Beauty Review: Urban Decay Naked Basics and Ulta Matte Prime

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I missed doing a post on here since my Favorites post for July and August and the Forgot to Mentions along with the post for new people to Ipsy. If you are new to Ipsy or want to subscribe to Ipsy, I suggest read that post known as “To the Ipsy Noobs!” or was it “For the Ipsy Noobs,” forgot the title for a moment. Anyways! This post is a review post on two products I started using recently and they are the Urban Decay Naked Basics Pallet and the Ulta Matte Prime. Let’s get started!


Naked Basics Pallet by Urban Decay: I know what most of you are thinking is that I am behind on this product and I am. I haven’t gotten any Urban Decay products due to high price on their Naked pallets and I wasn’t sure if I would like the shadows but when I found out there was a cheaper way of getting into Urban Decay products and that is by picking up the Naked Basics pallet, which yes, I brokedown and got it during my birthday month and did have points to spend, which I am happy that I could use that. It sucks that Ulta can’t allow coupons to be used on this line, even though the guy said it depends on what can it be used on. Anyways! This little pallet is a pallet that contains six shades that are matte and they are full size according to what Ulta said on their site and apparently they changed the packaging to match the newer Basics pallet that got released, the Naked 2 Basics pallet which I watched Grav3yard Girl review, which the one I have is a regular clutch look with the words raised but now it is more suede with a gold embossing. I can see why it’s $29 now. The shades in this pallet are Venus, which is an off white and it’s the first shade in the pallet and then you go to Foxy, which is a more of a bisque color. Then you have Walk of Shame, which is a very light nude color which kind of comes off a bit bronzy by what my dad saw when he guided me through the colors due to how I can’t see them, which is a nice crease color, of course next is Naked 2 which is a taupe color which in my pallet is bit of a grey. I think it is a greyish taupe if you get this pallet and I think it’s also in the Naked 2 Pallet and that gives a nice smoke to the crease. Then Faint is next which is a dusty brown and finally Crave which is supposed to be a black or a very deep brown but it is more black.


What do I think!? I love the pallet! I never gotten any shadows from Urban Decay until now and the sites don’t lie when it says that the application is very smooth and they are very smooth, even when I dip the brush into the pallet it felt like my brush was touching velvet rather than rough sand! It was also easy to put on and don’t need to put a lot since these shadows are very pigmented as well. I used all six, which Monday I had Foxy, Naked 2, and Crave to do a smoky eye, then today had Faint, Walk of Shame, and Fame to go with a nice outfit I was wearing to a luncheon that Lighthouse Central Florida held and thought a nice nude eye would be perfect. Now I can see why so many people rave about this pallet and one good thing is that it’s so compact and easy to carry and travel with if you need a on-the-run nude or smoky eye.


Is it worth it? I wish they kept it at the $28 even if they changed the packaging. I know Urban Decay wants to be hip in their looks but raising the price by a dollar is not right in my opinion when I knew in the past it was $28. I would say if you’re an Ulta member, you should use the points on this product since you can’t really use coupons on Urban Decay products depending what it’s excluded. Still, I can see why it’s worth getting is how the colors are pigmented and very smooth to put on the lids. I may have to pick up the second one since of course don’t want to go high end crazy and this is a good way to go and also gives newbies in Urban Decay a first taste of what the products are like if they want to dip their toe into the water when it comes to the company. I may have to try this with the Perversion mascara that I got with my Ipsy bag last month to see how well it looks.


Ulta Matte Prime: And now onto the other product! Now speaking of Ulta, now it’s time for one of their cosmetic line items! I never used primer on my face until I tried this because of my sensitive skin always wants to be a brat, especially when I used the Paula’s Choice moisturizer with SPF from last month’s Ipsy as a base, which was a bad idea! Yeah, around my nose it burned after application and left redness in the crevasses where the nostrils and cheek meets. I had to leave my skin alone with skin care items. Sorry Paula’s Choice you suck! So, I remembered that my little make up bag I got when I got that new make up set when it came out had a tube of Ulta’s Matte Primer and decided to try it out and crossed my fingers that my skin would hate it! Guess what? It didn’t! Why? It has ingredients that my skin can stand! I took a look at the product and found out that it has salisilic acid and that is best for sensitive skin which my Clean and Clear toner and facial wash contains and my Stridex acne wipes contain as well. All thanks to this item my skin is getting better little at a time and don’t feel like my make up bothers me as much with this underneath.


Is it worth it? Yes if you’re willing to get it for the price, which is $18! It is not bad considering that it has ingredients that doesn’t bother my skin and I have to go a bit high end for certain products that don’t bother my skin like my Celestial moisturizer as an example. Still, this stuff works and it is worth it, especially with coupons for online and in store when you get this. I wish the size was a bit bigger but since I don’t go out a lot now, it keeps me pretty well and I don’t have to use a lot to put on my face. Plus, when putting on all my other face make up, it doesn’t feel like it sticks in certain places as in very smooth application with the beauty blender and brushes. I would say for anyone with sensitive skin, get this item! I know there are pricier primers and of course we want to spend less at times and not all primers or moisturizers have ingredients that work well for us.


Well, that is it for this review! What is next for Nerdy Shique Universe!? Well, I am waiting on my September Ipsy bag, I saw what I’m getting, I’m going to be swapping an item but love the rest! You have to wait until I get the bag! I am supposed to be getting my tracking e-mail sometime soon and I seen videos of people getting their’s and I can’t wait! And of course since it’s September finally, you know what that means! MYTHICON IS AROUND THE CORNER! So stay tuned til next time!

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