Ipsy Time: October 2014!

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! WHAT TIME IS IT!? IT’S IPSY TIME! I like that better! It’s Ipsy time! So, my October bag arrived in the mail today and I was happy with four items and bummed that the other was skin care even though I can’t avoid it since I can’t opt out of certain samples. I did find someone to trade with and will talk about that. After the bag!


So this month’s theme is “Beauty Candy” and I can see why. Since it’s Halloween month Ipsyt went with the idea of candy and we all love candy! Especially with me and Japanese candy! I even answered Ipsy’s Facebook question of naming your top three candies and I said Reese’s, love my pb and c, the Hello Kitty Anniversary candy pack which now comes with ramune flavor as one which I found ramune pieces this year, and I think I said Kit Kats as my third since I eat those two at a time instead of one. No wait, it was Cookie Dough Bites since I eat a lot of those when we go to the movies and you can get them at Target now in case you want to be sneaky or eat them at home. Anyways, this month’s bag is very fall themed and some of the products do take on a candyish smell if lotions come in the bag. Speaking of which, the bag is really cute! It’s a teal color and it has squares like a chocolate bar! It reminds me of the older version of Hershey’s big bars with the squares, even though you have to make big squares for S’mores but it looks like that! Also it does look like the Caramello chocolate bars with the squares as well. I am sooo going tto use this make up bag!


Epice Clarifying Expoliant! I did say I was going to trade an item and found someone to trade for their eye shadow, which I marked “I am very adventurous Ipsy! Bring It on!” when I retook the quiz. Hey, at least I did get one eye product. This is supposed to help expoliate the skin and be left on with water and then washed off after a few minutes. I did try out a similar thing when I had really bad acne break outs which was a tomato scrub and that didn’t work. This is also supposed to be natural but I don’t want to torture my skin when my skin care regiment is great due to Clean and Clear creating their sensitive skin line and the Stridex wipes I use.So glad I found someone to trade with since I had a hard time finding one person but they traded with other people for their’s and at least this person had some items I wanted to trade for and already traded their liner pencils, at least I am getting the eye shadow which I wanted to trade for as an item. I almost went with a Be Matte lipstick which is one of the other lippies in Cappuccino since I wear brown lippies time to time, decided the shadow since I thought back on it. A tip while swapping, see about other offers before trading. Well, glad to trade with someone!


Ayres Patagonia Body Butter! The next item I got was something I looked forward to and that is by Ayres and it is there Patagonia Body Butter. I heard a lot of good things about body butters since I never tried one before and so glad I got one to try out! This body butter contains herbal extracts, oils, antioxidants, even lavender, fir, rosemary and other things! It smells medicinal but it does smell clean! Someone did get this and thought it wasn’t thick enough to be considered a butter in their video, to me it feels thick and goes on smoothly, I just applied it to my knees since they are so dry and can’t help the clean scent. I am not sure if I will get a full size but this will be going in my travel bag with me to Daytona. I do have an offer for this and it expires on the 31st and to 25% off at the website withcode “AyresIpsy” and it’s one time use only and not be combined with any other offers and it’s US only. Sorry international and Canada people. If you’re interested, check out Ayres Beauty, I may do that myself.


Nicole by OPI nail polish in On a GuilTrip! This also made me happy about my bag this month and that is I got a nail polish! I was sad that I didn’t get the Pacifica one last month but this month it made up for it with the Nicole by OPI line being available and it is also a full size product! There was also another nail polish brand offered but you get a small size of that if you got it. There were two colors in this which were Feeling Very Cherry which is a cherry red and On a Guilt Trip which is gold and I got this one! I normally don’t wear gold even though I did a Christmas look with gold glitter on top of red and green polish, at least I get to try out another gold for once and I do love OPI polishes and haven’t used my Gum Drops polish from the Nicole line in Cherie Amore! Thanks Ipsy! I hope I get more polishes  in the future since I am a nail junkie.


Model Co Volumizing Mascara in Black! Another full size product by what I saw in comments is the Model Co mascara in black! I don’t mind getting mascaras since I am breaking into wearing them and I get to try out other companies while I’m subscribed to Ipsy and this one by Model Co came in my bag. Inever heard of Model Co so I get to try them out as a new company to experiment. This is apparently a new product and got the color wrong, it’s extreme black. This mascara is supposed to coat lashes, separate them, and so on. You can put one coat to make it simple and with a second one it will be bolder lashes. I may have to use this when I do Sarah Jane from Doctor Who tomorrow for a party.


NOYA lipstick in Deeply in Mauve! This is one of the lippies that came in this month and it is by a cosmetics company called Noya. It is a cruelty free cosmetic company and this lipstick is a new color called Deeply in Mauve. It is a dark, vampy color and I like it. I do tend to go for a vampy lip time to time during a week and this is a nice thing to have for the fall and winter. It did come small but I don’t mind since it will last me a while and it is good to try out a smaple size before a full size. I think most people were complaining about the size because last month all the lip items came full size but this month it is smaller. Plus, if you like the sample there is always getting the full size. I’m not complaining!


Final Thoughts: This bag was pretty good! I would like to get eye shadows in future bags because there are nice colors they give out. I am glad to trade for one though. I am really happy that I did get the nail polish, body butter and will be using that on my knees and elbows. Of course mascara and lipstick always a plus! Can’t wait for November!


What is next? Not sure! Just stay tuned!

Fan Fiction Rant: Writing for Entertainment’s Sake!

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Welcome to another rant and it’s on fan fiction! I know most of you are probably groaning or there are booing in the audience, but this rant is not touching on the redundant issues like Mary Sues, how characters react, or even mixing languages, which that should be touched on in my opinion but next time, and so on! This is more of a serious subject and that is writing for entertainment’s sake!


What do I mean by that? I feel as though nowadays that criticism on fan fiction has been a bit more nitpicky! How do I know? Well, I’m and have been facing that since I started doing a crossover with both the Dresden Files and Fairy Tail called Fairy Tails: Fan Fiction of the Dresden Files. Yes, I’m Runa Isami! I know it breaks your guys’ heads but I need to put this out there because of how I feel about this! It feels as though that the comments that have been coming in have been nitpicking on the stuff I’ve been writing, especially with the latest which I’m got and read it as the “You’re using the ‘what does this button do’ trope in this!” I like getting constructive criticism on my stuff but it feels as though that this day that criticism on Fan Fiction.Net is not being constructive anymore! I do help writers out as a writer myself in making their writing experience better, I do it nicely and giving suggestions. That is what I think constructive criticism should be rather than “This sucks!”


My thought about it: I feel as though with the nitpicking criticism that fan fiction is becoming less fun and not writing for entertaiment’s sake! As a fan fiction writer, we write as a form of entertainment for readers to enjoy. I enjoyed writing Fairy Tails since February and able to make all the characters interact with each other, hell I had fun in making all the pop culture stuff being lost to Natsu and the gang in the beginning. Now I feel as though now I’m losing it. I will end it but in my own way, but you should read if you’re interested in what I came up with and the comments on top of it.


Another thing when it comes to nitpicking I hate now is how some readers comment on how the writer doesn’t research or read the material or watch it that the story is based on. The first nitpick was on how I had Harry use magic in Fiore in front of a civilian which he doesn’t do. I did respond to this and will also mention it here. ::clears throat:: The reason why Harry doesn’t use magic in front of people in Chicago is because it will cause panic, even though he had to do that in the story “Something Borrowed” in Side Jobs and he didn’t do that until he escaped in both Death Masks and Skin Game, the most recent story! Reason why it happened in Fiore is because he was helping someone who had something stolen and it made sense there because Fiore is a magical place where magic IS used in front of everyone! Both magical and non-magical. I seen enough Fairy Tail and best example is how Magnolia has to split in half whenever Guild Arts returns home from a long journey and they know his magic destroys anything in his path and hurt anyone he touches. Example young Natsu!


Anyways, you get the jist of it and good example of how I read and seen my source material! Hell, I read a good portion of Dresden Files more than once! I even had to read Grave Peril in the beginning to get Lea’s name right. I guess readers don’t understand that I do read my stuff, even research some things on Fairy Tail while writing since I can’t see the elements of the show as well as the sighted.


So yeah, got to understand that good writers have to research, even when I did my panel, “True Tips and Tricks of Fan Fiction,” first rule is “RESEARCH!” Even Richard Castle got his research from Beckett for his Nicki Heat novels on Castle.


What about my response to the recent comment you may ask? I would say is this that I know I had Harry wonder about a portal that was placed in the NeverNever but I made it into a mirror that he has never seen before. Like most private investigators, which in Storm Front mentions that he is a investigative consultant for the Chicago PD, he was curious and decided to investigate like on every case! And later on, a similar mirror sent him and Fairy Tail back to Chicago since they were sent to investigate it. Yeah, it sounds like “What does this button do?” Not really in a sense due to how each story follows that premise, especially in adventure and without that premise then there wouldn’t be a story!


Well, I hope that helps out this rant! Yes, we as writers write to entertain the readers. Criticism is welcome but it is better to be constructive instead of nitpicky! I may not be Jim Butcher nor Hiro Mishima, nor Yukiru Sugisaki, nor CLAMP, but I do love to write and want to show it. What will be Fairy Tails’ fate, I have a plan for now! If you want to read it, go ahead.


What is next? I found out my Ipsy bag will be arriving Thursday! So stay tuned!

September and October 2014 Favorites!

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It’s time for my September and October favorites! I know October just started but I need to announce this and that’s I’m going away to Daytona Beach for a few weeks at the blind rehab center to do the independent living skills program asrefresher due to how I was at the center back in 2003 and 2004 with better vision but now that my vision is pretty much blurry and gotten worse, it’s time to do it with a newer perspective of blindness. I will be missing you all and that is why I’m doing my favorites early before I have to go. I will be visiting home due to Vivi’s Halloween party since Halloween is already close and getting close due to how time goes fast a lot more lately! Even the darkness of nighttime comes earlier right now. Makes me a sad kitty when it does. Anyways…


September was a big month when it comes to new stuff and also MythiCon did happen and have a few faves from that along with items I did love in between, let’s get a move on!


Convention Favorites


Favorite Dealer Room Find: Disgaea 4 Wallscroll! First fave is my favorite dealer room find and that is my wallscroll from Disgaea 4 and it’s the wallscroll I ended up putting on my wall near my figurine case in my room since it was so empty for four years after taking down all of my wallscrolls. Yep, my room had a lot of them and just have two now, this one and the Fairy Tail close up of the main characters. I was happy to find this because you rarely find Disgaea stuff at conventions unless you got the Prini shirts from Aardvark like I did but normally you get merch from the Nipponichi site or on EBay or other retailers online if you’re lucky. I still want a Prini plush and no one at conventions carry them. Anyways, this is from the fourth game that came out three years ago I think and I liked the premise of the game, especially Fuka’s back story and her costume which is a Prini style school uniform, she is kind of on my cosplay list knowing it may have to be made. If you haven’t played any of the games, you should if you’re into strategy JRPGs and pop culture references since this series has. And of course our wedding is going to be themed around this series. I am so glad to find this wallscroll due to how no other dealer sold Disgaea merchandise until Gondras found it and couldn’t let it go! Good to have dealers that do a two wallscroll deal at conventions.


Favorite Panel Moment: Chuck Huber Funny Moment from Opening Ceremonies! If you didn’t see my Opening Ceremonies video, which you should, Chuck Huber had a bit of a funny moment. Gilgamesh mispronounces his last name as “Hubber” and he comes on and does the “It’s pronounced “Huber.” And with his voice in the video it almost sounds divalike and it was pretty funny, especially watching it happen and watching it again. Chuck Huber is a really nice guy if you guys haven’t met him and missed MythiCon or any other convention around where you live, you may get him again and hoping he does come back to Orlando or if he is a guest at Metro, I would still love to have a sit down interview with him. I bet it will be fun as much as my Dameon Clarke one.

Favorite Interview: Eric Stuart’s! Even though all three of my interviews were great but if I had to pick one I would pick Eric Stuart’s interview from that Friday. Why? Because not only he’s talented but I grew up watching Pokemon since I was 13 and when I saw his name on the guest list I was very excited and wanted to make it even extra special by interviewing him. I was nervous at first since I was meeting the guy who voiced my favorite character, Brock, and then when the camera rolled I was more calm while talking to him! It does help that I done interviews with other guests before and helped me be calm around someone who has a big list and at the same time he is a normal person like you and me. I’m very glad I’ve done this and if you haven’t seen it, go back and watch or search on YouTube for it.


Favorite Guest Moment: Wearing the Purdy Hat! If you guys are a fan of Atop the Fourth Wall and know the song lyric “Wears the purdy hat…” I got to do that! How? Well, I was meeting the internet stars and Mary Anne Miller, Little Kuriboh’s wife, to get my badge signed by them and when I got to Linkara, someone had to re-record the “I am a man!” with the punch and then I quoted the next line which is “Wears a purdy hat…” And then he was like “Do you want to wear it?” And I was like “Sure!” I did put it on my bandana and goggles, due to the Pokemon Ranger garb in my Eric Stuart interview, and then handed it back. And got the badge signed. He did recognize the outfit from last year and now with the patches this time around. I did tell Gondras about it last week and he was like, “Awww I could’ve gotten a pic of you with that!” Still, glad that I did get to wear the hat that Linkara wears!


Favorite Handmade Item from Artists Alley: Anbu Kakashi 3DS XL Case! I do tend to buy things from Artists Alley and since this took over a good part of the dealer room, I did buy a nice item for my 3DS and it was my Anbu Kakashi case for my 3DS XL and it is of him on a cake! It is so cute and I did put it on my 3DS. Sad part is that there is a small crack in the casing on the plastic but not in the art and it makes it pretty bulky and heavy but for the price it’s worth it! You don’t get to see casings like the artist made unless there’s a limited edition case that comes with the ultimate edition of a game, like the Kingdom Hearts 3D Ultimate Edition case that is on our purple 3DS that Gondras plays on. I did try going back to get the Fairy Tail hinted goodie bag but it was gone before I had the chance. I am hoping I get to see her at Omni Expo since of course I have been collecting a lot of Fairy Tail items, still looking for the metal keychain of the Leo key.


Fun Moment With Cosplay: Juvia Cosplayer Calling Me Love Rival! Oh yes! Time for my fave fun moment of cosplay and that dealt with me as Lucy from Fairy Tail! I knew a Juvia cosplayer from Omni and he was at Mythic volunteering. “Don’t you mean she?” that is what you may ask but nope! This was a guy crossdresser! I don’t judge since I crossdress myself and told Mythic that and this guy. Anyways, when he saw me he does the “Love Rival” thing since in the early eps of Fairy Tail and the first few manga volumes, Lucy thought Grey was cute and when Juvia comes around, she thinks Lucy likes Grey and thinks she’s her rival for his heart. I did have fun and rolled with it and even later on with a nice finish when he asks, “Where did Grey go?” I said, “Probably at the pool skinny dipping!” He runs off saying, “Grey-sama!” Yeah, Grey would skinny dip if he could, but nice joke to roll with. Little Kuriboh did recognize my costume when I met up with Gondras talking with him, Mary Anne, and our friend AJ about voice acting since LK knew that Cheramie did the voice of her. Which was also great!


Fave Panel: Little Kuriboh’s Abridged Panel! Yeah there were great guest panels this year but the one that topped the cake with me was Little Kuriboh’s abridged panel that he does at the cons he goes to. If you didn’t go to last year’s thing and missed this year’s, it was pretty entertaining. Oh, even with Eric Stuart doing his sound check in Main Events next door which the music fit the stories he was telling and he was like “The music does fit!” What he premiered was the newest episode of his Naruto spoof and oh man it was wrong! So WRONG I even was saying that while laughing. Even though I still love Vegeta’s and Masako’s Naruto Abridged the most when it comes to my fave abridged stuff (Don’t worry, DBZ Abridged and Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged are still my faves along with it and oh yeah, Hellsing Ultimate Abridged) but this episode had better jokes than the Zabuza and Haku final fight. And yes Frozen was also made fun of in this! I would say catch this ep on YouTube if you can! I think I laughed more than last year’s Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged episode.


Beauty Faves


Oh yes! Time for the beauty faves! Let’s see what I like!


Urban Decay Naked Basics pallet! I know I sound like I’m behind on the whole Naked Basics idea and the Naked pallets by Urban Decay but I can see why a lot of people bought this pallet! I also reviewed this pallet along with the Ulta primer and I am going to say again I really like this pallet! It is very easy to use and glide the shadows on and not too expensive. I might splurge one day and get the first two Naked pallets but this is one way I get my fill of the Naked pallet line. I did hear good things about the Naked 2 Basics which is the smaller version of the Naked 2 pallet and has more of the cool tones while this one has the warmer, smoky tones, you know I will be getting it someday, this is one pallet I really like and easy to use. And I like creating trio shadow looks with this and it is great for social gatherings and to look professional without the over dramatic looks. Great way of not spending too much money and it’s travel convenient with the small size.


Urban Decay Perversion Mascara! Speaking of Urban Decay, I have another favorite by them and that’s the Perversion mascara! I got this in a sample size in my very first Ipsy bag in August and man I love how lightweight it feels on my lashes! I know that sounds weird but it feels like the mascara is barely there and doesn’t weight my lashes down. I know there is supposed to be a primer that goes with this called the Subversion which to me sounds excessive with putting this mascara on since it says on the little pamphlet thing that it is supposed to make your lashes bolder and blacker and even bigger. I did hear YoungWildAndPolished mentioning that she got the Subversion and it weighed her lashes down when she put the mascara on top, I rather just have the mascara. I may have to get a full size of this when the time is right, not sure on my Christmas list right now, it is a nice mascara though and glad that I got to try it out in my very first bag!


Pacifica Naturals Eyeliner in Gunmetal! Another item from my Ipsy bag and that is the Pacifica Naturals Eyeliner in Gunmetal that came in my bag last month. Whenever I put on my make up I seem to reach for this eyeliner all the time! It glides on smoothly and it stays pretty well all day long. I even worn this with my smoky eye for my high school reunion since I was using the Naked Basics pallet, my newer NYX baked shadow in Dead Star as a base and the Perversion to give that look for that night. I even tend to wear it every day with my NYX Extreme Silver liner. It is a nice silver liner that I recommend. I heard Pacifica is available at Target which I may have to see the location near me carries it.


Hikari Lipstick in Cabronet! Another Ipsy fave but it wasn’t in my bag, I traded my Be A Bombshell powder for this product since I wanted it and it is by a company I never heard of until Ipsy got it and I did say in the September bag post that it was just starting out. I like how the color is a nice, vampy champagne and it stays put! I also wore this to my high school reunion and it didn’t budge even when I was having a drink, the lipstick stayed even when I got home! If you’re interested in Hikari, you should check them out! I may have to purchase a tube when I run out, maybe another in this color or another. I give them a Pawprint of Approval!


Kailyn Art Touch Lip Gloss in Basic Instinct! Another Ipsy favorite and it did come in my bag and that is the Kailyn Art Touch lip gloss in Basic Instinct. I never heard of Kailyn until I got this in my bag and man I love it! I am actually glad I did get this since it was one of the lip products that all the members would get and it was this color or Love Affair and I got the nude pink one and man I like the feeling of it. It is not too sticky when you apply it and it also stays pretty well put after application!


Harvey Prince Fragrance in Hello! I also got this in my September Ipsy bag and it helped me with perfume at MythiCon! I love this scent! It combines my fave two notes of earthy and sweet into one small bottle of a sample! I am kind of jealous towards Boxy Charmers who got the full size but at the same time I was glad it was small since I was carrying a lot of stuff in my bag and was easier than carrying a huge bottle of perfume that would probably break or a big bottle of body spray. I may have to get a full size of this or another roller ball of this. Smells so good!


Holy Grail: Ulta Matte Prime! I think I found my Holy Grail item and it is a face primer and it’s made by Ulta! I first tried this product through a sample tube in the little summer make up bag they sent me for free when I bought the 55 piece make up set and I liked it a lot since it didn’t felt like acid on my face and it helped my zits make it easier to treat due to how it sucks the oil out and ries them out! This is also made with salisilic acid and that is used on sensitive skin the most! I do have a full size tube of this and got another for going away in case I finished this tube of it and I am so glad that Ulta made this product! I hope it doesn’t get discontinued because Almay discontinued that concealer stick and treatment gel I loved so much and made me mad and sad. Ulta don’t discontinue this!


Hard Candy Blush in Doll Pink! I know hold the phone! I am using blush and I have to thank the little blush sample from my August bag from Coastal Sense! I got used to it since I did get blush in so many ways that I didn’t know what to do until I saw videos on how to wear it and then got comfortable with it. I do have a fave blush and that is by Hard Candy cosmetics and it is their baked blush in Doll Pink. I like how this applies easily to the cheeks and easy to blend into my foundation after applying it and then with the powder on top with my Ulta or is it Jordana blush brush from that one set that my parents found at a garage sale, still this is easy to apply and don’t have to make an effort in blending. I am going to finish this up since it fell off the bathroom counter and the top of it, since it looks like a dome in the compact, broke off and it doesn’t close right. Will try to finish this and get another. Still, it’s a nice blush and glad that WalMart carries this!


Fave Game: Super Smash Brothers 3D! If you guys seen E3, you already knew or seen the SSmash Brothers tournament with the new game that came out on the 3DS recently! I preordered this game, played the demo, and now have the game and loving it! It is pretty hard for me since I can’t see it but seeing Nerdy Shirts and Gondras having fun on it makes it better! I am glad that they added Charizard to the Pokemon roster but Gruninja has been my fave out of the others in this game and have to represent my starter by playing as him. I do like playing as Rosalina from Mario Galaxy and as Peach since I win with them a lot, but playing with Gruninja is pretty easy. I did play as Captain Falcon and Link for old times sake since I used to have the N64 one as a rebellion against getting Ocarina of Time due to someone I used to be friends obsessed over it and said I should get it but Smash Brothers was my fave game due to how it gets my stress out, even back in middle school. So glad that it is on the 3DS for this game. And for anyone with a Wii-U, it is coming out for that in a month so look out for that!




Heart Earrings from Hot Topic! So onto accessories now and the first item is one of the things with my Hot Cash coupon this time and it is a pair of stud earrings with hearts! I normally wear stud gauges and had to get new ones since the glittery star ones in black and blue were always popping off and did lose one while sleeping once and since I had the Hot Cash coupon it was time to get new ones. I got a pair of cherry blossom ones and another with biohazard signs but the one that I got was to get a break from gauges and decided to go to the earrings stand and found these! They are little hearts with little jewels around them, they kind of remind me of this heart necklace Gondras gave me as an anniversary gift once and they are nice. My right ear did get infected due to how it’s been a while since I wore metal earrings after losing one of my mini hoops last year but it’s all good now! I did surprise a woman at the grocery store once with how I found them at Hot Topic and she didn’t expect you would find a nice item like this there when they are known for dark and gothic items! They do have them and don’t cost much either. I may have to go back and get a few more earrings.


Tenth Doctor Phone Case! I got this as an extra birthday gift from Gondras and it is a phone case of the Tartus with the Tenth Doctor’s Bad Wolves’ Club logo on it! We found it at Hot Topic among the phone cases and was lucky that this was for a 4S and I love it! It has some nail polish stains on it because I was painting my nails when I was answering texts. At least it wasn’t on the tartus side. I still love this phone case!


Raichu 3DS charm! This was something I had a friend make and I put it on my 3DS since IPhones don’t have a place for phone charms much anymore. Since my 3DS is Pokemon themed I thought it would be appropriate that it would have a Pokemon charm and decided with my favorite Pokemon, Raichu. It is a cute little thing of him carrying a Pokeball and goes well with it despite the big casing on it. She does run her own thing called Kurious Kingdom and she sells at KnightroKon, so check her out and she does help me sell my health and magic gauge lanyards time to time.


Well, that is it for this favorites post! I know it was a lot but hey at least I got it done before I have to go! I will visit if I can and not sure if I will post anything but at least I can have time to do my other writing stuff, as in fan fiction and a book! So, til next time!

MythiCon 2014: Dameon Clarke Interview!

Hello and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! We are at the end of our interview series and video series for MythiCon 2014! I know it’s sad but an interesting trial for the blog on top of it!


I feel like this was a faster way for getting the interviews to you guys than transcribing it for days, hell it almost took me an entire week to transcribe the Ghost in the Shell panel, well what you read from it. So, with the videos, how do you like it? Do you think this is better? As in video taping the videos, posting them on YouTube and placing them here for you tuys to see or would you rather read? I want to know since we are planning to do more press in 2015 and the first convention if we go to more than one depending on my wallet, Omni Expo will be the next one to do this for. So just leave your comments and I will see what you see because I want this blog to improve and make it more enjoyable and fun!


Anyways, the last interview is with Mr. Dameon Clarke! He is the voice of Handsome Jack in Borderlands 2 and will be reprising the role iun the newer game which is a pre=sequel by what Chris Sabat said during Omni Expo. If you guys didn’t read my interview with Mr. Sabat, you can search through the blog for it. I felt so zombified when I shown up that day to do it, but at least he did mention it. Also, he was right about Dameon acting like his character in real life and he is cool on top of it! And what did he do exactly? Well, he was the original voice of Scar in the first FullMetal Alchemist series and was Kazuma in Fruits Basket. And any Castle fans, he was the suspect in the episode “Tick Tick Tick!” Which is the episode where Beckett’s apartment exploded and he played the suspect for that one. I did ask him about Nathan Fillian and you get to hear it here! And a head’s up, this was a redo of the interview! Why you may ask? Well….the original footage vanished from Mr. Nerdy Shirt’s phone that Saturday and he told us when we got back to Special Events after Eric Stuart’s performance for Linkara’s Atop the Fourth Wall panel and asked the staff to redo it. They allowed it for that Sunday and he was a good sport. I did mention in the convention review that he did get surprised by my actual hair, which is curly and brown due to how I wore wigs the first two days and didn’t have a spiky, brown pixie wig for my David Tennet dress which you see in the video!


Well, that’s all my interviews for this year. I bet you’re wondering, what about Chuck Huber? Due to him being there for two out of the three days, they couldn’t schedule interviews with him which made me sad. There is always the next convention he will be at and I can have that one on one with him. So enjoy!

MythiCon 2014: John Swasey Interview!

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Sorry for making you guys wait again for interviews again but my weekend was pretty jammed. I was even spending the night at Gondras’ place and the laptop and my JAWS program don’t react well with each other. Anyways, as promised, I have the video to John Swasey’s interview! I was happy to interview an anime veteran since he has worked at ADV Films which is Sentai Works now and of course Funimation since he played Lord Death, Death the Kid’sdaddy, in Soul Eater, Master Hades recently in Fairy Tail, and some old works you may have remembered include DNAngel, Air Gear, Sister Princess, and many others! And if you’re wondering, that is me as Lucy from Fairy Tail, the first outfit you see her wear in the series. I didn’t get to the mark unfortunately but always next time! And stay tuned for Dameon Clarke’s interview, that will be up next! Enjoy interview with John!

MythiCon 2014: Eric Stuart Interview

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! So you saw my Opening Ceremonies video and the clip from Eric Stuart’s live performance and now it’s time to bring on the interviews!


The first interview of the weekend was one I waited all of August and going into September leading up to the weekend and that is with Eric Stuart! He has done so many characters over the years including the original Brock and James from Pokemon, Seto Kaiba in Yu-Gi-Oh and of course Gourry Gabrieve in all five seasons of Slayers! I had the honor to interview him at this year’s MythiCon and if you’re wondering, was I nervous? Yes until he entered the room and didn’t know it. I even did this finger tapping thing until Gondras got back from the bathroom to start but when it started it went well. And reason why it’s in two parts was because my phone gave out and made the joke of “I think Opening Ceremonies was too epic for my phone.” It did get a chuckle out of him but we got it done! Enjoy! Also check out his EP when it comes out in December and the clip in the previous post! And a heads up, that is me in the Pokémon Ranger cosplay and you do get to hear Gondras speak in British because he was the Tom Baker Doctor that weekend, so if you got a Jelly Baby, you know who it came from!


And next interview will be with John Swasey!

MythiCon 2014: Eric Stuart Acoustic Performance

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Continuing my video series from MythiCon 2014 by giving you something nice before the interviews, which I will start posting the video links here so you can watch, by giving you a performance of some sorts! Who is it you may ask? It’s Eric Stuart of course! I know you’re thinking, “I didn’t know he can sing!” Well, he does and he has his own band called The Eric Stuart Band. I was surprised to learn this back in 2004 when MP3.com was still around and did like the song that they had available. The good thing to know is that he is coming out with a new EP this December and great thing is that you get to hear some of his newer stuff on that album in this video along with older stuff on top of it. If you like what he did in this video, check out his band and look out for his new EP. I did ask about his performance in the interview, which I will putting up here tomorrow, so you get to see him talk about more of the newer stuff during that as well. So, support his music and enjoy this video! Stay tuned for the interview with him in the next coming day.