What’s In My Ipsy Bag! August 2014

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Today I received something awesome in the mail and that is my very first Ipsy bag!


I bet you’re wondering what’s Ipsy, it’s a make up subscription service where samples of make up and some skin care, hair care, and other items get sent in a make up bag every month! It costs $10 a month and you get f-6 samples according to some people that have gotten this service and I am glad to be a part of it finally! I was interested in it ever since Eleventh Gorgeous does their Birchbox Vs. Ipsy every month and I really liked what they got in Ipsy and wanted to try it out!


So, this month’s theme is Beauty Schooled, which makes sense since a lot of people go back to school around this time of the year and a lot of states both in public school and college start in August again and I like the theme.


Urban Decay Perversion Mascara: First up is I got the Urban Decay Perversion mascara! I took a look at what I was going to get and was excited that this was going to be in my bag! I feel like Ipsy kind of read my mind since I got the Urban Decay Naked Basics pallet and since they do send out products from this company, they sent me this mascara! I have been branching out into mascara lately and been getting a few, which I have the Miss Manga, of course the Ulta Voluminous one I received in the free pink bag I got when the 55 piece make up set came out back in June, and I redeemed my birthday coupon for a free CK One mascara at Ulta yesterday since I got that coupon on Monday and surprised that it was a big size. This one, I heard about it in some videos since some of the people I watch on subscriptions or through haul videos have this mascara and according to Ipsy’s page on this is that this mascara is creamy, it also voluminizes the lashes and make them bigger with one stroke, and also blacker! I never tried Urban Decay mascaras and I have been into mascaras a bit, maybe this will be a nice one to try and it will be my first time to try. The normal size is $22 at Ulta, I think it’s also the same price at Sephora, but at least I get to try this out for a change and see how I like it. Some subscribers don’t get this in their bags because they vary depending on the bag for some people and the other UD product they gave out was a pencil eyeliner I believe since I saw one video for the August bag and they got the liner instead of the mascara. This would be fun actually!


Coastal Sense Blush Sample Duo: Next is a Coastal Sense product and it’s a blush samp;e! It is a tiny duo and it is very tiny! I hear that Ipsy gives actual size products sometimes and even though this is a sample size, I am not sure I will be using it. I am not a blush wearer, I think I only used it once to test from my big Ulta 66 set but haven’t worn it, but I did have Lancome do a makeover on me once at Macy’s and was itchy later on since their make up is not much a great thing for sensitive skin people like me. I am not sure if I want to try this out since I did hear how awesome Coastal Sense is from Make Up Freak since she gets their eye shadows a lot! She also ordered other products but the video didn’t show that part of it last time, but hey at least I can check out what she’s talking about even if it’s a teeny tiny sample! I just took a try and it feels pretty powdery and light even when I swatched one of themon one of my cheeks! May have to consider them.


Jersey Shore Mogongo Lip Conditioner: Next is a lip balm! I know I have tons of lip balms since I am a LipSmackers horder! If you saw my big tin from Lush, it’s filled with all of them! Don’t worry, I am still using them! This is something different and never heard of before and it’s from a company known as Jersey Shore Cosmetics and it’s from their Sun Line which is pretty much for going to the beach and it’s all natural cosmetics! The item I got is the Migongo Lip Conditioner, which is supposed to be anti againg but at the same time they might send the anti age version to some people and the non-anti againg one to others, since the bags do vary! I tried it out and I like the feel! It’s not too greasy, it’s light! And I like the scent! I may have to use this after I finish the Pink Sugar Shine I’m using right now! And any cruelty-free buffs out there, these guys, Jersey Shore Cosmetics, are cruelty-free and use all natural products and they do have items for both adults and kids! You can find out more at jerseyshorecosmetics.com!


Lord and Berry Silk Cajal Kohl Eyeliner: A new eyeliner for me to try out and it’s from a company I sometimes hear but not a lot and it’s Lord and Berry! This company basically started on the runways of fashion shows in Milan and have been making products out of raw materials and use simple packaging. I can kind of see why with this baby! Literally a small pencil but it is the same size as an ELF books you get during Christmas, that kind of disappoints some people since it can be used pretty fast, hey it’s a samole and it is a trial size after all. I did swatch it and it feels smooth on the skin! I can see why it’s silky! I am not sure if I will buy a full size after I use it, but it’s not bad! I may get more in other bags to see how it goes. You can check them out if you want at lordandberry.com.


Paula’s Choice Clear Ultra Light Daily Matifying Fluid SPF 30+: That is a lot of words! The last item in my bag is from Paula’s Choice Skin Care! I never heard of this brand until now. I tried seeing about who they are but the site doesn’t give me much except the person who started it and they are Paula Begun, that’s it! I did take a look at the description on the Ipsy site and it’s basically a moisturizing for break out proned skin and keeps oil from going crazy and minimizes pores and it also acts like a sunscreen! A lot of people go for products like this for the SPF factor and here in Florida it makes sense. I may have to try this out when I go for walksJust squeezed some out. Careful in not squeezing too much but it smells like sunscreen, not the strong stuff, just a light smell and it does feel light and not too greasy like most SPF products! I will have to give this a go since during my summer haul I did mention I am using the Biore pore strips due to that gross, oily feeling I feel on my nose and may help if it doesn’t make my skin go crazy with the sensitivity!


My verdict: I kind of liked this bag minus the blush but I like how it’s a variety of products! It is my first one after all and it did impress me! I know I will be using the mascara, the lip balm, the liner, and moisturizer definitely, the blush since it felt nice, I may try it out and hoping they send me more Coastal Sense stuff! I am hoping I hear about September’s bag soon! Also, the bag, it is cute, it reminds me of a pencil case with how round it looks and I remembered school shopping years ago when they had pencil cases that were round! I may have to use it at some point! Not bad Ipsy and can’t wait what Eleventh Gorgeous gets with their bags since they tend to get different items for the both of them! You can subscribe to their YouTube channel, Facebook, and Twitter, which I should go and find that account since I have Twitter all thanks to Ipsy.


And if you want to subscribe to Ipsy if you are curious little kitties like I was, you can go to www.ipsy.com and take the quiz to customize your bag and join, it costs $10 a month and mention that JupiterKitty85 sent you since I do get 250 points for you guys subscribing if they do have that on the quiz.


What is next? There is faves for July and August! Stay tuned!


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