Convention Quickie

Hello everyone and welcome back! I needed a break from school work to bring you a quick convention announcement for the three conventions I previously spotlighted: Omni Expo, MetroCon, and MythiCon!


Omni Expo


A bit of bad news and that is Chris Patton won’t be attending! I know! I was excited about meeting him again and wanted to interview him but due to scheduling conflicts with his voice acting, he won’t make it but hopefully he will for next year’s convention! I will cross my fingers!


But out of the bad news but to the good, a new guest was added in his place and that is Florida native, Matthew Mercer! He is the voice actor for the new Attack on Titan series that has been dubbed by Funimation Studios and his character is Levi! Other roles you may have heard or seen him as includes Tygra in the new Thundercats series from 2011, Melvin Voyager in Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos, and he is in a series that I have seen during Anime Sushi, Accel World Black Vise in episodes 23 and 24! Can’t wait to meet this guy since I am interested in Attack on Titan and seen the first episode of the abridged series by Team Four Star! And for anyone who is interested, AMythiCon will be at Omni to introduce their Attack On Titan ball for this year’s convention that Friday if you want to see a sneak peek of it!


And also there have been new entries added to the Directors Showcase, so if you are interested in seeing who is doing what, go to for information!


And if anyone who hasn’t bought a ticket, there is a nice little prize if you want to pre-register and that is a chance to have dinner at Sero Urban Italian Kitchen with the cast of DBZ, Kyle Hebert, Chris Sabat, and Kara Edwards that Saturday night! I would pre-register if I were you since these people are amazing at what they do!




MetroCon has added two new guests and they are returning for another year!


Brittney Karbowski: You have read my interview with her and seen her as Wendy Marvell in Fairy Tail! You get to meet her again in Tampa this year if you haven’t last year!


Dante Basco: He is also returning for another year! He also was at Shadow Con and will be showing up at KnightroKon Year 3 at at the UCF Main campus in June! If you don’t go to Metro and can’t get to it, you can still meet him at Knightro! I am still working on getting an interview with him, so stay tuned for my announcement on that!




Since I announced the ball that Mythic will be doing for their second year, they have added another guest and just announced last night on their Facebook group page!


Bennet the Sage: If you guys read my interview with Kyle Hebert and may have seen him on this guy’s Guyver interview with Nostalgia Critic, Bennet the Sage will be showing up at MythiCon Year 2! Trust me, I was excited and so is Gondras since we are fans of his show, Anime Abandoned! If you never seen it, I advise you guys to watch it since now, I think he is done with it by now, has done Toonami month throughout March! If you check this guy’s show out, he is really good at reviewing anime and this is a good convention to bring him to since of course it deals with anime. It would be interesting if he tapes an episode or does a live show like Linkara did last year! Let’s see what happens!


Well, that is about it for this quickie! What is next for Nerdy Shique Universe? Hmmmmm if I don’t get another post up before the end of this month, it looks like my favorites post since I am going to be busy working on papers! I know my kitty brain is going crazy! Unless if I do some cosplay stuff, just request below!

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