stormy Eyes! These three are limited edition and thought Florida won’t get them, so I searched on EBay, nothing and did ask NYX Surplus, which is who I got my One Night in Morocco pallet and Wicked Dreams pallet from, said they are waiting on them, which not sure if they got them yet but will check back soon! At first, I wanted Stormy Eyes but Ulta didn’t have it, so went with Dusk Til Dawn which is a dupe for Naked by Urban Decay and I like it! It’s basically a ten pan shadow pallet and they are very pigmented! I did a quad look by using the first four shadows in the pallet which are on the left and it turned out pretty well! What I like is that this pallet like my One Night pallet is pretty innovative with the applicator, which you slide out and get the applicator and another mirror. I just used my brushes! Get these pallets if you can get them at Ulta since they are limited! I will see if NYX Surplus if they got them because I want Stormy Eyes!


One Night in Morocco:  I did mention that I got this pallet by the end of last year since Emily Noel mentioned it in her fave NYX products and had to find it and check it out for myself! NYX Surplus had it and glad to get it for like $10 I think, which is pretty cheap with shipping! I love this pallet, especially with the glosses are in a slideout drawer and then you have the shadows, which is an eight pan and base, on top and these are so pigmented! I am glad I got this! I did hear you can’t get this on the official NYX site anymore but I am so glad to find it on EBay. I like NYX eye shadows now!




Color Extensions from Hot Topic:  I know you read back in my Hot Cash haul that I started getting color extensions for my hair and well I am addicted! I love how they look and so easy to put in. I have all the colors besides blonde, which I didn’t get, that Hot Topic did release and I think I like wearing the red  and purple ones the most because they go with anything. I haven’t worn my icy blue ones yet since I got two sets of those and they were the last ones when I went for them. I might wear both or just one of them.




Brookside Chocolates:  Well, I finally broke down and bought them! If you saw commercials for these, they are the Brookside chocolates which are dark chocolate bites covering exotic fruits and have juices in them! They are addicting! I can’t stop eating them and have to make sure I put them away before I open them again and eat more! I had the Akai and Blueberry ones and the Goji and Raspberry ones, to me the Akai and Blueberries are very addicting. I wish they put the blueberry with the pomogranite instead because they taste awesome together! I may have to try the pomagranite ones after I am done with my lonely bag of Goji and Raspberry.





Demi Levato “Demi Album”: I have been going soft on my music taste since Gondras always puts on the pop station all thanks to Todd in the Shadows! I downloaded Demi LeVato’s album and I love it! I said “Heart Attack” was one of my fave songs but she has other great ones like “Neon Lights,” “In Case,” “Something We’re Not,” and she does her own rendition of that “I Don’t Care” song that one girl duo from the UK that has that song that goes “I don’t care I love it!” Which I prefer Demi’s version. If I were to make YouTube videos for this blog, I would use “Neon Lights” as the theme. I am such a nerd!


One Republic’s Albums:  Yes, another pop thing and that is OneRepublic’s albums, which I downloaded to my phone recently. I had their song “Counting Stars” in my head since Gondras always sings it to me. I know cavities! What is more teeth rotting is that I set the ringtone to him calling me, which I always loved him singing. Don’t worry, he has a nice voice! He can even hit Justin Timberlake’s high note in “Mirror.” Anyways, my fave songs from One Republic are “Good Life,” “Secrets,” which is my all time fave, “Can’t Stop,” and of course, “Counting Stars!” Nyuu!


“Battleborn” by Five Finger Death Punch:  I really love this song since it fits with the orchestraic sound I love when it comes to bands like Skillet, Avenged Sevenfold (their guitars give off the orchaestraic sound), but “Battleborn” is one of those you need to keep listening to.


“My Hands” by Leona Lewis: I know, why Mari Blue Cat?  Well, okay, since I talked about Lightning Returns, I had to hear the entire theme song they used for XIII and it happened to be by an upcoming singer at the time the game was coming out and released her album back then and I bet America wanted to use her song, “My Hands,” which is track 8 off of that album, for the game to promote her! It is like the Pokemon 2000 soundtrack with the band OTown who made two songs for that soundtrack, which helped the spread the word about them. I am not sure what happened to Leona’s career in the states, but it is a good song, yet it doesn’t fit with the game! Oy!


“Lonely Person” from Fairy Tail Part 7: Yes, another song from Fairy Tail and it is the seventh closing called “Lonely Person.” This song is very sad and I feel as though I want to cry, but can’t! I also write sappy scenes to this, so yeah, it is sad! Still, a fave!




Femme by Ed Hardy:  I got introduced to this perfume during a visit to the flea market a few weeks ago and it is called Femme by Ed Hardy. I never heard of this one but the woman who owns the stand told me that is a popular item and I can see why! I like the smell in the new and old edition, but I like the older one because it is more sweet and got it! The bottle they sold me is pretty big and that is what I like about the perfume sellers at the flea market is that they sell the big size for a lower price. This was $35 by what I remembered, still a fave!


Curve Wave by Curve: This was a perfume I’ve been trying to find since I love Curve! I know I they released Kiss and Appeal, which I still want to get but when this one lady a few stands over had Wave, I couldn’t pass it up! It is a very earthy scent, it kind of gives off a Cool Water scent but has more of a beachy tone to it. I am so glad I found it! I will get Kiss and Appeal at another point in time!


Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift:  Finally I got it! I got Wonderstruck! You guys know I love her Wonderstruck Enchanted perfume  and wanted to get Wonderstruck, so I got it! The difference is that Wonderstruck has more of a citrus scent while Enchanted has a sweeter scent! I was right about the bottle having charms, but the charms are different which is nice! I got the big bottle but not at the flea market since the girl who was the same one who sold me Curve Wave, which I had to take back, I got from a perfume stand in Altamonte and was glad I did because it was expensive at Perfume World! The bottles for big and small are different, the charms on the big bottle are attached to the bottle itself while the smaller bottles have them on the cap. I think after I finish with Enchanted, which I have the small bottle of, I may go and get the bigger bottle if I can find it at the same stand I got Wonderstruck from or go back to the same girl that sold Enchanted by mistake to me at the flea market.


Well, that’s it! I know it was long, but I am so glad I did this! My next post will be my spotlight on MythiCon because they just added a new guest and of course, will be reviewing Fairy Tail Season 2, which I just finished! And good news, I will be doing an interview with Kyle Hebert! I mentioned he will be at Omni Expo, which I am waiting on press info, but I will be sending him questions. Will get that done soon! So, til next time!

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