Anime Review: Fairy Tail Season 2

Hello everyone and welcome back! Sorry for taking so long but I have been busy with school work since I am graduating in May and everything and projects for the final weeks have been announced, so that is why I have been a bit delayed. Now I am back to do my review on Fairy Tail Season 2 since I finished it during Spring Break! So glad I did since now the movie was released according to one of our friends, which we need to get our paws on thank you very much! So, let’s see what I thought about it!


Arcs and Story:


This season felt like it started a bit weak to me despite it starting where it left off from the Fairy Tail Battle Royale arc at the end of season 1. Like most series that have a long story this season started off with fillers but it did lead into the two arcs that took place. At least these fillers were in between arcs like Naruto, even though the first series did a long filler arc but they had to show the events leading to Naruto leaving Konoha, at least it didn’t turn into Bleach which had filler episodes in the middle of important arcs! No wonder that anime got cancelled before it went into the new manga timeskip. Anyways, the filler episode that started the season was how Lucy would get into Wizard Weekly and then go into another with Juvia trying to get Grey’s attention with a potion that had many other magical elements mixed in and hijinks ensue and then goes into the first arc, the Eracion Seis/Nirvana arc since it is the same type, and the filler and then the second major arc, Etalus!


I wished season 2 extended here into five or six parts versus the four like season 1 since there are a lot of episodes and knowing Japan, they get more in season 2 if they get the full box set since right after Etalus is supposed to be the S Rank Test on an island that the guild owns and introduces Grimwar Heart, a dark guild in their part, and gives Zereph a bigger role! But nope! We have to wait for Funimation to release part 9 since Japan put the series on hiatus for a while so the anime could catch up with the manga and don’t want to do what Kubo did to Bleach, which is a good idea! Still, I want to see more since I can see the anime in English. At least I can try and find the movie in the meantime.


Ravemaster Elements:


As you know that this series was created by the same creator as Groove Adventure Rave aka Ravemaster here, Hiro Mishima, and like the first arc, it includes elements from Ravemaster. I did forget to mention that in season 1 and some include Plu as a Celestial Spirit in the silver key line, which you see Lucy buy in episode 1, Natsu, Lucy, and Grey’s looks are based on Haru, Ellie, and Musica, even though Gajeel does have the eyebrow piercings for both brows like Musica, still the main three do look like their Ravemaster counterparts for the most part! Can’t wait to see that crossover here! So, what about Season 2?


Well, of course the Eracion Seis is an element from Ravemaster! If you watched the remaining episodes of Ravemaster, the last major arc they shown was the Eracion Seis arc and the first one here is dealing with this group and it goes with the same six member principle! This guild was formed by Brain, who has an alter ego locked inside him, gathered five kids who were slaves at the Tower of Heaven due to their strong magical abilities by the names of Cobra, Midnight, Angel, Racer, and Hoteye. What is interesting is that due to a deadline with the series, Nishima (sorry if I get it wrong again) came up with this name to meet the deadline since it is pretty much a nameless guild and on top of that, the name came from Spanish for Prayer Six in English, which each member says a prayer when they are defeated. I don’t think Angel got to say one since Lucy pretty much defeated her with everything she had!


New Characters:


Like the first season, this season introduced many new characters and the return of others! Two of them are Leon and Shelly from the Deliora arc from season 1 and brought in a new Dragon Slayer, Wendy Marvel, along with her Echseed, Carla! Yes! A kitty! Kitty! Kitty! Kitty! AHEM! And of course brings characters from one of the other guilds we met the guild master of, Blue Pegasus, Ichya and the Trimans, which include Hibiki Lates, Eve Tearme, and Ren Akatsuki. Even though there was one filler character in this season, but there is one character that Gondras really likes and I have a plushie of, Panther Lily, who was introduced in the Etalus arc! Yes, another kitty! Nyu!One other important character that shows up again is Lisana, sister to Mira Jane and Elfman, who is in Etalus due to the Etalus version of her died.




Like many anime, this series did bring back voice actors to fill in their respective roles, such as Tom McCollum to do Mistagin/Etalus Gelal and Jerry Jewel for Leon, but it did bring back one major familiar voice actor but for one of the Blue Pegasus guys and that is Aaron Dismuke for Hibiki Lates from Blue Pegasus. I was surprised when I heard that and then the voice and connected it! I still remembered how Aaron started back in Fruits Basket and FullMetal Alchemist with his high pitched voice since he was so young back then, around 10? Now his voice dropped since he grown so much! Hell, he is pretty tall if anyone met him at cons, which I did! Trust me, I had to get him to redo his autograph on the FullMetal Autograph back in 2010 I believe? Anyways, he did a pretty good job keeping his vocal range up for the age of his character, 20 according to Wikipedia, still he made it sound very natural!


But the major props would be for Brittney Karbowski for the voice of Wendy Marvell and Jad Saxton as Carla, which you can watch their commentary with the director on Part 7! Why give them props? Well, they did a really good job and were able to make the interactions between Wendy and Carla work well between each other despite recording at different times! I also thought Wendy sounded very cute when I first heard her back in Part 5, which we purchased after Metro since we had to see how much was left knowing the dealer room took a lot! Hoping this year it won’t be as bad! Still, glad we did get it afterwards and get it signed by Brittney this year at Metro since she is returning! And it does take me back to my interview with Brittney, if you read it, she did mention with how she had to sound very light and airy for Wendy and it works since she is a little younger than everyone else! Even though her version in Etalus is older and…well womanly and she had to use her natural voice for that and it worked naturally for both versions! While Carla, the director in the commentary put it best for words and that is “she sounds like a bitchy version of Mary Poppins” during a podcast when he got asked about the casting for Carla! After listening to Carla for the final eps of Etalus and thinking back to the first few eps of Season 2, I agreed that Carla sounded like what if Mary Poppins snapped! Great though in the commentary was that Jad does sing like Mary Poppins which was pretty awesome! Knowing my fingers during my Dresden Files and fairy Tail crossover they will hate me with the longest pop culture reference thing towards Carla after Harry meets her. (Yes, it is being written, thank Gondras for that!) Anyways, Jad is pretty new to me but shown up in anime such as Ghost Hunt, Bakano, and Sasami Magical Girls Club. Not bad! Still Carla is a great role!


Fave Episode and Arc:


For for fave episode, I would have to say “Celestial Skirmmish” from the Nirvana arc because not only I cosplay as Lucy but she has a very awesome fight against Angel, who is a Celestial Wizard as well! Plus, we get to find out where Aries, Scorpio, and Gemini end up after Karen Lilica died. I felt sorry for Aries since she had to fight Loke/Leo in the episode but I did like how she was personified as a female! I know Aries is supposed to be the mighty goat but doing Aries as a girl makes sense! And it is still funny to see how we found out that Aquarius was dating Scorpio all this time! Plus, this was the episode we used for the Blind Experience Holiday Matsuri edition!


Fave arc, it is Etalus of course! Despite Season 2 having only two arcs, seriously? Why not include the S Rank exam since Season 1 having four? Still, I liked the Etalus arc because you get to see Happy’s and Carla’s world and how they got to Earthland in the first place. Plus, you get to see the opposite personalities of our fave guild in this world! Such as Natsu is not car sick but cowardly without his car, Grey falling for Juvia and Juvia being indifferent towards him, and well….Lucy…she is a dominatrix in this! Yeah, go ahead and laugh! And of course….KITTIES! KITTTTTIIIIEEESSS! Sorry, I can’t help it! I will have the same reaction towards Lector and Frosch when the Grand Magic Games arc happens later! Anyways, this was a really good arc, it was longer in the manga according to Gondras, but still it is good and of course you get to see Lisana get reunited with Mira and Elfman towards the end of Season 2!


What’s Next?


Well, to find the movie! According to the commentaries, the time frame made it sound like they were still dubbing the movie but according to a friend we met at conventions and goes to the same school as me said that the movie came out already! He did find part 8 at Anime Miami two months ago as well. At least I got it after it released. So, now to find my own copy along with Eva 3.33 for Old Vs. New: Anime Edition!


So, that is it for this review! What is next? Another Quick Post since I got stuff from Walgreens and Ulta, yes, I am shopping from Ulta now. And my spotlight on MythiCon! Which they just released another guest a week ago and glad to announce it here! Til next time!

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