Sunday Haul!

Hello everyone and welcome back yet again! As said before in the Convention Spotlight that I do have a haul post! Last Sunday, I went to a few places after my workout and during the evening hours since I did need a few things and also had to do some birthday shopping for a friend and was also on a bit of a Sanrio high! Let’s get started!


Sam Flax: So, the first location was to Sam Flax, which is an art store in Downtown Orlando, near the Asian Market Area of town and the reason why I went is that they were clearing out their Sanrio stuff and I have been on a high lately! I did get myself a Hello Kitty Japanese Princess plush of her in a pink and purple kimono all thanks to the Blockbuster Buster episode where EJoy was trying to cheer him up and had the plushie of her in a pink kimono with a fan. The seller I bought it from on EBay, which you can’t get these here in America so you have to go to Sanrio Japan’s site or to EBay, didn’t have anymore of the pink kimono so the choices were blue and brown kimono, a green kimono, and the one I chosen. Still adorable! I still had the high since I had a dream about going back to Sanrio and I found out on their site that Sam Flax had stuff and called and found out they were clearing out for 50% off! I did get a lot of stuff and I did get something for a friend who is having a birthday party this weekend, it is a little Kuromi keychain with the little chain instead of a key ring. I asked him which character he liked and one of them is one of my faves and it is Kuromi, he also like Pon Pon Ribbon and Choco Cat, but most of the stuff they had left was the other characters like My Melody, which they had a plush and almost got that but to me some of the plushies weren’t as great as the ones I have like the Hello Kitty ones I got at Sanrio and online, also at Hot Topic with the Chun Li Kitty, the Keroppi blinking, and my mini Kuromi that was a Toys R Us exclusive that someone sold. Anyways, I am giving him the little keychain since I also got a Kuromi plush pen and was looking for pens and got it, so keeping that! Other things I got was an old fashioned change purse with Hello Kitty on it! I loved old style change purses since I was little and I did have one from my aunt but not sure what happened to it, I think I lost it or sold it but was able to find this one! I love how the clasps are on top and you just open it up and place the coins inside. I also love how they are more spacious than the zip up ones since you can hold a lot more change than most coin purses! I am so glad I found that one! I also got a bigger pencil case to keep all my pens and 20/20 pens in since I kept some in my Keroppi pencil case and the others in Kuromi, so this one is the one that goes in the binder and very big! I also did get a Keroppi keychain where you can put other keychains and keys on, and I attached it with a little notebook on a keyring and attached it to the pencil case so in case if I have a memo to memorize, I can write it down, along with fan fiction ideas! I did get a few more pens like one plushie pen of Hello Kitty, a ball point one with her attached and dangling like a cellphone charm, and a pen with different inks in one! If you remembered those pens that have different colored inks and you push one down and you get one and then click another down then you get the other, I hadn’t had any of those since I was in elementary school and glad they sold them! If you live in town and want to get discounted Sanrio items, you should come here! I will go back to Sanrio if my family goes to Milennia anytime soon because I wanted to get a tote bag and never found any left! I carry my writing stuff in them and during cons I tend to use them for autograph items so it would be easier to take out and fit the bigger items since knowing with MythiCon, holy crap my pile is going to be huge for Eric Stuart!


Donga Corp: Well, since I couldn’t find much for my friend for his birthday at Sanrio, I decided the next best thing that he loves and that is Japanese snacks! I got him stuff from an Asian market across the street from school when they were around for Farmer’s Market Day but they don’t show up anymore and Farmer’s Market Day is Wednesdays now and hard to get there on Wednesday when I tend to have class around the same time as they do the market day thing. That is why I decided to drop by my fave market in town and that is Donga Supermarket! I love this place and haven’t been back there since December since I got my teas and the candy selection was okay, now it was better. Let me start with what I got for my friend and then me!




Tropical Pocky: I haven’t seen this before but I felt that he might like it since he loves pocky!


Chocolate Pocky: This is a staple for every anime fan and great way of starting loving Pocky! It is pretty much baby step pocky!


Strawberry Pocky: Another staple but the flavor is always okay! I love strawberries but I have a feeling he likes this flavor!


Cute Cube Candy: I gave him these since I didn’t like them much because they are really sweet! I think they are a combination of green tea and red bean according to him? I got him an actual pack of these this time since it looks like they are a fave for people!


Corn Milk Chewy Candy: I originally got these for myself since I heard about these from CharleinJapan on YouTube but they are the hard candies she talked about. I thought they were hard since my dad told me they were but they ended up chewy and tasted weird. So, I decided to give them to him so he might like these since apparently Japan is a corn lover and they put corn in anything according to Charle or Charla, sorry if I messed up your name, but I placed them in a zip lock and included some of the candies I got from the packs that he tried from my candy pouch, which I will mention below. I included the Hello Kitty melting candy, I may include some more for him since I have so much of it! I will see about more ramune or something. I will do it tomorrow since the party is not til Saturday! He always loves this stuff!


Now to my stuff…


Green Tea Pocky: I am so glad I finally found this again! As you know I love my green tea flavored sweets and I haven’t seen this in sooooooooooo long! Now Donga brought it back! I always loved green tea pocky ever since I started dating Gondras and he didn’t get me green tea pocky because they stopped carrying it before he got a chance to buy it for me, so he gets me the almond crush since he knows I love it! But I love green tea pocky a bit more and yet he finds me weird but he loves me anyways! So glad it’s back!


Fruit Yogurt Candy: I included these with my present to my friend because he tried these when I had them in my candy pouch and loved them! They are what they are, they are candy that are pretty much fruit flavored yogurt and are creamy like yogurt and they are soooo good! I think I still have some of the ones I got a year ago in the tin I have in the fridge outside but they are amazing and was glad to find these!


Hello Kitty Anniversary Candy Pack: I finally found them! I wanted to get these for months but they didn’t carry them in the fall like they were supposed to! Well, end of summer mostly, but it is the Hello Kitty Anniversary Candy pack! I love these candies like the fruit milk candies they used to make, not sure what happened to those, but glad to find these again! Also, a new change to the sticker! Instead of it being the whole card is the sticker, it is three mini stickers, so you have a mini sticker sheet! I am so glad that these returned so I can stick them onto my make up case! I might go back for more of these candies! They are so delicious!


Fruit Milk Candies: These are different from the Hello Kitty ones because they aren’t the Sanrio ones. These are a different kind which I was looking for milky candies, the hard ones I tend to love but couldn’t find the ones I tend to get, but found these instead! They also include corn flavor but at least these are hard milky candies!


I believe that is it!


Hot Topic:


So, went to Hot Topic for something completely different, well two items. I was hoping to get a Captain America shirt since Winter Soldier is coming out in April! Yay! Well, when I got there I found out that MegaCon attendees bought them out from Wednesday til the start of Mega, Friday! So, the only sizes they had left was small! So, I have to get an XL of the sield shirt ordered for me! That wasn’t a total loss since I also had a 15% off coupon on my account and realized I forgot to get a new chain for my torn pants to replace the chain that used to be on my Good Charlote wallet when I got the ball chain during the buy one get another half off sale and kind of kicked myself for it! I did get a short, silver chain for it since I was doing the black, silver with nautical stars, black, and then silver again to make it look unique for my Soul Eater version of my character, since I am doing .hack for Metro. Too bad they don’t have a lot of chains like they used to, I would love to match with the wig! Black and blue! Also the gloves, almost forgot! Still, not a total loss, have to wait for word about the shirt to be sent to the store! I haven’t heard when it got shipped, hoping I get contacted soon since the movie is coming out pretty much next Friday!




So, went to Wally World! Had to get new cottonballs! I know I should have went to Walgrens but WalMart had the really big bag of them and those lasted me from September I believe until now! Yeah, a lot of them! So, got big bag! Next, my dad had to get more hairspray! He thought my dry shampoo was hairspray but I said it was not since it does look like hairspray but it’s not. Keeps my hair clean while not washing it. And finally, got these all thanks to Grav3yard Girl and they are the Hot Designs Nail Art set! Not sure if you guys saw her video on testing these but these do work! They are that two in one, or shall I say four in one since there are four colors in each pen, which they give you six colors and they are packaged as one pen, which you twist the pen towards the ink cartridge of the pen and you get the nail polish and you uncap the very top and you get the pen and you squeeze for the design. It is easy to do and you don’t have to go to a salon to do it either, just at home! I got the one that comes with sparkling designing pens and nail polishes. I almost thought about the basic set but wanted to get the one that Grav3yard Girl has since it has silver in it I love my silvers! I may get the Basic Color set which has navy, black, red, green I think, and a few others! I will be having a polka dotted thing since you can make dots with these as well. It does come with a design guide if you want to go by that. It is $10 like in the infomercials and according to her they dry quickly! I will link the video down below so you can see how they worked out for her!


I do have news and it is from EBay! I did mention I would see about the Golden Horizons pallet on EBay and well, I found it but bought it froma different seller! She sold it pretty much close to what Ulta sells it for! It is pretty much golds, bronzes, browns, and even purples! What is interesting though, I was told that there was purple in Dusk Til Dawn, I think the girl that held Dusk for me got them mixed up, you can get purple in Golden Horizons and also Stormy Eyes, which I used today! I mostly used the smokier colors for the look I wore today! I will be wearing Golden on Saturday! I would say you should get these while they last at Ulta or just go on EBay since they are limited edition and they are a nice dupe for the Urban Decay Naked pallets and they are very pigmented and easy to use! And while I was at EBay, I did pick up a pair of white, kitty paw gloves for my Kitty Lolita cosplay for Metro since I am going to be wearing my bell collar I bought last year and my white kitty ears and paws with it!


So, that is it for now! Check out the video I post here! I am not sure what’s next since I have so many things to do for graduation in May! I will do the March and April faves before then! Til next time! And also, if you like the Hot Designs video, check out Grav3yard Girl’s channel on YouTube and click subscribe so you can be a part of the Swamp Family and give an alligator its wings! You can also check out her Facebook through YouTube and her other media sites! Her stuff is very entertaining and you may like the stuff she does! So tell her I sent you! See ya guys!

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