MythiCon 2014 Haul

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Now that MythiCon is a Convention Accomplished, now it’s time for my haul! Yeah the dealer room was kind of lacking but I did have a few good finds in the dealers room and was glad to find something I’ve been looking for for months and couldn’t find at any other place, what was it? Keep reading!


Fairy Tail wallscrolls with Natsu and Grey on one and Lucy and Loke aka Leo on the other! As you know my collecting of Fairy Tail items keep on going no matter what and have to get it at every convention I go to! For instance my Happy backpack and my Plu plushie that I carried around during this year since I have him with my Lucy cosplay! Two items I did find and they were wallscrolls and I tend to love collecting them even if I can’t see them, especially the group pic of Natsu, Happy, Grey, Erza, and Lucy I bought at Metro last year. I was happy to find these two and they are one of Natsu and Grey back to back and the other is of Lucy and Leo spirit in his human form as a member of Fairy Tail back in season 1! I was happy to find the first wallscroll because I was looking ALL OVER for the Grey and Natsu one because my friend Mr. Nerdy Shirts found it for a friend’s son back during MegaCon and I wanted it due to how Grey and Natsu are the opposite elements and yet their fight scenes together are badassery in poetry! As in fire and ice fighting together. The thing was when I heard about this particular scroll I decided to see about prices on EBay and found it and decide to come back to it if I didn’t find it at a convention which I do go to EBay if I can’t get it at a local shop or at a convention and my luck didn’t prove itself during Omni Expo since the only thing that one actual anime stand had was a Wendy Marvell in a bikini figurine which would cost me almost the same price of my Sae in a bikini figurine from Burst Angel, well by $15 off of $90. Then Metro came and looked all over the stands with wallscrolls and they didn’t have it when Metro was where I found my Team Kid scroll from Soul Eater. Then tried asking a friend to find it for me at AFO and nothing! Finally MythiCon and managed to find it and five bucks more than EBay, I didn’t care since I was glad that I finally found the thing at a convention! I may hang this on the wall near my figures cabinet or the one of Lucy and Loke because I spotted this on day one and I couldn’t find my zodiac key as a keychain, which I am looking for still to go with my Lucy and Plu key keychains, I decided to get this wallscroll due to how it shows what the Leo spirit looked before he became his original form. And of course, I cosplay as Lucy at the conventions! I still do and will try to get the mark painted on my hand next time! I may hang the Lucy one or the Natsu or both! I will figure it out!


Disgaea 4 wallscroll! Major rare find of the convention! While we’re on the subject of wallscrolls, we were able to find this one! As you know we’re basing our wedding on the Disgaea game series and Gondras’ tux is going to be based on Valvetorres’ from the fourth game and was able to find a wallscroll from this game at a convention! Normally Nipponichi only sells their anime series that they release at stores or on their website and the merch on the site but this was something we found at a convention! We couldn’t pass it up and there was a special at the stand where the Lucy scroll came from. So glad Gondras spotted that because it is a rare find and we know it! Now to see about Troy Baker coming back to a convention next year, this is going to get signed along with my Black Cat one!


Happy in Swim suit plush from Fairy Tail: Yes, another Happy thing! I can’t help it he’s a kitty! This was a surprise find after we interviewed John Swasey, we had to meet our friends in the vendors room and stopped at a stand up front and that is where Gondras spotted the Happy plush! It was way too cute to pass up even though I did pass up on a Assistaroid plush backpack from Cat Planet Cuties since I had to choose one due to my money depleting and remembered I had to buy food and pay off my DS games after the weekend so I chose Happy because he is too cute and is wearing a swim suit or was it cap? I forgot! Plus the dang character makes me happy when I get upset. I will find the Assistaroid backpack on EBay when I get to use PayPal again. Gotta love the internet!


Kakashi cake 3DS XL case: Another item that I picked up and it was from one of the artists! We found her table as we left Chuck Huber’s table since Tobi had to get his Death Note signed by him and when we saw her table and saw handmade jewelry and cases for the 3DS in regular size and the XL. Her cases were awesome since they had characters on cakes! There were so many to choose from such as some from Sailor Moon, Fairy Tail, the one that got me put down the money was one of Anbu Kakashi with his dogs from Naruto! I love Kakashi and always remembered Gondras always cosplaying him for years and decided to get it! I know my 3DS is one of the special edition Pokemon X and Y DSes but this was a purchase I couldn’t pass up and it’s a case you can’t get anywhere!


Toshiro Hitsugaya bag from Bleach: Yes, yet another messenger bag for the collection and it was due to a bit of an incident of losing items by accident during the weekend and Gondras thought it would be best to start looking for a bigger bag. I prefer messenger bags since I can just reach for stuff easily than a backpack! Even though I did have my backpack during Omni, messenger bags are still my favorite and I tend to use them on a regular basis as a purse. The one I ended up getting is one with my fave character from Bleach and it’s Toshiro Hitsugaya from Team 7 and I haven’t gotten anything of Bleach for a long time since I lost interest due to how bad the anime has gone filler and then story and even more filler despite Naruto Shippuden is being guilty of that since it has been catching up with the manga but doing some game promotion stuff with the fillers. Anyways, this is a bag I never seen well heard of and knowing Bleach stuff is rarely at conventions due to how Fairy Tail and Attack On Titan have been getting popular. Even Sword Art Online is rising in popularity. I’m glad to get this one because it looks like you can’t find it much anymore and the bag I’m looking for is still the Tiger and Bunny one with the comic strips on it. For now, happy to get a somewhat rare item.


Doctor Who postcards and buttons: We did stop by at a entire Doctor Who stand in the artists alley area and glad to be back because Gondras saw stuff of the Fourth Doctor along with the Third and Seventh. They were buttons and postcards of them. He got Tom Baker as  postcards and then a button of him along with the one before him and the 7th! The 7th was for Linkara because he cosplays him for the little commercial inserts on Atop the Fourth Wall online and he didn’t bring the costume, at least he left with a small gift from us besides giving his title card artist the last Jelly Baby. I hope we find this stand again because I want to see if they have 10th buttons again and may have to get the postcards and hoping 12th has postcards. The new season really is interesting!


Felicia Button: This was something I rarely see and it was done by the same button seller I saw at Omni, which I bought his Fairy Tail buttons back then. Gondras spotted the one of Felicia and we rarely see anything of her nowadays. I can see where it was made due to Marvel vs. Capcom 3 a few years ago. Can’t help it! Kitty!


Money Sucked by Plushies! Oh yes! More plushies and they’re from a stand that had a ton of Pokemon plushies and others from other series! At first I bought a medium size Raichu plush. I know, another one!? Yes, this one was a bit bigger and fluffier than the mini one from Metro! It was a bit of an ouch but since he is a rare thing to find I had to get him! I can also use for my Pokemon Ranger cosplay for now on. I know the life size Raichu is impressive but it’s hard to hold most of the time during conventions. Still grateful that a friend made it for me. More money did go to this stand all thanks to three other plushies! One is of Kakashi with his sharingan and he’s reading his book! I rarely seen this one since all my other plushies are of him as a dog, him holding kunai knives, having his sharingan out, and in Anbu uniform! This one never seen it until now and had to get it to add to my collection of Kakashi plushies! Then got two other Pokemon and they are Marill and Mew! These two are also impressive since the size is more than the tiny ones you tend to see at other stands and at Epcot! Hell, they even have a Magikarp plushie in this size as in between 12 and 16 inches! I should’ve gotten Sylveon and Vaporeon since they were the same size but I can get them at other cons and who knows this same vendor might be back next year! I did love Marill since it was cute in this size and my Pokemon Ranger character did grow up with one as his first Pokemon and Mew…too cute to pass up and I loved how big it was compared to the ones at Metro and Epcot! If you see this stand, I highly recommend!


Mint Chocolate Pocky: I had to mention this since not only the stand where I got the Lucy and Loke wallscroll also had the Disgaea 4 wallscroll but it also sold snacks. It did have my fave green tea Kit Kats, I have way too much Japanese candy to finish, they also had various flavors of Pocky! I was happy to find one that I don’t see much and that’s the chocolate mint flavor! OMG this is amazing! I am glad to buy two boxes because I finished one during the con! It tastes like mint chocolate chip ice cream! I am hoping to see if the Japanese snacks guy at other cons, even at Omni next year, I want more of this! If you see this, I also highly recommend to try. The milk flavor also tasted good since Vivi offered me a stick but my money went to the mint chocolate one!


Money for signatures by Eric Stuart! I know I rarely purchase autographs but since we wanted to save time and go to panels we went to Eric Stuart’s table in the dealer room to get stuff signed. What sucked was that he charged $10 for stuff. Well, I did mention he was a singer and a way to get the money to produce stuff is through fans and I was glad to do that! He did give me a good price and did sign my stuff and it was worth it on top of it. I was happy to get my stuff signed by him after waiting for years to meet the guy! Yes, I will post the interview and the performance soon.


Gondras did also purchase one of Linkara’s DVDs of his show, which was another bonus! I did pay off my copies of Smash Brothers 3D and Alpha Sapphire and did put some down on the strategy guide for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire because I need to know what each gym leader uses and their levels after all and where to go when I’m stuck. So glad I got those paid off and picking up Smash Brothers in a few days! Also, another nice souvenir since we are on the subject of Pokemon and Linkara, all weekend Linkara traded starter Pokemon from all the regions and I did trade for a Piplup while Gondras traded for Totodile. Made sense since Gondras played the original Gold and Silver while I started with Piplup when I first got my first DS and had Diamond and started with Piplup. Now she’s a Primplup.


Well, that’s about it for this big haul! Even though the dealer room was lacking at least I got pretty good stuff! I hope next year there are more anime vendors to buy from with the amount of shops that inhabit Florida and other parts of the state and willing to travel. Always next year! And same with Omni Expo.


What is next? The first videos for this blog! I did mention we taped stuff at this convention and you will be seeing it! And we do have a YouTube account on top of it! Stay tuned for all of that!

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