Collective Haul of Summer 2014

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I was thinking about posting the Drugstore Products for Cosplay but then decided to do the collective haul first since I haven’t done a haul in a while and it’s about time to post another! I have been all over the place for my stuff such as Ulta, Target, and even the Asian Market and Trader Joe’s, yes, we have one now! Let’s get on with it!


First, I will start with the Asian Market stuff. I have gotten some more candy and a few snack items and they even done a pretty good deal on one thing. I did get the last pack of the Hello Kitty Anniversary Candy Pack. I tried seeing if they had more than one pack since I love these so much but the pack I got was the last one there and not sure if they restocked since it was right after MetroCon, well the week after MetroCon was when I went to get this stuff, still I was glad to get these again. I also picked up these cashew candies which are little bars of candy with cashews inside! As you know, I love cashews and I thought it sounded weird to hear that they made these but when I got home and tried one out it reminded me of these peanut butter candies I loved when I was little but with cashews and they tasted pretty good! I like them! They are a bit mixed with the candies I have already and bought. I also got another pack of these lion candies that are soda flavored! They are very good and I think they changed the shape of the candy in my opinion, it is kind of more of a head rather than the entire lion character’s body, but what I like most about these is that you tend to get pepsi flavor, sprite flavor, and other soda flavors and they taste amazing and when they split and get the soda juice in your mouth it fizzes as it goes down! I suggest these, I believe the packaging said “Lion Kids Candy” or “Kids Lion Candy!” I did get another soda candy and these are more like soda bottles in the design and they have soda and also ramune flavored sodas in this pack. I had the grape, melon, and I think cider flavored ones over time and man they fizz a lot more than the ramune candies I am used to! I also picked up more of the milk candies I love, the ones that are shaped like flowers and have the bubbles on them in the texture! These are very creamy and my favorite! I wish Sanrio bring back the Hello Kitty fruit flavored milk candies because I miss them a lot. At least I found these again since the last time I went I found a different pack that had different flavors of milk like strawberry, banana, regular milk, and even corn flavored. It is a great pack with those as well but I prefer my classic ones and the Hello Kitty milkies. I also got two different fruit candies, one pack is like Life Savers and the other is shaped in a flower almost, these two are pretty good but I like the Life Saver ones a bit more since they don’t feel strong in the taste since my enhanced taste buds go nuts when I have something strong. I may get the life saver ones again if they still have them. I did get repurchases of my fave chocolate mushrooms and the Hello Kitty ghrahams, even though they are regular butter cookies but they look like Teddy Grahams that we had as kids and today! The chocolate mushrooms are just in one big bag, I wish they sold the individual wrapped ones like the bamboo shuts you find at the Asian market since I like the flavoring more and the chocolate tastes creamier that way, but at least I got these since it’s been so long since I had them. And finally, the deal of that time was $2.99 or was it $3.99 on a box of Choco Pi! These are different from the Meiji version, which if you had the regular packaged ones, they are like little pies made from the pie crust and filled with chocolate, those were okay but these are better! Why? These are more like Moon Pies! You not only have the chocolate on the outside but you have some of it with marshmallow on the inside! I looovvvee these! I am hoping they still carry them and may be still on sale if I go back before I have to leave for Daytona. So glad I found these! I did find out from the lady that they now carry Green Tea Kit Kats! Yay! I may have to go back for them soon!


Next is Ulta! I have been shopping at Ulta a bit more here and there and the funny thing was that I went on the same Friday I went to the Aisan Market and then the next day ordered stuff. What I got at the store was with my $3. 50 off a $10 purchase and had to get another box of pore strips since I started using them due to my nose gets the icky oily feeling and blackheads do show up time to time on me and so I found out that they were doing buy one get the other 50% off and got two boxes of the eight pack which I’m happy about! I am almost halfway through one box and will start on the other soon! My nose doesn’t feel so oily as much or clogged when I started using them! Next are two eyeliners, well liquid ones! One of them is the NYX Extreme Gold one and the other is the NYX Black one from the same line. The thing was I thought I lost my gold one during MetroCon since I had to dig for my make up stuff in my travel caboodle and thought it fell out and so got another one! I found the one I thought I lost during Metro a few days later, woops! I at least have a spare! With the black one on the other hand, thought I should get it so in case my Wet N Wild one runs out and I love how NYX’s liquid liners glide on. I also picked up another Butter Gloss from NYX and it is in Peaches N Cream! I had to have it since I heard that so many people like this one and I am also addicted to these things! My order on the other hand, it was just two items and it was due to a 20% off coupon I received in the mail and well story is my mom loved my NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Progue when I worn it and she borrowed mine until she could get one and when this coupon arrived, she asked me to order one for her since I have the account with them and I also got a little something for myself and it is one of the Steela Lip Glaze trio sets! I ended up getting a sample well a free one from when I went back in June to Ulta and the lady gave me Pink Lemonade from this line and I loved it! I believe these are limited edition since the sets are limited edition and I had to get more of these and saw that they had the Summer Trios and the one I got was the Kiss and Pout trio which includes Salted Caramel, which is a sheer gold, Cafe Au Lait, which is a shimmery pink, and finally Pink Marshmallow, which is a sheer rose gold! I was debating on which one to get because they also got the other trio known as the Read My Lips set which includes Creamsicle, shimmery coral, Pina Colada, which is a shimmery glitter one, and Pink Punch, sheer fuschia and then they had make your own which you choose three out of the entire line and it will be the same price as the sets. I almost went with the build your own since I could choose Pink Lemonade but with me and lip products, I know it would last and might be able to find again on EBay in the future, so I decided on the Kiss and Pout set since these are flavored and I am a sucker for marshmallows and salted caramel! And on my last purchase, it is my birthday month and I also had points I decided to use and finally broke down on getting it and it’s the Urban Decay Naked Basics pallet! I don’t have any of the Urban Decay stuff and I heard about how so many people have this and that is cheaper than the three pallets they have out and decided why not start off with something basic, I know it sounds cheesy but it’s true, and got this. I was glad that I got to use this with my points and got my double points. I am going back since I got my coupon for a free Calvin Klein mascara, which is a major bonus on my list. They sent me the coupon Monday since my birthday was on the weekend, makes sense for them to do that. I will try it out and see how it goes for the pallet I mean!


Target is next since it was mostly to find the Almay concealer stick I use and well I tried going to CVS at first but they ran out at the location I went to, so decided to check out over at Target which was nearby and they had it there, well my shade at least! I did decide to go eye shadow searching since I have this eye shadow kick lately, don’t know why and decided to get more of the color tattoos from Maybelline and see if they got the new ones in, they didn’t but they did have them on sale and the ones I got that were on sale were Electric Blue, which I love, Gold Rush, and Audacious Asphalt and the one that wasn’t on sale that I got was Bold Gold. Then I went over to L’Oreal’s Infolluble Eye Shadow section since I haven’t got any in so long and I wanted to find two colors that people say on YouTube that are nice and they were Bronzed Taupe and Amber Rush. They sold out of Amber Rush but did find it at Walgreens this past weekend and did find Bronzed Taupe at that Target, which I was happy about. I did have to get more cotton pads since I am on my last bit of the trio pack I got not too long ago. I also did get M&Ms for the movie we saw that night as well and to snack on later.


Next Trader Joes, this was a trip to find something I heard about from YouTuber known as Emy In Japan and also heard about them from CatSketch and Grav3yard Girl. First, I was watching a savory snacks video that Emy In Japan did and one of the snacks was these green pea snacks that are known as Saia or Saia Endou in Japan and I tried seeing if the Japanese snacks guy that goes to the cons would have it at MythiCon, unfortunately he won’t be at MythiCon but another one in Daytona Beach this month or the next because of his sales were low at MythiCon year 1. Yet again, first year con, not a lot of sales and AFO was the weekend before! Anyways, I did hear that Trader Joes had something similar and remembered CatSketch and Grav3yard Girl talking about them and decided to go and find them and they had them, they are known as the Free Pea Snacks by what I heard from the guy. Man, they are addicting! I also got coconut chips, which are these coconut shavings as chips and they taste like coconut milk while eating them. It gets strong after a while so watch out for that! I also got dried apple rings which are also good! They are almost like apple chips but more dried and chewier! I did have to restock on my favorite alphabet cookies and did get ginger snaps. What I love about these ginger snaps is that they have actual pieces of ginger! Very awesome! And the last item is crunchy cookie butter! I know it sounds weird but it’s basically like Nutilla but tastes like cookies and has actual cookie bits! They have almond butter which I want to get next! I love Trader Joe’s!


Nextplace is WalMart! I had to go to the super location and try and find more of the labeling tape I use in my Braille labeler but they didn’t have any! My dad did find it at the Neighborhood location that’s a walking distance away from us and got me two packs of it, which I am happy since the labeling tape that DBS got me with my label maker sucked! As in it wouldn’t stick very well and bits of it would cut off and get stuck so badly in the label making port and it makes the wheel stick. I would say to anyone who is blind and uses braille and label makers, get the Dynamo colored tape because it doesn’t cause as many problems as the big, clear tape you tend to see in them. Moving on! I had to get another bottle of Acetone Nail Polish remover since it comes in handy when removing the tough nail polishes and glitter top coats from my nails! I know it is drying, but not sure if the moisturizing formula is also acetone, can anyone tell me below? And good news is that I did find the new Color Tattoos, the Leathers collection and got it in Vintage Plum, which I love purple shadows time to time! I also got Inked in Pink so I can use it with my Lucy cosplay, which I will tell you in detail in my next post in why I get these for cosplay!

And final place is Hot Topic on my birthday! I thought I wasn’t going to get the $5 off coupon that I get every year until I called up their hotline and found out that it was in my account since they couldn’t resend me the coupon, so I saved up my cash and went! All I have to say is that this birthday was a Dr. Who birthday since we mostly got stuff from that franchise, we meaning Gondras and I because we found the 4th Doctor’s sonic screwdriver! It is the actual one from Tom Baker’s run and to make the sounds on it you push the head down since the earlier sonic screwdrivers looked a lot different than the ones you see now, especially with the ones in the customize set which I will be using since I got myself a David Tennet costume dress! Yep, they are starting to bring Halloween back and the items out front happened to be the costume dresses for some of the doctors and made me happy that they had David Tennet’s suit as one and I tried on an XL and it fits! Normally with Hot Topic girls stuff they don’t fit but this fit perfectly and is a nice slip on dress! Now to get a brown, spiky wig and a pair of cream colored or black and white Chuck Taylors since he wears those, they are comfy for him to run in! Gondras did get me an extra birthday gift since earlier in the week he got me Fairy Tail part 10 and it’s a David Tennet Tartus phone case for my phone! I needed a new phone case since my Hello Kitty one is starting to peel in some of it, it’s one of the phone wallet cases and the magnet doesn’t stay in place, at least this is on my phone now and it is super slim! I also am happy to get a Hot Cash coupon for next month since I did spend over $30 since it was also buy 1 get the other item half off! I do have my eye on a Attack On Titan shirt so will be using that on that shirt next month! I will try to go before I have to leave for MythiCon, if not, wait until after since the coupon is good from September 18th til the 28th. So, if you want this coupon, go to Hot Topic and spend $30+ because they are awesome!


Well, that is it for this big haul! Stay tuned for my next few posts!

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