MythiCon 2014: Dameon Clarke Interview!

Hello and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! We are at the end of our interview series and video series for MythiCon 2014! I know it’s sad but an interesting trial for the blog on top of it!


I feel like this was a faster way for getting the interviews to you guys than transcribing it for days, hell it almost took me an entire week to transcribe the Ghost in the Shell panel, well what you read from it. So, with the videos, how do you like it? Do you think this is better? As in video taping the videos, posting them on YouTube and placing them here for you tuys to see or would you rather read? I want to know since we are planning to do more press in 2015 and the first convention if we go to more than one depending on my wallet, Omni Expo will be the next one to do this for. So just leave your comments and I will see what you see because I want this blog to improve and make it more enjoyable and fun!


Anyways, the last interview is with Mr. Dameon Clarke! He is the voice of Handsome Jack in Borderlands 2 and will be reprising the role iun the newer game which is a pre=sequel by what Chris Sabat said during Omni Expo. If you guys didn’t read my interview with Mr. Sabat, you can search through the blog for it. I felt so zombified when I shown up that day to do it, but at least he did mention it. Also, he was right about Dameon acting like his character in real life and he is cool on top of it! And what did he do exactly? Well, he was the original voice of Scar in the first FullMetal Alchemist series and was Kazuma in Fruits Basket. And any Castle fans, he was the suspect in the episode “Tick Tick Tick!” Which is the episode where Beckett’s apartment exploded and he played the suspect for that one. I did ask him about Nathan Fillian and you get to hear it here! And a head’s up, this was a redo of the interview! Why you may ask? Well….the original footage vanished from Mr. Nerdy Shirt’s phone that Saturday and he told us when we got back to Special Events after Eric Stuart’s performance for Linkara’s Atop the Fourth Wall panel and asked the staff to redo it. They allowed it for that Sunday and he was a good sport. I did mention in the convention review that he did get surprised by my actual hair, which is curly and brown due to how I wore wigs the first two days and didn’t have a spiky, brown pixie wig for my David Tennet dress which you see in the video!


Well, that’s all my interviews for this year. I bet you’re wondering, what about Chuck Huber? Due to him being there for two out of the three days, they couldn’t schedule interviews with him which made me sad. There is always the next convention he will be at and I can have that one on one with him. So enjoy!

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