Ipsy Impressions August 2014

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe. I know I was going to do my favorites post but decided to my impressions on my first Ipsy products and then do the favorites post so I don’t have to combine them together in one huge post since I have so many favorites, especially with MetroCon happening in July. Stay tuned for all that.


So, I got my very first Ipsy bag this month and liked the products while other people seemed to get other products and sounded either excited or meh or disappointed in their videos and I feel like with the samples itt gives me a chance to try out new products in the high end range and see how I feel or if I would pick up the full size if I wanted to. On top of that, the sizes may be small in some products I kind of feel like it fits with the Back to School theme they are going for and it’s hard to find ways of lugging full size products in a backpack and need to be on the small side and also traveling. I like the idea and of course with the small sizes this month with two of the products, yeah they would run out quickly but you can get the full size if you want to or not, so I am not disappointed! What do I think about each product?


Jersey Shore Sun Magongo Anti-Aging Lip Conditioner in Mandarin Green Orange Ginger: A lot of the Ipsters got this lip balm and others got other lip balms depending on their bags but I think this one was given out the most since I seen videos where subscribers got this and I was one of them. I used this right away after I finished my Sparkle Sugar Shine lip balm from Lip Smackers and I like the feeling but what I hated about this lip balm is how it gets destroyed so easily! What I mean is that it seems to fall apart pretty easily in some points, especially when I checked on how much I had left by pushing it up to get an idea of it, when I tried pushing it down it caused it to fall apart even more, especially while I put it on my lips so I had to take the top off to keep it from not doing that anymore and it got finished off within like four days I gotit because I used it so much and how my lips thirsted for the moisture. Since I liked it so much, I may get another down the road but now since I have so many lip balms, I should see what else Ipsy sends me since September is right around the corner, new bag soon! Not bad of a lip balm!


Urban Decay Perversion Mascara: As said in the “What’s In My Ipsy Bag August 2014” post I had a feeling that Ipsy read my mind when I picked up the Naked Basics pallet and knew that I was inching into mascaras lately since I do have the Miss Manga, the Ulta Voluminous Mascara in my free make up bag, and CK One, and of course the ones that came with my Disney villain books which I am not sure if I will use right now since I am liking this one and the Miss Manga so far! I haven’t tried out the other two yet since CK One is pretty expensive and glad to get it free, who knows when I will use it and the Ulta one. I decided to wear this mascara, the Perversion, to check it out for one night last night and what I liked about it is that it didn’t spread if my eyes twitch a little, it just stays on the lashes even while in application. I can kind of see why Urban Decay is pretty big in the cosmetics realm but I am not sure if I will go and pick up a full size of this unless I get my points racked up again at Ulta or something, still it’s pretty good and it’s a decent sample size! Plus it comes off pretty easily when I had to remove it since it doesn’t feel like a waterproof formula or close to it. I did see some people get the free eye liner in their bag if they didn’t get this, but glad I got this!


Paula’s Choice Moisturizer with SPF 30+: I know it has a longer name but I think this will be easier to say! When I was watching other subscriber videos, I didn’t see many people get this product! People got the Dr. Brandt Primer, the shimmer lotion, a dry shampoo or both the primer and shimmer lotion or the shampoo and lotion, and other bags did get a body lotion made with volcanic minerals, so not many people got this item like I did. I have been using it since I got it and well it’s not that bad but I feel that it doesn’t react well with my Celestial moisturizer when I put it on later on, it makes my skin feel itchier if I put it on and I did feel itchy when I used it as a base for my make up. I formed two tiny zits when I did it with my make up, one close to my left eye and the other on my left cheek in a diagonal direction from the eye one except the one near my eye vanished all thanks to my acne control wipes from Stridex but trying to get rid of the other! Plus, it has too much of a greasy feeling if I try not too put too much but it feels matifying once it dries! I am definitely not going to get a full size of this once I’m done, I feel like it is not the best kind of moisturizer for my skin, if it was meant for it then I may get it but not a sensitive skin friend in my book. I am also glad I didn’t get the primer since it was meant for oily to combination skin and don’t have that. I wished Ipsy put “sensitive” on the survey as my skin type question. I guess it’s due to how most places make stuff that is meant for it and other companies aren’t. Not sure if I will retake the quiz to change it up, I will see what September holds for me!


Coastal Sense Forever Blush Duo: Normally I don’t go for blush but I had to crawl out of the box a little bit and try this out! I was kind of jealous when some of the bags came with eye shadows I love eye shadow but since I hear good things about Coastal Sense all thanks to Make Up Freak, I had to give it a try! I tend to put the blush on my cheek bones (I know it’s supposed to be the apples but I watched a make up artist and he says to do it on the bones since you naturally blush there and it looks better that way as well!) and then blend it in with my powder to make it look natural and that nothing’s there. It feels pretty comfortable like nothing is there once you know you put it on. I may have to try my other blushes I have from Ulta and see how they go but the Coastal Sense ones are pretty good.


Lord and Berry Kajal Kohl Eye Liner pencil: I never heard of Lord and Berry until now, well since other people got products by them in the past in their bags and now I got one! This eyeliner is a small one and some people were sad about the size, except for me of course! If any of you got any of the E. L. F. pallet books during Christmas and know the pencil liner that comes with them, it’s basically the same size and I don’t mind if it is. If I need to, I may pop it into my make up bag and head out. Plus, I think the size would be adequate for anyone who is starting in eyeliner and usually sampling them would help know what you like, if need be, find a dupe for it if the person can’t afford it or the company discontinues it since I seen it before. This eyeliner is pretty smooth to go on and it glides pretty well! Need to be careful since it can smudge all over the place since of course with kohl it used to be liquidy and that’s how this pencil feels, especially with a liquid eyeliner placed on top of it. So, will I get a full size of this? If they have other colors maybe, but I am more comfortable with the Wet N Wild pen liner I use for black and the NYX, WNW, and E. L. F. ones but at least I get the samples to try them out and see how I like it and may get a full size if I wanted to.


Well, with one product being a disappointment, to me the others are better and I am not disappointed with these four items! I liked the lip balm, the eyeliner, blush, and mascara since those worked out the best while the moisturizer, I will finish that up and toss it. I think I remembered I didn’t want skin care related stuff, it was a while back but hey at least this wasn’t bad and of course I am excited about September and see what that may bring in the bag!


So, what’s next!? July and August Faves!


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