Haul: Ulta Linked To 58 Piece Blockbuster Plus Free Item!

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Since MetroCon is in a week and won’t be starting the press until after the con, I thought I would put two more posts in. First, this one and then a bit of a rant! Recently I shopped off of Ulta’s website due to a special offer that they were doing last week from the 26th til this past Monday of June and that is the new Linked To 58 Set Blockbuster Set from their beauty line, which released officially to stores and the website Monday. As you know, I like the make up that Ulta made and when I saw this I knew I had to get it due to the special item which is a 14 piece travel set that they do sell for $20 but they are giving them out for free, which right now if you spend $50 you can get this, as in you have to get a total of $50 in your bag of items after you place this set into your bag and if you get the $50 it is yours and if not you don’t get it for free, I guess you have to pay for it if you get disqualified from it. How did I get mine? I bought the make up set of course since it was a new item it did excite me and I just received it today in the mail! Let’s see what it’s included!


58 Piece Set Blockbuster


With this thing, you can choose between two colors, blue and pink, I went with blue with this one and the 14 piece in pink to show since I got one item in one color I could get the other one in whatever I didn’t select in that color. It is pretty neat though! It is easy travel case, it’s not bulky as the 66 piece I got back in May, it is more of a zip type case where you have the plastic trays that contains everything held down by straps and that makes it easier in my opinion! What I also like about this is that all the eye shadows and blushes come in little compact cases than just exposed in a pallet like the 66 piece set that I bought and I find it nicer that way since you can’t run into a part of the set without dirtying anything else with a blush or a shadow, this seems to work better and they are easy to remove! On the site, it says you get eight eye shadow pallets, which are eight quads and these are nicer looking than the quads in the 66 piece and the 14 piece since that came with three of the ones like in the 66 piece, but the 58 piece has the quads with more of a snap rather than just lift the lid off them. On top of that, I think they make this more convenient in travel with the eye shadows, which you can just take one pallet and go with it rather than just take the entire set in case of touching up or anything. Then you also get four blush shades in two of these little compacts, which is pretty convenient as well in case of touching up, you can just take the little duo with you. Then you get four double ended eye liners which Ilove these things! I think they changed the look on these or if they sell one line of the chubby ones that you get in the 66 piece and then the thinner ones in the 58 piece and the 14 piece! It would be easy to rrefill rather than just buy the entire set again, which I should look into that whenever I run out of anything in them. Then you get two of the shiny lip glosses, which is a nice change from the butter balm glosses. I am pretty satisfied with this item since it is not as bulky as the 66 piece and it would be easier to travel with rather than bringing a huge set with you. Plus everything is safe and won’t dirty as easily than the eye shadow pallet on top when you open the 66 piece. It normally costs $24.95, which is a pretty good price for it since you get less shadows but you get more eye liners in the mix, but right now according to my last e-mail from Ulta on Monday or Tuesday, they started doing some coupon which you could get this set for $15.99 with the coupon but $19.99 without! I wwould try to get on that while you can because it might go back to the price that it was before. I am hoping they make more sets like this, as in a easy to travel size, I would so buy them! I will have to try out the shadows since I love the brand shadows so much! I need to label them first.


14 Piece Set


So, my free product! I couldn’t pass this up since they were like “You can get this for free!” It sounded better than the offer they are doing now despite you can get it easily if you buy a Naked pallet or a Chocolate Bar pallet but not everyone would go that route if they aren’t really into Urban Decay or Two Faced, so I liked this deal since it not only gives me the newer set but a small make up bag filled with stuff that I can also travel with! This set is pretty nice since it gives you three make up brushes, one of the face, or I think one of other ones is for the face too for the blush you get, and one for the eyes. I also mentioned the small blush you get, you also get three quads in this one! I am not sure if they are the ones that come with the 66 set since they are the same style, not sure about colors yet since I need to label them, if they are I can just refill the bottom part of my 66 set with these than going to the store and getting them if need to. You also get a nail polish, which I didn’t know that Ulta made their own nail polishes but you can try them out this way if you get this set since some stores do make their own polishes. Not sure what color I got but since I got the pink bag, I might have received a pink and don’t mind since I do have some pink polishes! You also get a mascara, which can be handy if you need that touch up, a shiny gloss, one of the butter balms which is in the stick form not the gloss like in the 66 piece but at least you get to see how these stand up! Also another one of the skinny double end liner pencils! I think that is it! The bag is pretty spacious to begin with and very nice to travel, especially with this set and how much it carries. According to the description, this has a $88 value in products, but to me they should toss in another nail polish or liner, probably a liquid one if they made any to balance it out, but hey it can give you an idea of what Ulta sells and gives you an easy on the go type thing or keep in your desk to freshen up! If you want this product on its own, you can buy it for $20 or if you want it for free if you don’t want to pay for it from what I talked about, you need to put it in your bag on the website and then get items to total up to $50 in order to get this for free. Plus, this does come in either blue or pink, since I got it in pink.


Well, that is it for this! I can’t wait to play around with the shadows and wear stuff from these sets whenever I decide to and maybe they will end up in a favorites post! Next up, I have a cosplay rant…yes, it is not about cosplaying in general, it deals with more time and other thing. Til next time!

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