Cosplay Rant: Be Honest With Customers!

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe. I know I was supposed to be starting on the interviews but have been a little behind on things lately, I will start soon. I thought I would take a moment and do this and it’s another rant! Yes, another one and this time with cosplay it’s being honest with your customers!


As you know in the last rant I mentioned how that Lolita dressmaker hasn’t contacted me and my friend Tobi about mine and Vivi’s dresses since June? Well, last night I found a reply from her and man she pissed me off and lied to make herself look good when she isn’t professional. So she said that we didn’t pay for materials and how I used my disability to be important than others to make things done for me. Here are some points that I remembered:


  1. She didn’t ask for a payment throughout the time of contact we had, she only told us that she is charging $30 because of being friends with ManChii and never asked due to ignoring us due to asking me to never contact her ever again.
  2. I don’t use my disability for special privileges when it comes to getting cosplays made over other commissions. The thing is I can’t make my own stuff due to being blind and with my .hack cosplay, I had to rely on my fiance and dad to get the patches and props done while I got the rest of the parts together. And also, another thing is that I don’t use my Characters Unite finalist title (was a finalist back in 2012 for the Blind Experience) for celebrity status for those privileges either! I understand there are other commissions but still she had our stuff to do as well!


So yeah! Completely dishonest with it in the first place and trust me I wasn’t a happy kitty while replying to her pointing out that she never asked for the payment and should be honest with us in the first place.


Knowing a lot of you that do make cosplays for others know that honesty is the best policy when it comes to having a business. Whether it’s making props, plushies, or even the entire outfit, being honest with your customers is important. As said in the last rant, time is important with making cosplays for other people since there are deadlines and conventions come up fast and if you can’t meet the deadline due to other things tell your customers up right or even at the beginning if you have to meet a deadline at the same time go with someone else. If you wait until last minute, it would cause problems, especially for your business because we as customers put our trust in you guys to make the items we are waiting for. Knowing with what happened after getting the reply two weeks after we were supposed to get the dresses, I think karma will be biting her badly. Oh so BADLY!


Another thing is that don’t blame your customers for anything, which felt she did that lying bit towards me, because it really makes your business bad and makes yourself more unprofessional as a business. As said above, if you can’t do the commission, tell them early on and not pull this as well, because most of us will understand and able to get something else in time for the convention. Plus, lying to your customers and pulling the blame on them won’t look good for you as someone making things. It is not our fault that you can’t get the item done on time and there instances that we are worried about is getting made for us, which you shouldn’t ignore anyone if they message you about it and if it’s not done then say it isn’t and that try to get it done for the next convention if the customer decides to use it then.


And finally, when it comes to payment, be sure on when you want to be paid. This is also important since there are times when cosplays or comissions that don’t get paid because there are times when payment is made at the end or not made, which I remembered it happening when I made lanyards to sell. Here is the thing, should be honest in knowing when you want to be paid, if you want to be paid upfront then say I need the payment upfront and if you need the person to pay at a certain point so you can get the materials to make the item, then ask for the payment for the materials. If you want to wait until you’re done and use the money from other comissions you’ve done to get materials, which I know people tend to do that with any money they make for cloth, art supplies, and other things to pay for their materials. Looking back on the situation, I thought with the wedding commission, if there was one to begin with, that money should’ve been used to get the materials for our commission but as said above, never asked for the payment upfront nor before March or May. Yeah, that part of the blame was placed on me. Back to the point, just specify when you want to be paid, even at conventions you can ask for it upfront if need be.

What happened to us if you’re wondering? Well, Vivi did go to a Lolita panel and found out about a Facebook group for Lolita here in Central Florida and glad about it since we met nice people who are willing to help us in getting dresses done for next year.


Yet again cosplay makers, please be honest with your customers because we trust you when we commission to make something cosplay related for a convention. Plus don’t turn the blame on your customers either because it will cause bad things. Also, if you need payment right away, especially for materials if a previous commission didn’t pay or don’t have enough money, ask for a payment need be, especially if it’s made at a convention.


Well, that is it for this short rant! I know this is in between my Metro posts but thought it would be appropriate and get it off my chest since it pissed me off and also Vivi! I am still mad at the fact that my disability was pulled into all of this and it’s not easy being blind and can’t sew like my dad does. Sooo yeahhh! Stay tuned for my interview with Dante Basco.

MetroCon Haul 2014

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe!Well, since the convention passed last weekend it’s time to see what I got! As you know from my review that I mentioned the dealer room was bigger this year and it felt better since there were more vendors involved. What I like about the Metro dealer room over other dealer rooms is that they get anime vendors from all over Florida and a few from out of state like Aardvark Tees as an example! With this year, it felt like I didn’t get much but at the same time I got things that were within my budget and didn’t overspend like I usually do at these things and don’t have enough left, but I am glad I have a nice start for saving to go to MythiCon in two months. So, let’s see what I got!


Whotalia and 12 Doctors shirts from Aardvark: Yes, they were there this year and apparently they were there last year as well but couldn’t find them then and was able to find them this year all thanks to Tobi and Vivi! Love you guys! So, as you know I love these guys’ shirts and have been buying from them since 2007 with the “Stop Touching Me” shirt all in Braille and have gotten many other shirts like “It’s Lupus,” “What’s Your Name Again?” in Death Note writing, and the most recent that I wore to Omni Expo and a May and June favorite, the Gypsy Danger petting Eva Unit 1 shirt that Ellyn McLain loved! This time around I was happy to get the shirt I wanted to go back to the Etsie shop for and that is the Whotalia shirt where Daleks are chasing England from Hitalia! I loved the premise of the shirt since I love the Daleks from Dr. Who and even have a necklace, wanted to get this shirt for myself. I was going to send a friend to get it at AFO for me since we aren’t going to AFO again even if Troy Baker’s a guest there as well, but glad to find it at Metro. I am sending the friend to get the Space Police Box mug instead since the guy running the stand at Metro said he didn’t have it with him but his dad had it with him and may have it at AFO. I love collecting mugs btw. I also did get Gondras a shirt and it’s a newer version of the the one I got him back in 2012 which had all of the Doctors leading up to the 10th from what I remembered but this time it has all 12 and this time it goes in order on a clock type way for the shirt, as in the first is one on the clock and goes up to the 12th at the top where 12 is on the clock. It’s pretty cool and glad they printed it in time for Metro which Gondras wanted an updated version and glad they had it. Hoping my friend finds the “Keep Calm Have a Jelly Baby” shirt at AFO since he cosplayed the 4th Doctor for this one and planning to do it for MythiCon.


Happy Backpack from Fairy Tail: Yes, I got another Happy item! Can’t help loving the blue kitty that Natsu has in the series, even though I love Rogue’s kitty, Fra or Frosh according to some translations, but I was glad to get the backpack! At first I almost bought it on EBay when I found it while searching for Carla and Panther Lily as plushies but had to hold back since I was cosplay gathering back then as well and buying other items, I hoped to find it at a convention and was glad to find it at Metro at the stand next to Aardvark! This backpack is huge for a plush backpack but what makes me sad is that they ALWAYS make the pouch inside the size of a coin purse almost. I can’t fit my wallet in it! Seriously makers of these backpacks, make bigger pouches especially with the bigger plushie ones like Happy and Vivi’s Pikachu one, because these can fit more. I may take up the cat ear maker’s tip (she was there btw but didn’t buy anything for control’s sake) to cut a hole to fit more stuff. Still, should make the pouch as big as the ones in the Mokona backpacks, at least I can fit everything in those! I was still happy, he even has the paw pads like on the plushie, but both under the feet and on his hands! Still adorable!


Devil May Cry 4 wallscroll: Yes, I got another wallscroll and it happens to be the Devil May Cry 4 wallscroll of the cover from the game. I was originally looking for a wallscroll that Mr. Nerdy Shirts bought for a friend’s relative of Natsu and Gray from Fairy Tail and well the closest was probably of one with him with either Jelal or Zaref if I remembered, but I want this scroll of Natsu and Gray since it gives their rivalry a more badass look! I did find it on EBay, but want to find it at conventions first before resorting there in the future. I did find another Fairy Tail one of Lucy with Plu and almost bought it until this one got pointed out! Since you can sometimes find DMC stuff at conventions like the expensive Play Arts figures of Dante and Virgil and one of the brothers fighting in a wallscroll, which was also found but Tobi bought that one and I do like the cover of the fourth game despite that I love Virgil, it’s the voice okay! Anyways, the scroll has Nero with his demonic hand and you have Dante in the background. It would make sense that I got this one since I still have my Nero figurine in the display case. I am not sure if I will hang it or get signed, don’t know yet. Hey, another wallscroll for the collection and I let my buddy know to look out for the Natsu and Grey wallscroll.


.hack//G. U. Game 1: If you read my .hack in transmedia post, you know I was having a hard time finding the G. U. games and was happy to find the first game and the other two at Metro sold by a local game seller of old and new games, well mostly old, still I was so happy to get this since I was trying to find them! They are a bit on the pricey side since Rebirth, the first of the three, was $65 and the other two were $70 but I lived and gave up the money for the first but at least I can go back and get the other two when I find them at the conventions or find the shop online if I can. I am so glad this is in my hands and can watch Roots and see what else happens after watching it in this game trilogy! Still happy!


Attack On Titan Season 1 Part 1 and Jinro: Okay, besides games I also picked up two anime DVDs, well one is a DVD and Blue Ray combo and the other just a DVD and it was a hard to find. If you guys watch Anime Abandoned on That Guy With the Glasses like I do, if you haven’t and going to MythiCon where Bennet the Sage is going to be, watch it! Watch it! Anyways, Bennet mentioned one of his fave movies was called Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade and for a while me and Gondras were looking for it at FYE and couldn’t find it until this year’s Metro at a DVD stand that had it! Yes folks! We have it and glad we found it for close to $20. Even though we did find Roots at this stand as well but I saw the copy they had was $20 more than my copy I bought during AFO, Gondras did point out the soundtrack but I realized it has music by a girl group I don’t like from Japan. Sorry guys, my ears do spot pretty good music when they do and this group doesn’t catch them. But I did get Season 1 Part 1 of Attack On Titan which was released a month ago if I remembered after Omni Expo. I thought I would buy it since I missed episodes on Toonami due to events and falling asleep, don’t worry I didn’t miss the first episode of Levi appearing which knowing this part will have it too! Plus, I can also get it signed next year since I felt bad for having nothing for Matthew Mercer which I realized after transcribing his interview that he was in a Fullmetal Alchemist movie, Second Star of Milos, which I can get that signed next year, also signed by Mike McFarland, Trina Nishimura, and Josh Grell next year! Still, glad to get this so I can watch what I missed and well had to leave it with Gondras since my parents wouldn’t probably like hearing certain phrases and seeing floor ketchup spouting all over the place!


Soul Eater messenger bag with Maka, Soul, and Blair: As you know, I love messenger bags along with plushie backpacks, which I use these for purses now due to my newest purse backpack is teeny weeny and my old one is wearing out, even though I may be hunting for a new one for a job, but I use a messenger bag for everyday use for my stuff and of course for conventions for easy access except for MetroCon Friday when my bag was on my very back! So, I got a new bag and it’s another one of from one of my other all time fave anime series, Soul Eater and saw it Friday, well described by Mr. Nerdy Shirts and it is of Maka and Soul together and Blair is on Maka’s head in cat form. I didn’t want to let it go even though they also had an awesome Tiger and Bunny one that has comics version of the two characters, Kotetsu and Barnaby, but hoping they will be back next year or find it at Mythic! At least I got this one and now using it. It is the same size and design as my Erza Scarlet bag that I got at AFO in 2012 and loving it! What’s sad though that there is no zipper for the main compartment, which I wish it had like my Kyo and Sanrio ones. Oh wells!


Plu plushie from Fairy Tail: Since I cosplay as Lucy and have all of her keys and I do wear my Happy wristband with it, but now I have another prop to go with it! It is a Plu plushie! If you seen RaveMaster or Groove Adventure Rave in Japan, Plu was the traveling dog creature with Haru and in Fairy Tail he is a summon as a call back element. He is one of the silver keys that get bought by Lucy in episode 1. So now I can act like I can summon him and carry him around. Not sure if I will be doing Lucy for Mythic since I am planning to do my Pokemon Ranger character. Still glad I got Plu! I did hear there is a backpack and almost bought it on EBay, but will find it at a convention like with Happy!


Raichu and Glaceon plushies from Pokemon: Besides the hearings of Aardvark being a dealer at Metro and finding Happy backpack, Tobi and Vivi told me about the many amounts of Pokemon plushies in the dealer room and found one of the stands that had them! I picked up two of them and one of them is a mini version of Raichu and a small Glaceon plushie. I did try gettinga Glaceon plushie last year but saw the stand sold out and was glad to find one at a different dealer, even though he is a little bigger than my Jolteon and smaller than my Flareon and Leafeon plushies, this size will do and glad I got one! I may get the other Evees another time since I did get Raichu in mini size and glad I was able to find him! This one is a rare plushie according to EBay in Japan and didn’t want to lose that chance since I may want to bring my Pokemon Ranger costume next year or to Metro and use the smaller one instead the huge one I have safely kept. I should’ve seen if they had a Skitty! I can’t help it, cute little kitty!


I know it doesn’t seem much but I am so glad I had self control and glad that I did run into the cat ear maker again and also bumped into one of the Omni dealers that I bought my Sasuke and Deidara figures, this time his inventory did grow and need to get incontact with him about the Deidara headband since I was trying to find it to do the costume! What also made me happy to know is that I did bump into the seller that I got Gondras’ “Keep Calm! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG!” shirt for Christmas who also make wood boxes and pendants, they remembered me for something that had happened during Holiday Matsuri and I should tell it here. During Matsuri, I thought I lost the FullMetal Autograph and I was upset the entire day and it happened at their stand as well when I saw it missing from my autograph bag! The guy who was part of the stand made sure that the staff and dealers kept their eyes out for it, also volunteers, and they felt sorry for me. Luckily to the major extreme, a person brought it to Lost and Found and Mr. Nerdy Shirts picked it up for me and got it signed by J. Michael Tatum, who was also happy it got found, which is on one of the shoes. When I saw these guys at Metro again, they were happy that it was found and told me that I was always in their thoughts. I almost thought about buying something from them, but I will ask for a customized item in the future since I have their flier and card in my bag. It is very sweet and still makes me happy that the Holiday Matsuri head did find my prized plush beautiful with all the signatures on it! And another moment that made me happy was how Vivi did get her pic with Scott McNeill, who went into the dealer room to check out things for a little while and glad to see the guy again!


Well, that is it! Now that this haul is done time to start my interviews! Stay tuned for the first, Dante Basco!

Convention Impossible: MetroCon 2014

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe and another installment of Convention Impossible! As you know, so far this year I have been to Omni Expo and enjoyed it with its first year as a new convention in Orlando! This past weekend I went out of town for another convention and of course for my second year in a row of it, MetroCon in Tampa! Even though last year was a “Convention Complete” with all that has happened from the hotel all the way down to the horrible panel that Fairy Tail cosplayers put on, this year was better than the last in my opinion, how so you may ask let’s take a look!


Before I start, disclaimer! This review is based on opinion and observation! As in, what I see and hear and say in this review is based on what I thought exactly and honest with it! If you don’t like it then don’t read it! I already had one comment that complained about what I said about their panel, you know who you are, please don’t bash me for it!

Hotel: This year we decided to stay somewhere else and stayed with Tobi, his wife Vivi, and Mr. Nerdy Shirts, which he has never been to Metro until we told him about it and convinced him to go! We stayed at the Residence West Shore this time around instead of the Crappy Courtyard in Downtown Tampa. We know that there is the Residence behind the Courtyard but our reservation was made for a double suite and somehow the Downtown location wdidn’t have any vacancies at the time by what I remembered, but at least it turned out really well and a lot better, as in comfy bed and pillows, working T.v.s which we didn’t have one at the Courtyard and this time a kitchen that was somewhat stocked but we made it work and didn’t have to go to watch out for food poisoning like many other parts of Orlando and Kissimmee. Still, it was great and hoping we stay there again next year. I know it sounded like a long drive but we don’t get bad traffic like last year in the airport area on the way and of course the warnings, don’t have to walk. So folks, looking for a place, definitely recommend this location!


Convention Layout: Unlike last year, this year’s layout has changed for how everything took place. The first floor was where special events, panels, and autographs took place along with the usual registration and weapons check and I can see how that was convenient since the guest list was a star studded one this year, which I will go into detail next! Artists Alley on the second floor which was the same floor as last year and it felt a little smaller with what I saw but hey at least it was easier to walk around despite the enormous crowds going around. Third floor was where the dealer’s room was and I thought it was pretty convenient this eay because last year with it being on the first floor it was hard walking around the doors and finding your way to it when so many people are getting their swag. Plus, the aisles were wider and didn’t take up so much room and didn’t have the autographs take place in the same room, which last year the aisles were narrow due to that due to the blocked off area for signings. At least with the bigger dealer’s room, you had more vendors, which there were more than last year, plus it allowed panelists to host in the stage area towards the back, and the Pokemon Photoshoot to have their own area with the Pika Bug, which will talk about later with cosplays! I liked it better than last year since I don’t feel so closed in and can have breathing room while shopping for stuff! Even though the layout feels like the South Concourse back at the Convention Center here in Orlando but it is not as annoying to park since there are parking areas nearby the convention center and its parking garage. At least it is not as bad as what a lot of places along International did during MegaCon this year and that is not allowing anyone park and if they did there would be towing involved which sound bad. At least here in Tampa, not as bad and a lot more parking options to do. Still, I like this layout since it allows better walking even though there were a lot of crowds on the first and third floors but it gave better leeway to allow more rooms used for panels and signings rather than just having one big space for dealers take up when it was in a much bigger room upstairs.


Panels: I know I was going to mention guests next but I thought it would be easier for panels since I did mention how the first floor was all for them this year rather than spreading them out like many other conventions tend to do. This was also more convenient because it allowed more choices for panel rooms to host in. They did change up some of the rooms such as Room 19 being an open classroom without chairs, the media set up in Room 16 and Main Events, and allowed one room to be used for Guest Track Panels, which I did attend the Ghost In the Shell panel on Sunday since I did forget to give one of the guests a gift. Anyways, we didn’t do Blind Experience this year but decided to do something else and play with the theme of “Old School Vs. New School” with a version of Old Vs. New but with anime since Nostalgia Critic does it on the old versions and new ones of movies, Gondras did the first version on the original anime and the two first movies of Rebuild of Evangelion and Neon Genesis Evangelion! He thought it was jumbled mess but I thought it was pretty good despite how I mentioned cast changes but how he talked about it was pretty good despite Tobi had to look through the movies and the show for clips to match. At least I was there to help with the movies since I seen them enough times. Another panel that was tried out for an experiment was Vivi’s LARP panel, which was done in the open room, 19, and it was pretty well done. Even though we were late, well me and Gondras since I was getting my costume on and the dress for the most part (yeah, you can tell that I am not a dress wearer especially when I was going to do Lolita, which you can still read the last post on that!) but we were on time for the intro since we had a two hour slot. People did participate in a mystery type LARP which the story deals with a prized family jewel gets stolen before one of the daughters of the manor, one biological and the other adopted, gets handed to and the crowd needs to solve the mystery, which they were separated into law enforcement, merchants, peasants, and nobles! Plus, we also had Gondras as the Tom Baker doctor from Dr. Who to make it even more interesting! Still it was great and fun and it does make convention going more interesting when you have the crowd involved in your panel. Hoping with next year we will have something up our sleeves to make it more fun! And of course, Tobi did have a panel on dubbing and how dubs are portrayed. I did help with that with the discussion since there were sound difficulties in the room, decided to fill in with the “What was the worst dub?” etc. We did have a nice discussion on dubbing, especially with cultural contexts in dubbing since when companies here tend to change the translation to make the jokes be easily recognized, not in the sense of Gravitation if you know what I mean! So, will we host panels? Knowing for sure we will be helping with the LARP one again since that was a fun one to do.


The best panel I had to point out done by the panelists would have to be the Hellsing Happy Hour! It is done by people cosplaying as the cast from Hellsing and they answer questions about the anime in a funny manner! They did this panel on Friday right after Tobi’s panel and then again on Sunday for anyone who missed it Friday night, which I had to miss it due to thinking that I would be a part of the Twilight Brigade photoshoot but it didn’t happen because of the photographer not being around and also I did notice not many cosplayers, trust me I was pissed since I wore my costume ALL DAY due to distance from the hotel and didn’t have anything else that day except was supposed to go to the masquerade but didn’t. Anyways, this Hellsing panel is an example of anime based panels done right! If you read my many complaints about the really, really, REALLY bad Fairy Tail panel from last year, that was the worst one and perfect example of anime based panels done wrong! This one, with the jokes and cosplays, it was done right because everyone was in cosplay, they did the accents right, especially Tobi with his Anderson impersonation which he wants to do the cosplay for next year if this thing happens again, and even the mute guy took it one step further by having his words put up on the screen! Funniest panel ever! If you find the panel on YouTube, watch it because someone was taping it. I also did go to one event and that was Troy Baker’s acoustic session and man it was great, which guests are next!


Guests: This year’s guests was also based on the “Old vs. New” theme, as in older actors who have been in the industry for many and many years such as Scott McNeill, Richard Epcar, and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn meet the newer stars in the industry like Hynden Walsh and Brittney Karbowski. What I like about this year is that it brought better variety and made me go to the signings more, plus it did make it easier with the signing room this time around and not in the dealer room like last year! I did like how they split the lines with ropes to make each line different for each table versus the one row that AFO does every year since 2009 by what I remembered! What I found out that I didn’t know until after the first signing was press passes also equaled VIP, which I will mention that in Needs for Improvement down below!


It made me happy that I brought something special for Brittney Karbowski since I didn’t have part 5 of Fairy Tail last year, I did bring it to her for her to sign this year. What I did bring for her was my extra Carla plushie. I think I mentioned this somewhere here in my blogosphere is that back in January I ordered a Carla and Panther Lily plushie to go with Happy and weird thing was that I received Lily and found out Carla went missing. This was like my Capricorn key incident last summer but this was different. Apparently the tracking didn’t update because my postal service said it went missing and had to contact the seller and she sent me a new one. I got that in the mail and a month or two later, I got the second one, well the missing one arrived first and the free one. I didn’t want to ship it back since I would feel bad for what I did and when I saw that Brittney was coming back for this year’s convention a lightbulb went on and decided to give it to her since she is Wendy! When I gave it to her, I was glomped even with the twin blade props I was wearing! Even Mr. Nerdy Shirts had to warn her about me being blind when I got the glomp. Now she is complete with her Carla and knowing later on with her commentaries if she has any for Fairy Tail she will be having that and recording sessions with it in her lap. It made me happy that she loved it! I did enjoy meeting Nolen North though since I did help with getting my friend’s badge signed by him and knowing Gondras would be by later with his copy of Saints Row 4 to get signed, he noticed my twin blades on my belt and he commented with “Nice blades!” And I was surprised with that and realized “Oh yeah! You’re Dead Pool!” And he started doing the voice. I did get a pic with him and that is with Vivi and Tobi! I did ffeel happy that I finally get to meet Mary Elizabeth McGlynn since I love her voice and man I felt starstruck throughout my interview with her and felt embarrassed when I accidentally knocked my camera out of the volunteer’s hand after the Ghost In the Shell panel. A nice story to tell for panels or if I decide to write it, my convention story book.


Don’t worry, you will see my interviews with her, Richard Epcar, Troy Baker, and Dante Basco here and speaking of Troy Baker…we saw him perform a live acoustic show that also included Mary for some of the songs since he was doing the Silent Hill, well two of the songs for this performance. He did do a nice rendition of “Creep” and I had a standing ovation for that since it not only got covered so many times but he did it very well! If you haven’t heard him sing, I would suggest playing Saints Row 3 and 4 since he sings in those games, I should’ve played Sublime right after Gondras had him sing Biz Markie’s “Just a Friend” during the VIP signing afterward. And in case if you can’t get those games, you can also catch him singing Excalibur’s song in Soul Eater. A head’s up, if you couldn’t come out to meet Troy, you can find him at AFO at the end of this month since he is also a guest there this year!


Stay tuned for my interviews!


Verdict: CONVENTION ACCOMPLISHED! Yes, this year gets an “Accomplished!” I prefer this year’s convention since there were things that I felt that were accomplished such as the panels we helped and did and of course getting to meet more guests this year. Plus, the interviews worked out better than last year since I was using my digital recorder rather the 3DS like last year. Sorry again for getting those up after so long and the recorder was better. Not only that, the dealer’s room felt roomier and of course did bump into Scott out of nowhere, which was fun! I will be doing my haul post next! Well done Metro 2014!


Needs for Improvement: Not all conventions and their years are perfect and I feel as though there are some needs to be improved here! First is that volunteers should be known what is going on and what they should be doing! How is that? Well, throughout the weekend, especially Sunday, it felt as though that some of the volunteers didn’t get the entire information in their duties with things they need to do, especially with the signing room, one good example is Friday night after Troy’s show with emptying out the room, the volunteer managing it didn’t know that there was a signing for VIP badge holders. And then Sunday for the 10 AM and 11 AM signings, the volunteers were confused by what I got with Tobi and Vivi’s accounts of the Hynden Walsh’s signing, which she left after 11 and when we got there the room was “Full to Capacity” when there were only a few amount of people, which they could let in more like with J. Michael Tatum’s signing during Holiday Matsuri. So, yeah volunteers should get more information with what they are doing, I remembered working for JACOn back in 2008 and 2009 where I got the entire information with what I need to do and it worked! I know there are a lot of people working this thing, but getting information out with positions for volunteers would help, even with texting, which everyone does!


Second, VIP perks should be mentioned extensively to press badges! I didn’t know about my perks as well with my little press badge until after the first signing. Apparently, my badge is the same as a VIP badge since I have to go everywhere including the interview room and did get to skip the lines for autographs and get to sit with VIP, etc. Same with Gondras since he was my press-partner-in-crime! It would’ve helped if I knew this after signing up for the badges in the first place because as a press pass holder you don’t know what you are allowed or not allowed to do since there are times when a badge might be an attendee status or not. It would be easy to mention these beforehand since not all information is finalized until the day of the convention or volunteers won’t get the entire information , like the first NFI I mentioned.


Third, anyone holding a photoshoot on day 1, try doing it early in the day! I know I was a part of PikaBelleChu’s Pokemon shoot, that was done at a reasonable time during the day in the dealer’s room and a lot of people came for it, but the Twilight Brigade thing was not until 11 at night when everyone is tired and went back to their rooms after the masquerade or stuck around for the Friday Night Rave, or even for late night panels, or the fire show outside, which that is a lot of stuff going on. Trust me, as said above, was really mad since I wore my costume all day and was waiting for this event but it got cancelled after I met the person doing it and found out the photographer wasn’t there either. I feel that the time slot was not the best time and I didn’t see many cosplayers since people tend to be out of cosplay late at night as well. I know I will get “Why didn’t you change out?” I assumed that there was a photoshoot going on. Anyways, it would be best that all shoots should be held during the day versus late at night and if it’s in a panel room, could mix it in in as a panel to show what everyone has done for their costumes. Such as I can talk about the OC idea I came up with and show off the props! Hoping if this Twilight Brigade thing happens again, hoping it’s during the day even if it was a nice debate in the mix. And yes, I did get my silver markings off my body since it didn’t budge at all.


Finally, anyone choosing time slots, remember it’s first come first serve and at least hold the panel you’re doing! This happened a month after Gondras wanted me to put his panel for 8 PM Saturday and Fantasy Soft wanted the slot to do their panel and needed the equipment and ended up changing the slot to 9 PM and the panels after him had to be moved to other rooms. Here was the thing, a different panel took place and it was on how fan subs held the anime industry and how to spot merch authenticity. It was interesting but at the same time I felt let down that my fiance’s panel got pushed back due to a panel that was supposed to happen and didn’t happen. So, anyone who wants to get their slots change, don’t ask us if we do anything again because these slots are first come and first serve, no if’s and’s or buts! It’s not fair for anyone who has to give up their slots to make room even if it is an important one, I would say choose your slots once the time slots are ready after your panel has been chosen for the convention.


Well, that is it for this review! I know it was a bit long but a lot of things took place! Yes, we will be going to MetroCon 2015 and heard it will be four days versus three! And of course, will be going for press again! What is next for the conventions? We will be going back to Orlando for MythiCon Year 2!


What is next? MetroCon Haul 2014!

Rant: Cosplay Comissions and Time!

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! ::sighs:: Time for a rant! It’s been a while since I done one, I think the one I only did really was more of a interest piece on MagicalPockyUsagi when it comes to being the biggest wheeabo in the world and that was back on Blog Spot by the way!This time it deals with cosplay, not how to do it or anything, it deals with commissioning cosplay makers and time! I am not sure if cosplay rants on YouTube talk about it but I am doing it now!


So, if you have read my Original Character Cosplay Tips post done a week ago, I did mention one tip and that is commissioning someone and do it in a timely manner and trusting them as well, do you know why I came up with it? Well, it deals with the Lolita dresses that me and Vivi, Tobi’s wife (using her other name) were supposed to do for MetroCon during a LARP panel that we are doing Saturday evening. What happened really ticked us off! You see, there are times when I get in contact with people months ahead when it comes to commissions and my friend ManChii didn’t do Lolita so he turned me to a friend he used to know. I contact said friend and found out that she can do it even with a wedding commission she has to fill for a wedding happening during that same weekend. Here comes the complicated part, she was supposed to start back in March, which is around the time JoAnn’s has their fabric sale and she did say she was going to work on them once she got everything. Apparently not! Two months later, I contact her during the weekend of my graduation from college since Vivi was worried and then found out that the dresses weren’t started on and was told that she will start during that weekend due to the wedding commission being moved up! Now what? Me and Tobi have tried contacting her throughout June in case we had to get back ups, which we did of formal dresses not Lolita dresses for this, and no answer at all! I am still contacting her about it on both sides, as in Facebook and my e-mail and still nothing! And yet, during May, she asked me not to contact her even though I said I wouldn’t but wanted to find out about the dresses and sent her my address just in case to receive the dresses if they are done! I would like you guys to comment and see what you think because I also contacted a cosplay maker that helped in giving me measurement info and she said that the dress maker probably moved the wedding stuff up on purpose and instead of starting on our dresses.


I understand that yeah she did have another commission but at the same time she could’ve either said I can’t do it and find someone else or start when she needed to start and instead of waiting right now when the convention is this weekend. Ohhhh yeeaaahhh we are pissed! You my audience knowing, we should be! Now you can see why I did the tip in the first place because after the run around I felt like I was being screwed over. Another thing that the cosplay maker said is that this dress maker did a bad business thing and I agree and so does Vivi.


My thoughts on this is that for anyone who has worked on cosplays or take commissions for other people, a major important thing is time is of the essence! In that cosplay post I did, I mentioned that conventions do come up fast! If you watched Heroes of Cosplay like I did, same thing happens there, so procrastination is a big no-no! It would be one thing if you have five classes and a full-time job, but there are times when the costume might have to be put off to finish a project, which I have done during my time in college, or the boss does call you in and need to get back to it when the opportunity is right. What I am trying to say is manage your time wisely when it comes to making cosplay related items since life is unexpected there are times when it can be figured out. There are also times where cosplays may have to be worked on during the convention as well, I seen it throughout Heroes of Cosplay where some of the people have to work on their stuff the entire day or night to get it done in time for the next day when the competition happens. I do have to say is be careful when it comes to that because even though you are a t a convention with your work in your hotel room, there are times when people love to party and don’t get it done. Yes, I know the first episode where Victoria did that and couldn’t get Lulu done because of hanging out all day on day one. One good instance of working on something during the convention weekend is when Gondras had his very first Kakashi wig spiked up by a classmate of his. She worked on it on day one of MegaCon and got it to him on day two. So, as said before, time management is key if it has to be done during a convention in your hotel room or need to work around the schedule, hectic or not, to work on it.


My second point is communication with whoever you commission with! The last part of that tip deals with trust and will get into detail with that as well! As said above, that dress maker said not to contact her until she gets back to me when the dresses were done and of course June passes! Communication is the key folks especially when you are doing it as a business yourself! When having great communication with your customers gives you more customers and have them coming back in the future and would allow really great recommendations to friends down the line! Plus, it does help in the realm of goodness and customer appreciation if updates are given each week or every two weeks, or even if it’s been a month to see if it’s done or not and can give a good idea if you can meet whoever commissioned you at the convention if need be or if it was local, at your place if it is a friend that did the commission with you. Also, if the local commission is also going on and if they live in your hometown or close to it, you can meet in a place to pick up your needed part. I did this once when I got my Ginji gloves from a friend of a friend’s and went to Borders near me to get them since MegaCon was coming up within the two week period of getting them made and allowed great communication since I had his e-mail and number and made sure that I did call him if I was late, which I was that day. Not the point! Keeping in good communication helps with business and how the customer appreciates all the work you do and how they get updated if it’s taking a while. Not only that, try to keep it professional within that communication as well whether in phone or e-mail since we don’t want to tick anyone if they want to come back later! Civility is very important, especially with trust building up with that person! With trust as well, it does show how well the person works and if you knew anyone that has contacted this person that commissioned before, it is best to ask that friend if the item they asked for was done on time or very up-to-date in contacting them, then you or the person that you commission gets contacted and then you also get information from them about getting it done on time or at least get it done a week or two early, or even a month early if they can, still knowing about their work can help build trust and being able to know from other people in how they do stuff can help with that trust if there are good reviews! So, communication is key on both sides! Without it, then no one will know if the item is done or not and it is a bust! Trust me, I don’t like how the communication is going now between the dress maker and I!


That is it for my rant! I know it was kind of short but I only have problems with the idea of communication and time when it comes to cosplay since it is a time managing work of art and takes a lot of time to do! I never had many issues with this, even though I do admit I did get my With plushie after MegaCon one year but I did have better experiences in getting my cosplays in on time, which happened to be my Lucy outfit and my kitty girl outfit which was done in Naruto style. I am definitely not going back to this dress maker after what has been going on, I even asked ManChii about it and he said she does get her commissions in on time back in the past but not sure now. I know patience is a virtue but this is ridiculous!


What is next on Nerdy Shique Universe? MetroCon of course since it’s in a week cosplayers and cosplay makers!

Haul: Ulta Linked To 58 Piece Blockbuster Plus Free Item!

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Since MetroCon is in a week and won’t be starting the press until after the con, I thought I would put two more posts in. First, this one and then a bit of a rant! Recently I shopped off of Ulta’s website due to a special offer that they were doing last week from the 26th til this past Monday of June and that is the new Linked To 58 Set Blockbuster Set from their beauty line, which released officially to stores and the website Monday. As you know, I like the make up that Ulta made and when I saw this I knew I had to get it due to the special item which is a 14 piece travel set that they do sell for $20 but they are giving them out for free, which right now if you spend $50 you can get this, as in you have to get a total of $50 in your bag of items after you place this set into your bag and if you get the $50 it is yours and if not you don’t get it for free, I guess you have to pay for it if you get disqualified from it. How did I get mine? I bought the make up set of course since it was a new item it did excite me and I just received it today in the mail! Let’s see what it’s included!


58 Piece Set Blockbuster


With this thing, you can choose between two colors, blue and pink, I went with blue with this one and the 14 piece in pink to show since I got one item in one color I could get the other one in whatever I didn’t select in that color. It is pretty neat though! It is easy travel case, it’s not bulky as the 66 piece I got back in May, it is more of a zip type case where you have the plastic trays that contains everything held down by straps and that makes it easier in my opinion! What I also like about this is that all the eye shadows and blushes come in little compact cases than just exposed in a pallet like the 66 piece set that I bought and I find it nicer that way since you can’t run into a part of the set without dirtying anything else with a blush or a shadow, this seems to work better and they are easy to remove! On the site, it says you get eight eye shadow pallets, which are eight quads and these are nicer looking than the quads in the 66 piece and the 14 piece since that came with three of the ones like in the 66 piece, but the 58 piece has the quads with more of a snap rather than just lift the lid off them. On top of that, I think they make this more convenient in travel with the eye shadows, which you can just take one pallet and go with it rather than just take the entire set in case of touching up or anything. Then you also get four blush shades in two of these little compacts, which is pretty convenient as well in case of touching up, you can just take the little duo with you. Then you get four double ended eye liners which Ilove these things! I think they changed the look on these or if they sell one line of the chubby ones that you get in the 66 piece and then the thinner ones in the 58 piece and the 14 piece! It would be easy to rrefill rather than just buy the entire set again, which I should look into that whenever I run out of anything in them. Then you get two of the shiny lip glosses, which is a nice change from the butter balm glosses. I am pretty satisfied with this item since it is not as bulky as the 66 piece and it would be easier to travel with rather than bringing a huge set with you. Plus everything is safe and won’t dirty as easily than the eye shadow pallet on top when you open the 66 piece. It normally costs $24.95, which is a pretty good price for it since you get less shadows but you get more eye liners in the mix, but right now according to my last e-mail from Ulta on Monday or Tuesday, they started doing some coupon which you could get this set for $15.99 with the coupon but $19.99 without! I wwould try to get on that while you can because it might go back to the price that it was before. I am hoping they make more sets like this, as in a easy to travel size, I would so buy them! I will have to try out the shadows since I love the brand shadows so much! I need to label them first.


14 Piece Set


So, my free product! I couldn’t pass this up since they were like “You can get this for free!” It sounded better than the offer they are doing now despite you can get it easily if you buy a Naked pallet or a Chocolate Bar pallet but not everyone would go that route if they aren’t really into Urban Decay or Two Faced, so I liked this deal since it not only gives me the newer set but a small make up bag filled with stuff that I can also travel with! This set is pretty nice since it gives you three make up brushes, one of the face, or I think one of other ones is for the face too for the blush you get, and one for the eyes. I also mentioned the small blush you get, you also get three quads in this one! I am not sure if they are the ones that come with the 66 set since they are the same style, not sure about colors yet since I need to label them, if they are I can just refill the bottom part of my 66 set with these than going to the store and getting them if need to. You also get a nail polish, which I didn’t know that Ulta made their own nail polishes but you can try them out this way if you get this set since some stores do make their own polishes. Not sure what color I got but since I got the pink bag, I might have received a pink and don’t mind since I do have some pink polishes! You also get a mascara, which can be handy if you need that touch up, a shiny gloss, one of the butter balms which is in the stick form not the gloss like in the 66 piece but at least you get to see how these stand up! Also another one of the skinny double end liner pencils! I think that is it! The bag is pretty spacious to begin with and very nice to travel, especially with this set and how much it carries. According to the description, this has a $88 value in products, but to me they should toss in another nail polish or liner, probably a liquid one if they made any to balance it out, but hey it can give you an idea of what Ulta sells and gives you an easy on the go type thing or keep in your desk to freshen up! If you want this product on its own, you can buy it for $20 or if you want it for free if you don’t want to pay for it from what I talked about, you need to put it in your bag on the website and then get items to total up to $50 in order to get this for free. Plus, this does come in either blue or pink, since I got it in pink.


Well, that is it for this! I can’t wait to play around with the shadows and wear stuff from these sets whenever I decide to and maybe they will end up in a favorites post! Next up, I have a cosplay rant…yes, it is not about cosplaying in general, it deals with more time and other thing. Til next time!