Omni Expo: Interview With TeamFourStar!

(Left to right): Me, Takahata, Lani, and Kaiser

(Left to right): Me, Takahata, Lani, and Kaiser

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! So, during Omni Expo I held interviews with some of the guests and one of them happened to be some of the funniest guys on the ‘net and they are known for making abridged versions of DBZ, Hellsing Ultimate, and now Attack On Titan. They also had favorite phrases made famous such as “God dammit Nappa!” and the “Krillin Owned Count” popular! Who are they? Why they are TeamFourStar! How was the interview? Read below to find out! BTW, I will do my best in knowing who was who, Lanipator, Takahata101, and KaiserNeko were the ones as guests!


Mari Blue Cat: So, you have been to conventions all over the United States, how does it feel to be at one of the many here in Orlando?


Takahata101: We’re sweating our Dragonballs off!

KaiserNeko: you were waiting for that at the beginning of the panel to use that one! Honestly, this is great! I love this venue, this is the best venue that I think we’ve ever been at for a convention! It’s beautiful and got to come in early and soak by the pool and enjoy myself. I love the layout here and it seems like it will get very lively out here!

MBC: Wait until tomorrow!

Kaiser: Last time we were in Florida was Tampa and it gives us a different side of Florida and it’s great to see our South Western Fans…

Taka: South Eastern!

Kaiser: Our South Eastern Fans!

Taka: Actually with meeting other fans, we get to meet our fans from ChaotiCon!


MBC: How does it feel to go to conventions and meeting fans that enjoy your work?


Kaiser: It’s great! Honestly, it never gets less overwhelming because you go to these places and be face to face with those people who leave those comments on YouTube and be like “Ho hoho! You were the one who said that!”

Taka: Actually, it’s kind of one of the reasons that I still like…I still love doing the show for a lot of reasons but getting to meet our fans like meeting them face to face knowing that you’re making them laugh and entertaining them, that is is the most fulfilling thing. I absolutely love meeting fans is one of the best parts of the job!


MBC: Since DBZ Abridged has been getting big and bigger, ave you thought it would get this big?


Taka: No!

Kaiser: God no! When we first started, we were living far apart from each other, we still do, but we were thinking “yeah this would be a fun project to do.” We got 10 20 thousand subscribers, yeah this would be great and then we started getting invited to cons and thinking in the beginning we won’t be able to meet each other and this is a fun project to do while we figure out our future and six years later…

Taka: Yeah…

Kaiser: This has slowly become our future and where we are like these guys are going to be groomsmen at my wedding! I’m curious! How many subscribers have we invited to our first con?


Taka: 200!

Kaiser: 200,000 really?

Lanipator: It was around 250,000 and that was by the end of season 1!

Kaiser: I don’t think we didn’t have 250, 000 by then. I think we had about over a hundred thousand.

Taka: Yeah…maybe a hundred thousand by then. We used to joke about going to cons, it was funny it would be unlikely!

Lani: Remember back in the day when I had like 45 thousand subscribers that was a lot to us!

Kaiser: Remember when (LittleKuriboh) with 70 thousand was one of the top 25 YouTubers! And now we have 1.2 million subscribers!

(Note: It was hard to tell Kaiser and Lanipator apart since we had to do the interview at their dealer room table, so I am doing the best I can!)


MBC: Are you still recording and scripting the entire thing?


All Three: Yep!

Taka: Same process! Never deviated from it!

Kaiser: We never change the process but we have to change the hours to fit each other’s schedule but the process has stayed the same!

Lani: And we’ve been branching out to more things and planning to branch out since we built a stable basis and starting to springing up more pillars.

Kaiser: Yeah considering DBZ like we have such a finite amount it is never seemed to be limited to the amount and now that we’re looking at Cell and then we’re looking at Boo which is a very long arc!

Lani: There’s a lot to be cut!

Kaiser: We have a finite amount of show now, we are at the stage of our “career” where we’re looking at more options to expand upon our brand.


MBC: Even though this is supposed to be a later question, are there any other series you want to abridge?


Kaiser: Not specifically, we’re looking at doing other things besides abridging in the future. Although there are some options I won’t get far into that may be similar to what we do now.

Lani: We like to follow the same format of serial comedy that is episodic and the best formats to invest in a lot of new characters. It gets to the point where like in Philadelphia where the plot can be a cup and someone stole a cup and it can be an hour episode in finding that cup and can be the funniest episode…

Kaiser: I am waiting for that episode of Bar Rescue…

Lani: It would be the greatest episode because they can’t rescue that bar!


MBC: Have watched any of the past episodes and wish you could change?


Lani: All the time! First and foremost to see how far we’ve come. Especially you Kaiser, you go back and be like “This is what I used to do! Oh God!” My editing has gotten better over time I still don’t think I’m where I need to be…

Kaiser: So is your humbleness!

Lani: As I said, I still think I’m not where I need to be! I think we are improving as time is going on and if you don’t look back and look at the process and don’t think you could’ve done better then something wrong with it.

Kaiser: There is also the fact of looking back saying “Oh wow we did that really good!” not necessarily in a mastubatory sense but in the sense of “Wow, we’re proud of how that came out and should do more of that.”

Taka: If you can’t be proud of your accomplishments you’ve made, then you’re not going…if you’re not proud then you won’t have that confidence to continue break boundaries.

Kaiser: It’s like when we look at YouTube comments, big channels say don’t look at the comments it would break you down!

MBC: Right!

Kaiser: But the only way of knowing what your audience likes is by looking at it. Granted you are going to get…it has gotten to the point where every video we make is either the best or worst, because what we do is so subjective in terms of our fanbase.

Lani: It’s humor….

Kaiser: Humor is the most subjective things there is!

Lani: People think Boo is not funny but to 25 thousand people he is!


MBC: Since you guys do Hellsing Ultimate Abridged and Attack On Titan Abridged, how did those come about?


Lani: Hellsing came around when I was watching a movie and wanted to work on it and I kept on coming up with jokes! People kept saying that we can’t make Hellsing funny. You can make anything hilarious when you spend a lot of tiiiimmmeee on it!

Kaiser: And with the right mind of course!

Lani: So to speak as well and have a KaiserNeko!

Taka: You can buy them in the stores!

Lani: People ask me “Why not do the episode with a KaiserNeko so it would be much easier?”

Kaiser: What happened to did it break down?

Taka: We’re a timed commitment and we break the furniture!

Lani and MBC: ::laughter::

Lani: About Attack On Titan, it was a love for a really fun fun series!


MBC: I heard, is it true that it is on hiatus?


Lani: Yep it is on hiatus but in the meantime we will be tackling other projects!

MBC: That’s good!

Kaiser: Something that the fans would love as much!


MBC: I know that you worked with Linkara for an April Fool’s joke with an episode of Gundam, how fun was that?


Lani: It was okay, he handed us a script and I recorded a little video for him in the end!

Taka: ::does an impersonation of Linkara:: Takahata101, do you want to be in my abridged series? ::goes on as himself:: Who would’ve guessed that you would come to me, now kiss my ring and we will get it done!

Kaiser(?): ::in Godfather voice:: You missed the day of my daughter’s wedding and you ask for a favor.

Taka: Yes I do! ::Linkara voice:: Yes! ::proceeds as himself:: The funny thing is that was the second time I was asked to do the voice of Nolen Bright in a Gundam series! The fun part actually I was the only serious character in the entire thing who was completely no nonsense! So I was like “Okay, are you sure the performance is good? I didn’t overplay him?” We actually did another video with him at Midwest Expo which was another fun video and he is fun to record with and that was for his Lady Death review!

Lani: I don’t remember what it was, I remember recording it!


I did have one more question and it was based on the celebrities they had appear in their stuff, such as Kyle Hebert as Santa Claus in Christmas Tree of Might and Jessica Cavillo as Rip Van Winkle in Hellsing Ultimate Abridged but didn’t get much of a question from what I listened to but hey it was enjoyable to know that Jessica Cavillo is in Attack On Titan and any old Pokemon fans, she did the voice of Prima according to the Orange Island episodes, but we all know it is Lorelei!


Well, that is it for this interview! It wasn’t easy transcribing since there were more than one person, but hey the others except one is one on one! So, stay tuned for my interview with Matthew Mercer up next!

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