Omni Expo: Interviews with Carrie Savage, Toni Darling, and Cali Cosplay!

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! The interviews from Omni Expo continue on this blog and my next interviews are with two of the cosplay guests and this one I will be doing first and that is Carrie Savage! You may know her as the voices of both of the black and white Mokonas in Tsubasa Chronicle and XXXHoLiC and the voice of Miyu Furinji in Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple and if you are a Disgaea fan, she also voiced Volcanus aka Artina in D2 and 4! So, I was happy to interview her after a few years of her not returning to Orlando for another convention! A heads up, I didn’t get a pic with her since she wasn’t feeling okay Friday and was busy with people bringing stuff to sign and of course panel schedule! I did have a pic with Patton, which will be in the next interview! So, enjoy!


Mari Blue Cat: It’s been a while since you came back to Orlando, how does it feel to be back?

Carrie Savage: I love Florida! It’s my favorite state, weather wise humidity wise, I think “well California is great!” I always really love Florida and if hadn’t been for acting I would live here in a heartbeat!

MBC: Oh!

CS: I lived here briefly!

MBC: Oh really!

CS: Yeah, I did comedy briefly at Epcot Center.

MBC: Really!?

CS: Years ago! Been years ago! So it’s nice to be back! I love the weather!


MBC: How does it feel to meet more fans at the conventions?

CS: I love it! I love hearing people watching things and it’s really special when a fan tells you that something made a difference to them and that’s what I love the most, especially a show like Sgt. Frog, would make such a difference to someone who would say like “My parent passed away and it made me laugh through the difficult times.” Something like that. I really like meeting the people who watch this! The faces.

MBC: It’s like if someone comes up with Kenichi says something like “I like Miyu!”

CS: It’s kinda nice to know that is real when people are watching it and enjoying it! And also get to know who they are! I love people! And all the people who are artists, who are creative, even with cosplay! And fans who are really smart with computer stuff.


MBC: Have you seen anyone cosplay as any of your characters?

CS: Yes! That is awesome! I love seeing that! There has been some amazing costumes! I think at Anime Detour they had the characters where the artists drew it in the artists books so not how they look in the anime, but I have seen that too but the really fancy way the artists did it! I’ve seen a lot of Irises from Sakura Wars, I’ve been in the movie for that but I’ve seen some Pricillas. I think there have been Rankas. Not many Pippos but a lot of Monte Cristos. There have been a few Monte Cristos, a few video game characters, some Rimi, I think it’s Rimi from Vampire Knight. There were times when fans came up to me and said that they cosplayed as my character the day before and didn’t do it that day and I’m like “Oh no!”


MBC: What was the most interesting thing you’ve ever signed or funniest gift that someone brought you?

CS: Okay, do you know Ikkitosen?

MBC: Yes! I heard about it!

CS: Well, in the first season the clothes get ripped off to the point where the shirt’s still covering the important parts right?

MBC: Right!

CS: So the character’s not nude. So, this man was talking to Monica Rial and I and he was showing us his artbook and he had these amazing figurines and they were wrapped and not sure and they were half naked! Monica was snickering because she knows I was such a conditionary girl and it was hard for to me joke since there are things that happen in that show and so he made this present for me of an amazing figure of Waboku but with her shirt ripped off so her nipples would you know…

MBC: Ohhh! (Note: I felt myself blushing while she told me this! I even thought to my Sae figure from Burst Angel in her bikini!)

CS: It is hard to display in my office so I had to cover up.

MBC: Like put a smock over it!

CS: Yes! Yes yes!

MBC: I feel the same way because I sometimes I want to hide my Sae figure which is in the bikini and it was the only one I could find in the MegaCon dealer room!

CS: Yeah it’s crazy! It is such beautifully done work but I cannot have a naked girl there!

MBC: It’s like “Hey Carrie! Do you have that figure?” and you’re like “What figure!”

CS: But I’ve saved them all and have a storage room for them!


MBC: What was the most interesting convention moment you’ve ever had?

CS: I think the one with the gift was the most interesting since I can’t think of anything, there’s been so many you know? There’s a convention in Minnesota where the people that live around there they bring a pet to me everytime I go there and I carry my pet around, which is a parrot!


MBC: I know you’ve done video games and anime, how does it feel to go from one media to the next?

There is a lot of switching back and forth you get used to it! It’s very different! With anime you have to match the lip flaps and in a video game you don’t have that. Now it’s all digital with IPad, not like what it used to be with big books and your lines would be all together without anybody else’s lines in between and you have to go through it in different ways with each line which you don’t know what it is going on video games are done much faster, which you don’t have to match lip flap and it can be hard on your voice. It is also harder since it’s fast and you don’t know what’s happening!


MBC: Are there any new projects you can talk about?

CS: There’s been several video games, which can’t really talk about. We’re still recording Fairy Tail! Last Exile Season 2! There’s a lot I don’t know what to talk about!

MBC: Therre’s a lot of anime out there!

CS: There is a movie coming out though. I’m in New York a lot since I’m in school.

MBC: I need to ask you something, who do you play in Fairy Tail?

CS: Lisana!

MBC: I knew the voice sounded familiar!

(Note: I didn’t realize that my Gondras was working all weekend, I would’ve asked for a part of Fairy Tail to get signed, but always next time! This convention is still young! I still did bring Vampire Knight for her to sign which made it better!)


CS: There also had been a lot of video game expansion packs coming out lately!


Well, that’s my interview with Carrie Savage. I know it was a bit short but my Braille Sense also deleted the rest of my questions for her! I did save while typing them, which was odd! I will have to be careful when I do the ones for the people I will be interviewing at Metro, which will be announced after I post my interview with Chris Sabat! Right now, I had a very short interview with two of the cosplay guests! One of the convention owners saw me leaving the guest area since Chris Sabat left for the day that Friday and thought it would be interesting if I did an interview with two of the cosplay guests and did! It was just too short since they had to leave for a panel! This is what I got!


Mari Blue Cat: So, same your names for the tag!

Toni Darling: I’m Toni Darling!

Cali Dosplay: I’m Cali Cosplay!

MBC: So how long have you guys been cosplaying?

TD: The both of us have been cosplaying for two years actually!

CC: Yep!


MBC: So, it feels really fresh?

CC: It’s been really fast! You know I started doing this when my husband made me a Black Widow cosplay from Avengers and that came out two years ago and then got into it as like a hobby and was really into it and was like “Man! This is fun! I should get into this!” And then it just became this hugge thing on Facebook, people follow pictures on social media.


MBC: Even with ScyFy with Heroes of Cosplay!

TD: Yeah Heroes of Cosplay I think really…it was inevitable that Heroes of Cosplay happened and it was inevitable once cosplay became more mainstream. Everyone knows what cosplay is right now!


MBC: What do you cosplay as most? Anime? Video games? Comics?

TD: I guess it depends. I am trying to keep my portfolio diverse so I don’t have too much of one thing! But I think the majority of my stuff is…but if there is one thing I cosplayed the majority of is comic book characters! I do also have some anime and do some pop culture that is not really from an anime or a comic book book or game like Kill Bill, Betty Paige or even Marilyn Monroe, pop culture icons!

CC: I do mostly comic book characters and also done some horror stuff since I like the horror genre. I also done video game characters like Bayoneta. The costumes we mostly do is anime and video games!

TD: Yeah! I wish I can get more into the anime stuff! Attack on Titan man!

CC and MBC: Ohhh yeaahhh!

MBC: I interviewed Matthew Mercer an hour or so ago!

TD: There are a lot of Attack On Titan voice artists here!

MBC: Especially with the Japan Day Festival here, there was titan cosplayers and one even did the over the wall thing with a big bush!

TD: Attack On Titan is so good but the problem with that is there no real diverse costumes! I did see a female titan but that’s it!

CC: I did see a formal duo of Aaron and Mikasa ! It was awesome, very good take on it, white, flowing dress and white…

TD: That is very cool! I would like to see something like that! I love it when people get creative with generic characters. I was in Mexico a few weeks ago at a convention and the theme was steam punk and my favorite costume from that show was a steam punk Princess Leia.

MBC: Oooohh!

TD: Instead of hair she had brown leather head piece like balls with gears inside! And she had a steam punk corset with a white dress.

MBC: It looked like it took a lot of work!

TD: Yeah, it takes a lot to do a lot of leather work! It’s impressive!

CC: I want to get into that kind of work. I even did my Wonder Woman skirt!

TD: Is it?

CC: Yeah, I never done leather work before!


That is about it! I realized I should’ve gone to the panel they were doing but since I had a cold and started feeling crappy, I decided to hang with the conventions. There is always other cosplay panels and hoping I won’t be sick and feel like crashing, especially when I have to wake up early during Metro for one interview! Maybe I should announce that here!


So, who am I interviewing this year at Metro?


Dante Basco: I finally got my interview with him and glad that I get to!

Richard Epcar: Get to see more of his director’s side like Chris Sabat!

Troy Baker: Even though he is at AFO, I get to meet and interview him at Metro and see what is next in his career in video games and anime!

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn: Wanted to meet her for the longest time and glad that I get to! Plus, get to know what it’s like to record as a singer and a voice actress!


So, that is my Metro interview lineup! So, what is next for interviews from Omni Expo? Chris Patton!

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