Omni Expo: Interview With Chris Sabat

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Now it’s time for the final interview! So, you have read my interview with Team FourStar when it came to their abridged work, all about Attack On Titan and storytelling with Matthew Mercer, fun stuff with Carrie Savage, Toni Darling and Cali Cosplay, and learned more about voice acting as a whole from Chris Patton, and now to see the director’s side with Chris Sabat!


You may remember Chris’ voice as Elfman in Fairy Tail, Piccolo and Vegeta in Dragonball Z and directed one of my all time fave anime series, Glass Fleet! This guy is really busy and learned that from Omni Expo on Saturday, which I had to wait til the last day to interview him, which was worth the wait! What did I ask him? Find out below!


Mari Blue Cat: You’ve been to several conventions all over the United Stateswhat has been your favorite thing about conventions?

Chris Sabat: My favorite things about conventions is getting to travel! I love to travel! I like going everywhere, I like meeting people, I like having stories to tell about places I’ve. I’ve been traveling since I was a kid and this is a nice way of kind of getting out of the house and go places for a while.


MBC: What has been the weirdest thing a fan has given you to sign or as a gift?

CS: Let’s see, one time someone has brought their baby to me and asked me to sign its butt and I declined because I don’t know what kind of damage ink would do to a child’s system. Let’s see, people have given me half-eaten food before.

MBC: Really?

CS: Yeah, it’s gross! Someone has brought me lunch meat before, I was like “What are you doing with that?” and he went “Going to eat that, duh!” People have brought me really strange stuff~! The thing I feel really worse about is when people bring me really bring me really, reall big stuff like a collage they made and there is no possible way I could fit it into my bag, they won’t let you give it back to them and you don’t know what to do with it so you find someone who really likes it and give it to them. Take a picture of it and remember it!


MBC: You’ve done directing and recorded voice work for a lot of characters, what’s the difference between directing and voice acting?

CS: Directing and voice acting are two different things, because directing is a lot of management, it’s your job to understand the whole story. It’s your job to know the context of everything because a good director will be able to give the actors all the information need to do and they do. As long as there is good casting, all you have to do is make sure the actors you cast are talented and they know what the show is about, after that is pretty easy.

MBC: I kind of witness that at your dubbing panel the past two times.


MBC: What has been your favorite series you have worked on in both voice acting and directing?

CS: For directing, I really enjoyed doing a series called Soltey Rei, which was really fun for me to direct. I love Dragonball Z because I love it as a series so much but I would say I have the most fun working like Panty and Stocking, that show is ridiculous!

MBC: I know! I’ve seen it in Japanese and it’s beyond ridiculous!

CS: Yeah, that show gives me an excuse to say the most disgusting things I’ve never say in real life! And also I love Sgt. Frog, I wish there are some more episodes of that show!


MBC: What is one character you would record as again?

CS: A character I would record as again would be Ayame in Fruits Basket because so many people ask me questions about what was it like to record him and it’s been so long, it’s been like 15 years since I’ve recorded it and it was like a few weeks of recording it. It’s been so long ago it is so hard to remember what it was like, so I would like to go back and record him again and see what it was like! I actually wouldn’t mind recording Yu Yu Hakusho again.


MBC: What was the funniest thing that ever happened in the booth?

CS: I have a bad memory for that kind of thing. We do have a lot of funny things. I like messing with Carrie Savage, which she is very sweet and very gullible. One time I had her come in and had a voice control mike and one time we had her come in and we had a pitch shifter on her and we went lower. She goes “Uh there is something with my voice!” I was like “What are you talking about Carrie?” “There’s something…is there a pitch shifter on or something?” I’m like “No, what are you talking about?” “No, I can hear it in my headphones! So weird!” “No you sound fine out here!” “There is something wrong with my voice!” “No, let’s move on!”

(Note: I couldn’t help laughing at this! Sorry Carrie if you’re out there!)


MBC: Are there any works that you can talk about that are new?

CS: Unfortunately all of the stuff I work on I can’t talk about! Not for a while! The stuff we’ve worked on since I last saw you like…a lot of stuff for Borderlands, Borderlands 2, we’re working on this one thing known as Borderlands 1.5 in the works!

(Which is one thing to ask Mr. Damian Clark at MythiCon about! Which according to Sabat, he acts like Handsome Jack in person! Can’t to see that!)


MBC: My last question is do you still like doing the dubbing panel at conventions?

CS: I love doing the dubbing panel! It is one of my favorite panels to do because I love recording, I love the recording process! I love everything about production and gives me a chance of talking about what I love!


Well, that is my interview with Mr. Sabat! Even though the wait was a pain since Saturday was really busy for him but hey, it was worth it and I got to check out Omni all three days despite my cold! Monday was the major recovery while spending the night with Gondras. Anyways, since Damian Clark is going to be at MythiCon and will be having press passes there, will he be a possible interview opportunity? Stay tune for updates on that! In the meantime, what is next? I did decide to transcribe the Attack On Titan Q&A panel with Matthew Mercer and Kyle Hebert so you guys can see what it’s all about and how the casting was done between the both of them since you seen me ask Matthew about that and this will go into detail about that! Stay tuned and also coming up, my May and June favorites for this year! I do have some beauty, some clothing, music, etc. So stay tuned for that as well!

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