MetroCon: Ghost In the Shell Panel with Richard Epcar and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn!

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I know you guys are waiting on the interviews to be posted on here from MetroCon but I am still transcribing them, almost about to start on Mary Elizabeth McGlynn’s and going to get the pictures from Gondras so we can start posting them sometime this week! Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you guys! So in the meantime I will be giving you the Ghost In the Shell panel from that Sunday! I went to this panel since I forgot to get a pic with Mary and hand her a set of lanyards I made like my Fubuki ones I wore on my coat on that Friday, which you will be seeing the pictures of the finished product when my interviews with Dante Basco and Richard Epcar are up but had her character name Helba on them with HP and AP ones like in the game. She did like the gift by the way! Let’s see how the panel turned out!


A head’s up, I am going to be focusing on the questions that were asked to them from the audience. There will be a new GITS coming out that is going to be dubbed by Funimation and they recasted everyone unfortunately to a new cast. I know it’s sad but Japan gave them a new cast and I guess it would be fair with Funimation doing the same thing. What did the audience ask?


Q: There were questions about the Major wasn’t originally a woman, is that true?

Richard Epcar: In the manga they talked about that she have been a man or something like that?

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn: Well, if you get a chance to choose whatever body you want I would imagine she would try a couple different genre you know? Steam punk Motoko, Dr. Who Man Motoko…

RE: Who?

MEG: Who? All morning?

RE: I’ll beat it to death! You know me!

(Note: Before the questions, Richard and Mary were talking about Dr. Who and Richard started doing the owl from the Geico commercial with the “Who?” thing!)

MEG: It seems to me that she’s been fascinated with the experience of being…I’m making this up…that she was interested just in the experience of life! Whether that is male, female, whether she has experiences with young boys, girls, whatever, it’s like she was searching for meaning and experiencing life every different way! There was no…the morality of it was never a question for her. It wasn’t a moral decision about having an experiencing.

RE: She’s into women obviously!

MEG: Yeah she is.

RE: She is into women, I don’t blame her! If I were a woman I would be into women too!

MEG: Yeah!


Q: How does it relate to the Lost Man Project in the show? (That’s how I heard it!)

RE: Well, I think it was in Solid State Society you kind of get a glimpse into her apartment and see bodies hanging in the closet like people without clothes. She has bodies, all different kinds of bodies…I think there’s something about when she’s in the body she prefers her, she feels as her, she wears that watch and I think that’s a clue as to as being herself. I don’t know I’m conjecturing. What do you think?

MEG: I think that sounds good to me!


Q: What were your favorite scenes from playing in Ghost In the Shell?

MEG: Oh man! Anytime I got to barrate Crispin Freeman was always a good time!

Audience: ::laughs::

MEG: I love Crispin so much and he’s so smart, it makes me so mat ::goes into voice:: “How could you be so smart and good looking@? MAJOR!

RE and audience: :;laughs::

MEG: So, yeah I loved all the badass scenes where she takes them down, you know, it was really fun to play. I love the relationship between the Major and Batou that was…I mean that getting to play off of Richard or Richard playing off of me depending on what order we get to the studio was always so much fun! It was always great to have you in my head!

RE: Aw! Thank you! It’s a really wonderful relationship I think they have and he’s very very…it’s very touching to me he’s so caring and loving of her and she doesn’t give a rat’s ass about him! Anyway…

MEG: She doesn’t show it! ::while audience laughs::

RE” She does appreciate that he has feelings for her. I think it’s unrequited, but you know…there was one scene in Innocence where the Major comes in and helps him, she becomes one of the Guyanoids that she’s fighting the other Guyanoids in helping him and he doesn’t know that at first and then realizes it was her and that all these Guyanoids are naked and he takes off his coat and he puts it around her! It’s just…I almost…

MEG: Is this the end of Innocence?

RE: Yeah! I started tearing up! It was very touching you know?It was this soft…this big, hulking, tough guy has such a soft spot in her heart for her. I think it’s really, really nice!

MEG: And she couldn’t care less about…::while Richard says she doesn’t give a rat’s ass…:: about being that body, being exposed, she doesn’t care at all!

RE: She doesn’t care about that!

MEG: She would be a definite “Where’s the naked beach?” She doesn’t care! She would be going around naked all the time!

RE: Well look at her police uniform! I put uniform in quotes because and wondering if that is standard police issue then I’m signing up!

Audience ::laughs::

MEG: Yeah!


Q: How do you perform the voice overs and where do you do them and do you have a favorite voice over microphone?

MEG: Oh Gafell! ::clears throat:: Gafells, I love Gafell mikes!

RE: It was like Hazaa or something!


Together: GAFELL!

Audience: ::laughs::Meg: GAFELL! THE KING IS HERE! We record at Magnitude

8, which is a studio in Los Angeles, California. North of Los Angeles actually in Arlita and did….

RE: We actually walked home from there one day!

MEG: You did really?

RE: It is a really long walk! It was great!

MEG: It’s where the 170 and 5 meet, we’rre from LA, all we talk about is freeways and locations by freeways.

RE: Like a used car lot…come to to the 170…

Together: Where the 5 meets!

MEG: ::like an announcer:: This weekend only! Ghost In the Shell record! ::back to regular:: The Noiman is also good!

RE: Yeah, the U87 Noiman is basically industry standard for all the stuff for animation in particular. Doing any kind of live-action usually uses the Sanheizer Shotgun mikes because it’s the same mikes on the set so the boom guys use the same mikes, so if they want to make the sounds match they use those so it won’t sound weird! ::turns to MEG:: Have you heard of a guy by the name of Greg Howser?

MEG: I don’t think ssp… ::off mike, I think that’s what she said::

RE: He’s a voice guy, a really nice guy! Anyway, he is like the most knowledgeable guy about microphones on the planet and he is always telling me “You need to get a Manly! You got to get a Manly!” I don’t know I never used a Manly before I don’t even know what they are! He was just telling me they’re like ten grand and I’m like “Okay you go buy me one and I’ll use the Manly!”

MEG: The industry is changing! Everyone’s on the road these days and people need to send in auditions from the road and they got this…I just ordered…

RE: What do you use? Do you still use the XML?

MEG: No, I just got this, I got a mini from Apple!

RE: Oh the little ones!

MEG: The mini ones!

RE: I love those!

MEG: Yeah ! They’re amazing! I had people just plug into their phone and use this…Kyle Hebert was telling me about the…

RE: It’s insane!

MEG: Yeah! In fact, it’s being sent to me on Monday! I forget what it’s called! And there is this app for ten bucks and use…

RE: It’s on your IPad.

MEG: You can use it on your IPad, on your phone…

RE: It’s crazy!

MEG: It’s got the new plug for…

RE: I am old school, I’m still schlepping the MBox with me I think I use…I think you use the MXL didn’t you originally?

MEG: Yeah, I got the MBox at my studio at home I haven’t put it together yet!

RE: It is a great microphone but it is a copy of a Noiman and it is a great mike! I booked a lot of auditions with that mike, so you know? How many people keep saying you need to gotta buy these expensive mikes…I know people who have 30 thousand, 40 thousand set ups at their house. I am like If you’re booking all the time and you’re getting big jobs it’s worth it in a way, I book in with this little mike in my MBox in my office. MEG: If you record from home, there’s a lot of people that do promos, Steve Blum does stuff for Toonami and he’s…

RE: ::goes deep:: IN A WORLD!

MEG: In a world! And they need to be…even Kim Strauss does things from home, Roger Craig Smith does stuff and they do stuff at home, sometimes live over an ISDN because stuff needs to go out that day. Doing promos for NBC, it’s like “Tonight on NBC!” They usually do that that morning or the day before and they are paid to sit at home sometimes all day!

RE:Yeah, there’s one guy…I’m trying to think of this one guy who was actually in Arcum Origins which I co-directed, I don’t remember his name, he does promos for one of the big networks and that’s all he does, he’s at home all day long…

MEG: Tom Kingg?

RE: It wasn’t Tom, it was…I’ll remember it.

MEG: David Gehg?

RE: No, I don’t know…anyway! Yes you in the back!


Q: Why do you think that Batou is so attached to the Tachikomas?

RE:I don’t know! I personally hate them!

MEG: And I love them!

RE: It’s like “Mr. Batou! Batou!” Shut the hell up!

Audience: ::laughs::

RE: I think he sees them as pets in a way and especially when they talk to him, you know they talk to him and interact with each other. He feels you know paternal towards them and that’s why he likes to slip them some real oil time to time. Yeah, but that is what is! Personally I think they’re incredible vehicles and equipment and I just…I think it’s weird, I know they made a conscious decision to use those voices for them! Personally I think it’s kind of annoyingbut I know people love it and they find it…I think it’s the juxtaposition of this piece of armor that can do incredible things and you got the little girly voice that makes it indearing I guess!

MEG: They’re like little kids and that gives them so much personality than if they were strong male types, it allows them to be goofyand vulnerable and innocent you know…

RE: At least they’re not strong female types!

MEG: Yeah but with Motoko I think…I think it’s a nice balance! It needs that ejection!

RE: Yeah it definitely works!

MEG: I mean the show is definitely lacking feminine…

RE: They didn’t come into play until GITS because they weren’t in the movies .

MEG: But the movie was very serious and there was very, and again very little female…feminine presence in the movie. Even with Motoko, she’s really not the strongest female…female I guess feminine presence.

RE: They were talking about redoing the whole movie and that would be cool for us if we redo that movie!

Audience member: Yes!

MEG: That was…aren’t they going to do that now?

RE: They did redo it but just used the old tracks which was a shame, I was hoping they would do that!

MEG: I wouldn’t want to take away from her performance because she’s the original Motoko! I can’t…

RE: Yeah, but where is she?

MEG: Where is she now?

RE: Where the hell is she?

MEG: I don’t know, I don’t want to destroy someeone’s legacy!

RE: Destroy itt!

MEG: It’s mine!

RE: How great, this is going onto YouTube and she’s going to you know hunt me down and kill me!


Q: What is your favorite part about being a voice actor?

MEG: Besides getting paid? ::chuckles::

RE: Are you asking the both of us or Mary?

MEG: I think it’s…it’s…

RE: The check!

MEG: The check is always good…uhhh the creative aspect of it! Go in there and push your own, push your instrument and see how far you can take it! Get to use your imagination. It’s like acting in its purist forn, you don’t have any…you don’t run can’t run into any furniture, you don’t have to memorize any lines, so it’s just your voice creating a character and it’s such a specific thing to do and a specific challenge. I think it’s playtime, it’s so much fun. I love it!

RE: Yeah, I have to say to me in many ways it’s more creative than any other kind of acting because you can be any anything you can create vocally. When you are on camera or on onstage you kind look or relegate to your appearance so you can get cast for certain types all the time and if you look at television basically, they’re just talking to each other! That’s basically what’s going on! There’s not really a lot of bizarre characters for the most part, they’re kind of playing themselves for the most part, even in movies a lot it’s basically people playing themselves! We were talking about this in one of the other panels, it’s like Roberrt DeNiro, who is an incredible actor, but it’s Robert DeNiro in everything he does. Clint Eastwood, Clint Eastwood in everything he does. That’s not what it takes away from them but I’m just saying you do what we do, you get to be these incredibly different characters that are so much fun! To me that’s really fun, you know I do a lot of characters with this voice but then do characters that make people think “I dididn’t have no idea that was you!” And that to me is that is really cool and I’m like that’s kind of cool thing for me!

MEG: That’s a big compliment!

RE: Yeah, that’s the fun part for me but…

MEG: Yeah, I mean there’s so few roles that I, i…other roles I can think of like the movie The Fifth Element that has been more broad and cartoony and I always look to Chris Tucker’s performance and….

(I think it was either Mary or Richard who did that “I-i-I have no fire! I quit smoking! Quote from the movie.)

MEG: It’s just like how you listen to the way he sounds in real life and I think it’s been one of my favorite performances of all time!

RE: It’s a great movie!

MEG: Yeah, a brilliant movie!

RE: I worked with brian James on a film once! You know Brian James played the Major, the guy who he puts in the freezer when he comes to get Bruce Willis…

MEG: Yeah I love him!

RE: I actually worked with Bruce Willis too! I worked with Bruce Willis on Moonlining many years ago!

MEG: Yes!

Audience members: Whoa!

MEG: If you can get into that broad of a movie, what did we watch? Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy which had a lot of broad stuff in there, but otherwise it’s pretty standard. It’s…you’re playing a human being and you don’t get to play the superhero and the giant that she rides in on. It’s an unbelievably creative experience, it’s just play imagination, it’s like you’re a kid again! It’s fun! I highly recommend it!

RE: Yeah, no, it’s great! That’s the great part that’s what I miss.


Q: What was your feeling about Bandai released a compilation movies of Stand Alone Complex circa, you guys recorded pick up lines, they sent it to Canada and had it completely redubbed completely redoing the scenes…

RE: Well, uh you know I was personally not happy about it!

MEG: I haven’t seen it either!

RE: Has anybody here seen it?

Dude Who Asked Question: ::raises hand::

RE: Was it good? Did you like it?

MEG: Did it sound like us?

Dude: Um…

Girl: No!

Dude: No! Not exactly!

MEG: ::sounds like a guy:: Did the Major sound like this!?

RE: :;sounds flamboyant:: Did Batou sound like this@?

Audience: ::laughs::

RE: ::still flamboyant voice:: Hey dear!!

MEG: ::still guy voice:: Oh Batou! Do your Work!

RE: :;chuckles:: That would change the whole show wouldn’t it?

MEG: That would be great!

RE: ::chuckles:: That would be great! I was sad about it, I actually…

MEG: I didn’t know why they did it!

RE: I didn’t know why either!

MEG: It was really loyal to us!

Dude: It was pick up lines in the Japanese version too!

MEG: Yeah!

RE: I don’t get why they didn’t just hire us to do the pick ups, it didn’t make sense to me. Because they had to redo the whole thing instead of picking up the little pieces of connectic tissue.

MEG: Maybe it was a budget thing.

RE: You know what, I talked to them and told them that we have a company and even said to them, “Why are you doing this?” Because I knew ahead of time that they were going to Canada! So I said, “Why are you doing this?” They said, “Because it’s cheaper!” I said, “Well you know what I will tell you what, whatever you’re paying there will do it for you at the same price because I know the cast here wants to do it!”

MEG: It’s a union thing too. There’s a minimum to pay that has to be paid when you’re going through the union.

RE: How much cheaper it could be?

MEG: I know! I know! I know!

Dude: Wasn’t the Canadian dollar higher at the time though?

RE: I think Canadians in general are higher!

Audience: ::chuckles::

MEG: Because they’re north of us!

RE and Audience: ::chuckles::

RE: I don’t know, you know they give deals and all that stuff up there we’ve don’t…

MEG: Yeah! I have to hear it one day just for fun!

RE: I don’t care! I was very disappointed to tell ya the truth, it was kinda sad you know, but it happens. It’s show biz, it happens! All kinds of stuff happens you know?

MEG: Yep!

RE: And you just have to roll with it!


Q: Normally, how long is your recording sessions everyday?

MEG: I am in the studio everyday from nine to six recording and directing. If I get to do other gigs, I have to get time off from directing or do them at the end of the day and I’m in from nine to six until Naruto ends, Tenkai Knights…we’re coming down to the last two episodes of Tenkai Knights for the first season so normally if you go through a season of something, you wait for a pick up that’s what they call it, which we’re waiting for a call for season 2. If that’s the case then we’ll start recording in January and if not, we find something else to do.

RE: Yeah! Um it varies with me, it depends. If I’m directing, same thing, if I’m doing stuff it sometimes can be an hour or a whole day, it just depends on what it is! Generally if you’re doing something that is like vocally stressful you don’t want to go for more than two hours if possible, four hours max you know and generally most of the video games you go in for four hours.


Q: Did you know that there was an alternate South East Asian English dub in Hong Kong of GITs, I mean Stand Alone Complex?

MEG: No!

RE: No! It doesn’t surprise me!

MEG: English?

Dude:Um yeah, I only seen the demo real of Batou and you do it better. Why do you think dubs are being made like…

RE: Money!

MEG: I don’t know, a lot of the time they’re fan dubs! I was looking for uh…

Dude: A lot of fan dubs air on tv in Hongg Kong and South East Asia regios and most of the North American regions.

MEG: Odd, but that has to do with I really don’t know about in terms of distribution and deals that they have overseas that they showed Stitch, I did this show called Stitch and they showed it in Australia and New Zealand and Englad and everywhere but here and it was in English! And it was awesome and for whatever reason, they got different licensing deals and distributions.

RE: It’s territory basically and you know one company may have he rights to show something in one territory and may not have the rights so they be like an Asian territory, for example, that maybe a Bandai or whoever may not have the rights to the show so anyone can grab that show and dub it and do whatever they want with it in that territory. That’s the way it works!


Q: What has been your more difficult voice acting work?

RE: What was…?? One of the characters or something?

Dude: A character or scene…

RE: Well, for me I go in and do the best no matter what I do my best in. The hard ones for me really are the ones where you’re just screaming, those are very vocally demanding and they’re really hard. That’s a tough one, the hardest forone, the other stuff for me is fun you know just go in and become a character. If I don’t have to go in there and scream my butt off I’m happy.

MEG: Yeah, I I did this Resident Evil game that Liam O’Brien directed, I was the Zombie Queen uhhh…

RE: You always be my Zombie Queen!

MEG: I am Richard, but apparently this giant monster and ::does a creature sound:: I mean I came up with sounds like you know I’m going to blow it out because I don’t have to…I don’t have any voice over gigs coming up I’m just directing for the next month or so. I don’t have any concerts, just blow it out to see what kind of noises I can make like what can I come up with. And Liam and I had so much fun, he was like “That was brilliant!” I said, ::sounds like she has a sore throat:: “I don’t think I’m going to talk right!” It took me a month to recover from that but it was fun to do it just once!

RE: I was doing this one job and I talk about this where I was just screaming and screaming for six, which I was supposed to be there for four hours but they kept me for six hours and for the last ten loops they wanted me to scream like I was being burned alive by a flamethrower. Ten loops of that for three seconds and then of course the next day I had to do a Hallmark commercial for the radio so ::also sounds like he has a sore throat:: my voice was kind of like this! ::goes back to regular:: So you know ::goes back into sore voice:: “Hallmark! Happy Valentine’s Day!”””

Audience: ::laughs::

MEG: ::does smoker’s cough::

RE: Exactly! It was brutal! But you know you learn tricks and you know what I do when I have those kind of sessions is I just gargle with warm salt water, you know when I get home in the morning and that really helps a lot and there’s this stuff that Freddy Tadashore turned us onto this stuff and it’s Chinese cough syrup! It basically coats your vocal chords because he does the whole entire…he does the giant monster voices, he is amazing and he does it everyday about eight hours a day. Idon’t know how he does it but he is a machine! He got us on this stuff that coats your chords and it protects your chords and you do it afterwards and it is amazing the difference your voice after you do it!

MEG: It really helps, yeah!



Q: The Playstation 2 game, Stand Alone Complex was in development, was that rerecorded with you guys or was that with an old cast?

RE: Yeah, no, they generally do those games they record them…::to Mary:: he is wondering if they use lines from the show…yeah, no we do that stuff yeah!

MEG: We went in and redid that! Yeah, that was really fun. I liked the games they were fun!


Q: Have you guys ever had the time to watch the stuff you’ve done?

MEG: Yeah! I watch a lot of it! What’s nice is I direct a lot of it too, so I already watched it but I step away from it for a while like I haven’t watched Ghost in the Shell in a long, long time juts because I’ve been away from it for a while and not up really really early on Cartoon Network on Adult Swim and stuff. Yeah, it’s been a while for me.

RE: She watches Toonami now!

MEG: Yeah, you know.

RE: I don’t get to watch a lot of it to be honest with you. I do like watching Ghost in the Shell I do watch it from time to time. As far as animes I liked, it’s definitely high on my list, it’s a great show. I’ve always liked it, I think it’s a great show, it’s wonderful you know, it’s one of my favorites. So, I do like it!


Q: Q: ::going to be best as I can with this one) Do you have to be in based in LA to be in the industry today?

MEG: Well, if you want to be in the world of animation, original animation, you have to be in Los Angeles!

Dude: Based?

MEG: You need to be based in LA, I mean you have to be where the work is.

RE: If it is any other work you can be anywhere. If you want to be a commercial voiceover you can be anywhere in the world.

MEG: Yeah, if you just want to do books on tape I know people who do it from their house! You have to have a good set up but there’s a lot of people who do that and now that’s a huge, booming industry.

RE: So boring! Oh my god, so much work!

MEG: I don’t think I could do it!

RE: I am doing a series of books, actually they’re a series of really cool books. They’re old books, you know fiction books and it’s a really kind of cool character. He’s kind of like a James Bond character that is way like in the 30s and 40s and what it’s kind of cool about it is the stuff that the writer came up with for that time, and I mean his imagination with the stuff he came up with, the high- tech stuff that he came up with was amazing especially for that period. And some of these books I have to be forty different characters. Now when we go into the booth, when we do this animation stuff we do one character all the way through and then you do the other characters, with these books you have to jump back and forth and got to remember what does this guy sound like and this guy, it’s like by the end you’re exhausted. It’s a lot of work for very little money! ::laughs with audience:: It can be fun, it’s fun and I enjoy it but it’s a lot of work to do those books.




I am going to stop here! I can’t hear many of the questions from the rest of the panel. I did ask one and it dealt with watching over their old works to see how they would improve it. I may have to start video taping these and probably upload them from my phone through the YouTube app. (Got it when I was away and needed to watch videos!) So, let’s see if that happens for MythiCon in a month! So then, stay tuned for my interviews with the first one with Dante Basco!

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