March and April 2014 Favorites

Hello everyone and welcome back! Finally got around to posting yet again! I really miss posting for everyone in the universe of Nerdy Shique! So, this post will be my March and April Favorites! There have been a lot of things I liked and this post will also give an honorable mention! Let’s get to it!




Yes! These pallets get the honorable mention of the Paw Print of the Universe this month and why? Not only they are limited edition but I love them so! Plus, they are the only other make up item that I own all the pallets for besides the Wet N Wild Limited Edition Spring pallets for this year, but these get the most mentions since they are amazing! As you know, I got interested in these all thanks to Eleventh Gorgeous mentioning that they got all three pallets for free during IMATS Los Angeles through NYX’s party and wanted them! The three of them are Golden Horizons, which contain gold, bronzes, two purples I believe, and one rose gold/pink, Dusk Til Dawn, which features more of browns, bronze, and some grays, and the one I wanted originally when I first heard of them, Stormy Eyes, which features more grays, blacks, silvers, and white, also a purple or two! Still, these pallets are pretty and when I first got Dusk, the girl who told me over the phone my local Ulta said they are like the Naked pallets and when I got Dusk, I agree! But these are actually pretty good dupes for them since they are very affordable, which they cost $14 at Ulta, I got Golden Horizons on EBay for c;pse tp that price, but still affordable if you can’t get any of the Naked pallets, especially Naked 3 since that flies off the shelf according to all the YouTubers I subscribe to! If you want to get these, you should get them now while they last since they are limited edition, try seeing if Ulta still carries them, if not, you can start finding these on EBay. I got mine from a user called Joy’s Cosmetics which you can find that name in any make up that is listed in the title. Not sure if NYX Surpluis has posted their’s but still look! You get a pretty good price for ten shadows and the applicator is underneath a drawer type slit with another mirror which is very convenient! You can make countless looks with these, I even had fun doing it with Stormy the most since it is easy to create different smoky and neutral looks! I would suggest with the Golden Horizons pallet, you can use gold eye liners or brown ones, I suggest the NYX gold liners and the Wet N Wild brown liners! So, get these while they last!




Gold pencil liner and gold sparkle liner: Now speaking of NYX, I am totally in love with their gold eyeliners, which I got at Ulta the last time I went with my member coupon which was for 20% off my entire purchase, which made my NYX findings that day awesome! Why? Because they did Buy one get the Other Half Off Sale that day well days, because a lot of people came and acted like vultures and bought almost everything out! I was lucky to get my hands on both the gold solid pencil which is a very easy glide on and then the golden glitter liquid liner which is pretty easy to use! I use these with my Golden Horizons pallet when I used my gold colors and bronzes to give off a nice gold look and also used it with my Iced Latte eye shadow from L’Oreal which fit perfectly! I may go back and see if they made a smoky type liner pencil to go with my Hot Topic smoky liner since Walgreens doesn’t carry smoky type pencils, I did remember they carried a smoky liquid liner in WNW but not sure if it’s still around, but I know it may be carried and existing in NYX.


Matte Lipstick in Nude: I finally tried out the matte lipsticks from NYX! Since it was buy one get one half off decided to get some lip items as well and this lipstick was one of them and it was one of the remaining ones! As said, vultures went crazy! I would too if I knew this sale existed! Anyways, this is a light brown according to the girl and it goes on pretty smoothly on the lips, especially with lip balm! I haven’t used my Sugar Wafer lipstick yet from the Butter Lipsticks but I know I will love it!


Butter Lip Gloss in Terra Misseau: I can’t spell that name but I finally got my hands on one of the more neutral lip glosses from this line and heard a lot of good things about this one, pretty much everyone has it and glad it was one of the many leftover! I was hoping to get Sugar Cookie, one of the newer ones that Nicole Garriaro picked up, but I think it got sold out. I may get it since I got another coupon from Ulta! Yay! Still, I am using it right now and love it! I even still love the smell of the cake battery type smell from the vial! Can’t wait for my graduation party with cake!


Baked Eye Shadows in Silver Haze and Chance: Another eye shadow fave and that is these two baked eye shadows that I got in my order from Ulta last month. Remembered how I mentioned I ordered from the site? Along with Stormy Eyes, I finally got my hands on the newer baked shadows that NYX made and one of them was what I wanted and the other wanted to step out of the comfort zone and they are Chance, which is a purple and brown mix and Silver Haze, a silvery eye shadow! These are very easy to apply, not much fall out, they also stay put and they look amazing with the liners I used, I used the purple liners with Chance while silver and smoky with Silver Haze. I may try using the browns with Chance next time to see how that goes, but now I love these and may buy more!


Hot Topic Black Heart


Smoky eyeliner: I haven’t mentioned this as a favorite since I was still experimenting with it with all my shadows and loving it! This was next to the smoky eye primer they made, which I might go back and get since I have a lot of smoky ey shadows, still it looks good with silver and black eye liners! I am going to try and find a smoky pencil since I had a hard time finding a pencil for it!




Extraordinaire Lip Color in Purple Prelude: I don’t think I mentioned this but I finally tried out those new Extraordinaire lip colors since they are pretty popular and plus Make Up Freak did do a review on them! She got Fushia Orchestra and Purple Prelude I believe or some other color and had to try them out since she liked them. I do have both Fushia Orchestra and Purple Prelude, but haven’t worn Fushia yet, but I do like Purple Prelude a lot and like how it glides on. There are even times when I worn it without the lip balm and it still glided on smoothly, I can see why everyone bought these like crazy when I first tried it out, because the Walgreens display was out of most of them at the time! So glad I waited until the craze went down for my own Fushia Orchestra!




Disney Villains Eye Shadows in Cruella and Malifascent: Remember how I mentioned I got these for Christmas? Well, I love them! I haven’t mentioned them in a favorites yet since I haven’t explored a little more with how I liked the make up in the books I got, which were Cruella, Malifasent, and Evil Queen! Great thing about this is that everything is separated into their own casing and they include one eye shadow pallet of six shadows, one eye liner in pencil and liquid, a mascara, a brush, and a lip shimmer and a lip gloss! I don’t like the lip gloss and shimmer from Cruella’s book because the lip gloss feels sticky, but I did try out the Evil Queen one when the book for it broke when it fell and the tray came off, I did separate everything and decided to try out the lip gloss and lip shimmer and they weren’t sticky like the Cruella book’s lip stuff! The shadows and liners, on the other hand, do go on smoothly! I don’t wear mascara, so won’t talk about that! I am hoping these come back since they are pretty pigmented and they do cost around $12 when they come out at first, but they do have sales close to Cristmas and become half off! That is how I got Evil Queen and Malifasent. There is Ursula, but that is one villain I didn’t like much!




Ghiradelli’s Spring Impressions Chocolates: I have been loving the Ghiradelli’s Spring Impressions chocolate squares that have been released for Easter! These are a combination of dark chocolate and mil chocolate and there were ones where I got with dark, white, and milk, but still they do impress me! I hope I get these again next year!


Chips Ahoy ice cream cookies in Mint Chocolate Chip: Normally I don’t like Chips Ahoy but a special on these got me loving the chewy ice cream flavored ones in Mint Chocolate Chip! It is a mint cookie with chocolate chips and tastes really good!


Baskin Robbins Inspired Ice Coffees at Dunkin Donuts: I had to bring these up since I love them so! I really got into iced coffees, especially at Dunkin Donuts since they are so flavorful and the ones that got my kitty ears perked is their Bakin Robbins inspired ones returning for another year! I never got to try them last year when they Mint Chocolate Chip flavored ones, as you can tell mint chocolate chip is my all time fave ice cream since I was little! Hell, I horded the ice cream inspired Pop Tarts in my freezer! Anyways, the flavors this year are Jamocha Fudge Almond and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough! I love these two flavors and I tend to rotate between the two, but mostly reach for the cookie dough since it tastes very good, especially with the cream and sugar! I love my sweet! I hope they don’t stop making these!




The Midnight Breed Series by Lauren Adrian: I have been loving this series! I downloaded it while looking for the Vampire Academy books, yeah go ahead and laugh, I was a curious kitten! I do like the first book in that but when I started reading this series, this was amazing! It is a ten book bundle I ended up with from Bookshare and it deals with a group of women who have rare birthmarks that are in the shape of a tear drop going into the bowl of a crescent moon and they end up meeting vampires that get attracted this birthmark because they are compatible with them and have to bond with them through blood by sucking their blood and having the females take their blood sucked by them to complete the bond. Great thing is that they can also have kids in order to extend the breed, well sons, so they can survive! It is pretty much a better series than Twilight and it is more for adults since it has nudity and sexual content, but very good! So far I really enjoyed the first two books, which the first shown how a photographer by the name of Gabrielle Maxwell meeting Lucan Thorn, a first generation offspring who tried saving her mother who got attacked by the enemy vamps, vampires who came under bloodlust and became rogue, and was left in foster care as a baby and found out later that Lucan was the one who saw her mother being attacked by a rogue and never got a chance to erase her memory. The story was something I couldn’t close up and thought very heart warming towards the end, but the one with Tessa, a vet, meeting and becoming Dante’s breedmate was even better! I was reading the second book during breaks while writing papers! Right now, I am reading book three, “Midnight Awakening,” which deals with the widow known as Ellis and another first gen named Teagan Smith. Can’t wait how that would end! I would say if you can find these books as a collection or spparated, get them and read them if you’re over 18! These blow Twilight out of the water since the roamanc is better and of course, forgot to mention, set in Boston and not in the middle of nowhere town! I am from Boston, which makes me happy to know that these books are set there! It makes sense due to the history and how dark it can be for vampires.




Skillet’s “Rise” album: I have been going crazy for Skillet lately and I got their “Rise” album last month. I did mention that I did love their single “Not Gonna Die,” and had to get the album. What sucks though is that the radio doesn’t play it, they do play “Monster” since Skillet was being a part of Mardi Gras’ line up for this year, but why WJRR, why not play new Skillet? Anyways, I love the album except for two tracks, “American Noise” and some jazzy type track they did. I do like the other songs like “Salvation,” which is one of my fave slow songs besides “Lucy” from their “Awake” album, which you hear the female singer sing a lot of it. It is a nice duet between them since they are husband and wife! I may get “Comatose” since I redownloaded “Awake” since I think I lost that album! I didn’t know they had a second album until I saw it at Best Buy while get this one! Way to go Skillet!


Well, that is it for my faves! Before mentioning what is next, here is a little convention announcement!


Linkara is coming back to MythiCon for his second year! I know I mentioned in the spotlight that he wasn’t coming back but he is! He announced it on his website and then MythiCon announced on their Facebook group that he is coming back officially! So glad he is returning and with my press pass…yes now I am doing press for Mythic 2014! I may interview him! Or Bennet, and maybe the other guests!


And speaking of press! Since this summer will be action packed with conventions! Look out for interviews with Carrie Savage, Matthew Mercer, Chris Sabat, and Team Four Star next month from my press experience at Omni Expo 2014!


That is about it! Til next time!

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