MythiCon 2014: Eric Stuart Acoustic Performance

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Continuing my video series from MythiCon 2014 by giving you something nice before the interviews, which I will start posting the video links here so you can watch, by giving you a performance of some sorts! Who is it you may ask? It’s Eric Stuart of course! I know you’re thinking, “I didn’t know he can sing!” Well, he does and he has his own band called The Eric Stuart Band. I was surprised to learn this back in 2004 when was still around and did like the song that they had available. The good thing to know is that he is coming out with a new EP this December and great thing is that you get to hear some of his newer stuff on that album in this video along with older stuff on top of it. If you like what he did in this video, check out his band and look out for his new EP. I did ask about his performance in the interview, which I will putting up here tomorrow, so you get to see him talk about more of the newer stuff during that as well. So, support his music and enjoy this video! Stay tuned for the interview with him in the next coming day.


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