Music Review: U2’s “Songs of Innocence”

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I am still waiting on my September Ipsy bag since it just got shipped Friday. In the meantime I have a music review! I haven’t done one since the last concert I went to at the beginning of 2013 I think when Traverser was at the Haven. I haven’t seen them since last spring either. I’m not here to talk about them I’m here to talk about the new U2 album!


If you guys didn’t know, Irish band U2 has released a new album known as “Songs of Innocence” and this is the first album they’ve done in a few years and it’s awesome to have them return. How did I get my paws on this? Well, they put their album on ITunes for free and my phone purchased it without me even knowing. When I tried downloading after hearing the commercial for it, I saw the “Purchased” button right next to it and it was right there with all the artists I have in my Artists directory. I listened to it and this is what I thought.


This album was pretty good and it kind of have their more mellow and sweet side return for a good portion of the album until you hit the song “California,” that is where you find their “Vertigo” sound and I think with the mellow sound the first half going into the harder sound and then ending with mellow has a nice balance to the album. If I were to pick a song, I would probably pick the first track, “Niracles” because I think it is a nice start since it is the first track and it is a very cute song that I want to play in a coffee shop somewhere. Hell, I would even have this album playing while writing my fan fics or my book that I am still working on at the moment. I did mention the song, “California” since I used that as an example towards their harder sound, I don’t like how it starts though. It does mention San Diego when it starts but it feels a bit creepy in my opinion but when the song starts it gets better when the song goes on.


Is It Worht It? To U2 fans it may be worth it but to not-so-much ones it may be worth a try out and it would be great to give it to someone who is a fan of the band. I may not be a big fan of the band like Gondras is but I do like the album and it was worth getting it for free. If you weren’t so lucky in getting your copy if you have an Android, you can get it when it comes out unless it’s not already out.


My rating: 3.5 stars out of 5!


Why? Even though the album sounds good but “California” kind of creeps me out with the beginning and I do like the rest of the album for its mellow sound. I did find the last track kind of weak or was it second to last one but still this was a pretty good album.


That is it for this short review of this album, so hoping my Ipsy bag does come in the mail soon and of course MythiCon 2014 is already coming up this weekend! So stay tuned for the next couple of posts!


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