MetroCon: Interview With Troy Baker

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! As my interviews are still rolling along from MetroCon, now it’s time for a guest I wanted to meet for years and his name is Troy Baker! I remembered first hearing Troy’s voice as Archer in the original FullMetal Alchemist anime and then later as younger Etcarto in Glass Fleet! He has a major long list of roles such as Excalibur in Soul Eater, Jenos Hazzard, from Black Cat, and one of the voice options for the President of the United Saints in Saints Row 4! I was happy to interview him at MetroCon and in case you guys went to AFO and found that he wasn’t there, you get to see what I asked him!


(When I did the tag line, he went “TADA!” Decided to put that as a note!)


Mari Blue Cat: You’ve probably been to a lot of conventions across the United States,

How does it feel to be in Florida for one?

Troy Baker: Oh my gosh! It’s been a while since I’ve been back in Florida! First time here in Tampa. I love seeing cons grow and it’s always…I’m a nerd it’s always fun hanging out with my fellow nerds and it’s…with theater you get this instant response to something you’ve done and this is like our delayed response we’re in. We get to see the response to something we’ve participated in and how has it resonated with people and it’s fuel man, it gives you that juice when you see something that you’ve done is really meant something to somebody and they care enough to tell you that and that’s something that I like about coming to these conventions!


MBC: How does it feel to meet fans that like your work?

TB: Same thing, it’s humbling! As trite as it sounds when…it’s crazy it increasingly more and more…I remembered first Persona 4 playing Kanji, it was the first time someone told me how it hit them on a emotional level, which is funny, Persona 4 is just a mad cap game but we started creating characters that spoke to a lot of people and when you have people come up to you and say “Hey, this game, this character gave me the strength to come out because I’ve been wrestling with this myself!” That’s pretty intense, it happened to Ashley Johnson with ellie as well! Several people came up to her and said “If I played this game ten years ago, you know my life would be so much easier!” And I think the reason why…I mean books, games, there’s books, tv shows, and films, they resonate with people but there is something specific about a game that really resonates with people because it’s so emersive and you’re that character, you’re not just watching you’re participating in it. And so when we hear first hand from people how what we done has really spoken to them or move them that’s always kind of part of the job, y’know?


MBC: You’ve been in cartoons, video games, and anime, which one do you prefer recording the most?

TB: Anytime you get a chance to work that’s a win. I kind of count my blessings! In each one it kind of requires a certain skill set. Like when we do Avengers, it’s more like radio play, it’s a fun process because everybody in there is just stupidly talented. You’re working with like Travis Willingham, Laura Bailey, Roger Craig Smith, Fred Tadashore, Adrian Passtar, it’s just fun and we feel like a family! We’re in a second season now and everyone is just so second hand with each other. Then you get opportunities like The Last of Us or Shadow of Mordore, which is coming out, or Far Cry 4 which is full performance capture and it’s like doing theater but with very cinematic film performances. So really each kind of thing keeps me sharp! Anime is one of the hardest things you can do because you have a finite amount of space to translate a thought from a different language to a new language but still convey that thought with the same amount of passion and figure that was originally intended by the writers and directors, so each one has its specific challenges and kind of has its own reward!



MBC: Yeah, because I interviewed at Omni Expo and they’re like “Oh, we have a hard time matching flaps!” Getting the recording done and all that. Trying to do everything!

Gondras: Another challenge can be if the language you’re translating into doesn’t have an equivalent phrase!

TB: Absolutely! That happens a lot of times like well what they mean is! It’s not really translating the words, which you would see a lot of times with some subs, they want to stick to the letter and you lose intention, you know, “You’re a son of a goat!” It’s like that doesn’t mean much in the English language.

Gondras: Well just the fact that the Japanese have distinct words or phrases for “I love you!”

MBC and TB: Yep!

Gondras: There’s the common “daisuki” which is the common you like someone, you’re attracted to them, the “ishiteru” which is the more familiar “I love you” kind of serious thing, and there is the “koishiteru” which is the “I want to spend the rest of my life with you!”

TB: Right!

Gondras: All three things which we have one phrase for “I love you!”

TB: Right!

MBC: Mmhmm!


MBC: Out of all the characters you’ve played, which one would you play again?

TB: Any of them! Yeah, I mean again you’re talking about characters you live with and it’s some way it becomes a part of you. You leave them there, but anytime you get a chance to work it’s a giftbut to be able to revisit some characters, I wouldn’t do anything differently just because, for good or for bad, the performances are for what they are and if people didn’t like it, I wonder why so I can learn from it. If tthey didn’t like it I wouldn’t want to try and change it to rob someone else from the experience.But anytime I get a chance to work again as a character then that’s a win!

Gondras: If they just suddenly announce another Persona4 sequel or another Persona sequel and Kanji was going to be a guest character or something, you love the chance to…

TB: If I could, yeah, absolutely!

MBC: Or do another Disgaea 4 and do…

Gondras: as Valvetorres.

TB: Yeah! Absolutely!


MBC: I know I read on Google that you’re going to be the villain in Far Cry 4?

TB: Mmhmm!

MBC: How does it feel to be a villain again for that?

TB: What I love about what they’re doing in Far Cry 4 is… clearly Far Cry 3 was very successful and got “Game of the Year” and Blood Dragon DLC did really really well, and when you have a character like Vas, which he wasn’t the main villain he was just a side character. He was so compelling to watch. The temptation in the trap that you can easily fall into was “Let’s recreate that, let’s do it again!” And what I really applaud the guy at UV Soft for doing is saying, “We’re not going to do that! We’re going to come up with an equally compelling villain that doesn’t hit the same notes and we don’t follow the same formula!” And we really spend time really crafting that character and they’re really open enough and cool enough to come to me and let me have some cool, creative input into it and he’s dangerous, he’s fun as hell to play! And I’m a Far Cry fan too so it’s going to feel like a Far Cry game, it’s blowing stuff up and tigers and elephants and everything in the jungle. But it still has a good story to it as well!



MBC: I actually asked Chris Patton this, do you like recording as heroes or villains more?

TB: I love recording good characters! I don’t care what side of the law they’re on. It’s…

Gondras: Just oddly interesting can you have fun with them thing.

TB: Yeah! Absolutely! That’s a good way of putting it!


MBC: Would you cosplay as one of your characters though?

TB: Someone asked me that at a panel! It’s so weird because if I were to pick anyone I would pick the Joker because he has just great style! But, that’s one thing I see when I come to cons is that how good my cosplay would be, I see some people who really have it down and able to pull off really good costumes! I wouldn’t want to go toe to toe with those people who’s really good at it!

MBC: Right!

Gondras: Of course what you could do is come in as the President of the Saints!

TB: That would be good! We did a panel at San Diego ComiCon and I wore a little purple suit for that! That was fun!

Gondras: Yeah exactly! Because you customize the character you can just go “I made this version of the boss when I played the game and I made him look like me!”

TB: Nolan cosplays as himself all the time, he was in Saints Row 4. Cool!


MBC: Are there any new projects you can talk about?

TB: Yeah! Absolutely! This year we have Shadow of mordore which comes out October 7th which is the Lord of the Rings game, which I’m really really happy about!

Gondras: Looked pretty good! I’m interested to give it a try!

TB: It is not only look pretty but it’s running on next gen, it looks gorgeous! The world is huge! It’s like Sky Rim on crack as far as the emerging game play! Because how you choose…the style you play is not just button mashing Assassins Creed Calibur Strike. There is one thing called Shadow Strike, I think I’m getting it right, it is an incredible way to traverse and it is an incredible way of attack. The way you play determines how the world plays out and that effects the story, which I really really love! It’s literally one of those games you can play over and over again and get a different experience each time! I’m really excited to play that! And Far Cry 4 which comes out November 18th! Call of Duty 4: Advanced Warfare, which I got do with Kevin Spacey, it was fun! That’ll be out as well!

MBC: I know my nephews will be getting that one!

TB: What is cool is that it’s..their new messaging is really smart because it’s a new era for Call of Duty and what they’re really wanting to do is something different and whether you’re a fan of Call of Duty or not this is one you want to pick up!


Well, that is it for this interview! I found this one pretty informational like Chris Patton’s interview and it was great to have a chance to sit down with Troy Baker like this since I never got to meet him and this was one step beyond just an autograph! I did get my FullMetal Autograph, Excalibur plush, both Vampire Knight seasons, and Glass Fleet signed by him and it did surprise him that I was the only one who brought Glass Fleet for him to sign. I did almost bring my Black Cat wallscroll but with all the stuff we were bringing and the weapon props being carried Friday, it was too much. Who knows if Metro will bring him back, I hope they do because it was awesome finally meeting him. I did forget to mention that Gondras was with me for this interview and Mary Elizabeth’s interview as well and he did tell him about our wedding theme since Gondras is planning to do Valvetorres while I’m doing Rosalin for it. He did love the idea like Grant George!


So, the final interview is Mary Elizabeth McGlynn!

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