Quickie Post: New Limited Edition WNW Spring 2014

Hello and welcome back! I decided to do a quick post! This is not an actual haul, more like a nice little finding!So, went to Walgreens since I needed new toothpaste and more shaving gel in case my little can runs out in the next few days of my break, I wandered over to the make up area hoping to find new stuff by Sinful but didn’t find any, I did find a new display by Wet N Wild and it’s for spring and it is called The Style Award Goes To Collection! What makes me happy is that they finally brought limited edition items to the stores in my area and probably to the rest of Florida! I did tell my story on the Blogger version and so many times here in how I had a hard time finding the Be Jeweled nail polishes when they brought the chrome polishes over, which I only have one, and then later I had a hard time finding the Where’s The Party eye shadow pallets and I hated how they only brought out Wet N Wild’s Halloween collection when that’s limited edition, especially with the Pick Your Poison polishes! Now, finally it feels as though they heard my complaints and brought a limited edition line to my part of the states and that is the spring collection for this year! I had a feeling they didn’t bring Spring Forward last year and tried asking WNW to send me some but never answered, so gave up on that! So, basically this collection has two eight pan eye shadow pallets, six Mega Last (sorry if I get the line’s name wrong again in my faves post) polishes, and new brushes! I didn’t find the brushes but I did get the pallets and two nail polishes!


Mega Last Polishes: Out of the six I only got two! I got Candid Affair which is a light purple polish, which a lot of these come off as pastel colors and spring always has pastels, especially with most of my fave vloggers out there! So, decided to try these out! To me, this sounds like On a Trip from the permanent line but I will try it out to see how it goes. I also did get Silver Lining which is this light grey/silver and will use that next! It almost reminds me of Wet Cement from the permanent line, but can’t wait to use it after How I Met your Magenta falls off and need to redo my lovely nails! I am not sure how the consistency will be, will it be like the permanent line or how the Pick Your Poison ones glide on, I will see!


Eye Shadows: There were two pallets that came in this collection and they are known as Flirting at the After Party, which is a pallet of purples , an Walking on the Red Carpet, which contains golds and browns! When I opened these, I was surprised to see that they changed up the line up! In the old eight pans, they used to have brow, eye lid, crease, and definer carved in and I always started with the lid, then go onto definer, crease, and then brow like I’m supposed to but now it goes Brow, Crease, Definer, and Base! I think these were inspired by the design of the new five pans that were released back in January, as in with the base color at the bottom, which you get the bases on both sides! I am intrigued and excited about these, especially for use since now they are a lot easier to use! I wonder if the older Icon eight pans will go through the same change with their design, if not, I will still love them anyways! Way to go Wet N Wild, I give you props!


Well, that’s my quick post! If you see this display anywhere, pick the stuff up! I am not sure if I want to see about the brushes since I have enough brushes and now beauty blenders, so I am good!


And I decided for the next post to do my interview with Mr. Kyle Hebert! Reason is that I am fixing my E-Portfolio and decided to use his interview instead of Scott and Brittney, sorry, I thought it didn’t look okay when I wrote everything all thanks to the 3DS, especially when it stopped at parts during Scott’s interview. I will post the interview here at this Word Press and link it to my portfolio since it shows how I put the lesson on interviewing from one of my classes to practice! Anyways, stay tuned!

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