MythiCon 2014: Opening Ceremonies!

Hello and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! To continue my series of MythiCon Press Coverage, we have the first video for you and it’s the opening ceremonies from this year! As said before this was the first year we video recorded things and this was the first item we video taped. Sorry about Siri talking and the person right next to me who was describing things onstage is Mr. Nerdy Shirts himself since I can’t see anything. So enjoy the video! Next we will try and get the first interview and that is with Eric Stuart and his performance from that Saturday. It was split into two parts due to my phone giving out three questions in, we will figure it out and get it to you guys asap! Also you can go to the Nerdy Shique Universe YouTube channel anytime if you want to rewatch our videos! So search for Nerdy Shique Universe on YouTube and if you haven’t been to Mythic and missed it this year, be glad we got footage for you all! Stay tuned for my Eric Stuart stuff and the interviews with Dameon Clarke and John Swasey!





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