Quickie: Ulta and Walgreens

Hello everyone and welcome back! Time for another quickie and it is a tiny haul again and this time it came from Walgreens and Ulta! In my Fairy Tail review I did last night, I mentioned I have been starting to shop at Ulta a bit more since they carry NYX cosmetics since I love their make up, especially the eye shadows! I already know that CVS is starting to carry NYX but depends on location and I don’t think the one that is down the road from me sells anything by NYX since I didn’t see anything when I was trying to find Physician’s Formula, which I didn’t like. Anyways, I recently ordered stuff from Ulta and this is what I got!




I got three eye shadow items, one pallet and two of the baked shadows since the Ulta over in Altamonte didn’t have the color I did want originally along with the pallet. Let me start with the pallet! I managed to get the Dream Catcher pallet I wanted out of the three and that is Stormy Eyes! As you know that I have Dusk Til Dawn since the location didn’t have it and I do love the browns and bronzes that come in it but I still wanted Stormy Eyes. I tried going back to NYX Surplus on EBay and they only have the display pallets, they were nice enough to see if I wanted the display one for Stormy but I was afraid if it was used or touched and so on since display pallets are usually the ones people play with in Ulta and not sure if they got their entire stock at their EBay store, may look since I am kind of considering getting Golden Horizons, the third pallet. Now I am happy with the two I got since I went on Ulta’s site and glad they still have it and same price as in the store and great thing is they take PayPal for anyone who uses it! If you’re wondering what is the difference between Dusk and this one is that this is more with the smokier colors such as the grays, blacks, even two silvers unless one of them is white for brow highlighting, still it is a nice and easy to use pallet! I was able to create a look with Dusk with the first and third colors in the top row and the first two in the bottom, which are very light brown, golden brown I believe, and mid and slightly dark brown. I can imagine what I can do with this one since you can do a lot! I can’t wait to use my new brush in this! Also, if you’re wondering, the applicator and other mirror is underneath the shadows like the Dusk pallet if you want to use it! I love how NYX is innovative with some of their pallets!


With the baked shadows, I only got two to try out since I was interested in one of them by Ms. Emily Noel on YouTube since she really got me into NYX along with Eleventh Gorgeous, but Emily had me find the One Night in Morocco pallet which I still have! The shadow she got me hunting for is called Chance and it is pretty new! It is a purpley brown almost taupe shadow! When I heard about this one, I must find it and have it! I tried to see if they had it when I got Dusk but they didn’t, which sucked and was glad to take a risk and find it on their site! I love the packaging! It is in a small cube and I was confused at first, I thought the opening was the hinge but was able to open both!They are travel size friendly! The other one I got is called Silverr Haze which is a dark silver! I had a hard time choosing what other ones I wanted since I don’t want too many in case if I didn’t like them since the color range is amazing to choose from and also wanted to branch out of purples and blues for a little, so I decided with this one! I might wear one of the baked shadows Monday or try out Stormy, still my choices arre pretty good and might go back for more!


I may also try out the NYX lip creams if I go back to the website since Grav3yard Girl talked about they got new ones and how she liked them and one she got was Transylvania from the newer colors and it is a black plum color! I will wear that with my Lolita dress during Metro since it will have purple trimming. I may go back for the Golden Horizons pallet. Just comment if you think Golden Horizons is good if you have it!




Well, had to stop at Walgreens recently since something happened Wednesday! Tuesday I finished up my bottle of my Clear Complexion Foundation and was about to use the new one until it fell off the counter and broke on the bathroom floor! We have ceramic tile that’s why it broke so easily and I haven’t opened it yet! I even have a cut from the shards when I threw the bottle away. So, I stopped by after class and got a new bottle in warm like my bottle that broke. So glad I got it! I did get a few more items and one of them is a new dual ended eye shadow brush, kind of like my small one I use for my crease and brow, this one is I use for lid and definer. The thing is I lost the one I got at Sally three years ago and don’t know what happened to it, I thought I left it at Gondras’ place but it wasn’t there and possibly lost it at school which sucked! So, got a new one, I had to go back to Walgreens since there was a mix up with one of the concealer and foundation brushes since those are also double ended! Now I have the right one! What I like about this one is that it has the big, wide brush end for the lid since I use that for my lid colors or primer color in my Revlon Primer pallets and then the other end is round which helps with getting into the part where the definer goes since I would use the smaller end for that. Not only that, it has a case to go with so I can place it when it is not used! I would say get this one since it is the same value as the Sally Beauty one I had before but this feels better!


And the last things are new Sinful Spring polishes! One is from the regular line and the other two are from their Gel Tech line! I got a Sea Foam Green polish called Innocent by what the girl who works there said and the two from the gel line are two different shades of blue, one a pastel and the other sky. Great thing is that Sinful lowered the price on their gel polishes, it used to be $2. 99 each bottle but now it’s the same price as a regular Sinful polish! I love Sinful for that! The girl thought they did it since no one wasn’t buying them but I still have the five I got when they first came out! I am waiting on a new Braille Labler since the one I have has dull blades and can’t cut. I need to contact my counselor about that since I need to label my new bottles!


Well, that’s my quickie! I know the NYX stuff was long but at least I got that out of the way first! I will be doing my MythiCon spotlight! Stay tuned for that!

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