MythiCon 2014: John Swasey Interview!

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Sorry for making you guys wait again for interviews again but my weekend was pretty jammed. I was even spending the night at Gondras’ place and the laptop and my JAWS program don’t react well with each other. Anyways, as promised, I have the video to John Swasey’s interview! I was happy to interview an anime veteran since he has worked at ADV Films which is Sentai Works now and of course Funimation since he played Lord Death, Death the Kid’sdaddy, in Soul Eater, Master Hades recently in Fairy Tail, and some old works you may have remembered include DNAngel, Air Gear, Sister Princess, and many others! And if you’re wondering, that is me as Lucy from Fairy Tail, the first outfit you see her wear in the series. I didn’t get to the mark unfortunately but always next time! And stay tuned for Dameon Clarke’s interview, that will be up next! Enjoy interview with John!

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