MetroCon Haul 2014

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe!Well, since the convention passed last weekend it’s time to see what I got! As you know from my review that I mentioned the dealer room was bigger this year and it felt better since there were more vendors involved. What I like about the Metro dealer room over other dealer rooms is that they get anime vendors from all over Florida and a few from out of state like Aardvark Tees as an example! With this year, it felt like I didn’t get much but at the same time I got things that were within my budget and didn’t overspend like I usually do at these things and don’t have enough left, but I am glad I have a nice start for saving to go to MythiCon in two months. So, let’s see what I got!


Whotalia and 12 Doctors shirts from Aardvark: Yes, they were there this year and apparently they were there last year as well but couldn’t find them then and was able to find them this year all thanks to Tobi and Vivi! Love you guys! So, as you know I love these guys’ shirts and have been buying from them since 2007 with the “Stop Touching Me” shirt all in Braille and have gotten many other shirts like “It’s Lupus,” “What’s Your Name Again?” in Death Note writing, and the most recent that I wore to Omni Expo and a May and June favorite, the Gypsy Danger petting Eva Unit 1 shirt that Ellyn McLain loved! This time around I was happy to get the shirt I wanted to go back to the Etsie shop for and that is the Whotalia shirt where Daleks are chasing England from Hitalia! I loved the premise of the shirt since I love the Daleks from Dr. Who and even have a necklace, wanted to get this shirt for myself. I was going to send a friend to get it at AFO for me since we aren’t going to AFO again even if Troy Baker’s a guest there as well, but glad to find it at Metro. I am sending the friend to get the Space Police Box mug instead since the guy running the stand at Metro said he didn’t have it with him but his dad had it with him and may have it at AFO. I love collecting mugs btw. I also did get Gondras a shirt and it’s a newer version of the the one I got him back in 2012 which had all of the Doctors leading up to the 10th from what I remembered but this time it has all 12 and this time it goes in order on a clock type way for the shirt, as in the first is one on the clock and goes up to the 12th at the top where 12 is on the clock. It’s pretty cool and glad they printed it in time for Metro which Gondras wanted an updated version and glad they had it. Hoping my friend finds the “Keep Calm Have a Jelly Baby” shirt at AFO since he cosplayed the 4th Doctor for this one and planning to do it for MythiCon.


Happy Backpack from Fairy Tail: Yes, I got another Happy item! Can’t help loving the blue kitty that Natsu has in the series, even though I love Rogue’s kitty, Fra or Frosh according to some translations, but I was glad to get the backpack! At first I almost bought it on EBay when I found it while searching for Carla and Panther Lily as plushies but had to hold back since I was cosplay gathering back then as well and buying other items, I hoped to find it at a convention and was glad to find it at Metro at the stand next to Aardvark! This backpack is huge for a plush backpack but what makes me sad is that they ALWAYS make the pouch inside the size of a coin purse almost. I can’t fit my wallet in it! Seriously makers of these backpacks, make bigger pouches especially with the bigger plushie ones like Happy and Vivi’s Pikachu one, because these can fit more. I may take up the cat ear maker’s tip (she was there btw but didn’t buy anything for control’s sake) to cut a hole to fit more stuff. Still, should make the pouch as big as the ones in the Mokona backpacks, at least I can fit everything in those! I was still happy, he even has the paw pads like on the plushie, but both under the feet and on his hands! Still adorable!


Devil May Cry 4 wallscroll: Yes, I got another wallscroll and it happens to be the Devil May Cry 4 wallscroll of the cover from the game. I was originally looking for a wallscroll that Mr. Nerdy Shirts bought for a friend’s relative of Natsu and Gray from Fairy Tail and well the closest was probably of one with him with either Jelal or Zaref if I remembered, but I want this scroll of Natsu and Gray since it gives their rivalry a more badass look! I did find it on EBay, but want to find it at conventions first before resorting there in the future. I did find another Fairy Tail one of Lucy with Plu and almost bought it until this one got pointed out! Since you can sometimes find DMC stuff at conventions like the expensive Play Arts figures of Dante and Virgil and one of the brothers fighting in a wallscroll, which was also found but Tobi bought that one and I do like the cover of the fourth game despite that I love Virgil, it’s the voice okay! Anyways, the scroll has Nero with his demonic hand and you have Dante in the background. It would make sense that I got this one since I still have my Nero figurine in the display case. I am not sure if I will hang it or get signed, don’t know yet. Hey, another wallscroll for the collection and I let my buddy know to look out for the Natsu and Grey wallscroll.


.hack//G. U. Game 1: If you read my .hack in transmedia post, you know I was having a hard time finding the G. U. games and was happy to find the first game and the other two at Metro sold by a local game seller of old and new games, well mostly old, still I was so happy to get this since I was trying to find them! They are a bit on the pricey side since Rebirth, the first of the three, was $65 and the other two were $70 but I lived and gave up the money for the first but at least I can go back and get the other two when I find them at the conventions or find the shop online if I can. I am so glad this is in my hands and can watch Roots and see what else happens after watching it in this game trilogy! Still happy!


Attack On Titan Season 1 Part 1 and Jinro: Okay, besides games I also picked up two anime DVDs, well one is a DVD and Blue Ray combo and the other just a DVD and it was a hard to find. If you guys watch Anime Abandoned on That Guy With the Glasses like I do, if you haven’t and going to MythiCon where Bennet the Sage is going to be, watch it! Watch it! Anyways, Bennet mentioned one of his fave movies was called Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade and for a while me and Gondras were looking for it at FYE and couldn’t find it until this year’s Metro at a DVD stand that had it! Yes folks! We have it and glad we found it for close to $20. Even though we did find Roots at this stand as well but I saw the copy they had was $20 more than my copy I bought during AFO, Gondras did point out the soundtrack but I realized it has music by a girl group I don’t like from Japan. Sorry guys, my ears do spot pretty good music when they do and this group doesn’t catch them. But I did get Season 1 Part 1 of Attack On Titan which was released a month ago if I remembered after Omni Expo. I thought I would buy it since I missed episodes on Toonami due to events and falling asleep, don’t worry I didn’t miss the first episode of Levi appearing which knowing this part will have it too! Plus, I can also get it signed next year since I felt bad for having nothing for Matthew Mercer which I realized after transcribing his interview that he was in a Fullmetal Alchemist movie, Second Star of Milos, which I can get that signed next year, also signed by Mike McFarland, Trina Nishimura, and Josh Grell next year! Still, glad to get this so I can watch what I missed and well had to leave it with Gondras since my parents wouldn’t probably like hearing certain phrases and seeing floor ketchup spouting all over the place!


Soul Eater messenger bag with Maka, Soul, and Blair: As you know, I love messenger bags along with plushie backpacks, which I use these for purses now due to my newest purse backpack is teeny weeny and my old one is wearing out, even though I may be hunting for a new one for a job, but I use a messenger bag for everyday use for my stuff and of course for conventions for easy access except for MetroCon Friday when my bag was on my very back! So, I got a new bag and it’s another one of from one of my other all time fave anime series, Soul Eater and saw it Friday, well described by Mr. Nerdy Shirts and it is of Maka and Soul together and Blair is on Maka’s head in cat form. I didn’t want to let it go even though they also had an awesome Tiger and Bunny one that has comics version of the two characters, Kotetsu and Barnaby, but hoping they will be back next year or find it at Mythic! At least I got this one and now using it. It is the same size and design as my Erza Scarlet bag that I got at AFO in 2012 and loving it! What’s sad though that there is no zipper for the main compartment, which I wish it had like my Kyo and Sanrio ones. Oh wells!


Plu plushie from Fairy Tail: Since I cosplay as Lucy and have all of her keys and I do wear my Happy wristband with it, but now I have another prop to go with it! It is a Plu plushie! If you seen RaveMaster or Groove Adventure Rave in Japan, Plu was the traveling dog creature with Haru and in Fairy Tail he is a summon as a call back element. He is one of the silver keys that get bought by Lucy in episode 1. So now I can act like I can summon him and carry him around. Not sure if I will be doing Lucy for Mythic since I am planning to do my Pokemon Ranger character. Still glad I got Plu! I did hear there is a backpack and almost bought it on EBay, but will find it at a convention like with Happy!


Raichu and Glaceon plushies from Pokemon: Besides the hearings of Aardvark being a dealer at Metro and finding Happy backpack, Tobi and Vivi told me about the many amounts of Pokemon plushies in the dealer room and found one of the stands that had them! I picked up two of them and one of them is a mini version of Raichu and a small Glaceon plushie. I did try gettinga Glaceon plushie last year but saw the stand sold out and was glad to find one at a different dealer, even though he is a little bigger than my Jolteon and smaller than my Flareon and Leafeon plushies, this size will do and glad I got one! I may get the other Evees another time since I did get Raichu in mini size and glad I was able to find him! This one is a rare plushie according to EBay in Japan and didn’t want to lose that chance since I may want to bring my Pokemon Ranger costume next year or to Metro and use the smaller one instead the huge one I have safely kept. I should’ve seen if they had a Skitty! I can’t help it, cute little kitty!


I know it doesn’t seem much but I am so glad I had self control and glad that I did run into the cat ear maker again and also bumped into one of the Omni dealers that I bought my Sasuke and Deidara figures, this time his inventory did grow and need to get incontact with him about the Deidara headband since I was trying to find it to do the costume! What also made me happy to know is that I did bump into the seller that I got Gondras’ “Keep Calm! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG!” shirt for Christmas who also make wood boxes and pendants, they remembered me for something that had happened during Holiday Matsuri and I should tell it here. During Matsuri, I thought I lost the FullMetal Autograph and I was upset the entire day and it happened at their stand as well when I saw it missing from my autograph bag! The guy who was part of the stand made sure that the staff and dealers kept their eyes out for it, also volunteers, and they felt sorry for me. Luckily to the major extreme, a person brought it to Lost and Found and Mr. Nerdy Shirts picked it up for me and got it signed by J. Michael Tatum, who was also happy it got found, which is on one of the shoes. When I saw these guys at Metro again, they were happy that it was found and told me that I was always in their thoughts. I almost thought about buying something from them, but I will ask for a customized item in the future since I have their flier and card in my bag. It is very sweet and still makes me happy that the Holiday Matsuri head did find my prized plush beautiful with all the signatures on it! And another moment that made me happy was how Vivi did get her pic with Scott McNeill, who went into the dealer room to check out things for a little while and glad to see the guy again!


Well, that is it! Now that this haul is done time to start my interviews! Stay tuned for the first, Dante Basco!

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