What’s In My Ipsy Bag: September 2014

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Even though MythiCon passed this past weekend, I will have the review up in a few days, I did get my Ipsy bag the day I left for the weekend! I was glad to get this in the mail and was able to trade one of the items, give one away, and even used one during the weekend. Let’s see what I got and what I thought!


The Bag: This month’s theme is “Street Style!” This theme is based on all the fashion related events that go on in New York and Boston and many more that might be happening all over the states and this theme fits with it! The bag is a pleather bag with studs at the top. I wished the studs were all over or in a row around the entire bag than just one side, which I agree with one YouTuber who is also a subscriber about that, but at least it’s bigger than last month’s bag which I’m using right now. Way to go Ipsy!


Item 1: Kailyn Art Touch Lip Gloss in Basic Instinct! First item is a lip gloss by a company I never heard before and they are known as Kailyn and it’s their Art Touch Lip Gloss. A lot of people got this as a full size in two different colors and the one I got is Basic Instinct, which is a nude pink color by what I seen in videos. I tried it out earlier when I got home after the weekend and I found it pretty lightweight and not sticky! It went on pretty smoothly and it is also came in full size. This was one of the full size lip products that people received in the bag along with a lipstick this month depending on what your profile says when you took the quiz. I am glad they matched me with this item and now it’s in my make up bag if I need to reach for it for a day.


Item 2: Briogio Don’t Despair Hair Care Mask! This is an item I gave to my mom because I don’t really and it’s the hair mask from Briogio. It’s a hair mask that helps with dry and damaged hair and also chemically treated hair. I know my hair slightly gets dry and damaged time to time but I use products that help with that already and I only wash my hair once a week and wear dry shampoo for days when I don’t wash, so I don’t need this. I think this is best for my mom since she does chemically treat her hair more and I think it will help her out more than me. I know a lot of YouTubers got this in their bags this month or the CC Hair Cream which I thought I was getting when they shown me the sample items that I might have gotten in this month’s bag but didn’t! Looks like my mom’s going to like this and I can give her my discount code if it works out.


Item 3: Harvey Prince Hello Frgrance! I had this with me when I was at MythiCon since I was doing my Lucy costume and my Female Dr. Who costume as well and didn’t want to use any of the cologne samples I got from Ulta due to only have one crossplay with me. I was glad my Ipsy bag arrived in time because I was really excited to try out the Harvey Prince Hello! Perfume! This scent is AMAZING! It is sweet and earthy since it has a nice citrus kick with a bit of sugar with some floral notes. It has the best note ever! I was really happy since sweet and earthy scents are my fave scents of all! I am jealous that Boxy Charmers got the full size of this but with my traveling this month, I didn’t care and it helps with the size I got to carry it in my make up bag and reapply when need be. I hope I get more scents like this and try and get the actual size at some point, even as a roller ball!


Item 4: Pacifica Naturals Eye Pencil in Gunmetal! The next item is another eye pencil and it’s by Pacifica. I heard or remembered Pacifica as a drugstore brand years ago since I used to have a nail polish by them and sold it because it didn’t work out for me and now they are back and the pencil came to me. This was one of the hot items in this bag along with the nail polish in Red Red Wine and I wanted that at first but finding out that I got the pencil in the silvery grey, I’m actually happy about this and don’t mind since I love using eye pencils as an easier way of putting on eyeliner for me, especially along the water line. I did do a swatch to see how the lead was and it goes on smoothly. I think it goes on smooth as the Lord and Berry one but more softer in the feel of application. I did see some people complain about the size and didn’t want this due to how the size is but I did compare the size to one of my pencils and this is half the size as my blue Wet N Wild pencil and bigger than my ELF pencils from my eye shadow books. I don’t get why people should be complaining when they get a bigger pencil than last month’s even though that one fit the theme last month. Even though I did want the nail polish and didn’t get it but glad to try out another pencil! I did retake the quiz so hoping nail polish is one of the items next month again!


Item 5 Swapped: Be A Bombshell Finishing Powder for Hikari Lipstick in Cabronet! I did say I was swapping an item for another and it is the Be A Bombshell Finishing Powder for the Hikari Lipstick! The powder and the lipstick were two of the bigger items that were in this month’s items and I got the powder and after last month’s Paula’s Choice moisturizer I have to be a lot more careful with skin related items. If you guys don’t know, the Paula’s Choice moisturizer with the SPF caused redness around my nose and I was wondering why until I went to Ulta to spend my 20% off coupon that the lady talked about how some people are sensitive to SPF products and glad to know about that and I hate how my skin gets irritated by these items. I know SPF is important especially here in Florida where the sun is extreme on everyone but it’s not the best for everyone! So, I swapped my powder and will be shipping it to someone who sent me the Hikari lipstick which this company is a new and upcoming and glad that it is an Ipsy optiom. I did want the lipstick and thought I would receive it but got the Kailyn gloss instead and I think I did mark lipstick on the quiz but it does say that it won’t guarantee what I marked is what I will get each month and that is why swapping is important which a lot of people on the board doesn’t get. Anyways, this is a red wine color and it’s called Cabronet and I seen people swatch it and describe the color as a very vampy red. I don’t wear reds normally except for Red Velvet by Revlon from their Lip Butters but I do like to step out of my comfort zone from the pinks, purples, browns, and sometimes coral but hey! I am trying out a new company through a swap! See what you get when you swap is amazing! I can’t wait to wear this some days and possibly with cosplays in the future?


One Item I Wished For: I am going to add this since there were other items including and one of them is the NYX Hot Singles shadow since the main reason I joined Ipsy is that NYX products tend to get picked to be in bags some months and I always wanted to try them and now I am hooked onto their items, especially the butter glosses! I did watch videos where they did get the shadow and some posts said that they wanted it and didn’t get it and even willing to trade but all thanks to my visit a week ago to Ulta due to the catalog coupon (Ulta you will be the death to my wallet but you do save me money!) I was able to find them in the NYX section! I didn’t find any of the colors they gave out because people picked like vultures at these things but I did find two colors in Epic, which is a purple color, and Electric Shock and I am so glad to get these and I do like how well they glide on, kind of like the baked shadows. I hope to find more if they ever stock up. If you guys didn’t get any in your Ipsy bag, Ulta does carry these shadows! If you didn’t find a color you wanted, there is always their website or swapping with Ipsters.


So, that is my Ipsy bag for September. It was a pretty good bag and this is my second bag within my subscription and impressed by it again. I know I will be using the lipstick I swapped for, the lip gloss, the eye liner most definitely and the perfume! I am also glad to give the hair mask to my mom to help her curls out. I can’t wait for October’s bag and hoping it is a Halloween themed one as well. Let’s see what happens!


What’s next? My coverage of MythiCon Year 2! Stay tuned everyone!

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  1. jacquiebear

     /  September 23, 2014

    Ipsy bag twins!


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