Review: Agents of SHIELD Season 1

Hello and welcome back! I am holding off the Original Character Cosplay post until the next post, why you may ask> Time for another review and it is on Agents of S. H. I.E. L. D. and warning there may be spoilers!


So, last night was the season finale of the first season of Agents and man it was a great start to a great series! I have been a Marvel fan since the first Iron Man movie and now that this show came to be, was on board for it! This show continues what happened after Avengers 1 when Agent Philip Colson comes back after recovery from his very bad wound that Loki gave him. Even though healed in some ways, Agent Colson has to face a group that has been giving people with strange abilities little centipedes that enhance powers or just give them certain abilities due to the way these bugs were made! They even have one special technology that was given to Colson’s protégé in one of the early episodes to help her as well. Anyways, among the mess with Centipede, which the group was named, Colson meets a woman by the name of Sky who doesn’t know about her past but is known for her hacking talents and joins him and his group of Agents Grant Ward, May, Fitz, and Simmons to solve the mystery behind Centipede and what is up with his own head and why does he have an obsession with Tahiti! Along the way, he finds out that S. H. I. E. L. D. is not the organization that is supposed to be all thanks to Hydra!


My Thoughts: I thought the show was awesome! Even though I had to miss NCIS to watch this but it was worth the miss, even though they do post episodes on Julu by what I heard and USA does show the newer seasons, so I can catch up there! There were pretty good twists and turns as each episode went every week until the winter break and somewhat mid-season break for Uprising!


And if you were wondering, yes I did catch Winter Soldier before the episode to reveal that Hydra was running as S. H. I. E. L. D. all this time! I liked how each other went hand in hand, if you haven’t seen the second movie, it basically gives you the forerunner of what happened to Nick Fury and how Cap and Black Widow learn about the death and have to look into how Hydra was behind it and how long it has been around after the Red Skull’s fall in the first one and leading to Cap’s sleep for seventy plus years since the second World War! On top of that reunite with Bucky in the fights! So, the episode in the following week of the movie’s release, it shows the side of the story of what is going on with S. H. I. E. L. D. and how Colson is trying to find who betrayed him and that it is Hydra running everything, especially after the events at the facility where the alien serum was found that helped Sky and Colson heal from their wounds!


Did Centipede return? Yes! It seems that they will be back for season two since now that what happened in the end of season one shows that Rayna is not done yet! On top of that, Ward is still a bad guy and won’t be forgiven for betraying Colson, May, Fitz, and Simmons! Now they also have a new agent with them to replace Ward and that is Agent Triplet!


Favorite Moments: I do have favorite moments of the first season and the first is finding out that Patton Oswald is in the series as both Canning brothers! I love Oswald’s work as Remy the Rat inRatatoullie and his comedy works as stand up and what I saw of the show that is on the block after Agents. Still, he can play that isolated nerd very well! Makes us happy that his character or shall I say characters will keep living and he stays and can go to have Schwarma with the rest of the Avengers!


Another favorite moment is how Sky fooled Ward in the episode where she figured out Ward at the diner! She knew that Ward was a part of Hydra and at the same time having him toy with her until the police came to their table before Ward got close and revealed his true feelings. Now I can see why I like Sky and after this season, will be more important to Colson as an agent as well!


And finally, May and Sky taking Ward down during the season finale! This shows how two love interests towards Ward work back to back in order to take him out for his betrayal! Normally, they would fight it out against each other in a cat fight but this time they know they were fooled by one big idiot and used workshop tools in order to make the fight more interesting! Trust me, we were waiting for him to be killed by a table saw or buzz saw, but what made it better was the nail gun to the foot! Beat that Rock with the stapler!


I did want to quote Abridged Tristan from Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged towards Fitz and Simmons during the beginning of the season finale, “JUST #$%@ ALREADY!” Seriously, they looked like they would despite they had to escape from certain death!


HOLY CRAP MOMENT: The revelation of Tahiti! I had to put this in there and that is how Colson found out who was running Tahiti! As you know throughout the first half of the season, he kept on saying “It’s a magical place!” Then he found out that it wasn’t and that is how he was healed all thanks to be messed with along with the serum! What was the Tahiti Project anyways? Well, it was supposed to revive dead avengers by using that alien serum used on Colson to heal and why he said all those things about Tahiti is because they didn’t want him to know the entire thing until May found Colson’s empty grave with a flashdrive and revealed he was the one running it! It was shut down due to psychological problems but at least it didn’t effect Colson except for his will to live! Gondras and I had the same reaction of “Holy @#$%!” at that moment since it surprised us and now we know what was going on as an audience, we hope we get more ideas of the serum along the way!


What is next for Marvel? Of course we have Guardians of the Galaxy opening August 1st! I know I want to wait til my birthday which is eight days later, haha on zombie flics, still I can’t wait for this movie since we already started seeing trailers and know who is playing who and the movie is looking good! Think of it as Avengers in space but with creatures of a different dimension! Plus, you get to see Rocket Raccoon from Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 in action in this flick! Then you have not only the second season of Agents but Agent Carter in the fall as well, which will show the formation of S. H. I. E. L. D. in this series with Peggy Carter after Steve Rogers vanishing and you get to see Howard Starke more in this! And of course, can’t wait for Avengers 2 next year!


Well, that is it for this review! I can’t wait for the next season of this series, especially itknowing that Colson is still alive! It would be funny if Captain America shows up and finds Colson alive, even though they almost had him see Tony! Anyways, what is next for this blog? Of course, the original character cosplay post, and after next week, my press coverage of Omni Expo! As in, not only I will be covering cosplay, the events, dealers, but interviewing the guests as well! Stay tuned!

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