For the Ipsy Noobs!

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! September has just started and you know what that means! Another Ipsy bag is about to be constructed for us Ipsy subscribers!


As you know I have been posting, well posted what I got in my August bag and my impressions since it was my first bag ever since I got off the waiting list at the end of July. I have been noticing in videos and on the comment boards on the site that a lot of people didn’t like it, even one subscriber tossed their items before using them, one person cancelled due to waiting, etc. Plus, I also notice on the boards how people have been not skipping the wait when we were trying to help. So, that is why I’m going to help you guys that are reading and on the wait or not for Ipsy and please don’t get offended when I mention anything or suggest because as an Ipster I care!


  • Please READ the FAQs! Like many subscription services and other websites, hell even Ulta gets me reading on their page since I was wondering about birthday perks last month, it is always important to read the FAQ page to know what you’re in for! Ipsy has a lot of subscribers subscribing almost every day and it is important to know what you’re getting into before you give them your money each month and of course, I want to say this is that you should read it more than once! First time for the first glance and knowing what it is and the next time in case you have questions about when your bag arrives, how to earn points, etc. Also, the FAQ page can help you get off the wait list a lot faster as well! So, before you want to post a question that we have been hearing on the board, please please PLEASE be kind and read the FAQ page. We read everything everyday!
  • Products Fit Themes! One thing that kind of made me irk throughout video viewings and comments is that people complained about the sizes of the products and the bag itself! I know that Ipsy does do deluxe and full size products but last month’s theme dealt with Back to School since most states are back in the classroom and they wanted to make the bag cute and the products give off a travel friendly size and I like that idea! It would’ve been handy during the summer since I was in Tampa during July, but with the August bag it made more sense with the theme since it’s not easy carrying an entire pallet of make up in your bag! I also seen how people talked about the eye shadow being nude as well, I can see why since a lot of teens and adults do like wearing more nude stuff at work and school! I can see where they were coming from, especially with the blush size and the lip balms. So, that is my next point, the products fit with the theme and I like the idea since it gives you an idea of what kinds of products you may get especially with the Glam Room opens up to view what you’re getting. Also a great thing is that they give you sneak peeks of the products you’re getting to go with that theme on top of it, which brings me to my next point!
  • Products Vary In Everyone’s Bag! I was going to put two points together but it’s easier to separate the two for explanation purposes! Anyways! I know that Ipsy gives sneak peeks of a lot of items that will be placed in bags but not everyone gets the same products since every bag contains 4-6 products every month! I know we all want all the products but Ipsy chooses them based on your quiz and reviews you made on the products since they provide that space to see if you want similar products in future bags. On top of that, not everyone gets the same products in every bag. Good example! Eleventh Gorgeous (Love you guys!) get different products in their bags each month! I even saw other videos that people got the primer in their bags or the dry shampoo or the blush sample, etc. So not always the same bag and if it was the same then it will be boring for everyone! I did notice a comment that someone wished subscribers should choose their products, I disagree a bit because having free reign on your subscription can be chaotic and the only way of telling Ipsy what you want is through reviews, Facebook posts since they read there, and of course, your quiz since you can retake it but it takes a while for them to read due to the amount of subscriptions they have to read. A question is what if you don’t like something?
  • YOU CAN SWAP ITEMS! Why the all caps? I notice way too many videos and posts saying that “We don’t like our items we received!” Like many trading card players, you can trade your items on the Ipsy website in the forum for other items that came in the bags or other items that aren’t in Ipsy since I saw someone post Sally Hansen items by what I saw. Swapping the items can let you get something you wanted but didn’t get in the bag with someone else who has the same problem. Like above, items vary and not everyone will be satisfied with everything. If I knew someone wanted to swap for the dry shampoo, my face would’ve been saved from the Paula’s Choice moisturizer, just saying. Anyways, it also keeps people from wasting products that they don’t want. Trust me, seeing people that hate their products and tossing them without a swap sucks! Especially when it comes to high end products that are pretty awesome since you can try Urban Decay and want to buy it later or if you wanted the eyeliner pencil and got the mascara, you can swap it with a person who has it. Swapping is good guys! Consider it in the future!
  • You can get off the wait list quicker! I had to mention this since so many people subscribe and are on the wait list for months and don’t want to be on there much. I was on the wait list in July since I joined in May or June, so had to wait but then I saw the get off the list quickly e-mail and followed the steps and I’m off! I did mention the FAQ page does mention how to get off a lot faster and should read them and doing the directions by subscribing to the Facebook page, Twitter page, and their YouTube, it will get you on the subscription list. If you don’t have any of those accounts and don’t want it in the first place? Well, I would say sign up since I did it for Twitter despite I didn’t want to join, but it feels good to be a subscriber guys! Not gonna lie! I say get over it and sign up if you want a bag of beauty items a month. It’s worth the hassle.
  • You don’t get the bag the same month you sign up! So many people post this question, “When will I get the Ipsy bag if I am off the wait list or just signed up and wasn’t on the wait list?” Guys, you don’t get the first Ipsy bag the same month you signed up or got off the list after the first week, as in if you got off the list before the first of the coming month then you get the next month’s bag! Example, when I got off the list, it was too late for me to get the July bag but was happy to find out I was getting the August one. Yeah, it sucks that you didn’t get the previous one but look at it this way, new month means new items and you get to try awesome items and swap for anything. And to get a further explanation on the not getting the same month, this is like a magazine subscription so once the items are prepped and sent out, it’s sent to the people who are signed up for that months bag.
  • Contact Ipsy Care if it’s late or something’s missing! A lot of people come onto the board and say they haven’t gotten their bag yet. Like what the first tip said, FAQs are their friends and it will give you how to contact Ipsy in case something goes wrong or your bag’s late. We live in the age of e-mail, so use it! Once Ipsy contacts you, they will send replacements for your missing and broken items. And head’s up, if you run into the late or broken items problem, Ipsy DOESN’T read any of the comments on the boards when you post about this, you must contact Ipsy directly! Even other ipsters have to tell so many noobs about that!
  • Don’t Get Offended When We’re Trying to Help! I found it a bit stupid that someone thought that people were being rude when we were helping them. Okay guys, here’s the thing, we’re not being rude, we are helping you so your experience with receiving these bags is a good one! As inb, people who have been subscribers for years know what’s it like to be a subscriber and how not everything is perfect and want to help you out if you’re on the waiting list and trying to point you in the right direction. So, please don’t take offense when we are doing that. Knowing a lot of people who have Birchbox, Boxy Charm, Fortune Cookie Soap Box, and many other subscriptions go through the same problems and a lot of other subscribers tell them the same thing when it comes to helping them. So understand that we’re helping not offending!
  • Points Will Take time to add up! Reason why I would say this is that it’s hard to rack up points with this subscription and knowing me it will take forever to meet a prize point but hey, think of it this way, it shows how patient you are! Also, this, like many beauty gurus, let you have a chance of reviewing products each month. Yeah, it is only ten points but once you get friends in on it through your referral link if they click on it, you get a lot more!


Well, that’s it for this post! If you have any more questions, you may comment here or contact Ipsy Care since they are there for you when need be. Plus, as said before, if you don’t like anything, just swap and don’t waste your products, understand these are samples and not the real thing!


What is next? So waiting on September’s bag and waiting for MythiCon to arrive! Til next time!

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